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July - First United Methodist Church of Port Saint Lucie
The Beacon
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Rev. Gary Upleger
“The Will to Win”
Dog days of summer are upon us. It is hot and humid. America’s favorite sport – football
– will soon begin their preseason practices. Just about every team and fan base believes that
this year will be their year … that this year they will make the playoffs and have a legitimate
chance at winning the Super Bowl in February. Just about every professional athlete has the
desire to win, that is what makes them so competitive and dedicated. And the majority of those
athletes have the will to win – pushing themselves to the brink of their physical limits during
their games. Yet, that will to win in October or December or even January means little without
the willingness to prepare themselves during these “dog days of summer.” It is their preparation
now which will determine what physical and mental resources they have to draw upon come
time for the championship games.
That thought was captured perfectly by world class marathoner Juma Ikangaa of Tanzania
when years ago he said, “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.”
In the Gospel of Luke there are large crowds following Jesus. They are following largely
because they are fascinated by the miracles Jesus performs. Yet, Jesus knows what his ministry
will cost him – in just four more chapters he is entering Jerusalem for his final earthly week.
Jesus tells the large crowds following him that there is a cost to discipleship. Jesus asks,
“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not first sit down and estimate the cost, to
see whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not
able to finish, all who see it will begin to ridicule him, saying, ‘This fellow began to build and
was not able to finish.’ Or what king, going out to wage war against another king, will not sit
down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to oppose the one who comes
against him with twenty thousand? If he cannot, then, while the other is still far away, he sends
a delegation and asks for the terms of peace.”
Jesus does not want them to blindly follow him. He will pay a heavy price as Messiah.
Along with the power and privilege comes the responsibility. He will give his life for the sake
of our lives and our salvation. Who will surrender their lives to follow him?
What about me and you? Like NFL players, we all want to be on a successful team – we
want to be a part of a vital and vibrant church where the Gospel is proclaimed and lives are
changed. Do we have the “will to win” for the sake of the Gospel? Even more importantly, do
we have the “will to prepare”?
I know we’re in the middle of the “dog days of summer” and we all need periods of rest,
but God is ever at work, the Church never stops and the Gospel is always needed. So how are
we preparing for the games and the championship which lies before us? How are we preparing
now to be the vibrate and vital church we want to be this Fall and next year?
Keep active in worship and praise of God, keep studying God’s Word, keep yourself ready
to speak about how the love of Jesus has made a difference in your life, and keep watch for
those who need an invitation to come to know the love of Jesus.
I pray that each of us has the “will to win” for Jesus Christ. But remember, our “success”
as a church, as well as your “success” individually, is dependent upon our “willingness to
Peace be with you,
260 SW Prima Vista Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
(772) 878-1155
Volume 56 No. 7
July 2016
Church Staff
Associate Pastor
Josias Andujar
Assistant to the Pastor
Dir. of Discipleship Ministries
Dr. Rad Orlandi
Church Administrator
Gladys Dolan
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Loretta Grilley
[email protected]
Director of Student
Pam Szymczyk
[email protected]
Children’s Directors
Erin Keelor & Holley Lane
Music Ministry
Gino Cerulli
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Sarah Brink
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Linda Cox
Our Vision & Mission
“Shining the Light
of God’s Love”
Inspiring Worship
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Intentional Outreach
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Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
8:30 a.m. — 12 noon
Sunday Morning Worship 8:00a Traditional Worship 9:30a OASIS Contemporary
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Worship Service July Birthdays
25th - Debora Velasquez
- Kyle Wright
- Olivia Wright
June was a super fun month for us. We started our summer program of taking our Wednesday
nights and making them our fun days for the summer.
The first Wednesday was a beach scavenger hunt. They were given a list of pictures that they had
to take with people on the beach. Some were simple like a beach towel and umbrella, others were
harder like white tennis shoes. We then stepped up their game by putting in the list a picture of
them praying with someone. They were also instructed to ask everyone they took pictures with for
prayer request and we prayed for them on the way home. One lady asked them what they were doing
and then looked at their list and said “good! I want to be the one that prays with you.” Some people
said yes others said no. Welcome to being a disciple of Jesus. Not everyone wants to hear you.
