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Veolia Environmental Services North America - Veolia SE
Turning Waste into a Resource
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Veolia Environmental Services
North America Corp.
Veolia Environnement
Veolia Environnement
67 countries
300,000 + employees
$37.7 billion in revenue
38th largest employer worldwide
Sustainable Development through Research, Innovation
The most important issue the world community faces is sustaining our growth and
development in an environmentally responsible manner. Veolia Environnement is
committed to developing solutions that accommodate continuing growth through
one of only a few research and development programs in the world that are
dedicated to environmental services. Our 600 researchers and specialists are
inventing the answers for the future at our laboratories in France, Australia,
Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, using modeling, pilot units
and analytical research.
Financial Strength
Veolia Environnement is a publicly owned company with over 150 years of
experience delivering environmental solutions. Based in Paris, the company is the
international leader in providing environmental services for waste, water, energy
and transportation. With over $37 billion in revenue, Veolia Environnement is the
largest environmental services company in the world.
Worldwide Leader for Environmental Services
Our parent company is Veolia Environnement, the market leader for environmental
services in the world, serving 67 countries with over 300,000 dedicated employees.
There are 1340 companies within Veolia Environnement providing critical services—
developing and operating water treatment facilities, collecting and disposing of
hazardous waste and solid waste, running mass transit systems and generating
energy services for both public and private entities.
Veolia Environnement
Worldwide Divisions
Veolia Water
Water and Wastewater Management
Veolia Water designs, builds, upgrades, operates and maintains water
and wastewater facilities, incorporating water recycling and reuse and
determining ways to reduce water usage.
$13.3 billion revenue
#1 Water Company in the World
117 million people provided with water and wastewater services
Veolia Environmental Services
Waste and Maintenance Services
Veolia Environmental Services provides solid waste collection, recycling
and disposal services, hazardous waste disposal and recycling services,
and industrial cleaning, mechanical maintenance and sewer services.
The company also builds and operates waste-to-energy facilities.
$9.8 billion revenue
#2 Waste Services Provider in the World
58 million tons of waste treated annually
Veolia Energy
Energy Services and Facilities Management
Veolia Energy manages energy utilities, both the production
processes and the facilities themselves.
$8.1 billion revenue
#1 Energy Services Provider in Europe
110,000 energy installations managed
Veolia Transportation
Transportation and Logistics
Veolia Transportation provides all forms of public transportation
including bus, rail, paratransit, taxi and shuttle services. They support
industrial sites through rail freight and internal plant logistics.
$6.5 billion revenue
#1 Private Transportation Operator in Europe and North America
2.7 billion passengers served
Veolia Environmental Services
Worldwide Division
"We cannot solve the problems
that we have created with the
same thinking that created
- Albert Einstein
Veolia Environmental Services
89,600 employees
700 treatment
billion in revenue
Turning Waste into a Resource
We have embraced our business of managing and disposing of waste by turning to
innovative technologies to discover ways of turning waste into a resource. We are
recycling over 15% of the waste that we handle and delivering products from that waste.
Last year we generated over 6 million MW of electricity and 700,000 metric tons of
compost used to combat soil depletion. The metal content of waste, spent solvents and
landfill gas are just a few of the products that are being recycled and reused.
Environmental Compliance
Veolia Environmental Services views its responsibilities for environmental compliance to
extend beyond simply adhering to applicable regulations. The company carefully audits
the hundreds of facilities it operates. Through its proprietary Environmental
Management System, all employees are helping to achieve environmental compliance
targets that have been defined.
Technical Expertise
Continuous training for regulatory changes and current research assures that account,
project and technical representatives are informed about the latest trends and
developments in their respective industries. Veolia Environmental Services seeks the most
qualified employees in every field to assure that our customers receive the best possible
service. We are ready to assist you in any way, from providing information about
government regulations and answering technical questions, to training your employees
and setting up programs that save you time and money.
Reliable, Responsive Service
When we promise any on-site service, you can depend on us to be there on time, every
time. Our services are critical for day to day maintenance; we have built our company on
our commitment to provide these services quickly and efficiently.
Veolia Environmental Services
North America Business Activities
Veolia ES Solid Waste, Inc.
Solid Waste and Recycling Services
Veolia ES Solid Waste provides a full range of solid waste services in North America
that include collection, transportation, disposal and recycling.
