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Understanding the BHAG
Malasakit: Handog Lusog:
Nutrisyon Para sa Nasyon 2013
Excellence: SMPFC’s Code
of Ethics—Our Way of Life
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Vol. 6 Issue No. 2 December 2013
Handog Lusog:
Nourishing and
Nurturing the Nation
the BHAG
code of ethics,
our way of life
f Life
Our Way O
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Surviving Yolanda
Employee Service
Awards 2013:
Malasakit Marathon
The Golden Bay
Grain Terminal
Reena Del Mundo, Camille Juan-Sabale, Annabella A. Nery SMMI-Flour—Rachelle Legaspi
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Canaria BPG —Jop Hernandez
BHAG Update—Sandra Herrera, CPMSG Handog Lusog—Rona Mei Tanchico (SMF), Gerry Olayta,
Rey Naig Yolanda —Francis Leo Ledesma, Randy Dominguez, Virgilio Eway, Jason Tecson, Paul
T. Dorado ESA —Cheng Costales, Mae Patanindagat Code of Ethics —Dante Mallari and Alvin
Ramos Corporate Governance —Atty. Francesca Baltazar Photo credits Alexies Santiago, Jessa
Grace Bitanga (cover photo), Francis Ledesma, Randy Dominguez, Ken Reston
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To my San Miguel Food Group Family,
In this issue, we will read about three
important things – BHAG, Malasakit
and Excellence.
We will read about our Big, Hairy,
Audacious Goal or our BHAG. We will
be reminded of where it came from
and what a BHAG truly means for our
Malasakit, is key to achieving our
BHAG. We must learn to live it
every day. We have launched and
implemented several programs to
look after the interest and welfare of
our stakeholders, with the value of
Part of Malasakit is our flagship
feeding program, Handog Lusog:
Nutrisiyon Para sa Nasyon. It was
launched in 2011, with an initial 1,059
students as beneficiaries coming
from just 10 schools from Luzon,
Visayas and Mindanao. In 2012, it
grew to 1,319 students coming from
18 schools from across the country.
In 2013, it was further increased to
2,043 students, now coming from
27 schools from Luzon, Visayas and
The 4,421 recipients are testaments
to our commitment to Nourishing and
Nurturing Families Worldwide. Along
with the feeding initiatives, parents
of these children were also taught to
provide good and proper nutrition to
their families through our Wellbeing
Program. At the same time, nutritious,
yet affordable recipes was shared to
them through our Culinary Center.
Many of you take part as volunteers
in our feeding program. I encourage
everyone to do the same. Get
involved. CSR programs allow you
to give back to the communities we
serve while developing yourself.
In this issue, we will also honor the
brave actions of our people during
and after Super Typhoon Yolanda.
You will read about their stories of
President’s Message
Achieving The BHAG by living
Malasakit & Excellence
unrelenting faith and Malasakit for
their work and their co-employees
which are inspirations for all of us.
We will also read about the
recent Employee Service Awards
2013, where we recognized the
commitment, dedication and hard
work of 161 employees. We had
three 35-year awardees – Mar
Ramos, Rose Encobar and Pol Titular.
These individuals are examples of
loyalty, commitment and dedication to
their work and the Company.
It is inspiring to imagine what we
can achieve with the right attitude.
At the core of Malasakit, is a culture
of Excellence. In this regard, we
achieved several milestones:
Firstly, we launched our Code of
Ethics. The Code of Ethics articulates
the basic standards and expectations
from each San Miguel Pure Foods
employee and business partner. It is
here to guide us in our work and daily
decision-making; to uphold the quality
that we commit to our consumers.
To help us conduct our business with
honor and integrity.
We were also regarded as a top
practitioner of Corporate Governance
in the country. Recently, the Institute
of Corporate Directors (ICD), rated
us a high score of 80.7 percent in
an exercise measuring corporate
governance practices among publiclylisted companies.
Furthermore, in our desire to further
achieve cost competitiveness, we
have inaugurated our Golden Bay
Grain Terminal in Mabini, Batangas.
Golden Bay is one of San Miguel Pure
Foods’ milestones as it is our first
foray in grain terminal operations. It
can accommodate Super Panamax
vessels which carry as much as
80,000 deadweight tonnage, which
allows us to receive shipments of our
raw materials for feeds and flour. This
translates to improved efficiencies in
our operations and at the same time,
open doors for new revenue streams
for SMPFC.
Let us move toward our BHAG by
living Malasakit in our everyday life.
Let’s talk food!
Butch Alejo
BHAG Update
Understanding the BHAG
Sandra Herrera, CPMSG
In 2009, San Miguel Pure Foods launched its Big,
Hairy, Audacious, Goal or the BHAG Our BHAG is “to
become a Php 520-billion company with revenue of
Php 42-million”. It was very direct to the point, very
clear and everyone got it there and then.
As we moved forward, the idea of the BHAG began
to alarm some people, thinking we were just not
moving fast enough. This is a good sign as it can
serve as an indication that the BHAG has indeed
been taken to heart by SMPFC management and
employees. The BHAG should be our North Star –
the true North for this journey we have embarked on.
To explain this further, we need to understand what
the BHAG stands for.
Vision versus Goal
The BHAG was taken from a book entitled “Built to
Last” written by James C. Collins. It came after the
book, “Good to Great” and was written to illustrate
the successful habits of VISIONARY companies. The
authors presented the idea that the companies that
made a difference in the world these days were those
who saw visions and not goals.
To best understand the difference between visions
and goals, we take their definitions from the MerriamWebster dictionary:
Vision – a thought, concept, or object formed by the
imagination; the act or power of seeing
Goal – the end toward which effort is directed; the
terminal point of a race
From the definitions above, goal pertains to a
specific end, while vision is seen as a potential end.
A Vision goes much farther than a goal.
The Role of a BHAG
The authors of Built to Last encourage companies
to go for their BHAG. They said that a “BHAG is
a particularly powerful mechanism to stimulate
progress”. In Chapter 5, they further explained that,
“all companies have goals. But there is a difference
between merely having a goal and becoming
committed to a huge, daunting challenge – like a big
mountain to climb.”
BHAG is a clear and compelling goal that should
create immense team spirit. A BHAG engages people
as it reaches out and grabs them in the gut. It is
tangible, energizing and highly focused. People “get it”
right away and it takes little or no explanation at all.
Having a BHAG is similar to the “moon mission”,
when every nation just wanted to reach the moon, or
be the first to set foot on it. Or the time when global
health experts came together and decided to once
and for all, eradicate polio through the polio vaccine.
At these times vision statements or Big, Hairy,
Audacious, Goals (BHAG) were being made. There
was not a clear indication of how to get there, but
everyone who took part in believing these statements
were driven to achieve the vision they saw CAN
happen. In our Company, we believe that the Php 520
billion revenue CAN happen. Together we can make it
“A BHAG only helps an organization as long as it is
not yet achieved” Once we have achieved our BHAG,
it is time to move to a Bigger, Hairier, More Audacious
one…to a higher, more
challenging mission to
BHAG is a clear and compelling goal that should
create immense team spirit. A BHAG engages
people as it reaches out and grabs them in the
gut. It is tangible, energizing and highly focused.
People “get it” right away and it takes little or no
explanation at all.
To Nourish and Nurture
Families Worldwide
Rona Mei Tanchico, San Miguel Foundation
Nutrition is recognized as
a basic human right, vital to the
survival, growth and development
of children according to the
United Nations Children’s Fund
(UNICEF). However, malnutrition
continues to claim millions of
lives, with more than 5.5 million
children under five years of age
dying annually. Malnutrition is
caused by various factors that
includes poverty; hunger, the
most crucial manifestation of
poverty; and food insecurity, a
major determinant of a country’s
nutritional status.
Based on the June 2013 SWS
Survey, 40% or 8.5 millions of
families consider themselves
as Food-Poor. The first to
suffer under this condition are
the children. Nearly one in
five-children under the age of
five in a developing country, is
In public schools, one third of
the pre-school and school age
children are underweight (MDG
Updating of Nutritional Status
of Filipino Children). An equally
important indicator of overall child
health and nutritional status is
stunting, defined as low height
for age. It is a condition, however,
which often is unrecognized
in a developing country. More
common than being underweight,
stunting also more accurately
reflects nutritional deficiencies
and illnesses that occur during
the early-life period and will
hamper growth and development.
Although the prevalence of
stunting fell from an estimated 44
percent in 1990 to 20 percent in
2010, millions of children remain
at risk for diminished cognitive and
physical development resulting
from long-term under nutrition.
Despite clear evidence of the
disastrous consequences of
childhood nutritional deprivation
in the short and long term—
nutritional health remains a
low priority. It is time for nutrition
to be placed higher on the
development agenda.
