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Issue 12 Vol. 93 - Vincennes Community School
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The Old Post Sentinel
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Issue 12 Volume 93
December 19, 2015
Art students work to bring monsters to life
OPS staff writer
Over the past few weeks,
Lincoln High School’s ceramics art class worked on an
interesting project that
brought monsters to life.
Lincoln’s art teacher Amy
Lane made this project possible by asking Valerie Barmes’
class of first graders at Benjamin Franklin Elementary
School to create drawings of
monsters along with descriptions of the monsters and
where they live. After the first
graders’ drawings were given
to the high school students,
they immediately got to
“My students were excited
to get this assignment. It was
something different, and they
were both nervous and excited to create something for
a younger child,” explained
Each student began by laying transparent paper on the
monster drawings in order to
find the basic outlines of their
monsters. From there, each
piece was created to look as
close to the drawing as possible.
Ceramics students used not
only clay, but also pipe cleaners, googly eyes, felt, and
many other materials to customize the children’s creations.
Two students involved in
this unique project were
Shelby Tumey and Lexi
Woolard, both seniors at Lincoln, absolutely loved this
Woolard used many materials to create a real-life version of her monster. This
monster, “Bombysten,” has
23 eyeballs, a tail, spikes, and
fangs. With all the different
elements and colors and textures, it took time and patience for her to create this
When Tumey brought her
monster to life, she loved
how it portrayed the child’s
originality and creativity. Her
favorite part about this project was being able to give the
children their monsters.
The elementary kids had no
idea what was in store for
Lane explained further,
“Mrs. Barmes told her class
there would be special visitors, but did not tell the children we were coming. In fact,
the children did not know
what had happened to their
monsters. We totally surprised them and the looks and
reactions on their little faces
were priceless!”
Lane had a lot of expectations going into this experiment, but it actually turned
out even better than she imagined. The students involved
with this project had positive
reactions as well.
“Not only is this a great
Senior Lexi Woolard, left, poses with Abby Groneman, showcasing a drawing created
Groneman in Valerie Barmes’ first grade class that was turned into a sculpture by Lincoln students in Amy Lane’s ceramics class. OPS staff photo by Winston Carson.
project for the art students at Lincoln High School, but also a
great opportunity for our elementary students. This project promotes self-expression
and creativity and I think it's
a wonderful thing,” said
Both Tumey and Woolard
would love to see this project
happen again in the future.
According to Lane, as long
as she can get the grant
money and funding, she will
definitely attempt this project
Odds of a white Christmas low
OPS staff writer
With the warmer weather
we’ve been having, don’t
hold your breath for a white
“It's very odd for Indiana to
be having this kind of
weather in winter, but I don't
want a white Christmas,” said
freshman Lathan Thomas.
This year’s El Niño, among
the strongest on record, is expected to influence weather
and climate patterns this winter by impacting the position
of the Pacific jet stream. The
impact that it will have on the
Midwest is warmer than average temperatures and less
than average snowfall, at least
for the start of our winter.
Sophomore Corin Halter
said, “I don't want a white
Christmas, the weather we
have now is great.”
And Halter will likely get
her wish.
“I don't usually like to make
a prediction or a forecast any
further out than about two or
three days days because the
weather can change in a matter of minutes, especially in
the Midwest,” explained
Renee Lyle, promotions director for DLC media, who
has also worked as a meteorologist. “However, I would
like to see a white Christmas
this year, but I have to err on
the side of negativity and believe that we won't see much,
if any, snow until after the
first of the year, at least for
the southern part of the state,”
she added.
The average snowfall in
December is 2.5 inches; for
January it's 2.8 inches.
“Temperatures are still
going to drop into the 20’s to
30’s and maybe even colder
at times, but we should not
see a prolonged cold temper-
ature event like we did in January of 2014,” predicted Lyle.
According to Weather Underground, on Dec. 25 the
max temperature for the day
is going to be 40 degrees. The
mean temperature will be 32
degrees. The minimum temperature will be 25 degrees.
Precipitation on average that
day is 0.13 inches.
The website says we
should expect it to be a slow
start for winter because December looks warm and the
warmth may last into the first
part of January until the
weather outside begins to become cooler. It all depends on
when El Niño decides to
“I think the holidays are
about spending time with
family so it doesn't really
matter to me whether we have
a white Christmas or not,”
said senior Jacob Collins.
Due the winter break, the OPS will be on
hiatus. We will return January 16 with new
stories and some new staff!