The next Wednesday we headed down to the Miami Zoo.
We had a great time just
having fun! We started at
the zoo seeing the animals
and then stopped for
dinner on the way home.
For some it was their
first time ever at a zoo.
Thank you Stephanie
Bollen and Amy Hunt for
being my adult volunteers.
Please be in Prayer for our High School Mission Trip group that is headed to New Orleans on July 19
– 26th. We will have the opportunity to learn construction and then we will go out into the community
to talk to people about Jesus.
Adults: Pam Szymczyk, Kathy Megerle and Bill Hills.
Students: Jeremiah Megerle, Dylan Stassen, Hannah Wright, Alex Craig, Debora Velasquez, Terra
Ford, Zachariah Hills, Marie Perdue, Finn Carey, Matt Ferriera and Jordan Mohr.
Keep your eyes and ears open ~ The youth will be announcing our next fundraiser.
Hint: we will not be selling anything or collecting money.. we just need all our old shoes. They can
not have holes or mildew.
So start collecting shoes from anyone you know. More information to come…...
The three featured books this
month come from the
A Note
from our
Lay Leader
FAITH by Greg Laurie gives
practical advice on how to
approach someone about your
faith and what to say.
compilation of 101 stories to open the hearts and
rekindle the spirits of mothers.
exposes Satan's favorite ploys to pull Christians away
from their faith and how to avoid common pitfalls.
Happy Reading!
Carole Williams
From the
The trustees have been
hard at work keeping up
with the needs of the
church. The parsonages
have been improved with
several repairs to both.
The main campus is looking good with some improvement
still needed.
In regard to that, we have planned a church wide
work day for July 9th from 8 am until noon. We are planning
both inside and outside projects. The west hallway in the
BLC is due for painting and we hope to accomplish that on
the work day. The flowerbed on the west side of the BLC
needs thinned and dips in the grass parking lots need filled in.
We also would like help in repainting the lines in the parking
Parking at times has also become an issue and we are
working on improving that. Just a reminder that the IRSC
parking lot can be used as an overflow lot.
We are working on cleaning the carpet in the BLC
but need everyone's help in keeping food and drink spillage
to a minimum. We are also working on the front of the Sanctuary, refinishing the doors and the wood framing around the
Thank you to everyone that helps maintain the buildings and grounds. A lot of helping hands makes for a little
work for all involved.
Last year at this time I was talking to you about getting
a new Pastor. This time I need to talk about getting a
new air conditioner for the Sanctuary. Not as exciting
but it’s still important, especially now that it’s hot
outside. It’s about to go out on us for good and we’ve
been nursing it along with a few recharges but they
don’t last long and it’s a wasting money that we don’t
really have.
This unit is more than 10 years old and it’s time to
replace it, and we’ll have to do it soon. July is coming
fast and it’s going to be too hot to have a service
without A.C.
The cost for this is more than $25,000 and we do not
have a reserve account for that anymore. It’s been a
lean year for giving so we waited as long as we could,
but we need your help to get this done now. I know
when our AC unit breaks at home it becomes a priority
to fix it and this is God’ house so it should be equally
important that we get it replaced right away.
I told Pastor Gary that I thought we have at least 25
people in our congregation who could give $1,000.00
or 50 people who could give $500.00. We could also
do it if every family gave just $60.00, but I know that’s
very difficult for most families these days. Some of us
can give extra, and we should.
I didn’t want Pastor Gary to have to come up and ask
you for money, but I can. Some of you have been here
as long as I have, or longer and this is our
Church. God has been faithful to us and to this
Church. I hope you will feel the same way. Someone
has already donated $2,500 and Dawn and I will be
writing our check today so we have a good start.
Please give and give as generously as you can.