San Miguel Takes Action
This situation has prompted
San Miguel Pure Foods and the
San Miguel Foundation to develop
a program that will help address
the problem of malnutrition among
public school children, called
“Handog Lusog: Nutrisiyon Para
sa Nasyon”, targets malnourished
children ages four to seven. These
children come from impoverished
families who cannot provide
nutritious meals.
In the spirit of Malasakit, the food
division of San Miguel Corporation,
San Miguel Pure Foods look after
the welfare and interest of their
stakeholders and believes that
implementing a nutrition program
is part of their social responsibility
to those in need.
For a period of six months at five
times a week, SMPFC will sponsor
one nutritious meal per child.
Prior to the actual feeding, each
child will be weighed and
de-wormed, and a monthly
monitoring of the child’s progress
will be conducted.
This little girl
is one of our
in La Purizima
School, Pili.
In the spirit of
Malasakit, the food
division of San
Miguel Corporation,
San Miguel Pure
Foods, look after
the welfare and
interest of their
and believes that
implementing a
nutrition program
is part of their social
responsibility to
those in need.
cover story
For three years now, one
of the biggest Filipino food
company, San Miguel Pure
Foods has campaigned on
the nutritional rehabilitation
of Filipino children through its
feeding program – Handog
Lusog: Nutrisyon Para Sa
Nasyon. The Company,
with the help of San Miguel
Foundation, is working with
the Department of Education
in reducing the incidence
of malnutrition in our public
school system.
According to the
Department of Education,
the total number of
severely undernourished
students from pre-school
to elementary during the
last school year was at
approximately 562,000.
Through the Department’s
Adopt-a-School program
which makes use of private
sector funding and support,
only some 42,000 children–
about 7% of the total number
of malnourished children,
have been enrolled in the
Aware of the urgent need
of our country’s future
generation, San Miguel Pure
Foods has increased the
number of beneficiaries for
this year to 2,184 children
from different provinces
in Luzon, Visayas and
Mindanao. These provinces
were identified and with
the help of DepEd and
their school coordinators.
Beneficiaries of Handog
Lusog: Nutrisyon Para sa
Nasyon undergo a six-month
supplemental feeding activity
during which the children’s
progress in terms of weight,
height and mental development is
monitored monthly. Funding is provided for
the children’s meals for the entire duration
of the project, with an approved menu to
ensure proper nutrition.
A talk on nutrition and cooking
demonstration was also given to the
parents of the beneficiaries to ensure that
they can also support and sustain their
children’s progress. All recipes shared
with them during the cooking demo
were dishes for lunch, dinner and even
For this year, San Miguel Pure Foods
launched its feeding program in Maybunga
Elementary School in Pasig where there
were close to 200 beneficiaries from their
Kindergarten level. During the launch, the
kids were served with a meal of spaghetti
and a nutritious Magnolia Chocolait drink.
As a reward for those who finish their
meals, K-Pop by Magnolia Ice Cream was
also given out.
Star Hotdog Sandwiches and Pandesal
from Kambal Pandesal, a franchise brand
of San Miguel Pure Foods, provided meals
for the parents who took time to learn
in the Nutrition Talk. While chefs from
San Miguel Pure Foods’ Culinary Center
demonstrated healthy recipes using STAR
Corned Beef and Purefoods Tender Juicy
Hotdog as part of the ingredients.
For the entire month of July, the feeding
program will be rolled out to other schools
from Luzon, Visayas and even Mindanao.
To date, there are a total of 4,562 students
who benefited from this program and
after the six month program; their average
weight gain is at 2.11 kilos per child.
Handog Lusog: Nutrisyon Para sa Nasyon
is one of the programs that San Miguel
Pure Foods is committed to in living up
to its core purpose of “Nourishing and
Nurturing Families Worldwide.”
The San Miguel Foundation
San Miguel Foundation’s Camille Buenaventura Talks
San Miguel Pure Foods’ Core Purpose is “Nourishing and Nurturing Families
Worldwide”. This is best illustrated and carried out through our flagship
program, Handog Lusog: Nutrisyon Para sa Nasyon. Our very own San Miguel
Foundation helps us translate this Core Purpose to an actionable program,
and Food Talk interviewed Camille Buenaventura, Executive Director of the
Foundation to share with us her insights about the Feeding Program.
What makes you
passionate about
Handog Lusog?
program focuses on correcting
an existing issue rather than only
supplementing what lacks, which
is typically food on the table.
There are so many reasons to be
passionate about Handog Lusog.
I strongly believe that San Miguel
Pure Food’s Handog Lusog
Feeding Program creates a bigger
impact on the lives of children
who are classified as “wasted”
and “severely wasted”. The
Our six-month daily feeding
program focuses on nutritional
rehabilitation, rather than just
feeding. We train the children to
eat (or prefer to eat) healthy food
and at the same time provide a
support training to their parents
to understand the value of good
nutrition, without having to spend
so much. I think understanding
the value of nutrition is better as it
provides an outlook towards the
future of the children, and takes
them away from their current
What struck you
the most about the
changes in the lives
of the beneficiaries of
Handog Lusog?
When you are exposed to
feeding programs such as
Handog Lusog, the first thing
that will strike you most will be
the number of children who are
about Handog-Lusog: Nutrisyon Para sa Nasyon
Camille oversees the activities and programs of The San Miguel Foundation. All her
work-life she has been doing Corporate Social Responsibility programs and have
seen how these CSR programs not only encourage building trust for companies,
but she has also create impact in the lives of their employees. CSR Programs such
as Handog Lusog: Nutrisyon Para Sa Nasyon are great avenues to pay it forward
to other people, to be a light in a suffering nation, to be a glimmer of hope for
To know more about Handog Lusog, or become a volunteer, you may get in touch
with the following people from San Miguel Pure Foods: Gelonie Grace T. Yap, Jessa
Grace L. Bitanga, Macreno Dormiendo, Randy Dominguez.
affected by lack of nutrition. This
is one of the underlying problems
that lead to poor performance in
schools and can cause stunted
developments. So, starting
feeding programs usually carry
the most weight emotionally.
But then later on, as months
progress, and you see the
children being nutritionally
rehabilitated, things get more
exciting. The progress is even
more overwhelming as you see
them gain weight and eventually
perform better both in school
and social skills. You see them
becoming more confident in
interacting with people, and they
become more capable physically
and mentally.
How do these
experiences affect
you as a person?
Oh, no one can compare the
joy and the satisfaction you feel
when you know that your effort
contributed to so many changes
in so many people’s lives. But it
is not my effort alone, but that of
a group of people. I have a great
team working with me in SMF –
Ken Reston, Jennifer Rodriguez
and Rona Mei Tanchico. From the
food group, the efforts of Randy
Dominguez and Mac Dormiendo
are very noteworthy as well.
And of course, there are the
HR representatives from Luzon,
Visayas and Mindanao. Everyone
has put their all in this project
that is why it has always been
As an individual, you become
more compassionate and more
appreciative of what you have,
and who you have in your life.
What were some
of your best
learning from these
experiences with
Handog Lusog?
I would encourage people to take
part in activities such as Handog
Lusog. It is an eye-opener and
I guarantee that no matter how big
or small the effect, your life will be
I would encourage all employees
of San Miguel Pure Foods to
take part, even if they just join
one feeding location when we
launch every July. We can use the
help we can have. Every year we
feed at least 2000 children from
Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and
Metro Manila. There are over 25
schools – over 25 opportunities
to make a difference in the life of
a child, who belongs to a family,
and is part of our nation.
I think this best illustrates the
song “it is better to light, just one
little candle than to stumble in
the dark”. Who knows, one or
even some of the children we are
helping will someday become
a great Filipino leader, a Nobel
Prize award recipient or someone
who brings recognition to the
Philippines. It would be great to
have been part of that GREAT
PERSON’s life.
Volunteers at Work
What Handog Lusog Volunteers Have To Say
The Handog Lusog Feeding Program would not be successfully
conducted without its employee volunteers. Below are some accounts
of those who took part in this year’s feeding program. We hope they
inspire you to become part of the next Handog Lusog activities.
Daniel Lucas B. Diano
Hazel Ann Fandino-Catipon
Poultry & Meats, Growing Operations
To inspire…I try to put myself in the shoes of the
children I imagine them thinking someday when I
grow up, I’ll apply in SMC and be a proud employee
of a good company. And remember that San Miguel
food products are good products to PATRONIZE.
Poultry & Meats Live Operations Logistics
As an SMPFC employee, not only do we need to
work for our family but we also have an obligation
to share with others our time, talent, knowledge and
resources. I was touched by the students’ reactions
upon receiving their Handog Lusog Starter Kits.