Happy holidays from all of us to you and yours.
Congratulations to OPS staff member
Karlie Pummel on her early graduation!
Students’ traditions make
the holiday special
OPS staff writer
In Vincennes, there are
many different Christmas
traditions where families
come together and share the
joy of the season. They go
caroling, attend the Christmas Parade and stroll
through the parks to see the
Christmas lights.
At Lincoln High School,
students are carrying on their
own family traditions for this
Christmas season.
Sophomore Lexi Edgin
said a special Christmas ornament has become a family
tradition on the her family's
Edgin said, “It's been in
my family for generations,
and it's always the last ornament placed. The ornament
is a reindeer and is missing a
leg, but that's because it's so
old and we keep it in the
German and English
teacher Donna Kramer goes
to a German church in Terre
Haute, where she celebrates
Christmas on Christmas Eve
and Christmas Day.
She has been attending this
church for ten years and enjoys going because the entire
service is in German and that
goes back to her own family’s German connections.
The church also sings
Christmas carols in German.
After the sermon, they have
fellowship and enjoy German coffee and desserts.
Freshman Houston
Williams said, “My family
and I attend a Christmas
movie at the the theater
every year as a tradition.
Most of the time, it's a funny
Christmas movie, but sometimes it can be serious.
“We have been doing this
since I was born,” he said.
This year they plan to take
a scarier route and see
There are several holiday
traditions to make each family’s holiday unique.
Band members recieve awards
OPS staff writer
On Dec. 8, the band held its
annual Christmas concert and
awards for the 2015 marching
band season were given.
The awards are voted on by
fellow band members.
Band director William
Marsh said, explaining the
ties in some awards, “Since it
is voted on by the students,
we just honor who they vote
for the awards.”
The first award given was
best overall eighth grader,
which was received by Derek
Altstadt. Next was best overall freshman which was received by both Jeremiah
Bickel and Dalton Might.
Kyle Beaman and Kira
Moore won best overall sophomores.
“I was surprised to receive
it; I really wasn't expecting
it,” said Moore.
Andres Ayala and Tad Petts
won best overall juniors, and
Michael Brankle and Aaron
Kelly won best overall seniors.
Kelly also won best overall
hornline member and best
overall Pride of the Green
Best overall pit member
went to sophomore Daniel
Colvin and best overall battery member went to senior
Julia Zhu.
“I was super honored.
Being a member of the battery was something I have
worked hard for and I am glad
that it has payed off,” Zhu
said excitedly.
Best overall color guard
member was received by
senior Emily Bono.
Drum Major recognition
awards were given to junior
Aly Graves and senior
Rowena Labo.
OPS opinions 12-19-15:OPS Sports Template 12/17/15 11:22 AM Page 1
oPS 2
Question of the Week: What have you learned this semester?
“Something about cells
in biology.”
Elizabeth Deetz
“This semester I
learned many things to
help me in the future.”
Joseph Woodward
“I’ve learned how to
change a tire in automotives.”
Daide Deisher
“I learned that being a
new mother is really
hard but fun!”
Haley Lancaster
OPS adviser &
English teacher
Travel far, travel soon, travel now
OPS news editor
In a world that has grown
smaller by travel, our comfort
zone seems to also have
grown smaller. We as students are encouraged to learn
another language, even when
the probability of us traveling
to the country of a language’s
origin are slim to none.
Sheltered by parents, a student’s life is very limited.
our lives are limited by our
own surroundings in a society
that encourages us to know as
much as we can about each
While college acceptance
letters are filling mailboxes, I
encourage anyone to look
into traveling. expanding
one’s knowledge of the
world, what it is like to be on
one’s own and about other
cultures can be the greatest
form of education.
The experience of being
away from home for the first
time can be exciting. especially for one who has not
been away from home for extended periods of time.
St. Augustine once said
that, “The world is a book,
and those who do not travel
read only page.” Read the
whole book, start to finish,
and explore the world.
Receiving an education
does not end when school is
out. We are constantly learning and being shaped by our
experiences and surroundings.
Learn a new language and
immerse in a different culture.
Leave your comfort zone
and keep an open mind.
Make memories all over the
world and complete the never
ending bucket list of life.
Francis Bacon encourages
traveling young when he
stated that, “Travel in the
younger sort, is a part of education.”
Traveling before you go to
college can have lifelong benefits and impact your views
on the world.
