Moving Tradition Forward



Moving Tradition Forward
Annual Report
M o v i n g Tr a d i t i o n Fo r w a r d
Villa Madonna Academy
Spelling Bee
Champion – Page 5
Fifth grader Karl Adrianza,
won first place in the school
spelling bee and represented
Villa at the WCPO Scripps
Howard Spelling Bee.
Blue Lightning
Volleyball – Page 16
The Blue Lightning Girls’
Volleyball team was
named runner-up in the
34th District.
VMA Announced Top Ten Ford
Focus Commercial – Page 7
VMA Broadcast class, under the direction of
Mr. Oldfield and Mrs. Young, competed in
the Ford Focus Video/Commercial, and Villa’s
video was selected as one of the Top Ten.
Ford presented VMA with a monetary
iPad Program Announced at
award of $1,000. Over 150 videos were
VillaRama – Page 9
submitted from across the nation.
Announced at VillaRama 2012, Villa Madonna
Academy planned to implement a pilot iPad
program during the 2012-2013 academic
year, offering cutting edge technology while
remaining focused on our mission of
Ryan Froehling named
educating students grades K-12 for full
a 2012 National Merit
Christian participation in 21st century life.
Scholarship Finalist
– Page 6
National Merit Finalist: Ryan
Froehling was named a 2012
National Merit Scholarship
Finalist. As a finalist, he is
among the top 1% of
students nationwide.
V MA 2011- 20 12 An n ual R epo r t
Year in Review
Grade Level Realignment
Deuce Gibson Ninth Region
Runner-Up in Tennis – Page 16
6th Grade Boys
Basketball Team
won St. Joe’s Holiday
Classic – Page 17
The Boys’ 6th Grade
Basketball Team coached
by Tony Haskamp ‘05 and
Kevin Slaughter ‘06 won
the St. Joseph Crescent
Springs Holiday Classic.
Deuce Gibson was Ninth Region
runner-up in singles and earned a berth
in the Kentucky High School Athletic
Association state tournament. This is the
third straight season he qualified for the
state tournament after being a part of
a doubles team that qualified in 2010
and 2011.
Grade level realignment was announced to
provide students even more academic and
co-curricular opportunities. Beginning with
the 2012-2013 school year, students in the
junior high school (grades seven and eight)
will be a part of the high school program
rather than the elementary school program
which will continue to serve students in
grades K-6.
Villa Staff & Students Sing
with Symphony – Page 7
Demonstrating Service
& Community
In demonstration of the
Benedictine values of Service
and Community, the students
of Villa Madonna Academy
contributed 12,743 hours of
service to our community.
Seniors Tyler Blincoe and Brian Murray,
and faculty member, Carole Lonneman,
were asked to sing with the Kentucky
Symphony Orchestra in its season
premiere “Of Rings and Myths” on
October 8, 2011.
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annu al R e p o r t
Faculty & Staff
Ed Franchi, President
Soshana Bosley, Elementary/Junior High School Principal
Pamela McQueen, High School Principal
Mary Maher, Elementary/Junior High School Assistant Principal
Don Shields, Dean of Students, High School
Judy Kraus, Elementary/Junior High School Secretary
Julie Dickman, High School Secretary
Donna Klaus, Elementary/Junior High School Admissions Director
Janet Baugh, Elementary/Junior High School Assistant Admissions
Richard Skinner, High School Admissions Director
Whitney O’Neal, Director of Development
Sr. Mary Carol Hellmann, OSB, Archives
Monica Lonnemann, Alumni Relations Coordinator
Karen Paxton, Database Manager
Karen Mardis, VillaRama Coordinator
Mary Pavel, Elementary/Junior High Athletic Director, Athletic Department Administrative Assistant, High School Assistant
Athletic Director
Mark Atwood, High School Athletic Director
Rob Starkey, High School Assistant Athletic Director
Business Office
Donna Wesseler, Business Office Manager
Terri Kurzendoerfer, Administrative Assistant
Elementary & Junior High School Faculty
Dan Albrinck, 7th & 8th Grade
Patricia Bachman, Spanish
Katherine Brown, Kindergarten
Meredith Daniels, Academic Support Specialist
Janet Dwyer, 4th Grade
Sarah Eichmann, 5th Grade
Toni England, 7th & 8th Grade
Laura Haskamp, 2nd Grade
Rosie Heideman, 1st Grade
Kristin Holt, 7th & 8th Grade
Donna Klus, Counselor
Joyce Kramer, 7th & 8th Grade
Theresa Law, 3rd Grade
Kathy Lynch, 5th Grade
Mary Maher, Religion
Susan Okin, Technology
Janet Pemberton, Art
Barb Phelps, Computer
Paula Ransom, Elementary Music &
Junior High School Instrumental
Nancy Reutman, Kindergarten
Sally Ridley, 2nd Grade
Steve Ridley, Physical Education
Bridget Schleper, 3rd Grade
Theresa Spaulding-Horn, 1st Grade
Wilanne Stangel, Library
Andrea Suarez, Spanish
Ben Tilley, French
Ashley Warning, 6th Grade
Darlene Wellman, 4th Grade
Sally Wessels, 1st Grade
Pat Wischer, K-Instructional Assistant
Laura Witzgall, Kindergarten
Jenna Yuenger, 6th Grade
High School Faculty
Villa Board of Directors
Mark Atwood, Latin
Joe Cordonnier, Social Studies
Pat Eagan, Thomas More College
Visiting Professor – History
Pam Fitzpatrick, English
Derek Furnish, Spanish
Sr. Mary Carol Henggeler, CDP, French/English
Bob Henson, Social Studies
Jan Herrmann, Art
Quinton Jefferson, Religion/Campus Minister
Catherine Kennedy, Mathematics
Sr. Nancy Kordenbrock, OSB, Science
Carole Lonneman, Counselor
Federico Mas, Spanish
Jodie Meyn, English/Theatre
Mr. J. David Bender, Board Chair
Sr. Andrea Collopy, OSB
Ms. Ruth Seligman Doering, ‘58
Dr. Kathy Dye
Sr. Deborah Harmeling, OSB
Mrs. Robin Huller
Honorable Michelle Keller
Ms. Jayme Klosterman, ‘79
Dr. Judith Marlowe, ‘65
Mr. Frank Mayfield, Jr.
Mrs. Laura McGreevy, ‘64
Mr. Josh Ruth, ‘02
Sr. Kathleen Ryan, OSB
Mrs. Mary Paula Schuh
Sr. Mary Catherine Wenstrup, OSB
Eileen O’Connell, Religion
Steve Oldfield, English/Broadcast Journalism
Sr. Mary Rabe, OSB, Science
Shelly Rodenkirchen, Mathematics
Amanda Rood, Music
Vikki Rose, Guidance
Don Shields, Mathematics
Tricia Smaracko, Technology/Business
Rob Starkey, Physical Education
Jason Voight, Counselor
Debbie Young, Library/Media Specialist
Bill Anderkin, Maintenance
Donna Crisler, Cafeteria Manager
Barb Droege, Cafeteria
Barb Gagas, Cafeteria
Susan Kirchner, Cafeteria
Darlene Ryan, Cafeteria
Shelli Schulte, Cafeteria
Lisa Desmarais, Director of Technology
Tonya Gilbert, Technology Support/Specialist
Ava Gailliot, Technology Support
Faculty Awards
• English/Broadcast Journalism teacher Steve Oldfield won 3rd place in a photography contest
sponsored by the National World War I Museum in Kansas City.
• English teacher Pam Fitzpatrick was named among Cincy Magazine’s Top 25 Educators in the Tristate.
V M A 2011- 2012 An n ual R ep o r t
Elementary School
Junior High Highlights:
• Forty-two 8th grade students graduated on May 18. Nicholas Seifert
was awarded the St. Benedictine Award and Catherine Martini was
awarded the St. Scholastica Award for their consistent practice and
modeling of the Benedictine Values.
• 8th graders Sydney O’Connor, Nicholas Weaver, and Brianna
Desmarais received academic scholarships to Villa Madonna
Academy High School.
• 7th grade student Kim Spritzky took first place in the school
Geography Bee, passed the regional written exam and represented
the academy at the state Geography Bee.
• 78% of the 7th grade class was invited to participate in the Duke
University Talent Identification Program. Of these 28 students, 14
chose to participate in the Duke TIP by taking either the ACT or SAT.
Of these 14 students, eight students qualified for State Recognition
by scoring very competitively on these college entrance tests.
• 8th grade students took the EXPLORE test for the first time at VMA
and scored very well in each category. The exam assesses four subject
areas (english, mathematics, reading and science) and provides needs
assessments and other components to help students plan for high
school and beyond. The scoring scale for the assessment is from 1 to
25. VMA averages were: English – 19.6, Mathematics – 18.0,
Reading – 18.2, Science – 19.8, Composite - 19.0.
• Three students represented VMA at the State Governor’s Cup
Competition: Andrew Jones – Social Studies and Arts and Humanities,
Sydney O’Connor - Language Arts, and Nicholas Seifert –
Mathematics. Sydney placed seventh in the state in Language Arts at
the Governor’s Cup State Competition in Lexington.
• 7th and 8th grade students held a Christmas and a spring concert featuring the band and choral groups for families and friends of VMA.
• Three junior high students were selected to participate in the American
Choral Directors’ Association’s Kentucky All-State Chorus.
Elementary Highlights:
• 5th grader, Karl Adrianza won first place in the school spelling bee
and represented Villa at the WCPO Scripps Howard Spelling Bee.
• Twenty-three 4th grade students qualified for the Duke Talent
Identification Program.
• Three 6th grade students represented Villa in Lexington at the
All-State Chorus Honor Choir.
• Students entered a school art contest to design a new cover for the
family folder. 4th grader Corrina Borchers won the contest.
• 8th grader, Gabrielle Schulte, ranked fourth in the state and seventh
in the nation on the National French Exam (Le Grand Concours).
• 15 students in grades 1-6 achieved a ranking of 15 or higher on the
national French exam. In addition, a 5th grade student ranked 10th
in the nation.
• At the Diocesan Academic Competition, Neha Yousuf placed first in
Storytelling, Grace Giordano placed second in Painting, and Nehal
Pahlevani placed third in Oratory.
• The 5th and 6th Elementary Drama Club put on a production of
The Princess King.
• In the Scholastic Writing Competition, two students received
Silver Key Awards for their short stories (Cole Izquierdo and Nahal
Pahlevani) and three students received honorable mentions for their
poems (Connor Collins, Kendall Kelly and Asha Ramesh).
