factory edition



factory edition
THE 2013
The above components resulted in a history-making moment for KTM
Motorsports after Red Bull KTM Factory Team athlete Ryan Dungey
won the first premier class championship aboard the company's most
noteworthy motocross machine, the 450 SX-F Factory Edition. The
2012 450 Motocross Championship marked the first championship
for the KTM brand but the fifth title for Dungey. The Minnesota native,
hand-picked by Team Manager Roger DeCoster, will return for the
2013 season as the team’s premier class rider in hopes of claiming
two more championships to his name.
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Dungey returns on a mission to pursue the 2013 Supercross class title
as well as defend the #1 plate in the outdoor series. His bike of choice
will remain the 450 SX-F Factory Edition, a bike fine-tuned to handle
every obstacle, every corner no matter how tough. A collaboration
between the Austrian and North American based Research &
Development teams has helped launch the new 450 SX-F Factory
Edition as the leader in its class. A motorcycle that is built with racing
as its main objective with significant input from Dungey and his team;
a rider will not find a better machine. Dungey will commit himself to
another challenge this season always pushing the bar when it comes
to his training in the gym and on the track to bring to the team the
determination and fitness needed to prevail. His team will commit to
bringing him the best, most reliable machine to the gate each weekend
for 29 races. Forever committed to succeed, Ryan Dungey, his Red
Bull KTM Team and his 450 SX-F Factory Edition are “Ready to
Race”, are you?
developed in north america
The new 450 SX-F has been developed
by KTM Racing in partnership with the U.S. based
KTM Research & Development Team
2013 450 sx-f factory edition
hour meter
KTM hour meter is included with the Factory
Edition to track time for maintenance intervals.
map switch
Ignition curve adjustment made easy with this map
switch that allows you to conveniently change the
ignition curve from the handlebar mounted switch.
the factory effect
triple clamp
CNC-machined orange anodized triple clamps provide
the same look as the factory team.
limited edition sticker
The seat on the new 450 SX-F Factory Edition
features a premium racing non-slip Selle Dalla Valle
seat cover.
Every Factory edition comes with a limited edition
sticker on the frame that shows your bike is 1 of only
555 produced for North America.
Akrapovic is the choice for the factory Red Bull KTM
team and now the Factory Edition comes equipped
with an Akrapovic titanium Factory silencer to
increase power and reduce weight by almost 1lb all
while maintaining low noise levels.
The 450 SX-F Factory Edition includes the exclusive,
2013 Red Bull KTM Factory Team blue and orange
graphics package.
The factory starting device can be mounted directly
on the fork and lowers the front end of the motorcycle
at the start gate to provide greater traction as you
head down the start straight and pull the perfect
holeshot device
The engine will receive new cases without the
kickstarter casting to help minimize the overall weight
of the motor. (Additional engine details on page 6)
A gold Regina racing chain is standard.
rear sprocket
Orange anodized 52T rear sprocket provides the
factory race team look.
orange radiator and fork guards
Orange colored radiator and fork guards are standard
to add to the factory look.
The lightweight frame design made from chromoly
steel has been powder coated orange to match the
Red Bull KTM Factory Team.
excel rims
High-strength black EXCEL rims with silver spokes
are featured on the new model along with CNCmachined hubs for maximum stability and Dunlop
GEOMAX MX51 tires that provide outstanding
front brake disc guard
The Factory Edition comes equipped with a front
brake disc guard for additional protection.
2013 450 sx-f factory edition
Cylinder Head
The 2013 450 SX-F Factory Edition
engine cases and clutch cover have
been redesigned to minimize weight
by removing the kick starter boss to
save over 0.5lb and further reinforce
the effectiveness of KTMs electric
start system for racing. The DDS clutch
has also be updated with a new
280Nm spring that has been tested
and proven by Ryan Dungey during the
2012 Outdoor National series.
The design of the 2013 cylinder head allows
for maximum power output thanks to its
ports, combustion chamber and valve train.
The lightweight titanium valves and
lightweight design of the rocker arms (intake
rocker arm is sliding on a DLC coated contact
directly on the cam shaft) allow for the rpm
limit of 11,500 rpm and a high power output
of 60 hp.