Look into travel, expand
your horizons, and make
friends who will last a lifetime.
Game review: ‘RWBY Grimm Eclipse’
OPS staff writer
“RWBy grimm eclipse” is
a four-player cooperative
hack and slash game based on
the Rooster Teeth series
“RWBy.” The game is technically still in development,
but is available through
Steam early Access and can
be played as it’s being developed.
This could be a “grim”
thought for people who don't
like the idea of buying game
that's still in development.
“RWBy grimm eclipse”
takes place in the fictional
universe of Remnant where
warriors known as huntsman
and huntresses battle creatures called grimms. The
game takes place in between
volumes two and three of the
series and follows the four
main protagonists and members of team RWBy.
Ruby Rose, the leader of
the team, wields her custom
scythe/sniper rifle, crescent
Rose, and has more energy
than a puppy hopped up on
candy and Mountain Dew.
yang xiao Long, Ruby’s
older sister, who wields dual
shotgun gauntlets called
ember celica, loves punching grimm just as much she
loves her sister and has a
propensity for puns.
Weiss Schnee, daughter of
Combs’ Corner
LHS principal
The end of first semester
has come to pass, and WOW
has it gone quickly. I know it
has been unseasonably warm
lately, but it seems like we
just finished with our back to
school bash. Nevertheless,
we have completed semester
one of the 2015-2016 school
year, and it has been exceptional.
Our transition from using
Project Excel to the Early
College model has gone
quite well. We’re excited
that we’re going to have a
few, hard-working seniors
graduate with the thirty-hour
core transfer certificate intact this May.
In addition to those stu-
dents, we have juniors who
are getting themselves ready
to obtain the same honor in
the spring of 2017.
Lincoln students have been
busy putting on plays, playing in concerts, participating
in games, cramming for final
exams and completing a ton
of community service work.
I’m very proud of the work
our students and teachers
have done to make this year
a success thus far. It takes a
dedicated group of students,
parents, guardians, teachers
and stakeholders to ensure
the strength of our schools.
To those who are engaged
with our high school, I wish
you an extremely safe and
joyful holiday season.
Go Alices!
the head of the Schnee Dust
company, wields a multi action Dust rapier called Myrtenaster and is also known as
ice queen.
Blake Belladonna, a Faunus
and former member of the
Faunus terrorist group known
as the White Fang, wields a
katana/pistol weapon called
gambol Shroud that can also
turn into a chain scythe.
The game follows team
RWBy as they investigate the
strange appearance of machines and equipment of
Merlot Industries a company
that was destroyed when the
city of Mountain glenn was
overrun with grimm and it’s
up them to find out what's
going on, while also plowing
any grimm that get in their
The game has a style similar to other hack-and-slash
hearts,” “Devil May cry,”
and “Dynasty Warriors” with
each character having their
own style of combat.
Ruby fights in a style that
involves fast but powerful attacks. yang is based around
crowd control and powerful
strikes making her good for
taking on more powerful enemies. Blake’s style involves
fast and deadly combos and
can also create a clone of herself. Weiss’s style is based
more around using different
Dust powers to cause effective attacks.
gameplay mainly consists
of fighting waves of grimm
and defending defense network stations.
The only complaint I have
with the game is that it is
early access, so their isn't
much to with do it at the mo-
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School is committed to educating all students for success in a
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Lincoln high School are not
denied enrollment in any class
because of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability.
ment, but the developers are
working hard to make it, so I
am sure when the game is
done it will go off with a
There are some small
glitches, but it's still in development, so that's to be expected.
developers “Weiss” up and
fix them as soon as possible.
“RWBy grimm eclipse” is
a fun and addictive and will
appeal to fans of the show
“RWBy” and fans of fighting
games. It is available on
Steam for $15.00 through
Steam early Access. This
game is not yet rated.
Think before Internet spats
OPS staff writer
In today's day and age it is
a lot easier to express your
feeling and opinions on various topics thanks to social
media. The internet has many
good characteristics that are
often overshadowed by hogwash.
Some believe that if they
say something, that they are
in the right of a topic. Normally conspiracy theories,
politics, world problems or
fandom are hot button topics,
and just having an opinion
doesn’t make someone right.
There is nothing wrong
with expressing your opinions as long as you understand that others may have a
different opinion. Becoming
enraged because someone
disagrees with you means you
are not mature enough to use
the Internet or that did not
know what you were talking
about in the first place.