The smile and joy on their faces were priceless. This
experience made me realize that everybody working
together can really make a difference.
Joahna Erika S.J. Gonzales
HR SMFI South Luzon
Giving the time and effort to share our blessings with
people we barely even know is something that helped
me understand a different side of the company’s
goal – the side apart from numbers, percentages
and hitting targets. Ideal as it may appear, Handog
LUsog is a realization that little by little, step by step,
we (employees) can be a part of something that will
change this Nation; and with great hope, the world.
Ricardo G. Guino Jr.
Poultry & Meats, Poultry Operations
It was great seeing the children smile. I felt fulfilled.
What struck me the most in this experience is that
there are still a lot of children that need help and
assistance. And despite government and private
efforts, malnourishment still exists.
Jose Redentor M. Villanueva
Cecille C. Canlas
Poultry & Meats, Growing Operations
It reminds me that it is important to have a healthy
Poultry & Meats, Central Luzon Finance
I felt very proud that I am working with San Miguel
Foods, Inc., a corporation which values its social
commitment and responsibility to the community.
Our corporation is very active in doing community
service, such as this feeding program, in educating
parents and nourishing the malnourished kids of the
nearby community where we operate.
Rosande S. Sosong
Poultry & Meats Growing Operations, Central Luzon
Proud to be an SMPFC employee.
tHe activity Provided Me witH new insigHts tHat will HelP Me grow into
a Better sMPfc eMPloyee witH Malasakit. even in tHe sMall HelP yoU
offer, Being aBle to see tHe sMiles on tHe faces of tHe cHildren and
Parents Made tHis exPerience wortH reMeMBering.
Jose Rommel
Alma Maria N. Lozano
Wilson B. Catingub, Jr.
Poultry & Meats, Central Luzon Finance
I was very happy mingling with the children and
I’m glad that with a simple meal, we touched their
lives. I’m proud to be part of a company with social
responsibility and I’m thankful that I was given the
opportunity to be part of this endeavor. The experience
was very fulfilling that in our own simple ways, we were
able to help others. It made the children feel that some
people care for them. Seeing those smiles makes me
realize that it was WORTH DOING and REPEATING.
SMFI AIC Quality Assurance
The activity provided me with new insights that
will help me grow into a better SMPFC employee
with Malasakit. Even in the small help you offer,
being able to see the smiles on the faces of the
children and parents made this experience worth
Jose Rommel R. Luna
Poultry & Meats, Growing Operations
I felt very proud that I am working with San Miguel
Foods, Inc., a corporation which values its social
commitment and responsibility. Our corporation is very
active in doing community service, such as this feeding
program, in educating parents and nourishing the
malnourished kids of the nearby community where we
Myla E. Guzman
Manufacturing Assistant, Feeds Supply Chain
I was selected as one of the community wellbeing
warriors when I attended the wellbeing training
in Lipa. During the feeding, there was a feeling of
excitement and willingness to contribute in the
simplest way. The activity truly made me feel proud
to be an SMPFC employee. There was a sense of
fulfillment that the activity brought.
Arturo V. Santos
Poultry Operations
I’m proud of being an SMPFC employee, giving
precious time to the activity. It is goods to get out of
your comfort zone to share and help.
Super typhoon yolanda
Super Typhoon Yolanda and the Stories of the Heroes who Overcame
November 7, 2013
As early as November 7, almost
all the news agencies locally and
internationally had their eyes set on
the Philippines. On ground, life was
pretty normal, everyone was going
about their business. What the news
had their focus on was still outside
the country — an approaching
tropical cyclone internationally known
as “Haiyan”, soon named “Yolanda”
once inside the Philippine Area of
Responsibility (PAR).
Satellite photos showed a super
typhoon which could be stronger
than typhoon “Pablo” which
devastated Mindanao just the year
before. According to the data being
generated by the weather satellites,
Yolanda had sustained winds of 241
kph and was gaining more strength
as it traversed the ocean.
November 8, 2013
Yolanda made landfall on Eastern
Samar as early as 4:40 AM. By 6am,
people watched as super typhoon
Yolanda made landfall in Tacloban,
Leyte. At that time, PAGASA’s
records showed typhoon Yolanda
having maximum sustained winds of
up to 275 kph.
The strength of the typhoon toppled
down trees, along with power and
communication lines. As people
in Metro Manila tried to go about
their daily business, mixed news
were pouring in from Samar, and
Leyte until there was a blackout on
Yolanda continued to make its way
through Cebu, Panay Island, Mindoro
and then Palawan before completely
exiting the country by evening.
The National Disaster Risk
Reduction and Management Council
(NDRRMC) initially announced only
having three casualties, but the
Philippine National Red Cross noted
it could be more.
November 9, 2013
As Super typhoon Yolanda hovered
over the South China Sea the
following morning, news came from
Leyte and Samar, from reporters who
made it through the nightmare. After
they had walked several kilometers
to get to Palo, Leyte and broadcast
from there their respective accounts
of the devastation and it was
during this time that the rest of the
Philippines and the rest of the world
saw the destruction and deaths that
Super Typhoon “Yolanda” brought
upon the Visayas region.
The number of casualties ballooned
exponentially, as bodies swept by
the 10 to 15 feet storm surge were
exposed and discovered. Families
lost, loved ones separated, people
were clamoring to hear from their
relatives in Samar and Leyte. For
some time, the nation was shocked
with the pictures they saw on TV,
social networks and various web
The government, stunned with
the huge devastation and relief
operations they had to face, started
doing their part with the help of the
private sector and many volunteers.
Organizations began to mobilize
resources, and once again, the
Filipino resilience was put to the
test. As survivors in Leyte searched
for food and later on resulted to
looting, those outside the affected
areas clamored to get help and food
to them the soonest possible time.
Devastation Brings Out Bravery
During this time, the heroism
comes out and without hesitation;
those with the ability to help were
on their feet. Amongst these people
were San Miguel Pure Foods
employees, who even at probably
one of the darkest moments of their
lives, decided to act fast and make
a difference.
Totem Paul Dorado, Territory
Sales Manager - Central Eastern
Visayas, SMFI Poultry & Meats,was
in Ormoc the following day the
super typhoon hit and on his own
Heroes who Overcame
initiative, brought a box of canned
goods and water. He coordinated
immediately with Eleazar Tapang
for them to travel to Tacloban to
located employees who were in the
Eleazar Tapang, AAnimal
Production Specialist - Eastern
Visayas, SMFI Poultry & Meats,
used his motorcycle to travel from
Ormoc to Tacloban. The walk
was about 105 kilometers away,
and they searched every inch of
Tacloban to find every employee
residing there.
Josef Bautista, Distribution
Sales Specialist - Eastern Visayas,
SMFI Feeds, helped organized
the employees and did most of
the tasks for the group, including
making sure that every employee
and their families were taken out of
Leyte safely and immediately. He
also helped two colleagues, Kathryn
Atacador (Quality and Food
Safety Coordinator - Visayas, SMFI
Poultry & Meats) and Ledery Pusod
(Laboratory Analyst - IP4 Cebu
Plant, SMFI Poultry & Meats) find a
vehicle to bring them to Ormoc.
Gil Eway, Finance Analyst Tacloban, SMFI AIC, who showed
much compassion for the business
that he risked his personal safety
to secure the office documents
and equipment before the typhoon
came and returned the day after
to check on the office and secure
the cash in the vault to make sure it
was intact and not looted.
Dr. Christopher Astorga, Animal
Production Specialist - Visayas,
SMFI Poultry & Meats, on the other
hand, went to Tacloban to check
on his family, and in the process
became part of the rescue group.
He walked for many hours at great
General Manager, Feeds Business)
and Dr. Leo Obviar (VP and General
Manager, Poultry and Meats) flew
to Cebu to meet with our affected
colleagues just a few days after the
calamity struck. Even our business
partners have taken their part in
helping — extending support for
purchase of canned goods for relief
efforts for distribution in the affected
areas. All these activities were done
through the San Miguel Foundation.
lengths to do several tasks to ensure
the extraction of employees in the
area, and walked for 5 hours to
check on the family of VP for Division
HR, Mr. Ely. Capacio, whose family
was in Palo. He was regularly feeding
information to the SMC and SMPFC
teams in Cebu coordinating both
relief and rescue efforts.
With the fast and prompt actions of
these individuals, and the leadership
exhibited by HR Officer - Visayas,
SMFI AIC, Francis Ledesma and
External Relations Officer for
VisMin, Randy Dominguez, 4
days after super typhoon Yolanda
hit, all employees in the affected
areas, along with their families
were reported safe. Everyone was
moved to Cebu in batches, along
with every member of their families,
where they were attended to, rested
and assisted to get through such a
traumatic experience.
