Acusis – The Company



Acusis – The Company
Acusis – Vision & Mission
Acusis is committed to absolute dominance in market share and profitability.
We will achieve our Vision by consistently delivering to our customers
World-Class Customer Satisfaction with Competitive Quality, TAT and
Pricing via our commitment to Superior Business Processes and Technology
while maintaining the lowest possible Cost Per Unit
Core Values
 Trust and treat each other as adults.
 Display candor and courage in all business affairs.
 Emphasize self reliance and initiative that achieves team success.
 Measure progress and demand accountability.
 Retain only high customer satisfaction performers who get results.
 Drive for quality, cost and sense of urgency to make profits.
Acusis – US Operations
Pittsburgh, PA
Regional Sales Offices
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Tampa, FL
Acusis India Operations
Acusis Philippines Operations
Acusis US Customers
Customer Profiles:
Independent Community Hospitals
Regional Hospitals
Integrated Healthcare Networks
80+ Physician Multi-Specialty Groups
Regional Clinics
Independent Physician Providers
Acusis Awards
 MTIA Beacon Award
 Pittsburgh’s fastest growing 100 private companies –
Pittsburgh Business Times Award
 Greater Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award – Finalist
 AHIMA/MTIA Unit of Measure – Project Chair
 Pittsburgh Technology Council Tech 50 Award – Finalist – Last
two years
 KLAS 2012 Survey for US MTSOs – Ranked #3
 KLAS 2013 Survey for US MTSOs Ranked #3
 Consistently in top 6 for the past 5 years
Acusis Global
 Passionate 1250+ Global associates across Asia & USA
 6 Offices with 24x7x365 Operations
 US $20 million revenue (2012 – 2013) with 15% year on year projected growth until
 Zero Debt and Profitable operations both in India and Asia since 2005
 Pioneer & leader of home-based medical transcription in Asia
 Philippines operations since year 2007
 Engaging 10 business partners with 24 x 7 coverage in Philippines
 4 Business partners in India starting from 2013 and growing rapidly
Acusis Global (contd.)
 Most preferred employer for home-based transcription
 Industry Beacon and benchmark for best practices in medical
 Dedicated Software Technology Team & Proprietary platform
 Dedicated Advanced Technology Advisory board
 Largest team of ASQ Six Sigma & AHDI Certified practitioners (CMTs)
in the Industry
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 Acusis Philippines
 Acusis India
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