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Our Mission Our Vision Our Values
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September 2015
Shady Oaks Hosts a Well-Known
Favorite…Scratch Cupcakes Curbside!
Dignity in Life
Quality Life
Quality Care
Excellent Teams
Outstanding Facilities
Quality Reputation
Dr. Derek Duncan
Jennifer Meyer, P.T.A.
Caitlyn Boeckman, C.O.T.A.
Larry Kruthoff, R.P.H.
We are here to serve you...
Administrator • Jennifer Blair
Director of Nursing • Jenny Vote
Assistant Director of Nursing • Linda Riesenberg
MDS Coordinator • Rachel Seil
Health Information Manager • Cindy DeLance
Business Office Manager • Joni Hansen
Admissions Coordinator/Social Services • Amy Smith
Life Enrichment Coordinator • Deb Jones
Stewart Memorial
Culinary Coordinator • Minnie Huster
Peg Pudenz
Savana Dettmann
Nondiscrimination Policy
It is the policy of Shady Oaks that no resident or employee be
discriminated against because of age, sex, creed, race, color,
religion, national origin, or disability.
The eagerness and anticipation skyrocketed as the pink cupcake truck made its way
up the highway towards Shady Oaks. A line had formed with money and flavor lists
in hand. It was Scratch Cupcake Day and we were excited to share the delicious treat
with the community!
At Shady Oaks we have been working hard on community outreach as well as bringing friends and family to our facility. Through conversations we had learned that not
everyone knew where Shady Oaks was located and some didn’t know that Lake City
had a Skilled Nursing Facility. In looking for ideas to increase our exposure we
chose to invite the ever-so-popular “Scratch Cupcakes Curbside” out of West Des
Moines to join us for the day. They were hosted in our parking lot, accompanied by
the Shady Oaks Lemonade Stand and a chance to sign up for door prizes. The residents had fun learning
about the cupcake
truck and ordering
some tasty treats for
themselves as they
watched those from
the community and
surrounding areas join
in the excitement.
A publication of
Shady Oaks
Care Center
Lake City, Iowa
Inside this Issue
pg. 2
~ Administrator’s
~ Center Update
pg. 3
~ Church Schedule
~ Photo Corner
pg. 4
~ Fuzzy Friends Make a
Visit to Shady Oaks
pg. 5
~ Calendar
~ Madison Moments
pg. 6
~ Hello Dolly!
pg. 7
~ IHCA Foundation
Scholarship Awarded
at Shady Oaks
Chaplain • Jesse Evans
People Development Coordinator • Kate Smith
Guest Relations/Marketing • Brittany Drew
Maintenance Supervisor • Guy Mitchell
Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor • Jen Hicks
Resource Nurse • Renee Goettsch
We’re Going Green!
If you would like to receive
an electronic version of the
newsletter, please email:
[email protected]
Administrator’s Corner
Well everyone’s kids are back in school and I’m
appreciating the ability to be back in a routine again
with my family. Fall is always an exciting time of
year for me…trees changing colors, cooler weather,
and football games. I’m sure each of you has your
own favorites about the season as well. Celebrate
Here at Shady Oaks we
are celebrating the
seasons through our new art work in the
Jefferson and Monroe Neighborhoods. As
our interior designer
looked for pieces to
complete these
areas, we discussed
having real life
scenes that our residents and guests could connect
with. We wanted art that would be a conversation
piece and bring back memories for our residents.
Here are some samples of what now adorns our
We continue to encourage residents to spend time
outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. A special thank you
to Kathy Beckman and her family for the nice glider bench and table
they donated to Shady Oaks. This is sentimental to her family as the
place the bench sits outside our front entrance is the exact place her
father, Larry Boner,
and his wife Pauline
used to sit during
Larry’s time here
before he passed
away. A small plaque
has been ordered so
that all can share in
his memory.
Wishing you all a
wonderful September full of harvest
fun and many
IHCA Foundation Scholarship
Awarded at Shady Oaks
Lillian Schleisman….…..…...9/16
Stan Gordon…………….…..9/21
Viola Everhart……..….……..9/23
Stacy Hartman…………….1 Year
Taylor Luenberger………..1 Year
Nichole Flinn…...………....1 Year
Maddie Brower.....………2 Years
Kim Pautsch…...………...3 Years
Deb Zenor…..…………....8 Years
Lorelei Livermore….…...15 Years
Andrea Plagman…........16 Years
Jana Coon
Viola Everhart
Betty Frank
Joe Frank
Johanna Haffner
A reception was held in honor of Deven Blair, and Cassie Schleisman, both certified nursing assistants (CNAs),
at Shady Oaks Care Center for receiving the Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA) Foundation Scholarship. IHCA ICAL Director of
Workforce and Home Care Services Julie Adair presented Blair and
Schleisman with the Foundation’s $1,000 Vetter Foundation Scholarships for their outstanding commitment to long term services and
supporting the residents at the Shady Oaks Care Center.