• The 7th grade Destination Imagination team placed first in the
middle school division at the state competition and competed in the
DI Global Finals, placing 15th in their challenge.
• 8th grader Sydney O’Connor was a finalist in the Diocesan Pro-Life
Essay Contest.
• 8th grader Serena Thaman was selected by her teachers to crown the
Blessed Mother at the May Crowning.
• The 7th and 8th Elementary Drama Club put on a performance of
Circus Olympus in December.
• The 5th grade Destination Imagination (DI) team placed first in the
elementary school division at the state competition and competed in
the DI Global Finals where they placed 12th in their challenge.
• A 6th grade student won the Ohio River Sweep Poster Contest and
1st place in the KY Junior Duck Stamp Contest.
• Service: At the Greater Cincinnati Celebration of Service, Villa Madonna Academy Elementary and Junior High School was honored as
a “School of Contribution.” This was the fifth year in a row that VMA
was recognized for the meaningful service learning activities that
students and faculty participate in.
• After a unit on water borne illnesses in science class, students wanted
to educate others about the importance of clean water. They made
posters, flyers, videos, and slide shows to share with the community
and then collected PUR packs that were sent to Africa.
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annua l R e p o r t
High School
Student Achievements
• Juniors Meggie Lund and Megan Barton were among 25 students
chosen by the Cincinnati Health Council to participate in the TAP
MD Program, which teaches them about the medical field. VMA
High School is the only NKY school to have two students selected.
• Ryan Froehling was named a 2012 National Merit Scholarship
Finalist. He was among the top 1% of students nationwide.
• Sarah Mustian was named a 2012 National Merit Commended
• Ryan Froehling placed second in the Kentucky Attorney General’s
Public Service competition with his 30-second PSA on the dangers
of prescription drug abuse. Brooke Eliot was named a runner up.
• Senior Mallory Butler placed first in the 2012 Why I Love America
Calendar Contest sponsored by Kenton County Attorney’s office.
Freshman Alice Han and Sophomore Maria Blom were Honorable
Mentions in the contest.
• At the Kentucky Youth Assembly Debate Conference, the Senior KYA
student team (grades 9-12) was awarded the honor of Delegation of
Distinction. Several students were recognized including Nicholas
Boucher for Outstanding Delegate; Nicholas Boucher, Amanda
Schleper and Amanda Werner for Outstanding Premiere Bill; and
Whitney Cox, Mitchell Day, Zach Kenney and Nicole Zatorski for
Outstanding Legislative Bill Sent to Kentucky State Legislature.
• VMA French students celebrated much success on the 2012 National
French Test (Le Grand Concours) with four students placing in the
top 10 in Kentucky and three students placing in the top 15 in Kentucky.
• Juniors Meggie Lund and Randy Lund were selected by the Kentucky
Statewide Selection Committee to participate in the Governor’s
Scholars Program.
• The (JETS) Junior Engineering Technical Society team swept first
and second place in the division for the entire state of Kentucky.
In addition, Villa’s scores placed them 4th and 5th in the state of
Kentucky regardless of size/division (out of 34 teams competing.)
This is in addition to the Regional placement of second and fourth
for their division.
• On March 31, sophomore Nicole Zatorski participated in the
Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair at Eastern Kentucky
University. She received “The Office of Naval Research Naval Science
Award” from Department of the Navy Science and Technology.
• Senior Max LeNeave was selected as a finalist for the 2012 Anthony
Muñoz Foundation Straight “A” Student Award presented by PNC.
Max was one of 18 finalists to receive a $2,000 college scholarship.
• Senior Jenna Sharp won the final competition of The EnglishSpeaking Union - Shakespeare Competition and went on to
compete at Lincoln Center in New York City, on April 22-24.
Jenna was awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
• Junior Kelsey McQueen graduated on March 11 from Regional
Youth Leadership. Kelsey was one of 47 students from schools in
the northern Kentucky/greater Cincinnati area selected to
participate in Regional Youth Leadership.
• Senior Tyler Blincoe was recognized as Runner Up in the Overture
Awards Vocal Music competition. Tyler was awarded $500. • Kelsi Pickens, senior, was awarded a four-year full (tuition, room
and board, books, and monthly stipend) scholarship from the
Army ROTC. She now attends the University of Kentucky as an
Army ROTC cadet.
• Sophomore Nicole Zatorski participated in the Science and Engineering Fair of Northern Kentucky, at Northern Kentucky University.
She received 1st Place in Chemistry in the Senior Division as well
as 1st Place in Chemistry from the NKU Department of Chemistry.
Nicole also received an award presented by the United States Air
Force and qualified to present her project at the state science fair.
• 30 Villa Madonna Academy High School Latin students represented
VMA at the Kentucky Junior Classical League State Convention.
Villa received 3rd Place in Roll Call Skit, produced by Chip and
Fox Purcell, Tyler Ransdell, Brent Schleper, and Zacko Rightmire. A
school t-shirt design by Grant Geisbrecht and Noelle Purcell earned
first place. Many Villa students placed in academic testing; notably,
Eric Baugh earned first place in Vocabulary in a field of over 200
• Sophomore Megan Rose was awarded a Gold Key for her Short
Story Forever Yours at the Scholastic Writing Competition. Maddie
Clabough received an Honorable Mention for her Flash Fiction and
an Honorable Mention in Persuasive Writing.
• Rachel Bailey, senior, was offered an appointment to the United
States Naval Academy. This is a highly-competitive program, and
Rachel will join the ranks of more than 72,000 men and women
alumni who have attended the United States Naval Academy.
• Sophomore Nicole Zatorski was selected to attend The First Tee of
Greater Cincinnati & Northern KY Core Values Luncheon in recognition
for her demonstration of the value of responsibility. Nicole was
recognized at the luncheon held at the Cincinnati Convention Center
V M A 2011- 2012 An n ual R ep o r t
on March 6. The First Tee of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
works with golfers to instill core values, along with golfing skills.
• The following students placed in the top five in their subject area
at the Governor’s Cup District Tournament on January 29:
• In Mathematics: Jenny Jiang 4th
• In Science: Nicole Zatorski 3rd and Evan Tingely 2nd
• In Social Studies: Sarah Mustian 4th and Andy Poos 1st
• In Language Arts: Jenna Sharp 3rd
• In Arts & Humanities: Nicole Zatorski 3rd, Jenna Sharp 2nd,
and Sarah Mustian 1st.
• The Quick Recall Team of Sarah Mustian, Jenna Sharp, Evan
Tingley, Andy Poos, Heather Vogler, Basia Szaflarski, Meggie Lund,
Randy Lund, Bahar Pahlevani, and Alex Gunther took 2nd place.
• Villa Madonna took 3rd place over all and won the Katherine
Hume Sportsmanship Award.
• 86% of Fall Sport Athletes were named Academic All State or
Honorable Mention. 56% were First Team Academic All State. • The Academic Team competed in the Northern Kentucky Academic
League Tournament and students were recognized for their
outstanding performance on individual tests:
• In Science, Honorable Mention: Nicole Zatorski and Gabrielle
• In Language Arts, Honorable Mention: Sarah Mustian and
Rachel Tingley.
• In Arts & Humanities, Honorable Mention: Claire Thelen,
Nicole Zatorski and in 5th place Sarah Mustian
• In Social Studies, Honorable Mention: Sarah Mustian, and in
4th place Andy Poos
• In Math, Honorable Mention: Randy Lund and in 8th place
Meggie Lund
• Sophomore Gabrielle Notorgiacomo and freshman John Nybo were
selected to perform in the NKU High School Honors Choir.
• The ACT scores of VMA High School surpassed the average scores
for the Diocese of Covington in all areas – English, Math, Reading,
Science and Composite. Students scored above Diocesan, state and
national levels.
• Twenty-two students from the Diocesan high schools were named
Senator Jeff Green Scholars by achieving a 4.0 grade point average
all four years of high school and scoring at least a 28 composite
on the ACT. The title honors the late state Senator Jeff Green of
Mayfield, who served in the Kentucky General Assembly from 19921997. VMA High School had 8 scholars –the highest number in the
• VMA Broadcast class, under the direction of Mr. Oldfield and Mrs.
Young, competed in the Ford Focus Video/Commercial, and Villa’s
video was selected as one of the Top Ten. Ford presented VMA with
a monetary award of $1,000. Over 150 videos were submitted from
across the nation.
• 32 students were named AP Scholars, far more than many of the
other schools, both large and small, in the area.
• Senior James Ruschman and his mother accompanied teacher Mr.
Steve Oldfield to the PIXAR Campus in California on October 16-18.
They met with John Lasseter, Director of CARS 2 and Lead Driver,
in addition to Denise Ream, Producer of CARS 2 and Pit-Crew
Chief. They learned about the visual look of the movie in meetings
with the production designer, director of photography, character art
director, supervising animators and supervising technical director.
This was the first-ever, hands-on experiential junket at Pixar, and
James was thrilled to take along his portfolio and network.
• Villa Madonna Academy High School was awarded the Exemplary
High School Project Award. The award was presented at the Greater
Cincinnati Celebration of Service on September 27 and received due
to our work in Guatemala where students installed concrete floors,
stoves and water purification systems in homes and in the local
• A poem written by sophomore Megan Rose, “My Autumn Goodbyes”,
was accepted for publication in the book Creative Communications.
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annua l R e p o r t
Where are they now?
A look at the class of 2012
At Villa Madonna Academy, our comfortable size and
esteemed traditions allow for accelerated teaching on
an individual basis, forming adept learners who excel
not only at our school, but also in college and future
careers. See how the 47 members of the class of 2012
are successful in their life beyond VMA.
Here is a look at the class of 2012 by the numbers:
• 100% of the senior class is attending college.
• 2 students were named National Merit Finalists/
Commended Students.