Everyone Does Their Part
Employees of the Food Group in
Metro Manila have taken part in relief
efforts, volunteering in repacking
activities as well as extending
financial assistance to our colleagues
who were affected by Yolanda.
SMPFC Officers such Mr. Raul
Nazareno (Branded Business Cluster
Head), Dr. Norman Ramos (VP and
The Company, donated canned
goods to the Department of Social
Welfare and Development (DSWD.
We participated in several soup
kitchens, organized by the Petron
Foundation and the Philippine Red
Cross and fed 24,750 children and
adults from 21 barangays from 5
municipalities in Leyte. We also
distributed over 54,000 hard-boiled
eggs to the affected areas such
as Northern Cebu and Eastern
Furthermore, as part of the
rehabilitation efforts, a team was
sent to Bantayan Island in Cebu
to help repair the roof of our
beneficiary schools under the
Handog Lusog Feeding Program,
and together with the San Miguel
Foundation and San Miguel
Corporation, served over 1500
individuals through a medical
mission and feeding activity.
As our President, Mr Francisco
S. Alejo III mentioned in his speech
during the Employee Service
Awards, “It is during times of crises
that our people show true character
that represents the kind of people
we have in San Miguel Pure Foods.
I am so proud of them.”
Employees Personal Accounts on “Super Typhoon
They survived one of history’s strongest super
typhoons. They deserve to tell their stories. We need
to learn from their experiences and be grateful that
they are here to share these with us. These are just
three of the many stories of our colleagues who
experienced Super Typhoon Yolanda, but these
stories will show us how resilient the human spirit is
and these experiences will inspire us to value what
truly matters in life – our family, friends and people
who become part of our own life story.
It was the strongest I have ever experienced, but
thankfully God kept us safe.
The following day, after I secured my family I went
to visit our office. I walked three kilometers and
crossed flooded areas. Dead bodies floated along the
highway and people roamed around aimlessly looking
for help, food and clothing. When I reached the
office, I found that even the guard of our compound
has not eaten for two days, so I immediately gave
him food and water.
During the aftermath of the typhoon, I was so
scared; looting started and there was news about
prisoners who have escaped from jail. That made
me decide to get the cash collection which I kept
earlier in the vault. I prayed for safety as I brought the
money home for safekeeping.
Virgilio A. Eway (Finance Analyst - Tacloban, SMFI AIC):
Risking It All
With all the news we heard, we prepared
everything like food, water, flashlight, battery and
other necessities. I did the same in our SMFI office.
I secured everything like documents, computers,
printers and other electrical devices. I covered them
with tarpaulins and I hid the cash collection in our
vault. Basically, we were prepared.
On Friday, November 8, 2013 the wind started to
gain strength. I felt so weary and helpless. I have
been thinking of my wife, she had just undergone a
total mastectomy (R) and excision of lipoma. I had
visitors from Southern Leyte with an 8 year- old son.
My brother in- law died before the typhoon, and we
Without communication and power, we it was
difficult to get updates. I tried to find a network signal
on top of our trusses; fortunately I got a signal and
was able to contact Ms. Diana Lerio (Finance Officer)
to inform her about our situation.
Few days later, we were informed that the company
wanted to extract us from our location. The place
was no longer safe. The company arranged for our
evacuation, along with our families. Upon arrival
in Cebu, we were so happy and a bit emotional
when the SMPFC family warmly welcomed us. They
supported us and attended to our needs.
could not go to his
wake in Maasin.
It was 6:00 AM that
the super typhoon
struck in our city for
two hours. It was
terrible. The roof of
our house was totally
damaged, as well as
our neighborhood.
Stress debriefing was done and officers from
Manila met us with our families. They listened to
our experiences and concerns. Words are not just
enough to express our gratitude above all to our
Lord God, who spared us from this deadly typhoon,
the Company and its management and staff, our co
I ran through my head a plan where to hide my family
should the wind get stronger or for us to avoid broken
glass from windows or if a portion of our house would
collapse. I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 2am.
I stayed up and monitored the news for updates.
I tried to recall survival tips that I have once seen
Discovery channel.
survivors, co employees, our HR
representatives, my Boss Ma’am
Diane. Again, thank you so much.
Jason Tecson (Distribution Sales
Specialist – Eastern Visayas, SMFI Poultry
& Meats): Caught in the Middle of the
Super Typhoon
A day before the typhoon I received a text message
from the HR that all employees are required to take
a half day off to make the necessary preparations
for the arriving typhoon. I was not able to do so
because of the issues and concerns that needed to
be addressed at work. Good thing I already made a
list of things we needed for the typhoon.
The night before the typhoon my entire family came
together to pray the rosary. Afterwards, I placed
inside a plastic cooler bread, paracetamol, three
chocolate bars, a 1-liter bottled water, cereal and
some canned goods.
By 4am of November 8, the typhoon’s presence
could already be felt and the wind got stronger at
around 5am. For 2 hours I monitored and even
documented by video the effects of the typhoon
outside our house.
Close to 7am the wind slightly calmed down and
then suddenly came back, but this time it was
different. You cannot see anything 10 to 15 meters
away. The sound of the wind caused our concrete
walls to vibrate and made me think that even our roof
which was made of cement would not survive the
strong wind. I feared for my family, upon seeing fear
in the eyes of both my wife and daughter, I kept my
composure so that they will not panic.
After a few minutes our extension at the back of our
house was blown away. Through the broken window,
water sprayed six meters into the house. At this
time I instructed my wife and my child to hide under
our concrete slab sink, and I immediately saw our
plywood wall expanding like a balloon, as if getting
ready to explode, so I quickly moved our refrigerator
to cover us.
I then noticed that blackish water was coming out of
the drain pipes. My daughter came out from hiding to
use the comfort room but as I opened the door, the
same blackish water suddenly rose so I pulled her out
of the bathroom thinking it was a flashflood from the
I told them we are going to our rooftop but when I
was about to turn the door knob, our door broke at
the lower portion due to the force of the water gushing
in, which tasted salty. It was then that I realized it was
water from the sea that was coming into the streets.
I felt the fear which I have never encountered before…
”This is it” I told my wife and my kid. I hugged them
tightly. I did not want to lose them…not yet…
I managed to calm down. “I told them to trust God’s
will. That we should ask for the Lords forgiveness of
our sins and to forgive those who sinned against us.
It was hard to let go but I had to accept it. Then we
started praying for forgiveness. I can hear my child
saying “MAMA PAPA I’m so sorry too for whatever sins
I committed against you. I LOVE YOU BOTH”. Hearing
this strengthened me and I asked the Lord to guide me
to save them.
It was impossible for us to go out of the house
through the front door, and then I noticed outside our
multicab FB van which has been broken for years. I
told my family to climb on the multicab to get to the
rooftop. However, when we got out the multicab was
moved by the current.
We cannot make it to the roof, but I remembered the
window grills outside which we can hold on to. I hurried
to reach the multicab, while telling my wife and child
to hold on to me and never let go. With the multicab
now floating, I kicked it to reach the grills and pulled my
family to grab on to the grills, before the multicab was
dragged by the current.
The water kept rising to about 15 or 16 feet, so we
climbed to the roof. I told them that I will lift them both
to the roof as the water continued to rise. I held on to
the ceiling while my feet were stepping on the grills.
My wife and kid held on to my arms and I told them to
stop crying so they can breathe properly and conserve
I then saw my service car float out of our compound
and was helpless to save it. As the water slowly
receeded to 10 feet we climbed back down to the
grills. I told them to continue praying. I figured we
needed something that floats, and then suddenly out
of nowhere the tire from a vehicle that I used more than
2 years ago appeared beside my daughter, and an
empty 6 liter covered jug appeared. We gave it to our
daughter to use as a floating device.
I thought of wood to hang on to and suddenly a hull
of a boat appeared, so we grabbed it. Then two pieces
of 2x4 wood also appeared. I told my family, “see God
wants us to survive.”
Miracle after miracle happened afterwards. I thought
of something to cover us from the flying debris and
a sealed plastic barrel appeared. Lastly I told them I
needed shoes so I can step on the debris, and a
brown left shoe appeared. I grabbed it and it was a
perfect fit! Then, a right black shoe appeared and
the amazing part is that the pair of the brown shoe
also appeared. “Whew!” That’s when I was sure
that the LORD willed it. We will survive this.
The water subsided after almost 2 hours and the
current was going back to the sea, so I told my wife
we needed something to shield us from the debris.
Suddenly the Multicab appeared from nowhere and
shielded us.
