Product Alignment PiReM
Product Alignment PiReM
The PiReM development team employs the product alignment approach towards
further development of the dynamic software tool. Widespread expert knowledge
from science and technology, engineering know-how and IT expertise is incorporated into the continuous improvement process of the basic software. The constant flow of information from experience into the product
development process makes it possible to cater to customers’ needs and find customized solutions for new
modules such as gas, electricity, and pipelines.
New findings resulting from further development
are integrated into existing modules and made
available to the customers as upgrades. ExTechnology
perts from the industry support
public utility companies
in the integration of the
software and offer assessments concerning
strategic network rehabilitation as needed.
Development partner Graz University of Technology
The Institute of Urban Water Management and Landscape Water Engineering is affiliated with the Civil Engineering Department of Graz University of Technology.
With the main focus of its research being “sustainable
optimization of water infrastructures,” science reacts
to changing conditions in the water supply industry and
ever-growing demands on the part of the regulation of
security-sensitive underground infrastructures. “Our
objective is – employing scientific approaches – to develop strategies in order to optimize the infrastructure
of the water supply regarding security and quality as
well as cost transparency, increase in efficiency, sustainability and maintenance of existing equipment”, says
DI Dr. Daniela Fuchs-Hanusch, head of research at Graz
University of Technology, Institute of Urban Water Management.
Innovative research and implementation-oriented projects with business partners constitute an ideal combination for sustainable solutions. As a university, the reliability of being available to water suppliers long-term
with highly qualified staff, excellent technical equipment and an extensive network,
is in keeping with the social responsibility to support the drinking water supply.
Through the development of PiReM Graz University of Technology guarantees product and service know how as well as a high degree of innovation on the market.
Professional line extension of the basic
software for drinking water is applied
to other networks such as:
•Electricity and
Development partner GUEP Software
The software house GUEP has been developing innovative software solutions in
Austria for about a decade. The company has already achieved public success as a
specialist for customized IT projects. In the years 2004 and 2005, GUEP was nominated for its software developments in the automotive industry at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber’s annual
Constantinus AWARDS. In the year 2006, these awards were
followed by the nomination for the software development
PiReM. “The implementation of visionary products in future-proof software developments is our core competence.
We lend our support to the IT project from the first analysis
through project development, right up to and including the
programming, implementation and integration. The professional plug-in architecture of PiReM allows the technology
to be used for all products that can be described using aging
functions. Thus, a flexible, expandable software tool was
created, which can be variably further developed”, explains
DI (FH) Günther Pregartner, CMC, CEO of GUEP Software
GmbH. PiReM’s flexible interface takes into account the parameterization of individual customer’s network data. Additionally, the software house GUEP offers simple solutions
for practical connections to interfaces of other software
programs, such as GIS and/or CIS. By using customization, PiReM finds a tailored
application for every public utility company.
Development partner RBS wave
“RBS wave GmbH can look back on decades of experience
in the fields of water supply and infrastructure planning and
has over 100 employees at several locations in Baden-Württemberg”, reports DI Erwin Kober, CEO of RBS wave GmbH, a
subsidiary of EnBW Regional AG in Germany. In recent years,
RBS wave has carried out assessments for public and municipal utility companies of varying sizes concerning the evaluation of infrastructure facilities such as equipment and
networks. Concepts were also developed for the strategic
handling of network rehabilitation.
The product PiReM was added to RBS wave’s portfolio in
2008 in order to meet the users’ requirements regarding the
utilization of multi-sector software for asset management.
In addition to the sale and distribution of PiReM in the Federal Republic of Germany, together with GUEP, the further
development of customized modules such as power, gas
and pipelines is advanced. Through multidisciplinary development PiReM assures that all public utility companies,
regardless of size and focus, can be offered a powerful tool for both asset and rehabilitation management. With PiReM, the supply structure can be analyzed more
easily and potential savings in the management and maintenance of the networks
are enhanced.
Decision support using PiReM – Pipe Rehabilitation Management
Science, technology and IT expertise together ensure further development
Practical experience from various networks flows back into the research and development
Line extension to different networks enables cross-industry findings
Synergies for multi-utility providers through all-in-one rehabilitation planning
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