abuse issue 1



abuse issue 1
Faces of Cultuers
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Murillo Meireles
Farah Abdullah
Athena Yeung Hoi Ching
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Sex at the Zoo
Breaking Boundaries
Man Marries Pillow
Drugs & Violence
Horror Vacui
Flesh Love
It is not a very common conversation
topic but sexual activity involving humans
and animals is something that have always
been present in human history and is one
of the most controversial taboos existent.
Bestiality or Zoophilia or even Zoosexuality,
is a very old practice and it’s possible to find
registers of it in the Bible and also in cave
paintings from at least 8000 BC. Some people
believe this behavior was widespread in the
past, others believe it was part of religious
rituals. The true is most of the population
are completely misinformed about it.
Researches points dogs and horses as the
two major victims of this sexual practice
but the most impressive are actually the
numbers: 8% of men had interacted sexually
with an animal in life. When it comes to
women this number is a little smaller but
still significant, 3.6%. If so many people have
had engaged in a sexual activity with a nonhuman animal in some part of their lives,
why is it still such a controversial topic?
People kill animals all the time with
the excuse that it’s necessary in order to eat
meat. Vegetarian people could argue and
prove the contrary. Some people masturbate
animals in order to get their semen for future
inseminations, an extremely common practice
in agriculture. If all these are not condemned
activities, why is the sexual act so abominable?
The usual argument is that animals can’t
give consent, however, they can’t consent to
those previously mentioned acts either and
that doesn’t prevent society from doing it.
Probably, the most reasonable
argument for that would be an analogy with the
same type of activity, but this time involving
children or even babies. It’s not about giving
the consent. The problem is that a part involved
is not completely aware of what’s going on.
Taking dog as an example, they’re extremely
loyal animals. They would do anything for
their owners. The person who actually think
that the animal is aware of its actions is
mentally ill. Some people even believe they are
being corresponded, they truly believe in a love
relationship between an human and an animal.
A very famous case of bestiality is the
one involving Kenneth Pinyan, also known as
Mr. Hand. He was an american engineer that
found death after engaging in receptive anal sex
with a stallion. He suffered a perforated colon
and his final sexual act can be found all over
the internet as he asked for someone to film
and publish it. The acclaimed documentary
Zoo (2007) shows the story of his life as
a successful Boeing engineer and also his
obsession for horses. The risk of contracting
diseases from engaging in sexual activities
with animal are extremely high and is very
serious issue. Some people believe HIV first
appeared in humans after someone had had
sex with a Chimp (the disease first appeared on
Chimps and later was transmitted to humans).
There is also the Porn Industry
motivating and exploring this insanity. There
is a huge range of pornographic films starring
humans and animals that it would be possible
to separate them into different categories:
those for people who are attracted by horses,
dogs, sheep, deer and an infinity of different
animals. In most countries it’s against the
law to have sex with an animal. In other
countries the action and even promotion of
it is a legal act. There are even the countries
in between, like German and Russia where
you can practice it but can not promote it.
The reality is that societies like PETA and
others which protect animal rights are likely
to keep fighting against it forever. This have
always happened and probably always will.
The reason we just don’t hear too much about
it is because it is such a horrific practice,
such an abominable act, that should be
studied as a sort of psychological disorder.
Bestiality is considered a type o
Paraphilia. Not so long ago, funny enough,
homosexuality was seeing as another sort
of sexual disorder. In a world were things
are changing so fast and no one seems to be
shocked anymore with anything, we should
wonder if within a few years, or maybe decades,
we would be struggling and discussing about
the recognition of relationships between
a human and an animal. By this time
actually the discussion should be related to
freedom to choose a partner, and should also
involve marriages with non-living species.
When Kenneth Pinyan died in 2005,
there were a lot of laughter related to his
death. What happened to this man should
be studied instead of mocked. This tragedy
is a consequence for the lack of information
related to one of the deepest and more
mysterious human’s desire. Psychologists and
Psychiatrists should get together in order
to demystify this controversial topic. For
the good of human and non-human races.