• 23 students participated in the National Honor Society
• 5 students awarded full scholarships; the class of
2012 earned $6 million in college scholarship offers
(almost $5.8 million above KEES)
• The average composite ACT score of the graduating
class of 2012 was 26
• The College Board recognized 32 AP scholars last year
• The class of 2012 has moved on to attend 25 different
colleges and universities
Then & Now:
The 47 seniors in the 2012 graduating
class received acceptance to the
following colleges and universities:
Allegheny College
Aquinas College
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Ball State University
Bellarmine University
Boston University
Butler University
Carnegie Mellon University
Catholic University of America
Centre College
City University of New York, Baruch
City University of New York, Queens
Coastal Carolina University
College Conservatory of Music
College of Mount St. Joseph
College of St. Benedict
College of Wooster
DePaul University
Drexel University
Eastern Kentucky University
Elon University
Florida Tech
Furman University
Georgetown College
Georgia Institute of Techology
Hamline University
Hanover College
Indiana University
Loyola University, Chicago
Miami University
Marymount College
Morehead State University
Murray State University
Northeastern university
Northern Kentucky University
Northwestern University
Ohio State University
Ohio University
Penn State University
Rhodes College
Rollins College
Santa Monica College
St. Catherine
State University of New York, Binghamton
Thomas More College
Thomas More College, New Hampshire
Transylvania University
Trinity College
U.S. Naval Academy
University of Alabama
University of Alabama/Huntsville
University of California, Merced
University of California, Riverside
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Charleston, South Carolina
University of Charleston, West Virginia
University of Cincinnati
University of Dayton
University of Evansville
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of North Carolina/Wilmington
University of South Carolina
University of Tampa
University of Tennessee/Chattanooga
University of Tennessee/Knoxville
University of the Cumberlands
Ursuline College
Vanderbilt University
Virginia Tech
Western Kentucky University
Wilmington College
Wittenberg University
Wright State University
Xavier University
Prepared for the Future
A true testament to the success of Villa is the preparedness of each graduating student. Several different ways
exist for students to reach their full potential, but having the foundation of an education from Villa seems to be a
great step toward a positive future. For instance, Rachel Bailey, Class of 2012. As a senior at Villa Madonna Academy,
she was offered an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. Shortly after graduation, Rachel joined the
ranks of more than 72,000 men and women who have attended the United States Naval Academy, including one
President of the United States, 21 Members of Congress, 52 Astronauts, 73 Medal of Honor Recipients, and two
Nobel Prize winners. After her appointment to the United States Naval Academy, Rachel was named the top plebe
for 14th platoon. A Villa grad, Rachel continues to do remarkable things.
V M A 2011- 2012 An n ual R ep o r t
One-to-One iPad Program
Innovations in technology have been changing the way teachers teach and students learn. In order
to remain focused on the academy’s mission of educating students grades K-12 for full Christian
participation in 21st century life, Villa must enhance student learning by providing cutting edge
technology in the classroom.
VMA principals, Pam McQueen and Soshana Bosley, discovered that several learning institutions
around the country have implemented one-to-one iPad programs that intrinsically alter the
learning environment by giving students the opportunity to learn 21st century skills.
After further research, the principals decided that the one-to-one iPad program would benefit all
students grades K-12, and Villa Madonna Academy would implement a pilot iPad
program during the 2012-2013 academic year.
During VillaRama 2012, the first “Fund-a-Need” auction was held in which parents,
alumni, grandparents and friends of Villa generously stepped up and invested $27,000
towards the purchasing of iPads and the upgrading of technological infrastructure
for the pilot phase of this program.
The Villa Advantage
VMA faculty is committed to a high
standard of academic excellence
that produces results. Our students
achieve higher scores on standardized
tests (ACT, ITBS and EXPLORE)
than those of our peer schools locally,
regionally and nationally.
The purpose of this testing is to assess educational achievement and to guide future instruction. Students at VMA continuously score
above the diocesan, state and national averages and students score above their anticipated scores based upon their cognitive skills.
In fact, VMA qualified for the Blue Ribbon award by scoring in the top 10% of schools nationwide in Reading and Math.
High School
ACT Results 2012
The EXPLORE test is a pre-cursor PLAN test. The PLAN is a pre-cursor to the ACT.
VMA students scored well above the diocesan, state and national and benchmark averages.
Science Composite
Advanced Placement
The ACT is the most accepted college entrance exam. Scores indicate a
student’s educational development and ability to complete college work.
These are results from the College Board
of the percentage of students scoring 3
or higher on Advanced Placement tests
(usually the benchmark for colleges
awarding credit).
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annua l R e p o r t
Annual Appeal
Many loyal alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations demonstrate the Benedictine values by investing
in Villa Madonna Academy. We are grateful for these contributions and acknowledge those whose commitment and
dedication help further our mission.
Annual Support Campaign
To attain the highest vision of all that is possible in private,
Catholic, co-ed, K-12 education, Villa Madonna Academy
must provide our students with programs and technologies
that promote and enhance academic excellence.
A donation in support of VMA’s Endowment Fund provides for
the financial stability of the academy for future generations.
This perpetual fund is necessary to carry on the tradition of
preparing students for college and future opportunities.
As a private school, we depend on the financial support of our
alumni, parents, and friends to continue the Villa tradition
of offering unparalleled education to students in the Greater
Cincinnati region. You have the opportunity to be a part of
this most important endeavor and to support the strategic
vision of Villa for generations to come. Please consider this
important investment.
Each year 5% of the total value of the endowment is allocated
for overall operational support.
Charitable Gift Planning
Planned Giving is a program allowing you to leave your legacy
so that future generations of learners have access to the best
private, Catholic education in the Greater Cincinnati area. You
do not have to be wealthy to make a planned gift – anyone can
do so and it is very simple, yet impactful.
Invest in Villa Madonna Academy today by:
1. Scanning the QR code. It will take you directly to our online giving site where you can make a gift.
2. Visiting
3. Calling (859)331-6333 Ext. 133 or emailing
[email protected]
We are happy to assist you through the giving process.
Ways to Give
There are several funding opportunities that allow you to
support Villa Madonna Academy while also achieving your own
personal and financial giving goals.
Debt Relief
Villa Madonna Academy made a strategic decision in 2000 to
build a new state-of-the-art gym, providing an attractive venue
for our basketball and volleyball teams as well as physical
education classes. As a result, the old gym was renovated to
create the theater and new art and music rooms. Funding for
the gym part of this improvement was raised from a capital
campaign. While many volunteers worked to make this vision a
reality, there is a debt remaining related to the gym - $1,615,000.
Library Services
Villa Madonna Academy strives to stay abreast of the latest
library resources, so our 21st century learners can experience a
broad array of content. Effective library programs provide
inviting spaces, up-to-date resources, and opportunities for
powerful learning experiences so that
students and teachers can gather ideas,
exchange points of view, and learn together.
The academy currently has two libraries
serving the student population. Each year
a budget is developed so that additional
books and resources are included.
Libraries are critical to developing a
variety of skills – grammar, literacy,
writing, critical thinking, inquiry and
more. Your donation will help ensure
that we continue to add to our collection
– books, magazines, newspapers, e-books
and content-related technology.
VMA 2011- 20 12 An n ual R epo r t
Athletic Programs
Students are provided the opportunity to participate in one or more
extra-curricular athletic activity. The
athletic program strives to foster
students’ physical skills and sense of
worth and increase individual athletic
competence. The academy offers a wide
variety of sports for everyone – basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, track
and field, golf, tennis, softball and
Religious Studies
Villa Madonna Academy takes religious studies seriously.
The academy extols the virtues of St. Benedict, the 5th
century founder of the Benedictine Order. The sisters of
St. Walburg Monastery sponsor the school. The Diocese of
Covington provides guidance on courses so that students
have a deep understanding of the Church, Catholicism and
Sacred Scripture.
Advanced Placement (AP)
Providing choices for our 21st century learners is important.
Not all students feel AP opportunities are the right fit. But for
those who do, this might be a unique funding choice.
The Advanced Placement (AP) program at the academy is part
of a curriculum in the United States sponsored by the College
Board. We offer to high school students standardized courses
that are generally recognized to be equivalent to undergraduate
courses in college. Participating colleges grant credit to students
who obtain high enough scores on the exams to qualify. AP
courses also provide the necessary leverage our students need
to matriculate to the college of their choice.
Tuition Assistance
Villa Madonna Academy strives to be all-inclusive -- not only
because it demonstrates the Benedictine values, but because
it is the right thing to do. Yes, we embrace diversity – ethnic,
income and ability.
It would be wonderful if everyone could afford private, Catholic
education, but that is not the case. Not everyone has enough
financial resources to pay full tuition. While standard tuition
assistance programs can help some families, there is still a gap
left between what the program can offer and what a family can
afford to pay. This is where your generosity can impact the
family. How profound would it be if the student you assisted
today performed the same act of kindness down the road for
someone else?
The Arts
Villa Madonna Academy appreciates the arts – visual and
performing. It is our philosophy that learning goes beyond
traditional classes offered; the inclusion of the arts is critical to
forming students who are well-rounded and understand the
power of creativity.
Mission Support
Villa Madonna Academy depends on the generosity of its
alumni, parents, corporations and general donors for gifts to
help fund all aspects of school operations, including academics,
arts and athletics and the margin of excellence that sets the school
apart. Education has become more and more costly; increasingly,
tuition does not cover all expenses. Private gifts and donations
as well as growth in endowment are an important part of the
future for all Catholic schools, and Villa Madonna Academy is
no exception. Consider an unrestricted donation in the category
of Mission Support, and the school administration will allocate
your donation to the areas of greatest need.
Donations made to Mission Support will:
• Fund our endowment
• Provide tuition assistance
• Provide a grades 6-12 One-to-One iPad program over a three-year period
• Pay utility bills and provide continual maintenance, which is very important
• Lessen the tuition gap, i.e., the cost a family pays for tuition versus the cost to deliver instruction
• Fund capital needs
• So much more
When you establish a scholarship at VMA, you are investing in
the future of our students.
Memorial & Honorariums
Choose to honor an extraordinary person and their love by
making a gift in their honor or memory.
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annu al R e p o r t
VMA Supporters
Supporting Villa in a Big Way
Our traditions are founded on the relationships built and sustained since 1904 with our alumni, parents, past parents, and friends. These meaningful connections result in the tremendous support received each year. On the following pages you will find the names of those who continue to
remain connected to Villa Madonna Academy through their generous contributions to our Annual Support Campaign and special projects.
In past years, we have separated supporters by class donations. In order to ensure proper space to share the accomplishments and successes
of Villa students we decided this year to combine the list of supporters. We would love to hear your feedback on this change. .
