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DeVoe Guitars Newsletter
DeVoe Guitars Newsletter
November, 2010
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Two thousand ten has been
an exciting year in my career. In
late September I traveled to Spain
to deliver a new guitar to Paco de
Lucia, accompanied by my friends,
Johannes Inhoffen of Mundo Flamenco in Freiburg, Germany, David Keene of Vintage American
Guitar in Texas and Flamenco guitarist and writer from Louisiana,
Kevin Coleman. We converged at
Paco’s hilltop estate on the island
of Mallorca with three guitars,
a negra and two blancas. Not an
Paco de Lucia trying out his new guitar, Mallorca, Spain
easy task to choose, but in the end,
9:00 PM, Viejín
Paco decided on one of the blancas. The
and his group of
guitar has my new “Santos” design rosette,
Jesus followers
matching purfling with a scale of 655 mm.
present a lovely
When returning to Madrid, I visited
time of singwith Paco again after his concert, also with
ing with a Bible
his brother Pepe, and guitarists Tomatito
presentation for
and Niño Josele.
the studio dancWe met with guitarist El Viejín and his
ers and anyone
wife Anna at the Amor de Dios Dance Stuelse who wants
dio in Madrid, where on Monday evenings at
to listen. I was
honored when
asked to share
a Bible verse
with the group.
band of singer,
Niño Josele, Lester, Tomatito
Paco de Lucia’s new
DeVoe guitar
guitarist Grisha Goryachev. I was
thrilled with Grisha’s musical selections, the best compositions
of the greatest flamenco guitarists from Sabicas to Paco de Lucia and today’s top artists. Every
piece was on my “favorites list”
and it was one of the most enjoyable concerts I have ever heard.
Paco and Lester
wonderful, inspirational and passionate praise music.
I then traveled with Johannes and David to Johannes’ home in a remote mountain village in the Alpujarras region south of Granada where we toured the
gardens of the Alhambra, hiked and visited with some
of the guitar makers in the region.
Before taking our respective flights home from
Madrid we spent a night at the country home of the
talented musician, Amir John Haddad, just outside the
city. Madrid based, concert and recording artist, Amir
plays a variety of string instruments and was kind to
record a short video on one of my guitars.
Last June I traveled to the Guitar Foundation of
America (GFA) Festival Competition in Austin, Texas to
attend one of the premier evening concerts by flamenco
Lester, El Viejín, and Johannes at Amor de Dios
dance studio.
Amir John Haddad
Photo credit: All photos by David Keene

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