Ancient Greek sodomizing a goat, 1824
Édouard-Henri Avril
The Nayika as the lovers of all creatures, 1780
Kotah State Rajasthan
Ani-human, 2011
Lennette Newell
Ani-human, 2011
Lennette Newell
Ani-human, 2011
Lennette Newell
Injection, 2012
Yen Chan
Satisfaction, 2012
Yen Chan
Repenters, 2012
Yen Chan
Puffed, 2012
Farah Abdullah
Emotion, 2012
Yueh-hsi Cheng
Remedy, 2012
Yueh-hsi Cheng
Hamilton Howard Fish
Also Known as: The Gray Man;
The Werewolf of Wisteria
The Brooklyn Vampire;
The Moon Maniac;
The Boogey Man.
Born: 19 May 1870
Died: 16 Jan 1936
Conviction: Grand Larceny; Murder; Theft.
Sentence: Death.
Can you see someone’s appearance and understand
he/she is a psycho or serial killer straightaway? Well, it is
a tricky question to answer. Although people normally
have their instincts and sixth senses to guide themselves,
stereotypes may lead you to a wrong direction. For instance,
when you see a gentle, short, skinny and old man needing
help, will you give him a hand? Normally, we all do. Our
society keeps teaching us that we should help disadvantaged
groups, and our compassion drives us to do it as well,
but sometimes the result may go out of the anticipation.
According to FBI, serial killers have some traits
in common. They are usually single; have high intelligence
quotient; they may come from a broken family; are unable to
have stable jobs; have anti-social personality and behavior;
mental illness or violent tendencies; have mental disorder
of male authority. Even though those traits cannot be
the norm for all serial killers and does not mean anyone
from this background should be labeled by it either, it is a
relevant piece of statistics based on an important research
and should be taken as a reference to the general public.
Albert Fish is one of the most infamous serial
killers in contemporary U.S.A; on the other hand, he had
a typical face to earn the compassion from people: pair of
eyes deep and hallow; wrinkles crawled with all face; thin
and weak body. It is hard to imagine that he was a notorious
killer in 1910s’ New York. His crimes were abduction,
mistreatment, murder and sexual assault. also he cooked
and ate his victims; moreover his victims were all kids.
On the surface, Albert Fish is an unforgivable
sinner. His behaviors also seem unbelievable. However, if
you penetrate deeply into his personality, you will realise
that he is a masochist. For all that, Albert Fish was carless in
his crimes, frequently lost jobs and arrested eight times over
years. He served time for grand larceny, passing bad checks
and violating parole probation. During the prison period,
many psychiatrists and psychologists interviewed him. Out of
nowhere, he said he liked to squeeze nails in his body, especially
his scrotum and to cork alcoholic cottons into his anal and
burn it as well. His speech shocked all Doctors. In addition
to that, to verify that he was not joking or were not able to
escape from his crimes, they took X-ray photos from Albert
Fish. The results confirmed that he was not lying. At the same
time, these specialists were all shocked. They couldn’t believe it.
Even with those shocking exam’s results,
Albert Fish wasn’t able to defend himself as a mental
ill person. He was sentenced of death. His Case shows
that the masochism can also be a sort of sadism.
March 21 – April 19
Also known as “the aggressive
one”, you need to stop trying
to prove you are independent
and strong – we got it. At some
point this month you will need
someone’s help and if you are lucky you will get it. I
doubt it though, considering how rude and arrogant
you are towards those who are just being friendly. Your
partner is going to confront you. Unless if you’re willing to lose them, I suggest you take the time to listen
and give the attention they need because they’ve dealt
with a lot for you. As for men, watch you say. You’ve
either said something harsh or will in the next conversation you have. Don’t be surprised if you get a slap on
the face (literally) because you need a reality check for
your approach.
July 23 – Aug 22
Leo with a big ego! There is a
reason why that rhymes. You
may think you were born a
leader and that you’ll have your
proud moment like Simba in
Lion King but you’re really just fooling yourself. Other
can’t see all the fuss you’re talking about and hold that
thought in the next family or friends gathering. You’re
unbelievable conceited and need to know that criticism
is ment to be HELPFUL. Keep that in mind, asshole.