3,600 Employees
10.6 million tons of waste processed annually
Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C.
Hazardous and Nonhazardous Waste Services
Veolia ES Technical Solutions offers hazardous and nonhazardous waste transportation
and disposal services that include recycling and recovery, incineration, fuels blending,
lab packing, emergency response, special services, and a variety of on-site services.
1,580 Employees
47 Nationwide locations
Over 14 million pounds of waste turned into product
Veolia ES Industrial Services, Inc.
Industrial Cleaning, Mechanical, Environmental and Marine Services
Veolia ES Industrial Services is a full service, turn-key provider of industrial cleaning,
mechanical and maintenance services, and environmental waste management
solutions. Veolia ES Special Services group delivers emergency response, high hazard
response, inland and offshore marine diving and remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
services, abatement and remediation services.
4,200 Employees
70+ Service locations
30 years of specialized industry experience
Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy, Inc.
Energy Services and Facilities Management
Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy operates and maintains waste-to-energy plants under long
term contracts with performance guarantees.
670 Employees
11 Waste-to-Energy plants
4.9 million tons of municipal waste processed annually
345,000 households provided electricity
Solid Waste
Veolia Environmental Services
3000+ vehicles in fleet
million residential, commercial and
1.7 industrial
Solid Waste Collection
Nonhazardous Industrial and
Special Waste Disposal
Liquid Solidification
In-Plant Services
Transfer Stations
Landfill Design, Construction and
Waste Evaluations
Solid Waste
Veolia ES Solid Waste provides a full range of solid waste services in North America
that include collection, transportation, disposal and recycling. From our
professional drivers to our customer service representatives, our experienced team
is committed to providing prompt, dependable and cost efficient waste services.
We are proud of our ability to deliver the right services at the right time. We are
committed to meet your schedule. Whenever you call us, you will always speak
with a qualified representative, eager to respond quickly to your needs.
Cost Containment
To help reduce your costs and boost your bottom line, we’re always looking for
ways to simplify your waste handling processes and to reduce your waste
volumes, so you never pay for more services than you actually need. Our
performance metrics ensure that you can track and measure continuous
improvements in cost efficiency on an ongoing basis.
Contact Information
Veolia ES Solid Waste, Inc.
125 South 84th Street, Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53214
Phone: 414-479-7800
Technical Solutions
Veolia Environmental Services
service, treatment and
45 transportation facilities
pounds of waste reused
14 asmillion
Technical Solutions
Veolia ES Technical Solutions provides
a complete range of services for
industrial and municipal customers
needing to dispose of hazardous and
nonhazardous waste.
Regulatory Compliance
Veolia ES Technical Solutions maintains
an excellent record of compliance with
regulations governing health and
safety and the environment. This record
is ready for inspection at any time. A
culture of compliance is a way of life at
Veolia ES Technical Solutions, where we
manage waste with the utmost care.
We follow procedures meticulously
with our on-site teams and continue to
focus on the details throughout
transportation, treatment and disposal.
Technical Expertise
When you manage multiple
environmental responsibilities and
their associated liability, you must rely
on the capabilities and technical
expertise of your service provider.
Veolia ES Technical Solutions can meet
your most stringent criteria for your
environmental service partner.
On Time Pickup
When we promise a pickup, we deliver
on that promise. Once arrangements
are made, you can count on us to be
there on time.
for Hazardous and
Nonhazardous Waste
Electronics Recycling
Emergency Response 24/7
Fuels Blending
Household Hazardous Waste
Laboratory Chemical Services
Low-Level Radioactive Waste
On-Site Services
Online Service
You can track your waste online through
our Waste Information Profile System
which can generate reports to satisfy
regulatory reporting requirements.
Contact Information
Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C.
700 East Butterfield Road, Suite 201
Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: 630-218-1500
Nationwide Toll Free: 888-262-4910
Medical Waste
Reactive Chemicals Management
Recycling and Recovery
Specialty Services
Stabilization and Landfill
Training and Awareness Programs
Industrial Services
Veolia Environmental Services
30 years specialized industry experience
service locations in U.S.