I was able to look for a pillow case to cover
my child as she was already shivering because
of exposure. I was amazed at my strength and
endurance that I did not even feel cold even when
I was wet from the rains.
After the typhoon had passed, dead neighbors
were being pulled out from the debris. I felt no
shock anymore. I already told myself we could have
been one of them had it not been for the miracles
that God did to save us.
Though there was nothing left of our belongings
I told my family we should be thankful because our
safety was our Lord’s gift to us.
We transferred to Palo proper after the typhoon.
We walked for almost 3 kilometers and after settling
them at my wife uncle’s house I grabbed a 500ml
bottle of water and traveled 6 kilometers to Tanauan
to check on my parents. I passed through rubbles
and bodies of dead people piled up on the streets. I
had the chance to talk to some people as well, like
a father whose five children were all killed. He piled
their lifeless bodies on the street. How painful it was
for him and he cried as he touched them.
When I reached my parents place I felt so blessed
finding them unharmed despite the storm surge.
The aftermath brought about problems on food
and water supply, but we know that as God saved
us from the wrath of Yolanda, He will surely save us
from hunger and thirst.
With no news from my colleagues we hoped for
helped thru prayers. Then suddenly Paul Dorado
and Eleazar Tapang knocked on our uncle’s house.
They found us on the third day after the typhoon hit.
Through them we were able to contact our relatives
and friends from other regions using social media
networks. We were able to locate our colleagues and
we were evacuated by the management to escape
the chaos created by lawlessness.
I’ll take this opportunity to thank all those who
helped us through their prayers, clothing, food and
monetary support. Thank you SMFI management
for taking care of us. Thank you Paul and Eliezar for
locating us despite the risks and dangers, I salute
you both.
I am Jason Tecson and I survived Typhoon
Paul T. Dorado (Territory Sales Manager - Central Eastern
Visayas, SMFI Poultry & Meats): Trekking to Tacloban
to Find His Team
I thought to myself, “This is just another ordinary
storm, probably similar to Pablo or Ondoy
or Ruping”... was I wrong! I realized this
when we heard winds whistling and the roof
rattling as early as 6 AM. It grew stronger
in intensity in the morning, as branches
flew overhead, mango trees were uprooted
and power lines were cut. I immediately
accounted for my team members via text and call.
My concern escalated when I could no longer
contact my team members in Leyte and Samar.
I never stopped and just kept trying. My wife also
was busy trying to contact my in-laws in Ormoc.
The intensity of the storm and the broadcasts both
on radio and TV — especially that of the storm surge
firmed up my resolve to personally check on The
Eastern Visayas (EVis) team. After all, for me they are
also my family. I was assigned in Ormoc for 2 years,
so I needed to see for myself the actual situation
there. In my mind, I had to account for them. They
are my responsibility and firstly, they are my friends.
I immediately requested for a travel authority from
Head Office since I could not focus until my team
was fully accounted for. Fortunately, that approval
came quickly and I immediately prepared the relief
goods that I would bring with me to Ormoc.
The next day, Nov. 9, the port of Ormoc was
already opened to fast crafts. I boarded the 5:45 pm
trip to Ormoc. What greeted me when I arrived was a
scene out of Mad Max — it was desolate, dark — a
ghost town. Sludge and dust swirled around as we
moved toward the city center. Since my in-law’s house
was close to the pier, I carried the goods there. I found
my in-laws were safe and their house was intact so
they could provide me shelter.
That was where our Animal Production Specialist,
Mr. Eleazar “Tata” Tapang met me for the distribution
of the relief goods. At around that time, I have already
established that all the Ormoc team was safe and
On the first night, I was able to make an area
assessment and survey of the city proper. The
damage to property was extensive! I continued to
survey the area the following day, including our NMS
and made plans with Tata to travel to Tacloban as we
had not heard from any one there yet, coupled with
hearing horrifying stories of the numerous dead bodies
We made our plans and decided to use a
motorcycle as our primary transportation. This
allowed us to travel faster. That afternoon, at 3pm of
November 10, we made our way to Tacloban,
not knowing what we would find but just knowing
that we needed to locate our co-employees. Our
preparations were meager but we braved the
heat, the littered debris and the dangers of looting.
A trip to Palo that normally take two hours lasted
four and a half hours!
What greeted me in Ormoc was nothing compared
to what we saw in Palo. It would be forever etched
in my memory and it still haunts me in my sleep. The
stench of cadavers that lined the streets was almost
unbearable. All I could think of was “Please do not let
me see any member of my team here!”
After a few hours of searching, my relief was palpable
upon seeing firsthand that our Distribution Sales
Specialist, Jason Tecson and his family. We stayed
with his family and made plans to check on the rest
of the team the following day. We were able to fully
account for the whole team and relayed the good
news to Cebu HR and traveled back to Ormoc.
Although the trip going back to Ormoc took 8 hours,
it seemed shorter as the burden of not knowing the
fate of my team was lifted from my shoulders. The trip
was worth it. Lives come first before business. People
come first before profit. I am glad to be a part of an
organization that believes in this. We are resilient. We
will bounce back
Employee Service Awards
Why people stay in san miguel pure fooDs
It’s not a common practice
for young professionals these
days to stay in one company
for more than 10 years. The
most frequent question during
the job hunt is, “why do
employees go?” And people
will not run out of reasons on
why they hop from one job to
another except when you talk
to employees from San Miguel
Pure Foods that you instead
ask the question, “why do
SMPFC employees stay?”
If you search on Google for
“Why do employees stay?” you
get a number of reasons like
identifying with the company
culture, liking what they do,
finding time after work etc. When
you ask the employees who have
been here for decades, they all
give you the same answer – “I am
grateful to San Miguel” and the
stories stream down from there.
You seldom hear people who
have been honed through training
and experience in the industry
take a step back and reflect
on the Company they work
for. The culture of “Malasakit”
reflects how a Company takes
care of its people too, not just
how the employees care about
their Company. Malasakit sa
trabaho, sa sarili at sa kapwa
tao resonates strongly when we
celebrate the Employee Service
Awards every November.
Our awardees are what we call
today as the “lifers”, the people
who stays 20, 25, 30 and 35
years. If you haven’t been inspired
by a “lifer” – they’re not hard to
find in SMPFC. The commitment,
loyalty and service of SMPFC
employees aren’t easy – but
bracing through the toughest
challenges in their careers and
personal life becomes bearable
because SMPFC is able to
offer one of the best employee
benefits. It encourages people
to work hard when they know
that the company they work and
invest their time and effort in also
invests their resources on them,
providing them the privileges each
hardworking employee is proud
to have.
This year has proven how
SMPFC was able to provide
assistance to not just our
employees but to our fellow
Filipinos who were badly affected
by the typhoon Yolanda. “A
company that gives back” isn’t
often heard when you ask why
employees stay, but you’d be
glad to know that the Company
you devote your day to, and for
our awardees, spend half your
life with – actually does.
Employee Service Awards
ESA 2013 awardees
Employee Service Awards—35-year awardee
“For the love of my job and San Miguel.”
Leopoldo S. Titular, 35 years of service
“It is really the passion for what I do and how I see that I am able to help San Miguel achieve its goals while at
the same time helping significantly in the countryside development, and uplifting lives of people. San Miguel has
given me great opportunities to grow and at the same time, help so many lives become better. This had been a
primary driver for me to stay and pay it forward, to San Miguel and to others for which I will be eternally grateful”
Among the
Top Corporate
of inemployees
who helped
the Country
Atty. Chesa Baltazar, OGC
On November 15, 2013, San
Miguel Pure Foods, through the
Office of the General Counsel,
attended the 12th Annual
Working Session of the Institute
of Corporate Directors (ICD) at
the Mandarin Oriental. This year’s
theme is “Mastering the ASEAN
Corporate Governance Scorecard
Launched in 2012, the ACGS
is a corporate governance
rating system for publicly
listed companies like SMPFC,
developed by the ASEAN Capital
Markets Forum (ACMF) as one of
several initiatives meant to create
an integrated regional capital
market infrastructure by 2015.
The ACMF is an international
organization composed of the
capital market regulators from the
ten (10) ASEAN member-states.
The Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC) is the official
Philippine representative to the
ACMF and it appointed the ICD
as the Philippine representative
to the ASEAN Corporate
Governance Experts group as
well as the domestic ranking body
of the Philippines for the ACGS.
To date, Malaysia, Indonesia and
the Philippines have fully adopted
the ACGS.