Thank you,
Gary Stannis
What happens when we obey God
& share His Word?
She Came Running
In May of this year, Auxiliary members in the
Pacific Southwest Association had a
wonderful time of Scripture distribution to
medical offices in the Torrance area of California. In two
hours, they placed 124 medical New Testaments and ten
full Bibles in various facilities.
After completing the placement in one facility, the
women were headed back to their car when a lab
technician came running out of the building looking for
She asked if she could have a Scripture too, since she
didn’t have one. The ladies gladly gave her one, and then
prayed for her right there in the parking lot.
This distribution was the very first for one of the
Auxiliary members, and she said later, “It was wonderful
to have been able to distribute God’s Word, and I know
that I will do it again. My husband and I have been
praying for God to use us and to teach us how to spread
the gospel of our Lord and Savior, and He sure is!”
Another team member shared, “I felt like we were
missionaries in our own backyard, and that was a
wonderful reward in itself.” Auxiliary members truly are
missionaries, and our mission field is all around us.
© 2012 The Gideons International. All Rights Reserved.
To see other testimonies go to: http://blog.gideons.org/
Please contact the church office with the address of any
service personnel currently on active duty. We have many
requests from members of the congregation who would like
to write to them.
Please pray for our Service Personnel – Lt. Patrick
Amersbach, Sgt. Dustin Armstrong, Larry Bach, William L.
Baker, Lee Bauer; Sean K. Birmingham Sr., Cody Blume, SPC
Audrey Ann Bray, Sgt. Joshua Bryant, Michael Thomas Byrnes
Jr., Michael Calore Jr., Holly Chambers, Evan Craig, Chip
Davis, Timothy Davis, David DeAtley, Lt. Daniel Doverspike,
Sgt.; Jason Gaboury, Frank Genua, Brian Ginter, Capt. Chris
Graham, Josh Guertin, Barbara Hager, Sgt. Christopher Henry,
Albert Hickey, Mark Hopkins, SFC Brian “Tigger” Johnson,
Commander Marie Kelly, Erick King, Major Thomas Kitson;
Carmen Maria Krowel, Michael Kuehn, Airman Michael B.
Lawrence; Ens. Joe Lopiccolo, Pvt. Jason Lyon, SPC Jeff
Maddox, SPC David C. Maitland, Heather Maitland, Jason
McErlain, Col. Kevin McNeely, Col. Kurt McNeely, Johnna
Moody; Peter Mills, Daniel Mullen, SSgt. Marla Poirier, Greg
Poole, Dylan Randazzo, Major Christopher Rizzo, John
Rosenhagen, Chuck Sachs, Mark Scales, MSgt. Ronald A.
Slone, Sgt. Mark Sorester, Dan St. Peters, David Stadelman,
SFC Ken Steele, Oral Sutherland, Ens. Davidson Taveras,
Anthony Thompson, Alysyn Thompson & Kyle Thompson,
Jorge L. Vazquez, Mike Vitale, Ens. Lt. Michael Warwick, Tim
Waters, Reid Wilbraham, Aaron Wright.
Please call the church office if someone you know should be added
to the Service Personnel list or no longer on active duty.
Please Note: If you are aware of an illness, hospitalization, or
death in the family of one of our members, please notify the
church office. This will help us better serve you. (We would
rather receive several phone calls than none at all. So please do
not assume that we already know.)
“Do all the good you can by all the means you can in all the places you can at all the mes you can to all the people you can as long as ever you can. ‐ John Wesley”
Love to pray alone or in a group?
The Women’s Prayer Group meets
every Thursday morning at 8:30
am in the Conference Room of the
Beacon Life Center. Won’t you
join us?
United Methodist Women News
The UMW invites all women of the church to join them
for a summer pool party/pot luck lunch on Saturday,
July 16. Swimming & Social time at 11:30 am. Lunch
at 12:15 pm. Please plan to join us at the home of Erma
Jean Caulkett - 2386 SE Master Ave. PSL 34952
Church Humor
Thank You…………..