Both women found their calling in long term services and supports
at a young age.
“I achieved my CNA certification at just sixteen years old,” said
Blair in her nomination essay. “It has long been my dream to return
to school. I love my job and feel privileged to be permitted to care
for my clients.”
“Deven has a ‘yes, I can!’ attitude and makes a difference with the
residents she cares for by becoming like their family,” said Jenny
Vote, Director of Nursing at Shady Oaks Care Center.
Schleisman finds the work she does to be extremely rewarding.
“I find great joy in seeing the smiles that arise by simply carrying
on a conversation with them [the residents],” said Schleisman. “I
honestly believe when you love your job, you will never work a day in your life.”
Jennifer Blair, Shady Oaks Care Center Administrator, commends Schleisman for her impact in the Memory
Support Household. “While others have been overwhelmed in this atmosphere, Cassie’s sensitivity has shone
The scholarships are helping both women further their career goals. Blair is working toward an associate degree in nursing and Schleisman is working toward a master’s degree.
The Iowa Health Care Association Foundation is supported by the 819 member organizations of the Iowa
Health Care Association and the Iowa Center for Assisted Living, which includes Iowa nursing facilities, assisted living communities, residential care facilities, home health agencies and long term services and supports associated businesses.
Team Members
Brianna Hicks
Magen Royster
Deb Towle
Mary Lou Carlson
Heartfelt thanks to those who have given their time, talents, and gifts.
Your sharing changes lives.
Page 2
Linda Stotts~ Adult coloring books with colored pencils
Leon Hendricks ~ Pull Bow Kit
Rose Rosendahl ~ Our Iowa Magazines
Resident Dena Filmer congratulates Deven Blair.
Page 7
Hello Dolly!
Many of us have started collections at some point in our lives -baseball cards, coins, stamps and so on. As part of our August activities we hosted a Doll Show at Shady Oaks.
Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator, decided to show off her collection of dolls and have others show their collections as well. Her
dolls ranged in size starting at 2” tall. Her collection featured a
“grandma doll” who sat in a rocking chair.
Pat Williams, a dedicated volunteer at Shady
Oaks, brought in her very special collection of
Storybook Dolls. The dolls feature different seasons and holidays. You never
would have guessed her dolls were from her childhood. She never played
with them which was obvious because they were in pristine shape!
Georgia Wiederin brought in a baby doll to share which was a resident favorite because it could be held and rocked. Donna Westcott brought in her mother’s dolls of which she had started collecting as an adult. She was also able to
bring in a wicker baby buggy from her mother’s childhood.
Resident Helen Shaffer shared her fancy collection of dolls of which makes
up most of her decorations in her room. Bessie Hendricks, another resident at
Shady Oaks had a doll to share she had actually made years ago!
The residents were delighted to view the beautiful dolls and adored hearing
the history and stories of each of them. The dolls brought many memories
back to life that the residents shared with each other.
Devotions with Chaplain Jesse
Sept 2nd
Lutheran Communion
Sept 3rd
Services with Reverend Connor
Sept 3rd
Father Lynn
Sept 4th
Services with Chaplain Jesse
Sept 6th
Catholic Rosary
Sept 7th
Devotions with Chaplain Jesse
Sept 9th
UC Devotions
Sept 9th
Father Lynn
Sept 11th
Woodlawn Communion & Song
Aug 16th
Services with Chaplain Jesse
Sept 13th
Devotion with Chaplain Jesse
Sept 16th
Services with Reverend Thomas
Sept 17th
Father Lynn
Sept 18th
Woodlawn Communion & Song
Sept 20th
Services with Reverend Karlen
Sept 21st
Devotions with Chaplain Jesse
Sept 23rd
Services with Reverend Paul Ferderer
Sept 24th
Services with Chaplain Jesse
Sept 27th
Services with Reverend Harbaugh
Sept 28th
Devotions with Chaplain Jesse
Page 6
Sept 30th
Page 3
Fuzzy friends
make a visit to
Shady Oaks
Shady Oaks had a visit from some
unexpected fuzzy friends. Ashley
and Alicia Westering from Manson
brought three of their forty-one
rabbits to visit the residents. Ashley and Alicia are the granddaughters of Marty Westering and great
granddaughters of Ruth Albright.
They brought two Mini Lops and
one Silver Fox. Ashley and Alicia
started raising rabbits approximately five years ago. They enjoy
showing them at area fairs and occasionally selling the
Madison Moments
Page 4
Page 5

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