Research a topic before you
go on a massive rant online.
Not only can you backup
your claims with facts, you
will not make a fool of yourself. Also, you may find out
that what upset you or inspired the blog actually has
the opposite effect once you
understand the topic.
When someone counters
your argument, you can also
backup your response with
facts and prove your side.
This also works when you are
upset or disagree with someone else's blog.
If both sides of an argument
have facts backing them up,
then the topic can grow logically and realistically that
may eventually find a solution that both sides must
admit are true.
OPS Sports 12-19-15:OPS Sports Template 12/17/15 11:51 AM Page 1
Basketball teams to take on tourney play
Boys to face Guerin Catholic again
OPS sports editor
Boys’ basketball here in
Vincennes is in full swing.
The Alices (3-1) are looking
strong through four games
with wins against Mt.
Carmel, Mater Dei, and
Northview and one loss to
2015 State Runner-Up Evansville Reitz. The 12th ranked
Alices are going into Christmas break with games Friday
and Saturday and then the annual Holiday Tournament.
The boys’ holiday tournament is now in its fourth year.
This year’s lineup consists of
North Knox, North Posey,
Evansville Day, Indianapolis
Howe, Danville, University,
Guerin Catholic and of course
the Alices. Evansville Day,
and University are 1A. Howe,
North Posey, and North Knox
are 2A. Lincoln and Danville
are 3A.
Reigning 3A state cham-
pion Guerin Catholic moved
to 4A due to the success factor in IHSAA regulations.
Many Alice fans (and players) recall the disheartening
loss to Guerin Catholic last
March in the semi-state basketball game at Southport.
Needless to say, the possibility of a rematch against the
Eagles is intriguing.
“I’m pumped for the chance
to play them again,” said senior Anthony Hughes-Smith.
“Beating them makes a statement to teams around the
The Eagles have one win
and four losses going into this
weekend. While the record
does not show much about
them, these losses are coming
to some of the best teams in
the state.
“Howe and Guerin Catholic
are definitely our toughest
competition,” Hughes-Smith
However, the Alices are
Lincoln Scoreboard
vs. Boonville, Dec. 12
Varsity, 72-36 win
Junior varsity. 59-28 win
vs. Jasper, Dec. 10
Varsity, 49-41 win
Junior varsity, 50-24 win
at Mt. Carmel, Dec. 11
Varsity, 38-37 win
Junior varsity, 76-22 win
at Castle, Dec. 12
Girls: Castle 174 Lincoln 91 Bosse 10
Boys: Castle 177 Lincoln 67 Bosse 18
vs. Jasper, Dec. 15
39-36 win
more than optimistic about
their chances in the tournament.
“I think we have a good
chance as long as we go out
and play four quarters of solid
basketball every game,” said
sophomore Caden Kotter.
In the past three years of the
tournament the Alices have
won the tournament twice.
Last year’s champion, Indianapolis Howe, was lead by
current University of Evansville guard Harris Brown.
Brown had outstanding play
in the tournament last year
and it continued on into the
rest of the season.
Pool play starts on Dec. 28
and goes into the 29. Tournament play starts on the 30.
The first game is Guerin
Catholic against North Posey
at 3 p.m.. Lincoln pool play Grant Oexmann drives the ball in the Nov. 28 home
opens at 7:30 p.m. against game against Mater Dei. The boys and girls varsity
North Knox.
teams will take on a teams from across the state in tourney play over the holiday break. Photo by Lincoln High
School Sports Pictures.
Girls’ team ready for a challenge
OPS copy editor
Vincennes Lincoln Lady
Alices will be shooting for
victory in the McDonald’s
Hoops Hysteria Holiday
Tournament in Alice Arena
on Dec. 21 and 22.
The Lady Alices (8-1) have
started their season off strong,
with only one loss to Washington at the time of publication, which is a major
accomplishment for the team.
Many schools across the
state will be vying for the title
of tourney champion.
This year, eight teams are
competing: Indianapolis Ritter, Linton, Mishawaka, West
Vigo, North Central, North
Knox, Sullivan, and Lincoln.
Lincoln will be playing in
the third game at 6:30 p.m.
vs. North Central on Dec. 21.
Indianapolis Ritter, the de-
fending champion, will be
strong contender in the tournament.
“They have shooters and
length on the perimeter,
which will present difficult
match-ups,” said coach
Travis Connor.