Dear Linda Bock & Church family,
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and prayers for Clifton
Taylor. The prayer afghan helped us get through a most difficult
time. Your care and concern was great help to us. God bless you
all! Peggy Taylor & family
Have you moved?
Have you changed your email address/telephone
number? Do you use only your cell phone now?
Does your church know?
Please call the church office (878-1155) to update your
records. Or email - [email protected]
Our Thanks Goes Out To:
♥ Carol & Jerry Dust, Joe Goebels, Ruth & Paul Watkins,
Wayne Habermehl, Maureen Flood, Theresa Traher, Sherry
Barton, Merlene Pryce, Mary LaLa, Scott Marlowe, Gary
Davis, Cherie Portinga, Sherry and Tom Sinagra for staffing
the food pantry on Tuesday mornings.
♥ Our many church family volunteers who keep the
landscape weed free & beautiful.
♥ Shirley Reeder, Anna & Fred Maddox for preparing the
pews each week.
♥ Counters for your weekly assistance.
♥ All of our committee members, praise team, tech team,
choirs, greeters & ushers who work hard all year long.
Memorial Gifts
Gifts received in May (correction)
In Memory of Vincent James, from Lena Elliston
In Memory of Gloria Yarger, from James & Nancy Haddon
Gifts received in June
In Memory of Joetta Thomas, from Doug & Fran Peterson
In Memory of Joetta Thomas, from Carl & Betty Carter
In Honor of Geraldine Stregevsky, from Sandra Madsen
Informational Tidbits:
Food Pantry – Please bring your donations of non-perishable
food and supplies. Our pantry serves many less fortunate
families from our congregation and our community.
Need A Ride to Church? - We have a limited bus ministry to
pick up people on Sunday morning for the 11:00 a.m. worship
service and return them home afterwards. Please call the
church office for more information.
WHY Ministry – We Help You! – Offers food to those going
through times of unusual stress or life crisis. Remember, if
you have been blessed by God, you should be a blessing to
others! And the testimony of those already participating is
that "we get back so much more than we give."
♥ Kim Nelson, Bill Bogley, Marlis Spear, Jenette Robarge
and Shirley Miller who help in the office on a weekly basis.
♥ Carol Dust for managing the food pantry.
♥ The Avenue D Feeding Ministry meal on the 1st & 3rd
Thursday of each month. Kitchen team, food transporters and
servers: Lynn & Jean Georgius, Deanna Bell, Cindy Clegg,
Carlene Rupertus, Stella Cartwright, Mildred Wucik, Dawn
Danko, Arlene Richter, Bill Bogley, Judith & Joe Frederick,
FUMC Youth & Fort Pierce Central Honors Class.
♥ The Men’s Prayer Group (Carl Hensley, Dana Heath, Jim
Silletto, Junior Velasquez, Dave McDonald, Steve Prouty,
Andy Speros, Pat Kulikowski, Ed Rishko & Tom Daley) and
the Women’s Prayer Group (Lynn Scherer, Gladys Fuentes,
Mavilia Franois, Lezlene Soloman, Sylvia Bouvier & Audrey
Tuthill) who pray for everyone for whom prayers were
requested and prepare and mail out the prayer cards.
Paper Drive – After reading your daily newspaper, please
remember that we have a large recycling bin for them. You
can now bring old magazines, phone books, paperback books
and old mail too! Please help the YOUTH and ecology!
Check Out our website: pslfumc.com
Next Newsletter Deadline: July 15
Record of Our Faithful Attendance Attendance
8:00 am
11:00 am
S School
Financial Update - As of June26, we have received
$58,902 towards our monthly expenses of $83,406. Your
financial dedication is greatly appreciated.