Nov 22 – Dec 21
For someone like you, there’s a
fine line between human and
beast. Whether you take it as a
compliment or not, your p
ferocious and hostile side will
come out sometime this month – and it’s not going to
be good. You have a reckless tendency to rely on your
luck since you have no talent. To be honest, you are
a worthless piece of crap. You probably don’t want to
admit it but you’re a loner most of the time, keeping
useless things private. Whether it’s an attempt to seem
mysterious or just the fact you’re socially awkward, you
need to put yourself out there if you want anyone to
notice you.
April 20 – May 20
Nature lover? Pet lover? Your
soft and likeable act is slowly
wearing out. You need to take a
step back and look at how you
are as a person. Would you be
fooled? Would you want to be fooled? Since you keep
your creepy thoughts and opinions to yourself, take
a look at the people around you. Someone may have
specific intentions to getting to know you – don’t flatter yourself; it’s not something good. You also need to
look at yourself in the mirror. When was the last time
you got a haircut? Or a new shirt? For Pete’s sake you
need to make a change!
Aug 23 – Sep 22
Let’s be honest, you are a pain
in the ass. You probably clean
every square inch of everything
they own twice daily with a
toothbrush. Everything has its
place, and yours is on the floor scrubbing with a magnifying glass, checking for germs. Obsessive compulsive disorder? A nice euphemism for the word “Virgo”.
If it matters, you should know people find it fucking
irritating. Your need for physical affection at all times
is exhausting. Take time to just relax and watch a movie because you need a break. And people need a break
from you.
Dec 22 – Jan 19
Correct me if I’m wrong. You
are probably good at math
(which explains why you’re a
pain in the ass), reliable and
hardworking. Dull as hell. You
contribute to doing good but you’ll never be that most
of the people arrested for counterfeiting are Capricorns. You may want to change the schedule for today.
Don’t do one of the things you had planned but I’m
not saying you should go out and splurge either. We all
know you’re pretty careless when it comes to money.
May 21 – June 20
Think of the last time you met
someone interesting. Was he or
she impressed by your opinion on the Palestinian-Israeli
conflict or the fact you spent
hours at the gym perfecting your body? The truth is,
your arrogance is disgusting. Who are you—really
trying to impress, others or yourself? On another note,
quit expecting a lot for the little effort you put in. Not
only does that make you cheap, but you’ll never get the
results you expect.
Sept 23 – Oct 22
We’ll just be honest here because we know that’s all you
ever look for. Your jokes are
lame and your fashion sense
can only described as dull and
boring. You’re always on the cutting edge of what we
consider absolute pretentious bullshit. You constantly
worry about what other people think, and if you really
paid any attention, maybe people would like you more.
I suggest the next time your on your way to work, ask if
anyone else wants a drink from Starbucks – or attempt
to get someone their favourite drink. If it’s wrong, at
least it’s hilarious.
Jan 20 – Feb 18
You lie a great deal. You make
the same mistakes over and
over again – because you are
stupid. To say you over think
everything is an understatement. Everyone’s thoughts lead into others but it
doesn’t mean you should follow through and end up
with a shitting conclusion. Have you noticed that your
conversations with people end quicker than usual?
That’s probably because you let the smallest and most
useless thing distract you, you idiot. If there’s one thing
that you piss everyone off it’s because you ask a lot of
questions. Try shutting the fuck up for once.
June 21 – July 22
You’re a sucker for romance,
and it is sad enough you
haven’t faced the reality that
what you see in the movies will
never happen. The odds are
you’re reading this thinking it’s bullshit and that you
found “the one” when in reality you’re far from that.
Wondering why the grey hairs are growing out? You
stress yourself because of your lazy and procrastinating
habits. GET TO WORK. Or just face the fact you’ll
never be worthy of something. You’re weekend is going
to be as dull as usual unless you take my advice and get
out and meet people.
