Kamsack Victoria Elementary School November 5th Picture Retakes



Kamsack Victoria Elementary School November 5th Picture Retakes
Kamsack Victoria Elementary School
Box 609, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A 1S0
Phone: (306)542-2546 Main Office
Fax: (306)542-3894
November 5th
Picture Retakes (AM only)
November 10th
Report Cards
November 11th
Remembrance Day (No School)
November 12th&13th
November 17th
SCC Meeting @ 5:30pm
November 23rd
Guest Speaker-Chris Koch
November 25th&26th
Student Led Conferences
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Karie Thomas, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Kendra Simon, B.A., B.Ed., P.G.C.
Open House and Victoria School 100th Year Celebration
Thank-you to everyone who came out to enjoy stew and bannock
for Open House on Oct. 9th. In the afternoon, we all joined
together in the gym to celebrate Victoria School being open for
100 years. There was a short program, slide show and cake to
commemorate the special occasion. Thank you to all the former
staff members and students for joining us!
Attention Parents/Caregivers
The next School Community Council
Meeting (SCC) is on November 17th
at 5:30 pm at Victoria School.
There will be food and free
childcare provided. Please come out
to find out what is happening in
your child’s school. Your attendance
and opinions matter! This is where
real change can be made!
Did You Know?
Victoria School was able to raise
$1000.00 for the Terry Fox Foundation
by having a freezie sale, hot lunch and
wishing well donations!
A little joke...
Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest?
A: An Investigator
Please limit candy being brought to
school for snacks and lunches. We are
promoting health and nutrition at our
school! Thank you
Help keep our students safe by
remembering to drop and pick up your
child at the front door only. Please
avoid the BUS ZONE!
Also, please send a note or call the
school if your child has different
plans afterschool such as not going on
the bus or being picked up by
someone different. We want to
ensure all students arrive home
No Child Left Without
Medic Alert Foundation Canada has developed No
Child Without—a charitable program that protects
children and support school officials to address
concerns about students living with chronic medical
conditions, allergies or special needs.
This program provides children and students, attending
participating schools, one FREE MedicAlert ID and FREE
MedicAlert membership coverage between 4 years of
age up until their 14th birthday.
If you are interested in this program please stop by the
school office to pick up a pamphlet.
We are promoting daily attendance
again this year with an attendance
incentive. Perfect or explained
attendance for the week allows
the student’s name to go into a
draw. The first draw will be on
November 5th. Students have
chance to be Principal for the
It has been a busy, but great time over the last couple months in Grade 4B!
We spent the first few weeks getting to know each other (new teacher and
students), building relationships, routines, and expectations. Over the last
couple weeks we have been doing a read aloud, the book Wonder by RJ
Palacio. The students have really been enjoying it as it covers a wide range
of areas. It’s about a boy going into grade 5, his first time going to an
actual school (he was home schooled) and he is “different”. It deals with
bullying, self-esteem, and healthy relationships, these are areas we are
covering in Health. Although it is about a boy in grade 5, it is a pretty easy
read and appropriate for many ages, grades 3 and above. We have also been
spending a lot of time working on our own reading and writing, and will
continue working on these areas all year. In Math, we are doing a huge unit
on Place Value, which will take us into late November, for sure. The unit we
are covering in Science right now is Habitats and Communities and we highly
recommend the video on youtube: How Wolves Change Rivers. Winter and
the holiday season are fast approaching, so exciting times are upon us and
the kids will be getting excited, but we need to remember to dress
appropriately for the weather. Lastly, if you’re by the school, stop in and
say hi!
Mrs. Stacy HiltonEducational Assistant
Ms. Kristin JohnsonEducational Assistant
Conversation Skills
What are conversation skills and do young children need to learn them?
Lost and Found
Please stop by
the school and
look at our lost
and found table
if your child has
misplaced any
clothing items.
Conversation skills include the awareness that you are interacting and taking turns with another
person. Asking questions, commenting and knowing how to greet and close conversations are
important lifetime skills. It is helpful for even young children to learn to not consistently
interrupt, or for others, to speak up when they have something to say.
Having children enjoying a number of different interests is a good place to start. A child’s interests will
fuel good conversations with a variety of peers and adults. Being involved in indoor and outdoor play,
sports, crafts, reading, games and family activities and responsibilities will give your child many
opportunities to practice conversation skills with others.
At home or on the road, try starting a conversation by asking a question such as, "What do you like best
about playing hockey?" Give your child time to think over it, and then model good conversation skills by
taking turns, asking questions, commenting, staying on topic, marking a change in topic and ending the
chat time. By doing this, parents are providing opportunities to develop their child’s speaking, problem
solving abilities and self-esteem!

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