Energy storage for the renewables industry



Energy storage for the renewables industry
Energy storage for the
renewables industry
Understanding the
challenges of
energy storage
Affinity Networkflow is the
only operational revenue
stacking and optimisation
application in the UK.
Energy storage systems (ESS) represent a real opportunity
for the UK energy sector. The cost of large-scale batteries has
fallen significantly, making the technology an increasingly
attractive investment option.
The primary challenge is no longer technological, but
operational. Building the ESS is only the first step. Making
sense of the complex processes required to deliver energy
storage services is the key to running a profitable energy
business. It involves:
Commercial factors – capturing and interpreting energy
market data, understanding the interactions between
different wholesale & reserve market contracts, and how
the ESS is performing against those contractual terms.
Operational management – understanding the functional
performance of the ESS, its operational capacity and how
best to plan ahead the utilisation of that capacity.
Financial management – reconciling invoices with
network and performance data and accurately
forecasting revenues.
Network factors – understanding how much network
capacity is available, what services can be provided to the
DNO, and planning for when they are needed.
It can be difficult to make the right decisions without expert
knowledge of each of these aspects of the industry.
The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. A
dedicated management platform can give you the insight
needed to make effective and dynamic high-level commercial
and operational decisions.
AMT-SYBEX / Energy storage for the renewables industry
Stacked revenue from
stored energy
There are many storage solutions on the market but
revenue doesn’t come from stored energy, it is created
by the efficient and intelligent management of that
stored energy. A system that determines the amount
of electricity required for your business, optimises
the activities of your storage solution, maximising
productivity, all while searching for the most profitable
use of your additional storage capacity, is essential.
AMT-SYBEX / Energy storage for the renewables
we can offer3
What does our energy storage solution
Networkflow FOSS - providing insight into your
energy storage system
Our Forecasting, Optimisation and Scheduling
System (FOSS), part of our Networkflow product,
fully exploits the potential of energy storage devices.
It provides valuable at-a-glance insight into the
operational, technical and business functions of your
system, ensuring you benefit from:
Competitive advantage – making decisions better
based on a holistic view of your energy storage
system, increasing your flexibility to respond
to dynamic market conditions and enabling
diversification of ESS revenues.
Increased return on investment – enabling
multiple service operation, unlocking the true
value of your energy storage systems. Using data
to drive out operational cost savings.
Enhanced visibility – immediate visibility of key
performance indicators via access to automated
reports and interactive dashboards.
How does our optimisation solution work?
FOSS maximises the potential of your energy storage
system. It predicts energy needs in advance,
monitors wholesale prices, identifies the best
combinations of services and sets schedules to use
your storage at the most cost effective times.
AMT-SYBEX / Energy storage for the renewables industry
FOSS protects your investments while being the
best option for making energy storage a viable
commercial proposition. It:
By applying a sophisticated set of business rules and
constraints to real-time market data, this approach
presents a set of options that helps prioritise revenue
streams quickly and easily. FOSS automatically
Reduces the cost of operations by matching your
supply to your demand
Maximises income from energy imported and
exported to and from the market
Reduces the risk of energy storage ownership by
diversifying revenue streams
Protects from peak and imbalance charges
Maximises income from Triad and DUOS
Battery capacity available now and in the future
Future demand using historical data and
incoming weather forecasts
Contractual requirements and the availability of
your system to meet these
An optimised schedule of commercial services
based on the known capacity of your system
The most cost effective charge and discharge
strategy to meet this schedule
Normalised set of operational parameters and
triggers for battery operation based on contracts
Re-optimisation based on schedule conflicts, new
weather forecasts or updated network data
What does our energy storage solution offer?
FOSS provides a significant number of commercial
benefits, by:
The operational benefits of optimised
energy storage
The operational benefits of optimised energy storage
Increasing revenues from energy storage by
up to 30% - by giving you access to the most
profitable combination of services available
Decreasing the cost of charge management by
up to 100% - potentially seeing a full return on
your Energy Storage investment within 3 years
Reducing the risk of energy storage – by allowing
you to choose between a range of different
revenue streams, ensuring that even if the
market shifts unexpectedly you always have a
‘Plan B’
AMT-SYBEX / Energy storage for the renewables industry
Deploying FOSS increases
Deploying FOSS decreases the
revenues from energy storage
cost of charge management by
by 30%
up to 100%
Our proven solution - UKPN Smarter
Network Storage Scheme
We’re working with UK Power Networks on the Low
Carbon Network funded Smarter Network Storage
programme which is trialling how energy storage can
be used to defer traditional network reinforcement
and provide other services. The Smarter Network
Storage project involves the installation and trial of
a 6MW/10MWh energy storage device by UK Power
Networks in Leighton Buzzard.
Project aims
The project has proven enabling multiple service
operation of storage, for a range of different system
benefits, helps maximise value e.g. investment
deferral and ancillary services. As part of the project,
and building on existing AMT-SYBEX product
FOSS in operation
Forecasting - Using weather and historical
demand data, a detailed local energy forecast is
developed. This identifies the requirements for
local energy services– peak load management,
DNO demand response services, generation
optimisation and so on. Energy capacity is
allocated to these services.
Optimisation – FOSS then identifies the most
profitable use for the remaining energy capacity,
considering all available alternative markets and
possible combinations of services and energy
imports / exports.
Scheduling – Once approved the identified
services are sent to the Service Calendar, which
AMT-SYBEX / Operational benefits to the renewables industry
components, the team have helped develop a
new system which accesses and optimises the
commercial arrangements for shared use of energy
storage within a constrained network.
The solution
Our Affinity Suite solution is delivering the
optimisation and scheduling platform at the centre
of UK Power Networks Smarter Network Storage
programme. Selected as the brain behind the project,
Affinity Networkflow optimises use of the storage
and manages the intelligent exchange of information
between UK Power Networks, the storage device
control system and the wider market.
Key Facts
generates a detailed schedule incorporating data
on contract type, parameters and time periods
Solution – This schedule is communicated to the
energy management system, ensuring that the
battery provides the right services at the right
Additionally, FOSS’s in built data model (based on
open smart grid energy industry standards) allows
multiple assets to be aggregated together and
operated in the context of a complex electricity
FOSS in operation
Our proven solution - UKPN Smarter Network Storage Scheme
AMT-SYBEX / Operational benefits to the renewables industry
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