Nov 22 – Dec 21
For someone like you, there’s
a fine line between human
and beast. Whether you take it
as a compliment or not, your
ferocious and hostile side will
come out sometime this month – and it’s not going to
be good. You have a reckless tendency to rely on your
luck since you have no talent. To be honest, you are
a worthless piece of crap. You probably don’t want to
admit it but you’re a loner most of the time, keeping
useless things private. Whether it’s an attempt to seem
mysterious or just the fact you’re socially awkward, you
need to put yourself out there if you want anyone to
notice you.
Feb 19 – March 20
You have your priorities all
messed up. You remember
what you were wearing on
March 3rd, 1991 but you forget
your own address. You have
no sense of direction. Control your tears you big wuss.
How do you expect us to give you “honest criticism” if
the moment we say something harsh you burst out into
tears? And for a feisty person like you, try to use some
of your moves for self-defence. Since logic doesn’t
process well for you, try taking people’s advice. Your so
self-righteous you actually think you know everything.
exists in other religious groups,
including Christians, this ritual
remains essential for Shia Muslims.
Islam is mainly divided in
two major streams, Sunni and Shia.
Although any practice of self-harm is
seen as sinful and forbidden among
Sunnis, self-flagellation is common
among Shia as a ritual that honors
the memory of the martyrdom Iman
Hussein, the grandson of Prophet
Muhammad (pbuh). Images of the
ritual can be very impressive for those
unused to such scenes. The knives,
blades and chains used, produce
spectacular wounds and leave the
participants of any age, covered in blood.
The ritual of self-flagellation
among the Shia is not an isolated and
rare practice in itself. Self-harm has
always been part of many religious
rituals. Christians until nowadays have
some practices that are very similar.
The powerful Opus Dei members
prescribe self-harm as a form of
self-punishment for their own sins.
The origins of the Shia ritual
go back to 680 AD. Iman Hussein,
the grandson of Prophet Muhammad
(pbuh), was called to become caliph
after his father Ali and brother Hassan
died. On his way to Kufah (Iraq) with
his family and followers, Iman Hussein
met his enemies who were opposed
to him as a successor of the Prophet
(pbuh). A terrible battle took place, the
Battle of Karbala. Iman Hussein, his
family and most followers were killed.
Iman Hussein himself was beheaded
and his body was mutilated. The few
followers who survived the battle were
made prisoners and forced to march on
foot all the way to Damascus (Syria).
It is said that the bystanders along
the way, witnessing the suffering of
their brothers in faith, began to beat
themselves, weeping. This sad event
is supposed to mark the beginning
of the self-flagellation ritual that Shia
Muslims have been keeping alive until
today in memory of their martyrdom.
The Battle of Karbala is seen as
the event that culminated into the break
between the Shia and Sunni streams of
Islam. The Shia self-flagellation ritual
takes place every year on the 10th of
Muharram and is known as the Mourning
of Muharram or “Day of Ashura.”
Shia Muslims represent between 10
and 20% of the Muslim community. In
2009, there were around 200 million
Shia in the world. The countries where
the Shia population is more represented
are: Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Bahrain.
Smaller Shia communities live also in
most Muslim countries. Nevertheless,
the countries where self-flagellation
can be more commonly seen are
India, Pakistan, Iraq and Lebanon.
Shia regard Iman Hussein as
the martyrdom who defended Islam in
its original form, thus symbolizing the
resistance against tyrants and oppression.
Iman Hussein is the one who stood
up to the tyrant of the day Yazid in
order to save Islam and the humanity
and oppression.
The knowledge of the historical
circumstances in which the ritual of
self-flagellation has its origins certainly
helps us to understand part of the ritual
itself. The participants appear immersed
in what seems to be a spiritual ecstasy
as a way of deep identification with the
suffering of Iman Hussein. However,
it may be very challenging for others,
including Sunni Muslims to come to
terms with this practice. The images that
appear every year in the media can be
extremely disturbing for several reasons.
