Chalking, Wheat pasting, Stenciling and other non



Chalking, Wheat pasting, Stenciling and other non
Chalking, Wheat pasting, Stenciling
and other non-traditional messaging
Lifestyles Center. SUNY Oswego.
• Toilet Talk
• Posters-16x20, pre-designed and purchased from a
• Flyers-8 ½x11, created by students, printed in house
• Butcher block paper and paint markers
• Word of mouth
• Chalking
• Sitting in a booth in the student union
Advertising Long Long Ago…
Attendance at events wasn't great at events(40 tops)
Students weren't responding to what we were doing
We no longer host awareness campaigns
Too many posters across campus—poster blindness
Technology changed
Students changed
Problems We Face
Poster Blindness
• Assumption: Teenagers are on Facebook. Therefore, if I
put a message on Facebook, teenagers will see it.
• Truth: We ALL filter information out that we do not feel
is relevant to our needs.
• Solution: Our content and the way people feel about what
we do will dictate how much they consume our
information.  This is a lot like branding.
A Fundamental Error
Building a Brand
• Night/ Evening Activity (7:30-11:00
on Thursday)
• Past program struggled with
attendance (30-40 max)
• “If we can’t get students to go to a fun
event, how are we supposed to entice
them to change health behavior?”
Open Mic: A Case Study
• Created a new and enticing brand
• Stenciled the brand all over campus
with spray chalk
• Created large wheat-pasted posters
that stuck out
• Continued to use existing methods
• Held the same exact program
Open Mic: A Case Study
Step 1 - Design
Step 2 -
Step 3 - Print and Cut
Step 4 - Paste
Final Product
Changes translated to
• Increased Street Cred
• Increase Peer Educator
• Increased Notoriety
• Learned the power of repetition
• Learned that Word of Mouth is
Still Best
Unexpected (+) Outcomes
Building a Brand
Achieving brand insistence requires overcoming 6 of 7 steps in the ladder of the mind.
The consideration set continuum looks like this:
I would never choose to buy this brand
I’ve never heard of this brand
I’ve heard of this brand but don’t know much about it
Not one of my preferred brands but I’d try it under certain circumstances
Not one of my preferred brands but from what I’ve heard about it recently
I’d like to try it/try it again
This is one of my preferred brands
This is the only brand I would ever consider buying
Building a Brand
The Omazing Race
Moving Forward
• Budget
• Challenges
• Questions