North Knox will also present a challenge, as they are a
quick team that can apply a
lot of pressure with their
guard play and experience.
“We have some tough competition to go against, but
that’s what we are ready for,”
said junior Haleigh Hipsher
of the opposing teams. “It
could be Indianapolis Ritter
or North Knox. You just
never know.”
Senior Shelby Boger exclaimed, “I know we will face
some pretty tough teams, but
we like the challenge.”
Playing in this tournament
is beneficial to the Lady Al-
Athlete of the week:
Daniel Miller
OPS staff writer
This week’s athlete of the
week is sophomore wrestler
Daniel Miller. Miller is the
son of Susan and Richard
Miller. He also has three siblings, Emily, Rachel, and Will
Miller has been wrestling
for eight years and also participates in football and baseball. His current weight class
is 138.
He also has a leadership
role on the wrestling team as
a captain.
He won the Kiwanis Award
for wrestling as a freshman
and was the first freshman to
earn that honor.
Daniel Miller takes a victory at the Jasper meet on Dec. It is his most memorable
15. Photo by Lincoln High School Sports Pictures.
moment in sports so far.
“Winning the Kiwanis
Award was a big deal to me,”
he said.
Former Yankee Derek Jeter
is Miller’s most admired athlete.
“He inspired people to play
sport for the love of it not for
money or fame,” explained
Miller hasn't decided if he
will or will not continue to
play sports after high school.
“I plan to go to Purdue for a
degree in pharmacy or engineering,” he said.
His off season activities include working with is dad on
the farm.
“I have learned that to be
successful, you have to work
hard and be dedicated,” he
said of sports. “Just because it
is tough, don't quit. You will
enjoy it in the end.”
ices seeing that they are able
to compete against bigger or
better teams that they may
never had faced during their
regular season. This type of
competition exposes them to
new skills and plays.
“It is a great atmosphere
and opportunity for us to play
teams with different styles as
we prepare for the second
half of the season and the
postseason,” expressed Connor.
The Lady Alices are not
going into this competition
under-handed, as they have
strengths of their own, like
their team depth and quick
guard play.
“We are strong in all areas:
guards, center, and forwards,
which makes it difficult for
teams to compete with us,”
said senior point guard Jenee
Have a story
Send it to
us at
Or find us
on Twitter
Read every
issue online
and in color
on the VCSC
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Senior Spotlight: Luke Blackburn
OPS staff writer
“If you're feeling froggy,
then leap. It can't hurt to get
yourself out there, just don't
go over the top,” is senior
Luke Blackburn’s advice to
underclassmen. Blackburn is
the son of David and Jan
Blackburn. Blackburn has
three dogs named Macy,
Payton, and Eli and a pet
rooster Jorge.
He has served as OPS
sports editor this past semester.
Blackburn’s hobbies include playing basketball,
working at Bobe’s in
Lawrenceville, eating, and
being loud in the cheer
He is involved in the Student Council club and the Interact club.
Blackburn has been involved in many sports here
at Lincoln High School. He
played basketball his freshman year, football sophomore year, tennis his junior
and senior year, and participated in golf his junior year.
He volunteers at Good
Samaritan Hospital and is a
mentor at Franklin Elementary.
Blackburn has also been
selected to represent Lincoln
at the National Convention
for Future Health Professionals at Harvard in the
Senior Spotlight: Jenee Goodwin
OPS staff writer
In this week’s senior spotlight is Jenee Goodwin. She
was born in Vincennes and
is the daughter of Grant and
Jenita Goodwin. She also
has three siblings, Jantzen,
Justin, and Jaedon, and two
dogs, Leia and Louie.
Goodwin is involved in
three sports, soccer, basketball, and track. She’s also involved in National Honor
Society, Student Council,
and Interact Club.
Her hobbies are playing
basketball and just hanging
out with her friends. Goodwin’s favorite class is
Chemistry 2 and anatomy
with Kreg Battles. Her favorite book is “Percy JackContributed photo son: Olympus Has Fallen”
and her favorite TV show is
summer of 2016.
“The Young and The RestBlackburn plans on attend- less.”
ing Indiana University for
Awards and achievements
undergrad and then medical Goodwin has received are
school in hopes to become a making the 1,000 Point Club
pediatrician at Riley’s Chil- as part of Lady Alices basdren Hospital.