There is a significant number of people
from any religion who cannot stand the
confrontation with spilled blood. Having
to face images of mothers inflicting
cuts with blades and daggers to babies
and toddlers remains a very hard act to
watch. One thing is to witness adult men
harming themselves by choice and aware
of the reason behind that choice, another
thing is to see adults inflicting wounds
and pain to small children who are
absolutely defenseless and totally unaware
of any concept of spirituality or religion.
Religion is an extremely powerful
part of any culture. Tradition remains a
strong weapon among most communities.
It is impossible to deny the importance of
tradition and rituals as essential factors
of social cohesion and identity building.
Nevertheless, there are traditions that
are certainly more challenging in terms
of understanding and acceptance, than
others. Especially if the rituals connected
to some traditions, imply infliction of
suffering to innocent beings that in the first
place, never had the choice. Dealing with
belief has never been simple. Rationality
has its own limits. The challenge remains.
Horror Vacui, 2012
Federico Chiesa
Horror Vacui, 2012
Federico Chiesa
Horror Vacui, 2012
Federico Chiesa
Horror Vacui, 2012
Federico Chiesa
Flesh Love, 2012
Haruhiko Kawaguchi
Flesh Love, 2012
Haruhiko Kawaguchi
Flesh Love, 2012
Haruhiko Kawaguchi
Flesh Love, 2012
Haruhiko Kawaguchi
White, 2006
Juan Cruz Duran
White, 2006
Juan Cruz Duran
White, 2006
Juan Cruz Duran
White, 2006
Juan Cruz Duran
We all know some people have a problem with a man Probably, the most common feeling people fell when see
marrying another man but what about when a man is married to them in public together is curiosity. Could someone be able to
a pillow?
not stare at the happy couple? We should definitely avoid being
rude but couldn’t he be doing it for the attention? Maybe that’s
A 28 year-old man from Japan has fallen in love with and what gets him off, he likes to look like he’s completely insane, or,
married his ‘dakimakura’, which is a large pillow that usually has maybe, he’s completely insane. Why would a person give up on a
the face of an anime character drawn on it. The particular pillow real life girlfriend that could cook for him, hug him with her soft
he fell for had a picture of Fate Testarossa, who is a character in warm skin, please him, or just simply respond when spoken to?
the anime series called ‘Magic Girl’.
100 years back, it was weird for the same genders to get married.
Maybe in 30 or more years this would be normal and maybe pop
A friend of this man says, that he takes his pillow every- ular?
where with him, from bringing it to the park for a picnic to toting
it along it to the fair so it can join him on all the rides. He even This man apparently decided to get married to his pilgoes out to dinner with the pillow and makes sure that it always low shortly after another man in Japan got married to his virtual
gets its own separate meal.
girlfriend. What has society done? Who is to blame for people
thinking its best to not get married with a human but a virtual
She is clearly someone who lives and loves to the fullest. person?
She is clearly someone you can take out to dinner, knowing that
she will not put french fries up her nose, nor screw up her face Fox News reports that many people are petitioning the
when you make an untoward joke. She will never put on weight, Japanese government to make such unions-- ones that give a
except, perhaps, when it rains. She is clearly absolutely the right whole new expression to the concept of pillow talk-- legal. Indeed
woman for the forward-thinking, sensitive crusader that is Lee one petitioner reportedly declared: “We’ve no interest in the 3D. If
we could, we’d like to live in a 2D world. Now if you’ll excuse me
while I go shoot myself in the face.”
Pillow My Love, 2012
Yueh-hsi Cheng
Intuition, 2012
Cartsen Witte
Intuition, 2012
Cartsen Witte
Intuition, 2012
Cartsen Witte
Intuition, 2012
Cartsen Witte
Intuition, 2012
Cartsen Witte
Intuition, 2012
Cartsen Witte
Syrian Civil War, 2012
Syrian Civil War, 2012
Whoever you are, we understand you.
We hate getty images.
We hate perfection and embrace flaws.
We are not afraid to show ugliness, sadness, and the
harsh realities.
There is no one ideal.
CULT U R E S 2 0 1 2