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travel with jonesy indiana jonesy
Brendan 'Jonesy' Jones is on the job for Chris and to celebrate the release of The
Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel he's heading somewhere very exotic...
Melbourne! Jonesy is off on an adventure to the Indian Capital of Australia tasting
the hottest curry in the country and moving to the beat of an exclusive Bollywood
dance class. Jonesy's big finale has all the razzle dazzle of a Bollywood blockbuster
as part of an Indian flash mob in Federation Square.
The Indian community makes up 3.2% of immigrants in Victoria making it the
largest Indian population in Australia.
The Indian community is culturally diverse with a mixture of Christian, Hindu,
Sikhs, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish.
Recent research shows there are 780 different languages spoken and 86
different scripts used in India. From that 122 have been declared a spoken
language with a population exceeding 10,000, 22 are scheduled Indian
languages and rest is spoken by less than 10,000 people.***
Indian food is rich in flavor, variety and taste. Each region within India has its
own type of cuisine and cooking styles.**
The Indian food theory believes there are six different tastes: sweet, sour,
salty, spicy, bitter and astringent.**
The term Bollywood was created with combining Mumbai’s original name
Bombay and Hollywood.*
Mumbai has the largest film industry in the world. They produce the most
films and sell the most tickets. *
Bollywood movies have become famous for their elaborate dance sequences
and developed their own signature style of song and dance. *
Twentieth Century Fox Presents:
Ambitious hotel owner-manager Sonny Kapoor (Dev Patel) embarks on a brand new
venture for a second business. Still home to expat English retirees, looking for that
difference in their life. The movie follows the journey of Sonny’s new venture, there
are unexpected arrivals joining the group stirring up emotions of a certain few
houseguests. Not only is Sonny dealing with his business and the dramas of his
tenants, he is also about to marry the love of his life and dealing the trials and
tribulations of arranging a large traditional wedding.
Release date: 28th February 2015
Delhi ex-pats Akash and Amit are the proud owners of this Melbourne inner city
Indian restaurant. Desi Dhaba serves up dishes as if you where in India. The food is
flavored with traditional spices and tastes as traditional as if you were buying from
the eateries along an Indian Highway. Main dishes range from around $13 per dish
with the opportunity to order banquets. The restaurant offers a child’s menu of
European dishes for those young taste buds.
The dishes eaten by Jonesy:
Karahai Chicken
Straight from the streets of Lahore, this is a PAKISTANI favourite you can't afford to
miss. Fresh ginger, garlic, whole and ground spices with an affection to perfection.
Prawns Chettinad
This one is from the CHETTINAD region in TAMIL NADU. CHETTINAD cuisine is
one of the spiciest and most aromatic. Dry red chili, kalpasi, fennel seeds, cinnamon,
cumin, peppercorns, tamarind, coconut, fenugreek and plenty of love!!!!
Bhayankar Bakra
A GOAT (Bakra) curry that is HOT HOT HOT!!!! Comes in on a scale of 1 to 10. (We
will do No.10) if you can manage this one, we will recommend the Government of
India to offer you Indian Citizenship!!!!
Desi Dhaba, 134 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 1100am to 2am / Sat-Sun 1200am to 200am
Ph: 03 9650 9908,
NB Dance group is led by Natasha Baweja, a passionate dancer, choreographer and
dance instructor. Natasha has worked with Bollywood movies, music videos and
stage shows and opened for many Indian superstars singers as well as
choreographed for music videos. NB Dance mix traditional Indian dance with
modern styles
NB Dance offers dance classes, and the group is available for hire for corporate,
birthdays and weddings events.
NB Dance class rates:
Term fees (8 classes): $100 / 5 classes: $75 / Casual drop in: $20 per class
Dance Director: Natasha Baweja
Mb: 0402 439 350
Bongo Transit is introducing a new eco friendly means of travel. Selling licenses
around Australia and New Zealand these vehicles will be found in most cities around
the country in the next 12 months offering scenic tours and short distance travel.
Bongo transit is the perfect vehicle for VIP transport, weddings, city and scenic tours
and helping vendors become mobile. With speeds up to 70 – 80km they are powered
electrically and can travel up to six people. Bongo Transit currently operate around
Queenscliff-Sorrento, Victoria. They are fully registered to drive on Victorian roads.
Contact: Phil Luchetta
Mb: 0418 366 034
Email: [email protected]
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