Composed of 179 questions
answerable by a “yes” or “no”,
the ACGS uniformly rates the
corporate governance practices
and policies of a publicly
listed company in the areas of
transparency, accountability,
and protection of shareholder
and stakeholder rights. The
ACGS also has bonus questions
Total ACGS score
Weight (%) Company Score
Level 1
Part A
Rights of Shareholders
Part B
Equitable treatment
of Shareholders
expected from the publicly listed
At the end of the Working
Session, the top 50 corporate
governance practitioners in the
Philippines were recognized.
With a score of 80.7 percent,
SMPFC is one of the highly
rated publicly listed companies
in the Philippines, a testament
to SMPFC’s integrity and
dedication to its stakeholders and
Part C
Role of Stakeholders
10% 8.5
Part D
& Transparency
25% 18.5
Part E
of the Board
40% 30.5
Level 2
Bonus and Penalty
that reward practices beyond
minimum standards, and penalty
questions that penalize poor
practices by the publicly listed
During the Working Session,
speakers from the ACMF and
SEC reported on the results of
the ACGS. The participants also
broke out into groups to discuss
the ACGS questions and the
responses and standards
Excellence | Feature Article
Employees Code of Ethics: Our Way of Life
The SMPFC Code of Ethics was
launched during the staging of
the Employee Service Awards last
November 22, 2013 at the Valle
Verde Country Club.
The Code of Ethics is a centerpiece
program that integrates and serves as
the foundation for existing and future
policies to be observed by employees
and business partners of San Miguel
Pure Foods. It is aligned with San
Miguel Corporation’s own Code of
Ethics and supports SMC’s program
on Corporate Governance.
The Code of Ethics embodies the
guiding principles on acceptable
behavior and performance of
employees and business partners
alike. This Code of Ethics will be
cascaded internally to employees
in the coming weeks through small
meetings and scheduled activities.
Below are some of the GUIDING
Ethics, Our Way of Life.
“Our customer is our
reason f or existence.”
• We strive to be the customer’s
preferred choice.
• We listen to our customers to
understand and anticipate their needs.
• Customers choose us because
we provide them with products
and services that exceed their
innovativess & continuous learning
“There is always a better way
of doing things.”
• We encourage creativity and ingenuity
in our processes and systems,
products and services, continuously
looking for better ways to do things,
always striving to be the first to deliver
something better.
f Life
Our Way O
• We create an environment that
encourages learning, not only to
deliver expectations but also to grow in
knowledge and abilities.
meritocracy & passion for success
“We are responsible for
our success. What we get
is commensurate to how
much we put in.”
• We constantly strive for excellence.
We aspire to be the best we can be
and create value in everything we do.
We are proactive and entrepreneurial,
propelled by a sense of urgency and
competitiveness, with speed and
precision in execution, and total
Code of Ethics
dedication to results.
• We recognize and reward individuals
and organizations on the basis of
performance and results.
accountability for actions
“With trust come great
expectations. We are
accountable for our
actions and decisions.”
• We take full responsibility for all our
actions and decisions, and discharge
our duties conscientiously, honestly and
• We uphold and regard as paramount the
Food Group’s interest in the undertaking
of business strategies, opportunities
and endeavors, with deliberate and
full evaluation and management of
attendant risks and the end view of
enhancing and maximizing shareholder
• We comply with and respect all
applicable laws, rules and regulations
governing the Food Group’s
businesses, in all jurisdictions where
such is conducted.
“Character and reputation
will always precede us.”
• We say what we mean and mean what
we say.
• We conduct business in a manner
which is ethical, fair and right, and in
all reasonable circumstances, above
• We compete fairly and honestly. Each
one of us believes in profit with honor
and is committed to good governance
and the highest moral standards
in the performance of duties and
• We ensure the integrity of our records,
books and accounting, and endeavor to
fully, fairly, timely and accurately report
and disclose material information in
accordance with law and regulations.
• We build and strengthen business
relationships on the basis of merit,
mutual interest, candor and fair
competition, and avoid profit or gain
of competitive advantage through
manipulation, abuse of privileged or
non-public information, concealment,
misrepresentation and other illegal or
unethical practices.
• We exercise utmost discretion in
accepting personal favors or gifts from
persons seeking or doing business
with the Food Group, and refuse to
grant personal favors, or decline any
gift or benefit that may compromise
the independence of the Company,
create a sense of obligation on its part
or potentially influence its business
• We avoid circumstances and positions
that actually or potentially conflict
with the interest of the Food Group or
interfere with loyalty and objectivity in
business dealings and relationships.
teamwork & open communication
“Everyone has his own
strength and intelligence.
No one has the monopoly
of greatness. We can
achieve more when we do
things together.”
• We work toward shared aspirations,
transcending boundaries along
functional and organizational lines with
trust and respect for each other and
with unity in purpose.
• We enable Employees to feel free to
express opinions, voice concerns, and
offer suggestions to their superiors and
respect for people,
authority and property
“We are responsible for
everything that is entrusted
to us.”
• We recognize each other as individuals
and commit to nurturing each other’s
individual capabilities.
• We commit to uplift the dignity of labor
by encouraging each other to be the
best in their fields.
• We respect and shall preserve the
Food Group’s assets and resources by
ensuring that they are used efficiently
and solely for legitimate business
purposes, and accord the same to the
assets and properties of others.
• We safeguard and maintain the
confidentiality of knowledge or
proprietary information on the Food
Group’s products, formulations,
trade secrets, business strategies,
technologies, processes and systems.
Social responsibility
“We are citizens of a
bigger society. We give
back and take care of our
• We strive towards good corporate
citizenship and pursue pro-active
• We contribute positively to the
promotion of social responsibility in the
community in which we live and work
by supporting activities and programs
geared towards community welfare and
environmental protection.
golden bay grain terminal
Along with San Miguel’s thrust
of diversifying into industries that
are integral to nation building,
San Miguel Mills, Inc. inaugurated
the Golden Bay Grain Terminal
(GBGT) last November 13,
2013. The Terminal is built with a
153-meter long pier in the coast
of Mabini, Batangas.
The Golden Bay Terminal boasts
of a faultless coastline facing the
Calumpang Peninsula. Providing
a strategic location, the terminal
addresses the country’s need
for infrastructure that services
international imports such as
soybean and wheat, grains that
are not grown in the country.
Having a total storage capacity
of 150,000 metric tons of
assorted grains, the terminal
is fully automated, accurately
monitoring and tracking grain
movements, inventory and
turnover – contributing to the
country’s grain supply security.
Guests of the Golden Bay Grain Terminal Inauguration
SMMI President
Florentino C. Policarpio
addresses the audience
USEC Bernadette Romulo-Puyat of the
Department of Agriculture delivers her keynote
message in behalf of Sec. Proceso Alcala
The country’s growing grain
requirement drove the need to
increase grain terminal capacity.
GBGT is able to provide sufficient
storage capacity and proper
SL President Thomas Tan delivers the speech
of SMC President Ramon S. Ang
handling for imported grains
providing support as the country
opens up to other South East
Asian Countries through the
Asean Economic Community
– the terminal could potentially
serve as a transhipment hub for
international grain traders.
The Grain Terminal is also
expected to benefit downstream
users of grains – the feedmillers,
flour millers, and the livestock
industry as it lowers the cost of
doing business as the terminal
fosters healthy competition in the
industry while keeping terminal
fees at bay.
The terminal is also seen to
provide community development
Unveiling of the marker for the Golden Bay Grain Terminal
as it increases economic activity
– through job generation, higher
incomes and potential growth in
related industries.
Registered with the Board
of Investors, the Golden Bay
Grain Terminal is a milestone
for San Miguel Pure Foods and
San Miguel Corporation as we
continue on our thrust to actively
being part of the country’s
economic development.
(clockwise, from top left photo) Fr. Mandy Panganiban of Mabini Batangas lead the blessing of the facilities; The Mass Choir
comprised of employees of SMMI; World-class performers, Pangkat Kawayan bring life to the day by playing music using
bamboo instruments; World-class performers and one of Batangas’ pool of talents, Lahing Batangan Dance Troupe, entertain
the crowd
For San Miguel Pure Foods and
its Business Partners, a gathering
intended to break the busy buss
of the corporate world was done
taken in another level of playing
field — the golf course.
On the morning of July 2nd
and with a perfect strolling
weather, some 55 avid golfers
took advantage of the mid week
Pasig City holiday to kick off the
1st San Miguel Pure Foods and
Business Partners Fellowship
Golf Tournament at the Manila
Southwoods Golf and Country
Club in Carmona, Cavite.
SMPFC Opcom members
and third party operators from
all over the country were in
attendance. The tournament was
an opportunity for the weekend
golfers to relax and test their skills
in the green, at the same time
strengthens their camaraderie.
