The Echo Hunters launch Fortuna Beach



The Echo Hunters launch Fortuna Beach
The Echo Hunters launch Fortuna Beach
with special guest Annabelle Chvostek
@ Le Petit Campus, Montréal
57 Prince Arthur Est, Montréal (Québec)
At Ste-Dominique
Friday, May 31 at 8:00PM
A brilliant Canadian indie-folk group who mix gothic,
Americana (OK Canadiana) with a Seventies Laurel
Canyon vibe
- Tim Cummings, The Independent, London UK
Bluesy rockers, breezy country and a nod or two to
Harvest era Neil Young will also thrill devotees of the
golden age of singer-songwriters and vocal harmony.
-Bernard Pérusse, The Gazette
The Echo Hunters, one of Canadiens most authentic folk-rock bands, are coming to Café Campus to present their new music in this
intimate setting.
Fortuna Beach, their latest offering, is undoubtedly their strongest so far. It follows two critically acclaimed releases - Twenty Years
(2003) and Cabin Fever (2007) - The veteran bandmates unique blend of styles and rootsy/world instrumentation provide the perfect
framework for their exquisite signature vocal harmonies and deep, thoughtful lyrics. If taken separately, every song on the album could be
tagged with a different style, from country, folk, or blues to retro pop and swing. Still, Fortuna Beach as a whole manages to retain a
stylistic and sonic homogeneity throughout. And, no matter whether this is regarded as a successful attempt to broaden the genre or
simply as the Echo Hunters personal style drawing on a variety of musical influences, their characteristic sound and their distinct punchy
rhythmic groove is too sassy to be pigeonholed. They also have been compared to CSN&Y, Buffalo Springfield and Harmonium. The
founding members and longtime friends Larry Cassini (lead guitar, vocals, bass, harmonica), Gordon Fleming (lead vocals, 12-string
guitar, harmonica) and Kirk Fontaine (multi-instrumentist), joined by Rob Couture (drums, percussion, vocals) Sylvain Dancausse
(violin) and Carl Rufh (electric bass, vocals), combine their performing talent to offer an incredible live experience. They have played
festivals from Strawberry (CA) to Lunenberg (NS) and thrilled audiences throughout North America and the UK, creating enthralling and
memorable entertainment along the way.
Annabelle Chvostek is a versatile multi-instrumentalist known
for her rich singing voice, compelling lyrics and genre-spanning
musicality, as well as her Juno-nominated work with harmony trio
The Wailin' Jennys. She's shared the stage with Dar Williams,
Penny Lang, Veda Hille, Kinnie Starr and Tegan and Sara. She
also started touring Canada with Rae Spoon, Po' Girl, Bob Snider
and many more. Her latest release Rise received rave reviews and
was nominated in the Roots & Traditional Album of the Year
- Solo category of the 2013 Juno Awards. Her musical imagination
is in evidence on Rise, for Chvostek has managed to take a decades-old
art form, the protest song, and completely reimagines it for a new era of activism.
Both reflective and gutsy, this is music that takes your soul on the road.
-Western Morning News, UK
Presskit (EPK includes music, photos, etc)
In stores june 4th
For information:
Heidi Fleming, Marie Savoie-Levac
[email protected] 514-844-7393