Gift Packages We have Put Together Great Gift Ideas.



Gift Packages We have Put Together Great Gift Ideas.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Packages
We have Put Together Great Gift Ideas.
Krav Maga Package
Sparring Gear Red/Black Packages
Home Training Package
A Special Black Krav Maga T perfect for training,
A set of sparring gear which includes face mask
Choose a Cardio Master or Wavemaster to take all
a pair of ATA Leather Combat Gloves, and a mouth
and shield, vest, gloves, and foot pads. Also a
of those punches and kicks you will throw it on
Guard. The perfect package for your Krav Maga
mouth guard and groin cup for boys. In addition
your way to Black Belt. To help you protect your
you get a full weapons ATA bag to store it all.
hands get a set of Combat Gloves.
ATA Weapons Package
ATA Extreme Package
The standard training weapons we teach through-
The Extreme Package features all of the ATA
Duer’s 2015
out the year. Buy all at once and save. You get a
Extreme weapons used in competition. You get
Get your new uniform
The new Duer’s Shirts
Red Metallic Bahng Mahng Ee, Black Ssahng Jeol
Aluminum Ssahng Nats, Graphite Ssahng Jeol
to show everyone your
are here and they are a
Bong, Bo Staff, and Dragon Ssahng Nat.
Bong, Tapered Graphite XMA Bo Staff, and the
successes in the last
perfect holiday gift.
XMA Extreme Sword.
tournament year.
FREE SHIPPING when you Order from Duer’s ATA.
Order by Nov. 13 to get yours by Dec. 25th.