Annual Support
This list reflects all gifts and pledges
received July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012
St. Walburg Leadership Society
$10,000 or more
Ms. Linda Holt
Mrs. Lynne Dick Horning ‘56
Estate of Ms. Dorothy G. Rippe ‘42
Villa Madonna Academy PTAO
Ms. Sarella Walton ‘60
St. Scholastica Benefactors Guild
$5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous (2)
Ms. Jayme Klosterman ‘79
Dr. Judith Middendorf Marlowe ‘65
The Estate of Ms. Mildred M. Niewahner ‘59
Prioress’ Legacy League
$2,500 - $4,999
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bateman
Mrs. Rose Feldhues Bitsoff ‘65
The Carroll Family Fund of The Greater
Cincinnati Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. DeFrank
Ms. Ruth Seligman Doering ‘58
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gibson
Ms. Judith L. McCullough-Mayfield ‘59
Dr. Tann Nichols and Ms. Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols
Dr. Steven Noll and Dr. Jean Noll
Villa Madonna Society
$1,000 - $2,499
Mr. and Mrs. Adelso Adrianza
Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Bender
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Bracken
Ms. June Brannen Dineen ‘66
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fortner
Mrs. Jane Scheper Grosser ‘81
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Haynes
Mrs. Jinx Keller Helmer ‘62
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hemmer
Mrs. Mary Nienaber Hemmer ‘42
Ms. Gabrielle Hils ‘77
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hirt
Mrs. Lucille DeJaco Hoenemeyer ‘38
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Huller
Mrs. Dori Middendorf Jacobs ‘73
Dr. James D. Keller and The Honorable
Michelle M. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Klosterman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krems
Mr. Gregory Land
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. John Martini
Mr. and Mrs. David Mayleben
Mr. Jeffrey Miller and Ms. Tammy Wise
Mrs. Laurie Schutte Murray ‘80
Mr. and Mrs. Steve O’Connor
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Pies
PNC Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poos
Mrs. Kathy Anthe Porter ‘59
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ransdell Jr.
Mrs. Aurelia Rabe Rice ‘56
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schmitter
Dr. and Mrs. Bradbury Skidmore
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Spille
St. Walburg Monastery
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Thiemann
UBS Employee Giving Programs
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Werner III
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Zalla
Mrs. Jean Ann Smith Zimmerman ‘58
Ms. Martha Donahue ‘54
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Driscoll
Mrs. Peggy Metz Eckard ‘55
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ellis
Mr. John J. Geiger
Ms. Maureen Gilmore ‘66
Mrs. Barbara Schilling Goldberg ‘64
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hawksley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hein II
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holtzman
Mr. Douglas Humphrey and Ms. Beverly Furnish
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Jurgensen II
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Keller Jr.
KPB Printers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Krahe
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kuhns
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lonneman
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mardis
Benedictine Society
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCaffrey
$500 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Monohan V
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Nester
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Barton
Mrs. Betty W. Odley
Mrs. Barbara Tillman Blank ‘61
Mr. Kirk Pies and Ms. Angie Caudill
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Casson
Mrs. Nancy Reutman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Ruschman
Ms. Maria Gracia Di Pasquale
Mr. Chris Ruth ‘07
Duke Energy Foundation
Mr. Josh Ruth ‘02
Mrs. Sandra Cook Eibel ‘63
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Schuh
General Electric
Mrs. Patricia Martin Schulten ‘52
Mr. Matthew Grannen and Ms. Mary Ann Pietromonaco Mr. Matth Toebben
Ms. Denise Griffin ‘85
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hoernschemeyer
Mrs. Mary Ann Hellmann Wainscott ‘65
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Jones
Ms. Judy Jack Wischer ‘66
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kenney
Ms. Kim Klosterman ‘77
Century Club $100-$249
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laber
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lamping
Mrs. Jean Moser Abraham ‘40
Mr. and Mrs. David Lenzen
Dr. Teresito Alquizola and Dr. Florena Alquizola
Mrs. Laura Geiser Maté ‘83
Ms. Martha Arlinghaus
Mr. and Mrs. Albert McQueen
Ms. Colleen Hehman Averdick ‘96
Mr. and Mrs. Laszlo S. Pavel
Ms. Mary Anne Baker-Walls ‘53
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ramundo
Ms. Marianne E. Barker and Mr. Thomas Sander
Mrs. Beth Menke Redwine ‘75
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest W. Baugh
Mrs. Joan Wernersbach Robinson ‘65
Mr. and Mrs. George Beatrice
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Schroer
Ms. Phyllis Beck ‘68
Mrs. Cathy Lubrecht Schutte ‘49
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Beimesch
Mrs. Nancy Higdon Stautberg ‘55
Mrs. Amy Adriano Berning ‘75
Dr. Nathan Timm and Dr. Kimberly Daly
Mrs. Paula Billiter-Snow ‘67
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Walton Jr.
Ms. Margaret Bimel ‘46
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wesseler
Mrs. Barbara Kordenbrock Blackwell ‘69
Mr. and Mrs. Quin Wichmann
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Breetz
Mrs. Mary Helen Zembrodt Willenborg ‘52
Mrs. Dorothy Mayleben Brinker ‘41
Mrs. Judith Dunajski Buder ‘69
Dome Society $250 - $499
Mr. and Mrs. George Budig
Mr. Michael Carrico and Mrs. Ashley Wesseler
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Baumann
Carrico ‘05
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Bender
Mrs. Sandy Smith Champlin ‘72
Mrs. Soshana Marx Bosley ‘91
Mrs. Mary Margaret Heile Cole ‘67
Mr. and Mrs. David Boucher
Mrs. Martha Decker Conway ‘55
Mr. William Case and Ms. Lisa Cassetta
Mrs. Janet Landwehr Curley ‘66
Ms. Kim Collins ‘83
Ms. Elizabeth Davis
Ms. Lisa Collins ‘82
Mrs. Sally Beiting DeJaco ‘60
Brian and Jana Cox
Mrs. Kim Patrick Del Pozzo ‘86
Mr. and Mrs. Normand Desmarais
Ms. Ann Stewart Dietz ‘66
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Desmond
Ms. Barbara M. Doerr ‘71
VMA 2011- 20 12 An n ual R epo r t
Ms. Pat Lammers Dreher ‘77
Mr. and Ms. Craig Dugan
Mrs. Elizabeth Dumaine
Ms. Nancy Dunn ‘65
Mrs. Beth Hoppenjans Ehlman ‘52
Mrs. Pat Reibling Ehlman ‘61
Ms. Diane Enzweiler ‘81
Mrs. Kathy Lyon Eubanks ‘74
Mrs. Sharon Desmond Fausel ‘70
Mrs. Elaine Douttiel Fedders ‘58
Ms. Linda Feldhues ‘71
Mrs. Rachal Huey Fitzgerald ‘75
Mrs. Carol Huller Foltz ‘73
Mrs. Mary Anne Doll Foss ‘61
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Franchi
Mr. Donald Frank
Ms. Lesley Franz ‘60
Ms. Mary Lou Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gabis
Ms. Becky Gamm ‘77
Mrs. Joyce Martin Ginney ‘50
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gledhill
Mr. Dan Goodenough
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Gormley III
Mrs. Pudgie Kloeker Gosney ‘57
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Graf
Mrs. Mary Beth Schutte Grant ‘75
Mrs. Joan Muehlenkamp Gross ‘54
Ms. Kim Gunning ‘78
Mrs. Maggie Wehrman Haas ‘56
Mr. Tony Haskamp ‘05
Mrs. Chris Heimbrock Hiltz ‘71
Mrs. Karen Schilling Hoppenjans ‘60
Mrs. Mary J. Hue
Ms. Mary Alexander Huhn ‘65
Ms. Rosemary Baumgartner Jones ‘51
Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Kalker
Mrs. Terri Tillman Kamp ‘77
Mrs. Peggy Fusner Keesee ‘50
Mrs. Pauline Nolan Kelly ‘45
Mrs. Siena Kennedy
Mrs. Tara Wesseler Kersting ‘97
Ms. Evelyn Klingenberg ‘63
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Klus
Mrs. Nancy Fedders Klus ‘61
Mrs. Paula Schrudde Kopecky ‘58
Mrs. Regina Wefer Kunkel ‘67
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Landen
Ms. Janet Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Lane
Mr. Paul Leonhard
Ms. Molly Merten Lippert ‘84
Mrs. Mary Beth Foltz Livingston ‘69
Ms. Carole Lonneman
Mrs. Monica Wehrman Lonnemann ‘83
Mrs. Michelle Schulte Loos ‘69
Ms. Patti Maxfield Love ‘75
Mrs. Diane Marcaccio McCrystal ‘52
Mr. Matteo Mancini and Ms. Molly
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. Blake McLaughlin
Mrs. Kay Edwards Michael ‘51
Ms. Mary Minogue ‘61
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Monroe
Mrs. Carol Geers Moore ‘52
Mrs. Phyllis Hackman Noll ‘56
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Notorgiacomo
Mr. Daniel P. O’Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Paxton
Dr. Beth Schaffield Penn ‘65
Mr. and Mrs. James Perry
Mrs. Frances Brannen Pieck ‘62
Mrs. Karen Dames Poole ‘89
Mrs. Debbie Tranter Quinn ‘68
Mrs. Mary Maloney Raispis ‘48
Mrs. Amy Staurovsky Randall ‘90
Mr. John Reis
Mrs. Jeanne Wehry Rittinger ‘72
Mrs. Carol Higdon Roberto ‘51
Mrs. Nancy Schrand Roeding ‘51
Mrs. Maria Makris Rosenbaum ‘83
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryman
Ms. Bettie J. Robinson
Mrs. Ellen Wernersbach Roesel ‘62
Mrs. Ann Kruetzkamp Ross ‘59
Mr. Peter Sartori
Mrs. Carol Brown Schaefer ‘60
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Schenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Karl Schmitter
Mrs. Mary Jean Tillman Schuette ‘64
Mrs. Julie Makris Schuler ‘72
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Schutzman
Mrs. Lois Lubrecht Seissiger ‘56
Mrs. Heather Sheehan-O’Brien ‘56
Mr. and Mrs. George Silva
Mrs. Frances Smithson
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Spritzky
Mrs. Anita Scheper Stautberg ‘60
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Taylor
Mrs. Joan Hoppenjans Tenfelde ‘56
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomson
Mrs. Marg Feldhues Theurer ‘60
Mrs. Pat Sieber Timperman ‘52
Mrs. Phyllis Sieber Timperman ‘51
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tingley
Ms. Theresa Tran ‘88
Ms. Gretchen Wigger Troxell ‘90
Mrs. Arlene Nodzak Truitt ‘78
Rev. Robert Vater
Dr. Beth Rechtin Venard ‘89
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Von Handorf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Whelan
Mrs. Catherine Doud Williams ‘52
Mrs. Nancy Gutfreund Williams ‘75
Mrs. Peggy Hagedorn Wissman ‘54
World of Pets, Inc.