His favorite classes at at
Lincoln include Steve Toy’s
English literature class, Janis
OPS staff writer
Hert’s calculus class and he
also enjoyed Kevin Meyers’
The final artist of the week
American Studies.
for this semester is Josie
Blackburn’s most memoHayes. Hayes is a freshman
rable moment here at Linand is the daughter of Julie
coln was seeing the
and Stacy Hayes. She has a
basketball team win regionsister named Gwen who is in
als in 2015 and then stormthe sixth grade.
ing the court.
Hayes was involved in
However, his most embarstage crew and set building
rassing moment was hitting
for the in the high school
the speed limit sign in the
production of “Shrek the
school parking lot.
Musical.” She also helped
His favorite book is Mark
with Clark productions,
Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn,”
“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
and “Superbad” is his faand “Cinderella.”
vorite movie.
She will be in tech theatre
When asked what he liked
next semester, volunteers at
best about Lincoln, Blackthe hospital, is in the Lincoln
burn responded with, “The
Accents choir, and plays
school spirit and the teachgolf.
ers. Especially our principal
She has been involved in a
Mr. Combs. He's a swell
few art contests and done
guy. And Mrs. Janet Nonte is
well outside of Lincoln. She
the nicest lady in the
has been involved in Artvenschool.”
tures summer fine arts camp
Blackburn’s favorite quote
for six years.
is from the movie Talladega
“When I was in elemennights, “I'm just a big, hairy,
tary school, I began to show
American winnin’ machine.
an interest in art and the rest
You know what I'm talking
is history.”
Hayes prefers the water-
OPS staff photo by Aleigha Schingeck
ketball, a player of the year
award, McDonald's Student
Athlete for basketball. She
was also named to the Big 8
Conference team for basketball and track.
Goodwin’s favorite quote
is “A dream is a wish your
heart makes.”
After high school Goodwin wants to play college
basketball and study to be a
nurse of anesthesiology. She
has not decided what college
she will attend.
Goodwin’s advice to underclassmen is “always have
your ball shoes with you.”
Artist of the Week: Josie Hayes
with her
art because she
it's an interesting
One of
her recent
achievements is
the logo
for “Tours
Told,” an
OPS staff photo by Anastasia Keller
After high school, Hayes
novel by a local writer.
wants to attend college and
Larry Pulley Blank is
become an anesthesiologist.
Hayes’ mentor in photograShe plans to continue art in
Her favorite artist is Andy her past time because it is
Warhol. Hayes thinks he was calming to her.
Hayes advises artists,
an inspiration and that his art
give up and create
is phenomenal, but her fathings you love!”
vorite work of art is “Café
Terrace at Night” by Vincent
Van Gogh.
Around the VCSC: Summer show to be offered
OPS features editor
Vincennes elementary
school students have a
chance to be in the spotlight
this summer!
The VCSC elementary On
Stage Experience will be
held June 6-10 and present
“The Aristocats.”
The week-long camp will
be open to any VCSC student from kindergarten to
fifth grade. The students will
practice from 9 a.m., to 3
p.m., Monday through Friday.
Director Gretchen Bruner
is very excited for the opportunity to produce a musical
for elementary students. She
believes it will be a great experience for younger kids
and prepare them for roles in
middle and high school.
Bruner believes it will be a
learning experience for all
who are involved.
“There is so much talent in
our corporation, and this will
give the younger students
the opportunity to shine onstage and prepare for roles at
the middle and high school
levels,” she added.
Riley teacher Josh Frederick is joining the staff as assistant director, and
freshman Katie Stone will
choreograph the show. Frederick will also be assisting
with the set designs.
During the week, students
will rehearse for the performance, as well as receive
individual sessions on vocal
technique, set design, and
theatre games. Assistants for
these sessions will be Frederick, sophomore Seth
Arnold, and Lincoln alumni
Alexa Lane and Lora
Costumes for the show
will be very simple, according to Bruner. The students
will receive a t-shirt with
their registration and will be
decked out in accessories to
enhance their character.
Auditions for main roles
will be held during the first
week of May because those
parts will require rehearsals
outside the week of camp.
To participate, a registration fee of $50 is required,
with a discount for families
with more than one child
participating. There will be
scholarships available for
those who need financial assistance.
The final performance will
be open to the public on Friday, June 10 at 7 p.m. in
Ader Auditorium. Tickets
are $5.
For more information regarding this fun, musical
theatre experience, contact
Bruner at 812-882-6101.
Also, fliers will be sent
home at the beginning of
second semester with all
VCSC elementary children
with more information.

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