Amidst cheers and the friendly
heckling the tournament proved to
be very different. “It’s a fellowship
more than a golf tournament”,
says Mr. Ely Capcacio, “The
activity was more of a chance
for us in SMPFC and business
partners to get acquainted on a
more personal level.”
It likewise provided the
opportunity for old and new friends
to catch up, swap stories and
experiences on how they conduct
business in their respective
Much awaited was the raffle of
give-aways since each participant
brought more than his share for
the exchange gift. Food was pot
(Above) Participants of the San Miguel Pure Foods & Business Partners Fellowship
Golf Tournament whoop it up after carrying out with their exchanged gifts” in
the raffle portion of the program; (below) Mr. Francisco Alejo III delivering his
message to participants of the tournament; emphasizing the importance of unity in
fulfilling a common commitment.
luck, and there was an overflow of
food to guarantee seconds.
SMPFC President Mr. Butch
Alejo III expressed special
appreciation to all the participants.
He highlighted the benefit of this
activity and the fellowship in his
short message. He emphasized
how working relationships are
strengthened when you personally
know the people you work with
and you are all committed to
achieving the same business
Monterey Cavite Meat Plant
Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Monterey’s premier meat
plant located at Langkaan
Drive Dasmarinas Cavite, more
popularly known as MCMP,
marked its’ 25th anniversary last
August 8.
This milestone was
commemorated by a simple
program held at the meat plant
last August 12. It was a day of
thanksgiving, camaraderie and
recognition as third party and
SMFI employees alike participated
in the celebrations. San Miguel
Foods Inc. (SMFI) Meats & Poultry
management led by Ms. Tatish
Palabyab graced the occasion.
The day began with a
thanksgiving mass officiated
by parish priest, Father Hector
Arellano. A boodle fight ensued
which was participated by all
employees. The program proper
was opened by Ms. Joy Lejano,
SMFI SLPO, Regional Operations
Manager. SMFI Meats & Poultry
GM Dr. Leo Obviar and VP for
Processing Mr. Vic Antonio
imparted inspirational speeches.
A photo montage of MCMP
through the years was shown.
Employees participated in the
videoke singing contest and
group presentations. Jose Mari
Tolentino, a third party employee,
won the videoke singing contest
while the group from Further
Processing was declared the best
among the group presentations.
A homegrown live band
entertained the crowd.
Recognitions were given to
employees who have been in
service for the past 25 years.
The company recognized Engr.
Emilio Gatpandan of Technical
Services/Engineering Group and
Toll Operations Representative
Ms. Shirley Escalante for their
25 years in service. SMFI also
recognized the contributions of
third party agencies to MCMP’s
success. Special citations were
given to Solidbase Services,
Starbross, Sterix and live hog
buyer Ms. Precy Tabotabo
The program was concluded
with a raffle draw were various
small appliances were given away.
As a way of giving back to the
community that had embraced
MCMP for 25 years, a bloodletting
activity will be held on
September 8.
Monterey Cavite Meat Plant’s
history is a story of commitment
to superior quality meats and
of dedication to the pursuit
of excellence. From the time
the company started in 1988,
the plant has become one of
the leading meat processing
establishments in the country.
MCMP was the first meat plant
in the country to be recognized
by the National Meat Inspection
Services (NMIS) as a triple
AAA abattoir. This means that
the caliber of its facilities and
operational procedures achieve
international standards.
to page 30
from page 29
Since 2004 up to 2009 (the
last year of awarding), MCMP
had been annually receiving the
Seal of Excellence award as Best
and Cleanest Slaughterhouse
by the NMIS.This was after
being recognized as the grand
slam winner of the best AAA
Slaughterhouse in the Philippines
from 2000-2003.
In MCMP, Monterey products
go through a process that has
passed the Hazard Analysis
Critical Control Point System
(HACCP), an internationally
recognized quality management
system designed to identify and
prevent potential hazards. For a
food company to be accredited,
it must consistently pass the
internationally accepted measures
of Good Manufacturing Practices
(GMP) and Standard Sanitation
Operating Procedures (SSOP).
MCMP’s Quality Management
System was also certified to the
standards of ISO 9001:2000 by
SGS, Phils. in 2005-2007.
As it produces superior meat
products for consumers,
MCMP also plays an active role
in improving the lives of the
communities where it operates.
In the past years, MCMP
spearheaded tree-planting
projects, blood-letting programs,
gift-giving activities and feeding
programs for the families in
Langkaan as main beneficiaries.
These achievements and CSR
activities are testaments to the
plant’s commitment to achieving
customer satisfaction, operating
excellence and continuous
improvement as well as
social responsibility. It also
symbolize MCMP’s commitment
to uphold SMPFC’s core value of
60 Years of Providing
Innovation to Filipino Raisers
In 1953, when it first ventured
into the feeds manufacturing
business, San Miguel Corporation
has always taken the lead in
feed innovation. Using bacillus
megatherium, a growth promotant
derived from its beer brewing
operations, it began supplying
quality animal feeds for poultry
and hog raisers nationwide.
Since then, the business has
grown by leaps and bounds. In
1955, it registered its flagship
brand B-MEG with the Bureau
of Animal Industry (BAI), giving
it the distinction of getting BAI
registration Certificate No. 1.
B-MEG INTEGRA, the only feed
line fortified with B-MEG’s very
ensure superior development
and nutrition in every stages
of growth, has a new variant.
1 is the only high protein pellet
is now available in trade stores
From a one-ton feedmill at
the San Miguel Polo Brewery,
to the Manila B-MEG Plant in
Balintawak, to more than 30
strategically-located feedmills
that produce B-MEG products
nationwide - raisers are assured
of fresh, quality B-MEG feeds for
the growth of their livestock.
Feed innovation is perhaps
best exemplified with the
introduction of new products and
technologies. B-MEG PREMIUM
a better alternative for finisher
feeds, it was shown to produce
heavier pigs and leaner meat, and
has gained popularity amongst
animal raisers.
To date, B-MEG remains to be
the leading feed brand in the
country, providing raisers with
the freshest, best-in-class quality
products which is coupled with
value-added technical services
provided by B-MEG personnel.
B-MEG ensure raisers of high
quality products, shorter grow out
periods and business success.
This total solutions approach
is what sets B-MEG apart from
other commodity feeds.
B-MEG was once a major
sponsor in the recently concluded
Agrilink, Foodlink and Fishlink
2013 at the World Trade Center
in Pasay City. Agrilink held its
20th International Agribusiness
Exhibition and Seminars with
the theme; “Common Service
Facilities: Key to the Value Chain”
last Oct. 10-12.
“Agrilink is the biggest annual
gathering of the agro-industrial
industry. As the leading feed
brand in the market, B-MEG
maximizes this opportunity to
reach our market,” explained Gilly
Arguelles, Marketing Manager of
SMFI Feeds Business.
B-MEG sponsored a seminar
with Dr. Eugene Mende as the
resource speaker. Dr. Mende is
the Veterinary Sales Manager
of San Miguel Animal Health
Care (SMAHC). His topic was
Swine Management, which was
attended by more than 150
hog raisers from all over the
country. There were technical
B-MEG personnel in the B-MEG
booth who answered inquiries
about hog raising, gamefowl
management and the products
offered by both B-MEG and
San Miguel Foods Inc. (SMFI)
Day was also held on October
11, Friday. Fun-filled activities
with exciting prizes were given
away in the B-MEG Raffle.
Monterey Foods and Magnolia
Chicken sponsored a cooking
demonstration at the foyer of the
World Trade Center.
B-MEG makes true on its
commitment to continuously
improve the industry by sharing
its research on technology and
production to the public by
participating in events such as
Agrilink. This is especially relevant
for the growth and profitability
of small enterprises or backyard
farms, which BMEG recognizes
as an important sector of the
Agro – Poultry & Meats
Magnolia Chicken Stages Carenderia Fiesta Year 3 w
The most celebrated carinderia
event supported by Magnolia
Chicken once again brought
(CAFI3)! last October 11 & 12,
2013 at the World Trade Center
in Pasay City. Magnolia Chicken
Carinderia Fiesta Year 3 came
back with a bigger, better and
bolder pakulo that food-loving
Pinoys enjoy.
This year’s theme, “Buhay
Carinderia” gives a glimpse
of the life stories of carinderia
owners and how they manage to
juggle the everyday challenges of
being a business owner and a
Magnolia Chicken, one of
San Miguel Pure Foods’ brands,
has been a passionate supporter
of the carinderia segment
from the beginning. Initially
planned as a one-time event for
carinderias, it has now evolved
into an ongoing advocacy of
helping carinderia partners uplift
their industry and establish a
meaningful and sustainable
relationship with this segment.