Mrs. Christine Rust Yarmuth ‘60
Mr. and Mrs. James Young
Mrs. Cynthia Jones Zegarra ‘52
1904 Club $25-$99
Mrs. Patricia Popken Ahlrichs ‘49
AIG (American International Group)
Ms. Christina Bailey ‘08
Ms. Megan Bailey ‘09
Mrs. Muriel Balson
Mrs. Sherry Schweinefus Barton ‘61
Mrs. Kit Marshall Beedle ‘65
Ms. Susan Beiting ‘58
Mrs. Krista Zimmermann Berling ‘65
Mr. David Bird and Ms. Marla K. Specht
Mrs. Kathleen O’Daniel Bolte ‘63
Mrs. Mildred Marshall Bork ‘51
Mrs. Karen E. Borros-Tekuelve ‘76
Ms. Kelsey Bosley ‘10
Ms. Rachel Brannen ‘09
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Breidenich
Mr. Ernie Briggs
Mrs. Norma Lankheit Brockmeier ‘79
Mr. and Mrs. William Broomhead
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn M. Brothers
Ms. Carol Ann Burdge ‘10
Ms. Michelle Butler ‘09
Ms. Abby Byland ‘79
Mrs. Jeanne Menke Carey ‘81
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carroll
Ms. Chelsea Case ‘10
Ms. Carly Cenedella ‘08
Mrs. Bonnie Pruden Cervino ‘60
Mrs. Diane Purtilar Chapman ‘68
Ms. Donna Chase
Mrs. Linda Beck Christensen ‘64
Mrs. Joyce Landwehr Cissell ‘62
Mr. Tony Clarke ‘08
Mrs. Kathy Brauch Collins ‘67
Mrs. Kathleen Donahue Cook ‘43
Ms. Morgan Cook ‘10
Ms. Patricia Cooper
Mrs. Grace Crary-Kearney ‘54
Mr. Connor Creaghead ‘08
Mrs. Joan Lonnemann Deye ‘64
Mrs. Clare E. Doll ‘64
Mrs. Mary Ellen Ginney Dorough ‘76
Mrs. Cheriee Hellings Dotson ‘69
Ms. Roberta Remke Dreyer ‘60
Mrs. Dottie Hellmann Due ‘57
Ms. Terri M. Durkin ‘71
Mrs. Mary Kruetzkamp Egan ‘56
Mrs. Mary Carolyn Bresser Eilerman ‘61
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Eisenmenger
Mrs. Janet Schilling Fedders ‘75
Mr. Andrew Flach ‘10
Mrs. Johanna Pugh Flanigan ‘65
Mrs. Peggy Nolan Flannery ‘51
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fraiture
Mrs. Martha Jane Nieman Freihofer ‘59
Mrs. Sharon Hemmer Gay ‘70
Mrs. Jeannette Weller Geise ‘42
Mrs. Mary Kay Moellering Gibson ‘65
Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert-Schenthal
Mrs. Philomena Gledhill
Mrs. Regina Davis Grau ‘67
Ms. Mary Kate Greenwood ‘10
Mrs. Barbara Janson Gruppo ‘62
Mrs. Kathy Guenther
Mr. Brian Hamilton ‘08
Mrs. Loretta Sullivan Harrison ‘46
Ms. Katherine Hayes ‘09
Ms. Kathy Scheper Henry ‘66
Mrs. Sue Herdeg
Mr. and Mrs. Georg Hermeler
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Hillenmeyer
Ms. Terry L. Hirschfeld ‘61
Ms. Paula Hoffmand and Ms. Mabel Wermuth
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Horan
Mrs. Melissa Otten Howard ‘72
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Huesman
Ms. Abbey Huller ‘08
Mr. Nick Iott ‘08
Mrs. Gina Arlinghaus Johnson ‘79
Mrs. Linda Kelly Karaus ‘72
Ms. Ria Keegan ‘09
Ms. Olivia Keller ‘10
Mr. Rob Kempton ‘08
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kennedy
Mrs. Sue Lahner Klaene ‘67
Mr. Joseph Klare ‘04
Mrs. Peggy Raker Knorr ‘64
Mrs. Margaret Clarke Knott ‘60
Mrs. Betsy Janson Kortekamp ‘70
Mr. Donald W. Kruse
Mrs. Karen Horgan Kuhlman ‘66
Mrs. Julie Steffen Kuhns ‘39
Ms. Katie Kurzendoerfer ‘09
Mrs. Darlene Zerhusen Lageman ‘62
Mrs. Angela Kruetzkamp Lange ‘42
Mr. and Mrs. James Lehman
Mr. Joseph LeMere
Ms. Corrinne LeNeave ‘09
Ms. Jodi Lonneman ‘09
Ms. Michelle Lonnemann ‘09
Mrs. Decky Martin Loussaert ‘63
Mrs. Beverly R. Love
Mr. Stephen Love ‘08
Mrs. Beverly Herold Low ‘51
Mrs. Alice Broderick Lubbe ‘58
Mrs. Marcy Roeding Lucas ‘59
Mrs. Arlene Brinker Luebbe ‘64
Mrs. Carol Wefer Luersen ‘67
Mrs. Kathy Gettelfinger Manning ‘72
Mrs. Tracy L. Mathison ‘90
Ms. Linda S. Matz ‘69
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mattingly
Ms. Laura McGehee ‘08
Mrs. Rosemary McGuire ‘63
Mrs. Connie Krumpleman Milam ‘63
Mrs. Helen Feistritzer Milburn ‘64
Mrs. Lois Decker Moore ‘51
Mrs. Rose Quaing Morrisey ‘45
Mrs. Claire Moser Mountel ‘51
Mr. Nathan Mustian ‘10
Mrs. Rosemary Haubner Nader ‘64
Mrs. Pearl Newman
Ms. Whitney O’Neal
Ms. Rachel Osterhues ‘08
Mrs. Pamela Jack Overmann ‘64
Ms. Nancy Penney
Mrs. Ann Perkins ‘69
Ms. Karissa Pickens ‘10
Ms. Alexandra Polito ‘07
Dr. Mary Jo Poole ‘53
Mrs. Patricia Mauer Quinn ‘60
Ms. Renu Ramesh ‘09
Mrs. Moira Scott Ramsey ‘75
Mrs. Patricia Wischer Rasp ‘51
Ms. Mary D. Rees
Mrs. Donna Kay Meyer Reynolds ‘64
Mr. Will Ries ‘08
Mrs. Rosemary Shields Rippe ‘46
Ms. Jenny Robertson ‘10
Ms. Elinor A. Robke-Comer ‘57
Mr. Alex Ross-Stuart ‘08
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ruth
Mrs. Roberta Berkshire Ryan ‘63
Mrs. Ginny Weidner Sandfoss ‘65
Ms. Kathy Sayers ‘64
Mr. Alex Schmitt ‘10
Ms. Emily Schubert ‘09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schubert
Ms. Pat Scott ‘48
Mrs. Virginia Kahmann Stewart ‘42
Mrs. Gertrude Stringer
Mrs. Jane Terwort Summe ‘55
Mrs. Joan Droege Thelen ‘57
Mrs. Nancy Nahrup Theuring ‘57
Mrs. Melodie Straw Thiel ‘60
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thuesen
Ms. Abby Hirt Trexler ‘98
Mrs. Catherine Gants Tuck ‘50
Mr. and Mrs. William Tulloss
Mrs. Susan Quinn Turney ‘56
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Vogel
Mrs. Betty Lou Remke Volker ‘52
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Volz
Mrs. Virginia Grote Vulhop ‘52
Dr. Craig Walsh
Mrs. Marna Roeding Ward ‘50
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warren
Mrs. Barbara Lankheit Weisenberger ‘75
Mrs. Carol Kuchle Whitehead ‘50
Ms. Dorothy Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Williams
Mrs. Carolyn S. Witte ‘66
Ms. Rachael Worden ‘09
20th Annual Villa Madonna Academy Denny Van Houten
Memorial Athletic Booster’s Golf Outing Scramble
On September 11, 2011, Villa Athletic Boosters hosted the 20th Annual
Denny Van Houten Memorial Golf Outing Scramble.
In 2011, a total of $10,125 was
raised in support of our student
athletes. Thank you to the
following businesses and
individuals for their support!
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annu al R e p o r t
• $101, 063.97 was raised at VillaRama 2012.
• 432 patrons were in attendance.
• Principals Soshana Bosley & Pamela McQueen introduced
the One-to-One iPad Program.
We asked you to “Meet me on the Boardwalk”, and that you did! VillaRama 2012 was a rousing success, generating over $100,000. Parents, alumni,
and generous businesses came together for one important cause – to raise funds for school programs and need-based tuition assistance. Our
guests enjoyed libations and dinner, bid on live and silent auction items, and took part in our fund-a-need auction raising money to implement
the One-to-One iPad Program. The success of this event was made possible by hundreds of volunteers who generously gave their time and talents.
Mr. and Mrs. Adelso Adrianza
Advantage Tent and Party Rental
Alacer Corp. Emergen-C
Mr. Daniel Albrinck
Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Allesch
Ameristop Food Mart
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Andrews
Arby’s Restaurant Management Inc.
Arthur’s Bar & Grill
Art’s Floral
Art’s Rental
Ashley Quarters Hotel
Honorary Chairs: David & Nannette Hammond
Mrs. Mary Bachman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bailey
Baldwin Music Education Center
Event Sponsors
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Balson
Carlisle & Bray Enterprises - The Carlisle Family Mr. and Mrs. Manny Bansi
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Barton
Fifth Third Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Bateman
The Gibson Family
Hebron Family Dentistry - Valerie Watson, DDS, LLC Mr. and Mrs. John Baugh
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bauscher
Inland Marine Service – The Hammond Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bayer
Johnson Investment Counsel
Behle Street Cafe
Klosterman Baking Company Inc.
Behringer-Crawford Museum
Shawn and Stephanie Murray
The Bellevue Beadery
Spille Builders and Developers, Inc.