70+ and Canada
Industrial Cleaning
Chemical Cleaning
Hydroblasting and
Ultrahigh Pressure
In-Plant Services
Surface Coating and
Wet & Dry Vacuuming
Mechanical Services
Turnaround Management
Turnkey Heat Exchanger
Pipe Fabrication & Installation
Turnkey Tower & Vessel
Capital Projects
Project Management
Special Services
Asbestos and Lead Abatement
Black Water Diving
Emergency Response &
Environmental and Waste
Disaster Recovery
Government Contract Services
Biosolids Management
High Hazard Energetic
Explosives Services
Hydrographic Survey Services
Hazardous Waste
Standby Confined Space
Rescue Services
Landfill Management Services Marine Services
Industrial Diving Services
Operated Vehicle
Sewer Cleaning & TV
Saturation Diving Services
Underwater Construction
Tank Cleaning
and Maintenance
Waste Minimization
Waste Transportation &
Temporary Storage
Industrial Services
Veolia ES Industrial Services provides a complete range
of maintenance and cleaning services for industrial, municipal
and offshore facilities to keep them in peak operating condition.
Network of U.S. Service Centers
Routine maintenance, turnarounds and emergency callouts are
managed through our network of service centers in North
America where we house our state-of-the-art equipment and
teams of trained professionals.
Cutting Edge Technology, Technical Expertise
We combine cutting edge technological capabilities with
technical expertise in maintenance, cleaning services,
environmental and marine services to offer a focused, business
plan approach that enables us to deliver cost effective solutions.
Contact Information
Veolia ES Industrial Services, Inc.
3018 North Highway 146
Baytown, TX 77520
Phone: 713-307-2150
Veolia Environmental Services
Waste-to-Energy plants operated in
11 the
U.S. and Canada
million tons of municipal waste
4.9 disposed
of annually
supplied with
345,000 households
electrical energy
Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy operates and
maintains waste-to-energy plants
under long term contracts with strong
performance guarantees in cities
throughout North America. Our Wasteto-Energy business unit assists
communities with all aspects of
developing and implementing an
integrated waste management system.
Operations and Maintenance Expertise
With 11 waste-to-energy facilities,
Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy companies
operate with virtually every proven
state-of-the-art combustion, waste
processing, and air pollution control
technologies available. With this
expertise, we can assemble extremely
capable operating teams to provide
waste management strategies that
address local needs.
Retrofitting Existing Facilities
We have developed extensive
experience in retrofitting and
modifying existing facilities, both large
and small, with minimal interruption to
incoming waste flows. This capability
allows communities to maintain
continuous service to residents.
Design, Construction and Financing
With our experience in operating
waste-to-energy facilities, we can help
communities simplify the design and
construction of new facilities. By
working closely with communities, we
are able to help finance publicly owned
Tire Shredding
Waste Transfer Station
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
Metals Recovery
Garbage and Trash Processing
Specialty Waste Processing
WTE Plant Design
WTE Plant Construction and
WTE Plant Operations and
Contact Information
Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy, Inc.
One Pennsylvania Plaza, Suite 4400
New York, NY 10119
Phone: 212-947-5824
Worldwide Divisions
"Treat the Earth well. It was not
given to you by your parents. It was
loaned to you by your children."
— Kenyan Proverb
North America Locations
Veolia Environnement
Revenue: $37.7 billion
Employees: 300,000
Countries: 67
Market position: #1 in environmental
services worldwide
Environmental services: 4 business activities
Waste Services
Energy Services
Veolia Water
Revenue: $13.3 billion
Employees: 77,900
Market position: #1 in water
services worldwide
Veolia Environmental Services
Revenue: $9.8 billion
Employees: 89,600
Market position: #2 in waste
management worldwide
Veolia Energy
Revenue: $8.1 billion
Employees: 48,800
Market position: #1 in energy
services in Europe
Veolia is committed to
protecting our planet’s
natural resources for future
generations, while providing
essential services for
everyday needs.
North America
Veolia Environmental Services
North America
Revenue: $1.8 billion
Employees: over 10,500
Leader in Integrated Waste
Veolia Transportation
Revenue: $6.5 billion
Employees: 82,000
Market position: #1 private
passenger transportation
company in Europe
Solid Waste
Market position: #4
in solid waste services
Technical Solutions
Market position: #2
in hazardous waste
Industrial Services
Market position: #1
in industrial cleaning
Market position: #3
in waste-to-energy
Veolia Environmental Services North America Corp.
700 Butterfield Road, Suite 201 • Lombard, IL 60148
Phone 630-218-1600 Fax 630-218-1895
[email protected]
©2007 Veolia Environmental Services.

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