Year to Date Needed
Year to Date
If you would like to receive the monthly
newsletter “The Beacon” in your email
box or receive our daily e-prayers and
information, just send an email to:
[email protected]
Our Love & Prayers Go Out To Our Friends Residing at Care Centers
Harbor Place/Life Care
3700 SE Jennings Rd., PSL 34952
Lillie Berry
Eloise Kinahan
Lake Forest Park
2909 S. 25th St. Ft. Pierce, FL 34981
Norma Rabe
Phyllis Culver
Amy McKinney
Brighton Gardens
1699 SE Lyngate Dr., PSL 34952
Doris Stull
Horizon Bay - Vero Beach
2425 20th St. Vero Beach FL 32960
Lillian Schubel
Sandhill Cove— 1500 SW Capri St, Palm City, FL 34990
Betty Fleming Wilson
Fran Valencia
Palm Garden
1751 SE Hillmoor, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
Allena Hughes
The Palms of St. Lucie West
501 NW. Cashmere Blvd., Port St. Lucie FL 34986
Dorothy Barrett
Harold Pipes
Pauline Savage
Green Gables
11934 22nd Ave., Vero Beach FL 32966
Mildred Cooper
Our Friends Residing at Home
Clara Abrahamson
5 Lake Vista Trail #106
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
Ralph & Mary Arrindell
312 NW Dorchester St.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
Fred Knechtel
186 NW Avens St.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
Please join the Visitation Team in
wishing a Happy Birthday by
sending a card to the following:
July 28 Betty Fleming Wilson,
Sandhill Cove -1500 SW Capri St, Palm
City, FL 34990
July 29 Ralph Arrindell, 312 NW Dorchester St.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
Dave Ramsey’s
There is still time to enroll!
The nine sessions begin on Wednesday, August 3rd through
Sept. 28. Sessions begin at 6:30 pm until approx. 8 pm.
Topics include basic saving principles; the importance of
spousal communication; budgeting basics; the truth about
credit; how marketing controls your buying decisions; the role
of insurance; retirement & college planning; investing basics;
real estate & mortgages; and the power of generous giving.
To register, please contact the church office at 878-1155.
Registration ($100) includes the course workbook, audio CD’s
for your review, budget forms, online tools and more.
If you have attended FPU in the past, you are welcome to
retake the new series. Membership in FPU is for life. You can:
1) Attend sessions with old workbook and do what they can.
2) Purchase new/updated membership at reduced fee because
of prior attendance: $49.00 for returning students. This
includes the entire package that new students get
3) Purchase new workbook only: $20 for returning students.
150 mile challenge
Four years ago the PSL-150 cycling event began as a
birthday celebration, but has grown into a huge event
that helps our church and our local & overseas
ministries. Mark Hamel has decided to take on another
PSL-150. This year it will be held at Tradition.
We will continue to support our missions efforts, but
this year we would like to focus more on our own
church home - a church home that we are proud of and
very blessed to have. We ask you to please support
Mark in this event and we also ask that you “LIKE” the
PSL-150 page on Facebook, where Mark is posting his
training results.
We encourage everyone to participate by either
sponsoring this endeavor and/or riding with Mark. If you need more information, or would like to
register to ride/run/walk, please visit
Teams Needed!
Please Help!
Summer Fun began on June 13. Summer Fun is a
program at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
that runs every week of the summer for the children there
to have fun, stay active and continue to learn.
They have an opportunity to learn how to be creative with
arts, crafts, pottery, and wood working. Therapeutically,
the residents begin to learn to trust others as they master
the ropes course and discover how to work together in
team sports.
If you would like to help with this summer program you
can contact their Development Office at (386) 668-5088
for more information. The Children’s Home has raised the
majority of funds, but scholarship opportunities are still
Please remember the Fifth Sunday Offering. It is vital to
the success of this ministry.
The remaining 5th Sundays for this year:
July 31, 2016, October 30, 2016 and
Christmas Offering
Juan & Miriam Rivas
5085 NW Coventry Circle
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
Wendi Thoresen
621 SW Exmore Ave.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
Jack & Ann Wilson
3165 SW Aranda St.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34953