Better Bodies Fitness Center
St. Walburg Monastery of Benedictine Sisters
TiER1 Performance Solutions – The Desmarais Family Mr. and Mrs. David Bezold
Big League Haircuts
Live Auction Sponsors
Bill Finke & Sons
Ms. Marsha Blank
Blincoe Family Dentistry
Dr. Todd Blincoe and Dr. Jennifer Blincoe
Denny and Jackie Hirt
Blincoe Family Dentistry
William A. Knochelmann, CPA, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Blom
The Martini Family
Pilot Contracting Corporation - The Schleper Family Bob Sumerel Tire
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bockweg
Primary Pediatrics
The Bonbonerie
The Stringer Family
Mr. and Mrs. Cole Bond
Sweeney and Fiser Attorneys at Law
Mr. Robert Bond and Ms. Staci Norris-Bond
Bonefish Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bonno
The Kindergarten Class
Boone-Kenton Lumber Co.
The 1st Grade Class
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borchers
The 2nd Grade Class
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bosley
The 3rd Grade Class
Mr. and Mrs. David Boucher
The 4th Grade Class
Boyle Jewelers, Inc.
The 5th Grade Class
Mr. and Mrs. David Bracken
The 6th Grade Class
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Breidenich
The 7th Grade Class
Mr. Todd Bricking
The 8th Grade Class
Mr. and Mr. Paul Britton
The 9th Grade Class
Brogan/Hesketh Formal Wear
The 10th Grade Class
Mr. and Mrs. William Broomhead
The 11th Grade Class
Ms. Katherine Roeder Brown
The 12th Grade Class
Buca di Beppo
A.J. Rahn Greenhouses
Build A Bear
Ms. Karen Acuff
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burden
Dr. Christopher Adley and Dr. Leenata Maddiwar
Burlington Frame Shop
VMA 2011- 20 12 An n ual R epo r t
Burlington Pet Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Califf
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Callioni
Camp Ernst
Canvas on Demand
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carroll
Mr. William Case and Ms. Lisa Cassetta
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Casson
Castellini Group
The Cheesecake Factory
Chef Barone Catering
Ms. Candice Cheng
Chez Nora
Chicago Bears
The Children’s Theatre
Christmas Tree Shop
Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati Landmark Producations
Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
Cincinnati Nature Center
Cincinnati Opera
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
The Cincinnati Reds
City Dermatology & Laser
Ms. Catherine Merten Clabough
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Clements
Mr. and Mrs. James Cobaugh
College Football Hall of Fame
College of Mount St. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Collins
Sr. Andrea Collopy, OSB
The Columbus Crew
Competition Racing, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cordonnier
Corporex Companies, Inc.
COSI Columbus
Courtyard by Marriott Cincinnati Airport
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cox
Cracker Barrel
Crescent Springs Liquor & Tobacco
Crestville Drugs, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Cunha
Mr. and Mrs. Silvano D’Alessandri
Danbarry Cinemas
The Dance House
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Day
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeFrank
Mr. and Mrs. Keith DeGreen
Mr. and Mrs. Normand Desmarais
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Devoto
Devou Golf Courses
Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Dias
Domino’s (Glass Family Pizza, Inc.)
Don Pablos
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Doumont
Ms. Laurie Dowell
Dr. Susan Bushelman
Ms. Ruth Doering
Mr. and Mrs. Ajdin Dropic
Mrs. Melissa Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duggan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dumaine
Mrs. Janet Dwyer
Edgewood Dental Care
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Egbers
Mrs. Sarah Eichmann
Sr. Victoria Eisenman, OSB
Embodiment Wellness & Nutrition
Mrs. Toni England
Fabulous Furs
Fazoli’s Restaurant
Fire Museum of Cincinnati
First Watch
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fitzpatrick
Five Seasons Country Club
Flamingo Air Academy
Florence Freedom Professional Baseball
Florence Nursery & Floral
Flying Olive
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Foltz
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ford
Mr. and Mrs. James Fortner
Friend of Villa
Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants
Mr. and Mrs. James Frondorf
Ms. Cindy Fuller
Ms. Shannon Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Giesbrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gieske
Glamour Shots
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gledhill
Go Bananas Comedy Club
Good Year Performance Tire
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Graf
Ms. Cindy Gram
Mr. Matt Grannen and Ms. MaryAnn Pietromonaco
Mrs. Mary Grannen
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenwood
Mr. Mark Handler and Dr. Michelle Grenier
Mr. Mark Gresham and Ms. Deborah Randall-Gresham
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Griffin
Mrs. Linda LeNeave
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gross
Mr. and Mrs. David Lenzen
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Guenther
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Guerin
Little Britain Stables
Half Price Books
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Litz
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hammond
Mr. Ben Lonneman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hart
Ms. Carole Lonneman
Ms. Laura Haskamp
Louisville Science Center
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Hassoun
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lund
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hatridge
Mr. and Mrs. John Lusk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hawksley
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Lutz
Hebron Family Dentistry
Mrs. Kathy Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Heideman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maginn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hein II
Mr. and Mrs. David Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hengge
Maketewah Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hennard
Hickory Sticks Golf Club
Mr. Matteo Mancini and Ms. Molly McFarland-Mancini
Highlights for Children
Mr. and Mrs. James Mardis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hildenbrand
Mr. and Mrs. George Maris
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hillenmeyer
Ms. Marja Wade Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hiltz
Mr. and Mrs. John Martini
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hoernschemeyer
Mr. Federico Mas
Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mate’
Mrs. Kristin Holt
Max & Erma’s Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holtzman
Ms. Anne Maxfield
Mr. and Mrs. James Hontas
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hooker
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Mayleben
Don Hudepohl Jewelers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McDonald
The Huntington National Bank
McDonald’s Restaurant Office
Impact Marketing & Communications Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry McGehee
Indianapolis Colts
Mr and Mrs Matt McGlasson
Indianapolis Zoological Society
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGraw
Indigo’s Casual Gourmet Cafe
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McGuire
It’s Just Crepes
Mr. and Mrs. Malcom McIntyre
Mr. Anthony Izquierdo and Dr. Teresa Garera
Mr. and Mrs. Troy McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Blake McLaughlin
Jack’s Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Albert McQueen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Mead
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jacocks
Mega Cavern Mega Zips
Mr. and Mrs. Sachin Jain
Ms. Mary Jo Mentink
Mr. and Mrs. Mario James
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. William Jilbert
Ms. Jodie Meyn
John R. Green Company
Mr. Jeffrey Miller and Ms. Tammy Wise
Johnny’s Car Wash
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David Millsap
Ms. Judy Kamphaus
Mr. Brendan Mitchell and Ms. Barbara Biehl-Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Kanter
Ms. Janet Mitchell
Keeneland Associates, Inc.
Mitchell’s Fish Market
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Kelley
Moksha Yoga
Ms. Sherry Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kenney
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Moser
Kenton County Golf Course
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Motley
Kentucky Down Under
Bressler & Company, PSC
Kentucky Horse Park
Mrs Fields Cookies
Kentucky Railway Museum
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray
Kings Island
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Murray
Kirkwood’s Sweeper Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mustian
Ms. Sandi Kitchen
The Nail Studio
William A. Knochelmann, CPA - Accounting & National Corvette Museum
Tax Service
Natorp’s Garden Store
Ms. Pam Koeninger
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nester
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kolar
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Newman
Sr. Nancy Kordenbrock, OSB
Newport Aquarium
Kordenbrock Interiors, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Tann Nichols
Mr. Fredrick Koszarek and Ms. Rebecca Lane
NKU Athletics
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kovacic
Noah’s Art Salons
Mrs. Joyce Kramer
Ms. Rachel Noll
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kratzer
Dr. Steven and Dr. Jean Noll
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krems
Northern Kentucky Ice Center
Krohn Conservatory
Northern Kentucky University
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Krumpelman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Norton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kuhns
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Notorgiacomo
Kumon Learning Center
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Novak
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kunkler
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Nutini
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kurzendoerfer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nybo
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lamping
Ms. Eileen O’Connell
Lands’ End
Mr. and Mrs. Steve O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs, Jay Landwehr
The Old Spaghetti Factory
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Lane
Mr. and Mrs. James Oldfield
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lankisch
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Olivia
Mrs. Theresa Law
Ms. Whitney O’Neal
Lazer Kraze
Mrs. Bea Ouellette
Ms. Sarah Lee
Outback Steakhouse
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Paley
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Lemley
Dr. Michael Palmer
Papa John’s Pizza
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Papakirk
Dr. and Mrs. Sanjay Patil
Mrs. Janet Pemberton
Penn Station
Perfect North Slopes
Petal Pushers
PetSuites of America
Mr. and Mrs. David Phelps
Photo Ink Photography
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pickens
Mr. and Mrs. William Pickens
Sr. Emmanuel Pieper, OSB
The Pilates ConneXion
Pilot Contracting Corporation
Pittsburgh Steelers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Plummer
Pompilio’s Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poos
Prestige Portraits
Primary Pediatrics
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Prospero
Ms. Dee Purcell
Quikstop Oil Lube
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ramundo
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ransdell Jr.
Receptions Banquet & Conference Center
Mr. and Mrs. Satish Reddy
Ms. Mary D. Rees
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Regensburger
Reiman Publications
Residence Inn by Marriott-Cincinnati Airport
Ms. Nancy Reutman
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Richardson
Richter & Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ridley
Mr. Peter Rightmire and Dr. Nannette Bernales
Mr. Anthony Riley and Ms. Barbara Irwin
Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies
Rising Star Casino
The Ritz Ballroom Dance Studio
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ryman
Salon Concepts
Sandwich Block Deli
Mr. and Mrs. Bedros Sarian
Mr. Rob Sawyers
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schleper
Mr. and Mrs. David Schlueter
Dr. and Mrs. Karl Schmitter
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Schuh
Mr. Joseph Schulte
Schulz & Sons Jewelers
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schutzman
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schwarting
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartz
Sea Ray of Cincinnati
Mr. and Mrs. Damian Sells
Mr. Piergiorgio Serloni and Ms. Maria Gracia
Di Pasquale
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sharpin
Mr. Donald Shields
Silverlake Recreation Center
Sinkula Investments LTD
Skyline Chili
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Slaughter
Mr. Matthew Smith and Dr. Stephanie Smith
Smoky Mountain Fun
Mrs. Theresa Spaulding-Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spille
Sports of All Sorts
Sporty’s Shops
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Spritzky
St. Louis Cardinals
Ms. Wilanne Stangel
Mr. Rob Starkey
Mrs. Nancy Stautberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Stebbins
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Steffen
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Steinkoenig
The Stephen Foster Story
Stephen M. Venard
Sterling Cut Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O. Stoddart
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stringer
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon M Stumbo
Subway Crescent Springs
Swan Floral & Gift Shop
Sweeney and Fiser PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Pepper Sweeney
Swinford Jewelers
Mr. and Mrs. Jerzy Szaflarski
Mrs Kathy Talbert
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Taylor
Texas Roadhouse
TGI Friday’s Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Thiemann
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas
Thomas More College
Thomas More College Athletics
Tiffany & Co.