Committed to the Alagang
Magnolia promise, this event
amplifies Magnolia Chicken’s
desire to continue and nurture
partnership with the Carinderias,
who have been loyal customers
of Magnolia Fresh Chicken over
the years.
Carinderia Fiesta served us the
biggest get-together of all kinds
of carinderias, including small
food concessionaires, canteens,
food and product suppliers, and
entrepreneurs. Now with over
3 million operating nationwide,
these humble carinderias are
emerging with a whole new
confidence in their business by
giving more value to observing
and complying with standards
of quality and food safety, aside
from just considering taste.
During the Carinderia Fiesta,
small carinderia owners were
given the opportunity to interact
and network with food suppliers,
at the same time showcase
their family-held, time-honored
recipes. The event helped them
expand their network, open
new doors and opportunities to
hone their skills and boost their
business potential.
Carinderia Fiesta has evolved
since its first staging and
has become a platform
to continually uplift the
standard of carinderias,
while preserving its trueblue Pinoy essence,
where the simplicity of
traditional, home-cooked
meals combined with its
homey and familiar atmosphere
take precedence over fleeting
food and dining trends. At the
end of the day, one can never
replace the unique character that
embodies the heart and soul that
is captured in Pinoy cooking,
something which is present in
every Carinderia.
with Theme “Buhay Carinderia”
Branded Business Cluster
PHC Cavite Plant meaningfully
celebrated its 9th Anniversary last
November through a series of
activities. For an exciting kickoff, “TENDER JUICY” hotdogs,
Spaghetti” eating contests, which
were joined by employees and
third party personnel. This year’s
victors broke previous records
in “gorging the most number
of hotdogs and nuggets” in the
shortest time.
Project “SHAMCEY”, which gave
approximately Php9M savings for
PHC during the period of evaluation
were also awarded.
A Recognition Program was
also held to mark the anniversary
day. Highlights of the celebration
were the Thanksgiving Mass,
The Employee Recognitions and
HAM” Short Film Festival.
In attendance during the
festivities were SMPFC Branded
Business Cluster (BBC) Head,
Butch Nazareno; Hormel Foods
International Vice President, David
Longacre; BBC Processed Meats
Marketing Head Jogee Cruz
and Category Manager; Division
Logistics Head, Scotty Punsalang
and team; Sales and Operations
Planning Team; Corporate
Innovations Group; and of course,
the Cavite Management Team
headed by Plant Manager, Ely
The employees recognized
during the program were those
with tenures of 5 and 10 years,
the latter were considered the
Plant’s “original” cast. Two
winners under the Company’s
Employee Suggestion System
The Blockbuster FIESTA HAM Film
Festival showcased the passion of
employees in short film-making (4-5
minute duration), which included
directing and acting. There were
five finalist-entries, but the BEST
ACTRESS prizes were awarded to
“T-BOOM” theme with a redeeming
value of forgiveness in the end.
Also on the same day as
the Recognition Program, the
Anniversary 9-Km Fun Run
and the tree-planting activities
were held. Purefoods products
were sampled throughout these
A Blood-Letting Activity held
on November 14 concluded the
Kwentong Kusina, Kwentong Buhay
With Sec. Greg Domingo
Coffee-Barbecue Beef Ribs with Corn & Coffee-Buttered Corn
1 ½ tsp
1/4 tsp
1/8 tsp
1/8 tsp
1/4 cup
1/2 cup
1/4 cup
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
olive oil
grated garlic
grated celery
store-bought hickory barbecue sauce
dried rosemary
grated onions
lime soda
brown sugar
Magnolia Gold Butter, softened
Magnolia Cheezee, finely grated
Japanese Sweet Corn, boiled (with husk)
San Mig Coffee SUPER
San Mig Coffee WHITE
Monterey Beef Short Ribs,
cut into 6 serving pieces
In a pan, sauté garlic, onions, celery and
rosemary in olive oil for a minute. Sear in beef
ribs. Add in soda, coffee mix, barbecue sauce,
sugar, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce
heat to low to allow slow simmer. Cook until
fork tender. Serve with coffee-buttered corn and
preferred side vegetables.
To make the coffee-butter, mix butter, pepper
and coffee mix until well-blended. Brush all-over
corn and roll in grated cheese.
(Serves 6)
Kwentong Kusina, Kwentong Buhay
For Caramel:
¼ cup white sugar
1 tbsp Magnolia Gold Butter
½ cup water
For the custard sauce:
2 pcs
Magnolia Brown Egg
(egg yolks only)
½ cup Magnolia Pure Fresh
2 tbsp powdered sugar
2 tbsp macapuno preserves
For the Meringues:
Magnolia Brown Egg
(egg whites only)
¼ tsp
cream of tartar
1 tbsp confectioners’ sugar
1 tsp
vanilla extract
4 scoop Magnolia Ice Cream
Best of the Philippines
Pinipig Pandan
10 2
strip Purefoods Honeycured Bacon,
sliced into half
Ripe banana, sliced into 1-inch strips
cup Magnolia Chicken Livers,
cleaned and trimmed
Separately roll bananas and chicken livers in bacon.
Place banana and chicken bacon rolls in separate trays
and bake in a preheated 350ºF oven until golden and
liners are fully cooked. Allow to cool down. Arrange on
serving platter. Serve with Cheezee Squeeze dip.
Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze
White onion, minced
Olive oil or salad oil
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper, to taste
Juice from ½ lemon
Whisk all ingredients together until well-incorporated.
Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
To make caramel: Melt sugar until
bronze. Add butter. Mix until butter
emits Toffee aroma. Add water and
whisks reduce to a sauce. Set aside.
To make custard: Combine
eggyolks and milk in a small
saucepan and cook over medium
heat while continually stirring until
thickened. Stir in powdered sugar
and macapuno preserves. Set aside
to let cool.
To make meringue: Preheat oven
to 350F. In a mixing bowl, whip the
egg whites with cream of tartar
until light and foamy. Gradually
add the confectioners’ sugar and
continue beating. Add vanilla. Scoop
meringue onto greased baking sheet
and bake for 5-10 minutes or until it
has risen and doubled in size.
To assemble: Transfer meringues
into serving container. Scoop ice
cream into container then drizzle
with caramel and macapuno custard.
Serve immediately.
Kwentong Kusina, Kwentong Buhay
Magnolia All Purpose Flour
Magnolia Gold Butter, cubed and kept frozen
cold water
tbsp onions, chopped
garlic, chopped
210 gm can Pure Foods Corned Beef
tbsp Magnolia Gold Butter
pc large potato, peeled & cut into small dice
tbsp carrots, diced
cup chicken stock
tsp salt
tbsp sugar
tsp black pepper
1/4 cup raisins
cup Magnolia Quickmelt Cheese grated
Magnolia Nutri Oil Palm Olein for deep frying
Wilt kangkong on a dry pan.
Finely chop wilted kangkong
leaves, set aside
Melt butterlicious on pan.
Beat eggs then add fresh
milk. Sautee chopped
kangkong leaves on melted
butter. Add beaten eggs
Grate cheese over eggs.
Continue scrambling the
eggs until set but not dry.
Transfer scrambled eggs
on plate and top with more
grated cheese. Serve with
bread or rice
our products
San miguel foods products
New - chicken wings made crispier and juicier but without
the bones! Comes with an initial variant of soy garlic.
With PUREFOODS Crisp ‘n Juicy Boneless Wingers, NO
TOCINO. Hindi ‘to Cino-Cino
Lang. Irresistably tender,
perfectly marinated and
deliciously comforting.
Made only from farm-fresh
MONTEREY pork, you’re
getting pure, clean, greattasting, premium-quality meat.
STAR Crispy Burger fortified with Star Margarine
and has Height Building
Nutrients — Vitamins A, D3,
B1, B6 and B12.
Sarhap. Perfectly marinated, irresistably tender, sweet-savroy
pork with a hint of chili to spice up your tastebuds. Made only
from farm-fresh Monterey© pork, so you can be sure you’re
getting the cleanest, best-tasting, highest quality meat.
try s
th i
kambal Pandesal
Photo credit: Ken Reston
These houses are part of San Miguel Pure Foods’
response to the devastation caused by Typhoon
Sendong which hit Mindanao in December 2011. The
Typhoon damaged much of Cagayan de Oro and
Iligan City, however; Sumilao, Bukidnon was also badly
hit. To help the community we have there, San Miguel
Pure Foods, with the help of the San Miguel Foundation,
constructed 20 housing units in Sumilao. These units
will help families who have been displaced due to the
flooding caused by Typhoon Sendong to rebuild
their lives. As of the end of 2013, the units are almost
complete, requiring only finishing and installation of
doors and windows.

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