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This was a linebraking project for the technology in Mexico
and for MAX corporation since our country has never seen a
videowall like this with 26 displays synchronized and at the
same time communicating with a data base to show
different prices on each box office.
The project was divided in three big áreas: First the box
office area where we have digital advetising of each
company and data base (ticket prices) with changes 24
hours a day on prices and schedules.
The second area of videowalls 3x3 shows open
TV in combination of plublicity where the users
can enjoy big events. The last one but not less
important is the waiting area where the
passengers wait before approaching their bus,
they enjoy their favourite news and channels.
To manage this project we join forces with big
company in our country like La Línea, ETN,
Omnibus de Mexico, TAP, Vivaaerobus and
Mazamitla. And together we still continue to work
on projects all arround the country since 2010 till
this day.
Central de Autobuses Guadalajara
Installation / conectivity
data base / logistic.
Building and advertisement.
Expo-publicitas / World Trade Center.

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