Dr. Nathan Timm and Dr. Kimberly Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tingley
Tire Discounters
Mr. and Mrs. John Toebben
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Toman
Top Flight Gymnastics
Town & Country Sports Complex
Trophy Awards
Ms. Melanie Trusty
Tumbleweed Southwest Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Turgeon
Mr. and Mrs. James Turner
Ultimate Air Shuttle
United Dairy Farmer
University of Dayton
University of Kentucky
University of Notre Dame
Mr. and Mrs. William Unkraut
Urban Active Fitness Club
Mr. and Mrs. Marius Van Melle
Mr. and Mrs. Phillippe Verbrugghen
Dr. and Mrs. Rajiv Verma
Victory Mortgage
VMA Boosters Club
VMA Athletic Department
VMA Cafeteria
VMA National Honor Society/Mr. Henson
Mr. Brandon Voelker
Mr. Jason Voight
Mr. and Mrs. William Voorhees
Mr. and Mrs. Erich Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wagner
Walt Disney World
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Walz
Ms. Ashley Warning
Washington University St. Louis
Mr. Richard Watson and Dr. Valerie Watson
WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Weaver
The Web
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weickgenannt
Mrs. Darlene Wellman
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wesseler
Ms. Sally Wessels
Wheel of Fortune
Widmer’s Cleaners
Wildwood Inn
Willie’s Sports Cafe
Willis Music
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wilson
Mrs. Pat Wischer
Ms. Laura Witzgall
WonderWorks Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Woodcock
World of Golf
Xavier University
Mr. and Mrs. James Young
Ms. Jennifer Yuenger
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Zalla
Mr. and Mrs. Darek Zatorski
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annu al R e p o r t
High School Accomplishments
Fall Sports
Girls Volleyball (Coach: Sandi Kitchen) – 1980 KHSAA State Champion
• Record: 18-9
• 34th District runner-up – qualified for 9th Region Tournament
(one of only six schools in Northern Kentucky to qualify for regional
in 2009, 2010 and 2011)
• NKAC Runner-up
• Harrison County Tournament Champions
• Seniors Jasmine Beal and Alayna Simpson and sophomore
Ellie Stoddart were selected Enquirer Honorable Mention All-Star
Girls Golf (Coach: Greg Schuh) – 2007 All ‘A’ Classic State Champion
• NKAC Division II Champions (9th title in last 10 years)
• Won the All “A” Classic 9th Region Tournament for the sixth
straight time
• Placed 5th in Region 6 Tournament
• Senior Katie Gross selected Enquirer First-Team All-Star and to
Region 6 All-Star team
• Sophomore Nicole Zatorski and 8th-grader Jenna McGuire selected Enquirer Honorable Mention All-Star
Boys Golf (Coach: Ben Lonneman ‘01)
• NKAC Division III Runner-up
• NKAC Champs: 1993,1994,2001,2004,2005,2006,2009
Cross Country (Coach: Brian Rapien)
• Girls: Finished 3rd in the region and 8th in the state
• Boys: Finished 3rd in the region and 8th in the state
• Freshman Eric Baugh was fourth in regional meet and 12th in state meet and was selected Enquirer First-Team All-Star
Girls Soccer (Coach: Steve Ridley)
• Varsity record: 4-12-0
• Junior Megan Barton selected Enquirer Honorable Mention All-Star
Boys Soccer (Coach: Dan Albrinck)
• Varsity record: 8-13-0
• Lost in 34th District semifinal to Scott, 2-1
• Won Grant County Tournament
• Senior Kenny Kurzendoerfer and junior Marius Van Melle selected Enquirer Honorable Mention All-Star
Winter Sports
Girls Basketball (Coach: Don Shields)
• Varsity Record: 17-14 (15th straight winning season)
• NKAC Division III Champion (Third straight NKAC championship)
Boys Basketball (Coach Rob Starkey)
Record: 11-17 (5th straight season of 11 or more wins)
Senior Derek Phelps signed with College of Mount St. Joseph
Seniors Derek Phelps and Kenny Kurzendoerfer selected Enquirer Honorable Mention All-Star
Girls and Boys Swim team (Coach: Scott Vennefron)
• 2011 grad Lauren Vennefron signed scholarship to Division I
St. Francis (Pa.)
VMA 2011- 20 12 An n ual R epo r t
Spring Sports
Boys Tennis (Coach: Dan Gibson)
• NKAC Champions
• Placed second in Regional Tournament
• Junior Deuce Gibson was regional runner-up in singles and was selected Enquirer First-Team All-Star
• Doubles teams of senior Kenny Kurzendoerfer/junior Marius Van Melle and 8th-grader David Gibson/junior selected
honorable mention Enquirer All-Stars.
Baseball (Coach: Rob Sawyers)
• Junior Daniel Hillenmeyer selected Enquirer Honorable
Mention All-Star.
Girls Fast-Pitch Softball (Coach: Jerry Lantry)
• 2011 team was NKAC Co-Champions for the first time in school history.
Track Team (Coach Joe Cordonnier)
• Girls Team: Placed 4th in regional meet and 24th at the state meet.
• Senior Kelsi Pickens (tied for 6th in long jump and 16th in 300 hurdles at state meet), junior Lauren Dumaine (third in shot put and 10th in discus at state meet) and junior Megan Barton
(11th in both long jump and triple jump at state meet) selected honorable mention Enquirer All-Star
• Boys Team: Placed 11th in regional meet.
• Freshman Eric Baugh (8th in 1600 and 9th in 3200 at state meet) selected Enquirer Honorable Mention All-Star.
Elementary/Junior High Accomplishments
Girls Volleyball grades 4-8
• 48 girls participated.
• Grade 4 - Coach Becky Motley
• Grade 5 - Coach Ashley Warning
• Grade 6 - Coach Joe Bateman
• Grade 7/8 - Coach Julie Fortner Blessed Sacrament League- record 8-2
• Grade 8 - Coach Julie Fortner St. Joe’s League- record 4-2. IHM
tournament 2nd place
Girls Golf grades 5-8
• 16 girls participated with the high school team under the direction
of the high school Coach Greg Schuh. The girls played in multiple
Boys Golf grades 6-8
• 3 boys participated with the high school team under the direction
of Coach Ben Lonneman ‘06. The boys played in multiple matches.
Girls Soccer grade 8
• 8 girls participated with the high school team under the direction
of Coach Steve Ridley.
Boys Soccer grade 7-8
• 16 boys participated with the high school team under the direction
of Coach Dan Albrinck.
Girls and Boys Basketball grades 1-8
• 150 students participated.
• Grade 1 boys - Coach Al Kovacic
• Grade 1 girls - Coach John Lusk
• Grade 2 boys - Coach Ajdin Dropic. MQH league record 17- 8 • Grade 2 girls - Coach Steve Noll. MQH league
• Grade 3 boys - Coach Steve Casson. Heritage league
• Grade 3 girls - Coach Dave Thomas. IHM league record 4-6
• Grade 3 girls - Coach Brian McDonald. IHM league record 4-6
• Grade 4 boys - Coach Jerry Junker & Al Kovacic. Lloyd league
record 5-5
• Grade 4 girls - Coach Jim Prospero. IHM league record 11-2
• Grade 5 boys - Coach Chris Wright. Lloyd league record 4-6
• Grade 5 girls - Coach Tony Wagner. St. Pius league record 6-2
• Grade 6 girls - Coach Lee Humphrey. St. Joe’s league record 6-4
Grade 6 boys Coach Tony Haskamp ‘05
• St. Henry League record 8-4. Heritage League record 10-1. Placed
runner up in the St. Henry Crusader Classic Tournament and
Heritage League Tournament.
• Champions St. Joe’s Holiday Tournament
Junior High Track grades 7&8
• 10 students participated. Medals were won including the 100 dash,
long jump, and 800M relay. School records were broken including
200M hurdles, 300M hurdles. Coach Tony Haskamp
Boys Baseball grades 7-8
• 3 boys participated on the high school team under the direction of
Coach Rob Sawyers
Boys Tennis grades 7-8
• 3 boys participated on the high school team under the direction of
Coach Dan Gibson
Girls Tennis grade 8
• 4 girls participated on the high school team under the direction of
Federico Mas
Girls Softball grade 8
• 4 girls participated on the high school team under the direction of
Coach Jerry Lantry
June Summer Camps
• 52 students participated in basketball, tennis and volleyball camp at Villa.
• The camps were coached by Rob Starkey (boys basketball), Don
Shields (girls basketball), Federico Mas (tennis) and Sandi Kitchen
(girls volleyball). Camp Coordinator Mary Pavel.
Grade 7-8 boys Coach Tim Love
• NKAC league and tournament Champions record 12-0 • Holy Cross league and tournament Champions record 10-0
• Diocesan tournament runner-up overall record 28-5
• Grade 7-8 boys - 3 boys also participated on the high school team
under the direction of Coach Rob Starkey
• Grade 7-8 girls - 4 girls participated on the high school team under
Coach Don Shields
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annu al R e p o r t
Funding our Future
Operating Expenses
Unaudited Financial Summary
July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012
Elementary School (Direct Expenses)........................... $ 1,735,999
Operating Revenue
High School (Direct Expenses).......................................... $ 1,333,017
Tuition and Fees (net)............................................................. $ 3,952,845
General Expenses & Administration.............................. $ 1,045,501
Fundraising........................................................................................$ 301,220
Depreciation Expense.................................................................$ 220,675
Subsidies and Other Operating Revenue......................$ 191,259
Development & Community Relations...........................$ 173,630
Total Operating Revenue.............................$ 4,445,324
Athletics (net)......................................................................................$ 44,692
Total Operating Expenses............................$ 4,553,514
Net Change in School Operating Fund........$ (108,190)
Net Investment Revenue (Expense)..................................$ (26,971)
Net Revenue...................................................$ (135,162)
Net Capitalized Projects................................................................$ 63,219
Subsidies & Other Operating Revenue............................$ 191,259
Fundraising........................................................................................$ 301,220
Net Tuition and Fees................................................................ $ 3,952,845
In Remembrance
We extend our deepest sympathies to the following alumni and their families who have lost
loved ones:
Susan Trimpe Noll ‘68, sister of Elaine Trimpe Demoret ‘71, passed away on June 14, 2012.
Mr. Duane Skavdahl, father of Susan Skavdahl Ison ‘01, passed away on July 3, 2012.
Patricia Connor Applegarth, mother of Pamela Applegarth Spoor ‘72, passed away on July 6, 2012.
Mrs. JoAnn Dressman, mother of Mary Jo Dressman Pursley ‘77, Michele Dressman Burke ‘78 and
Monica Dressman Polanin ‘81, passed away on July 11, 2012.
Mrs. Mary Butler Sartori, mother of Mary Sartori Downey ‘72, Ann Sartori ‘74 and Clare Sartori-Stein ‘76,
passed away on July 11, 2012.
Mary Margaret Burke Taylor ‘65, sister of Elaine Burke Smith ‘59, aunt of the late Charlette Perry ‘73,
Eileen Perry Anderson ‘80 and great-aunt of Jinn Schmitz ‘04, passed away on July 20, 2012.
VMA 2011- 20 12 An n ual R epo r t
A Message
from our Principals
Mrs. McQueen, VMA High School Principal
Dear Villa Parents, Alumni and Friends,
There is no greater satisfaction than being a part of Villa Madonna Academy.
As I meet teachers and students in the hallways and classrooms, I feel the great spirit that
connects us and lies at the heart of all we do. The first words we see each day are the
words of William Butler Yeats: Knowledge is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a
fire. How true here at Villa as teachers and students work together to discover, to learn, to
reach beyond the expected, to make a difference in the world.
As we celebrate the success of our students and teachers, we look forward to continuing the tradition of
excellence that makes us one of the premier schools in the area. In last year’s graduating class, students were awarded
acceptance at eighty-one different colleges and universities, including the United States Naval Academy. Universities
from Penn State to Carnegie Mellon, from Northwestern to the University of South Carolina welcomed Villa
students. With over $6,000,000 in scholarship monies, these students began their college careers.
This year has been yet another successful year for our teachers and students. We are the only school in the
Diocese to have three National Merit Finalists, one National Merit Semi-Finalist, and two National Merit
Commended students. Villa’s ACT scores surpass all schools in the area, and our students continue to earn honors
in academic, art, and athletic competitions. The 1:1 iPad pilot program is a great success, and the realignment to
grades 7-12 has been a positive experience which we will continue to grow and develop.
The seniors and eighth-graders are phenomenal classes, and their contributions to Villa and our community
are many. May God continue to bless these students, and all of our students. Blessings and thank you to our parents
for entrusting your children to our Catholic, Benedictine school.
Mission & Vision
Our Mission:
The mission of Villa Madonna
Academy is to educate
students in grades K-12 for
full Christian participation
in 21st century life. Villa is
committed to forming
students who seek God in
the Benedictine tradition
of reverence and peace,
Mrs. Bosley, VMA Elementary School Principal
scholarship, service and
Dear Villa Parents, Alumni and Friends,
The 2011-2012 school year was one filled with many academic achievements, service
to others and commitment to the Benedictine values for our 335 students in grades K-8.
Once again this year our students represented Villa Madonna Academy at the state level in
geography, spelling, writing and foreign language competitions. The students’ achievements
on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and EXPLORE test were impressive. Students at every grade
level consistently scored above their anticipated scores. These scores, along with the consistently high academic
performance of our students, reflect our teachers’ commitment to teaching excellence, parental support and
students’ efforts. The results show that our students are on track to be very successful in high school and in college.
Throughout the year, the faculty continued to work to use best practices by creating meaningful activities
for students to learn concepts. Faculty meetings featured mini-workshops presented by faculty members on ways
to integrate technology into the curriculum. Teachers in grades 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7/8 piloted the use of iPads in the
classroom. Various apps have been found to be successful in aiding student understanding of concepts being taught
in the classroom.
On November 30, Dr. Jim Bisenius presented to faculty, students and parents. His presentation, Bully-Proofing
Youth, was a practical and effective program. While here, he taught students what kids who target look for in those
they pick on and how to stop giving those reactions. Students are still talking about his program and using what
they learned to be more confident individuals.
There are so many fantastic programs happening at Villa. Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers strive daily
to use best practices in order to continue the excellence in education that is the Benedictine tradition at Villa
Madonna Academy. Parents consistently assist our teachers and administration through their many volunteer
efforts. Our students come to school ready and eager to learn. With this winning partnership between school and
home supported by over 107 years of values based Catholic education in the Benedictine way, every child receives
the best educational experience offered in the region.
Thank you for your continued support of our efforts. Having the support of family, community, alumni and
friends, makes it possible for our teachers to continue their outstanding efforts in educating.
O u r Vi s i o n :
Villa Madonna Academy,
a co-ed Catholic school
serving students in grades
K-12, accepts the challenge
of preparing students to
respect themselves and
others, to have a sense of
self-discipline, to accept
personal responsibility for
their attitudes and actions,
and to dedicate themselves
to academic excellence and
life-long learning.
V M A 20 11 -20 12 Annu al R e p o r t
U.S. Postage
Cincinnati, OH
Permit No. 4959
2500 Amsterdam Road
Villa Hills, KY 41017
(859) 331-6333
Leaving a Legacy
Supporting the Future of VMA
Memorials and Tributes
n memory of Tristan Berry ‘01
Ms. Patricia Cooper
Ms. Paula Hoffmand and Ms. Mabel Wermuth
Mrs. Sue Lahner Klaene ‘67
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thuesen
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Vogel
Dr. Craig Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warren
Ms. Dorothy Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James Young
The Class of 1956 Benedictine Scholarship
In memory of Wilhelmina Briggs
Mr. Ernie Briggs
In honor of Barb Rehkamp Bulmer ‘75
Mrs. Carol Huller Foltz ‘73
Mrs. Ann Huller Johnson ‘69
In memory of Gary Crisler
Mr. and Mrs. John Martini
In memory of Joseph Donovan
Mr. David Bird and Ms. Marla K. Specht
In memory of Allison Hellings ‘93
Mrs. Mary Ann Hellmann Wainscott ‘65
Mr. and Mrs. James Young
In honor of Mary Ellen Moser Huller ‘34
Mrs. Susan Huller Fay ‘72
Mrs. Carol Huller Foltz ‘73
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Huller
Mrs. Ann Huller Johnson ‘69
In memory of Lou Kennedy
Mr. David Bird and Ms. Marla K. Specht
In memory of Jeff LeNeave
Mr. David Bird and Ms. Marla K. Specht
In memory of Imelda “Meldie” Nageleisen
Mr. and Mrs. John Martini
In memory of Carolyn Cooper Quinn
Mrs. Debbie Tranter Quinn ‘68
In memory of Nancy Nieman Reis ‘55
Mr. John Reis
In memory of Sr. Marilyn Thiel ‘51
Mrs. Joan Deters Marzano ‘50
In memory of Jeanne Reese Wilde ‘45
Ms. Donna Chase
Mrs. Rose Quaing Morrisey ‘45
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Williams
In memory of Ted and Alma Zerhusen
Ms. Carole L. Zerhusen ‘61
Mrs. Maggie Wehrman Haas ‘56
Mrs. Heather Sheehan-O’Brien ‘56
Alumni Scholarship
Mrs. Monica Wehrman Lonnemann ‘83
In honor of Whitney O’Neal
Mrs. Diane Marcaccio McCrystal ‘52
Mrs. Carol Geers Moore ‘52
Mrs. Patricia Martin Schulten ‘52
Mrs. Pat Sieber Timperman ‘52
Mrs. Betty Lou Remke Volker ‘52
Mrs. Virginia Grote Vulhop ‘52
Mrs. Mary Helen Zembrodt Willenborg ‘52
Mrs. Catherine Doud Williams ‘52
Mrs. Cynthia Jones Zegarra ‘52
Sarah Barker Memorial Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCaffrey
In memory of Sarah at Christmas
Mrs. Marianne E. Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Keller Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCaffrey
Mrs. Betty W. Odley
In memory of Sarah’s birthday
Mrs. Betty W. Odley
In memory of Dot Feldkamp
Ms. Marianne E. Barker and Mr. Thomas Sander
Irene Frisch Feldhues Scholarship
Ms. Catherine Bitsoff
Mrs. Rose Feldhues Bitsoff ‘65
Ms. Linda Feldhues ‘71
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Jurgensen II
Mrs. Marg Feldhues Theurer ‘60
UBS Employee Giving Programs
In honor of Rose Feldhues Bitsoff ‘65
Mr. John J. Geiger
In honor of Kurt Jurgensen’s birthday
Ms. Megan R. Bitsoff
Mrs. Vasilka Bitsoff
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Jurgensen II
Mr. Daniel P. O’Hara
Mrs. Marg Feldhues Theurer ‘60
In memory of Rita Scheper
Mrs. Marg Feldhues Theurer ’60
In memory of Mary Jean Radenheimer Thomas ‘51
Mrs. Marg Feldhues Theurer ‘60
Julie Kalker’93 Memorial Scholarship
Mrs. Jeanine Broering Kalker ‘55
In memory of Allison Hellings ‘93
Mrs. Jeanine Broering Kalker ‘55
Class of 1959 – Millie M. Niewahner Scholarship
Mrs. Martha Jane Nieman Freihofer ‘59
The estate of Ms. Mildred M. Niewahner ‘59
Mrs. Kathy Anthe Porter ‘59
In memory of Martha Ferguson
Ms. Marianne E. Barker and Mr. Thomas Sander
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Keller Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCaffrey
Mrs. Betty W. Odley
In memory of Millie Niewahner ‘59
Mrs. Ann Kruetzkamp Ross ‘5
In memory of Donald P. McCaffrey
Ms. Marianne E. Barker and Mr. Thomas Sander
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Keller Jr.
Mrs. Betty W. Odley
In memory of Jack Franchi
Ms. Whitney O’Neal
In memory of Pat Ober
Mrs. Marianne E. Barker
In memory of George Scheper
Ms. Marianne E. Barker and Mr. Thomas Sander
In memory of George and Rita Scheper
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Volz
In memory of Rita Scheper
Mrs. Marianne E. Barker
In memory of Debi Marx Kathman ‘78
Ms. Whitney O’Neal
Ron Staurovsky Memorial Scholarship
Mrs. Ellen Wernersbach Roesel ‘62
Mrs. Amy Staurovsky Randall ‘90
Ellen M. Walton Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Walton Jr.
Ms. Sarella Walton ‘60