PISTON & CylindeR
Counter Balance Shaft
In the 95mm bore of the cylinder a weight optimized
König piston with a stiff box-in-box design provides a
compression ratio of 12.6:1.
The new 450 engine is fitted with a laterally mounted
counter balancer, which at the same time drives the
water pump. This solution allows a very compact and
lightweight engine design.
- Weight optimized exhaust rocker
arms (intake DLC coated slide contact)
»low oscillating mass for high rpm
- Stiff rocker arm axles with integrated oil
jet for lubricating the intake cam
»safe valve activation
- Titanium intake and exhaust valves
»minimum masses for high rpm
The lightweight PANKL crankshaft with a stroke of 63.4
mm is fitted with a Pankl connecting rod featuring a
pressure lubricated plain bearing (no more needle
bearing), which allows a high rpm limiter and doubles
the time between maintenance intervals.
A lightweight electric starter is standard equipment
and provides a major advantage, especially when
restarting after a crash.
- Ultra-light valve springs and retainers
»precise valve timing
- Weight optimized camshaft
with optimized timing
»wide power band, high performance
DDS Clutch
The DDS (Damped Diaphragm Steel) one-piece clutch basket
combined with the primary gear is made of high-strength steel.
It guarantees unbeatable reliability and contributes to the
narrow engine size due to its compact rivet-less design.
Additionally, it allows the use of thin steel linings, which makes
the whole clutch package compact. A diaphragm spring makes
it possible to implement an additional rubber damping system,
guaranteeing reliability for the transmission and good traction.
The hydraulic clutch by Brembo, in conjunction with the
diaphragm spring, guarantees a light operation and controllable
modulation of the clutch. The clutch spring is 280 Nm
compared to 250 Nm (MY2012) for improved performance.
A 5-speed transmission to perfectly suit the 450 cc
power plant and provides easy and precise shifting.
2013 450 sx-f factory edition
The 450 SX-F Factory Edition is fitted with
the 827 Renthal Fatbar handlebar complete
with bar pad and new 2-compound grips
with KTM logo to provide excellent contact
to the bike.
Airbox design provides more space for the
airfilter for better airflow and reduced dirt to
the filter. The exchange of the TwinAir airfilter is possible without the use of any tools.
Bodywork is reworked to further improve the
bike ergonomics with slimmer, in-mould
graphic shrouds that provide a comfortable
feel and great contact with the bike.
FRONT Suspension
Rear Suspension
The linkage rear suspension with WP shock
absorber allows for individual clicker adjustment of the high/low speed compression as
well as rebound damping.
Aluminum cast swingarm provides perfect
stability at a minimum weight. The swingarm
is reinforced in the rear part of the arms to
improve stability and safety. The 25 mm highstrength rear axle allows for more track
The 48mm WP closed cartridge fork features
excellent control and bottoming characteristics
while maintaining comfort. The SKF seals and
SAE 4 fork oil provide the highest levels of
quality and performance.
Cooling System
The radiators made by WP RADIATOR provide
more durability and resistance to structural
damage in the event of a crash.
Industry leading Brembo brakes with stainlesssteel braided lines and oversized rotors provide
the best in braking performance.
2013 450 sx-f factory edition
roger decoster
& ryan dungey
THE 2013
Please tell us about the 450 engine, and your favorite benefit of that motor?
DeCoster: We all know that KTM has made ultra-strong engines throughout its existence, and the new 450
SX-F Factory Edition motor is no different. The engine produces massive power, and the best part, is the
power is delivered in a smooth and controllable manner.
Dungey: I feel the power range on the motor is solid throughout. It has great bottom, mid and top end
power. I truly feel it gives me an edge over the competition.
Please describe the 450 chassis and your favorite attribute of the chassis?
DeCoster: I still feel that a steel chassis is more compliant than the aluminum chassis, and in reality, the
aluminum chassis are the same weight as the steel chassis because they need to overbuild aluminum
frames in order to have the durability needed for the customers. I feel the chassis of the 450 SX-F Factory
Edition is a step above the competition.
Engine type
Bore / stroke
Compression ratio
Fuel system
Gear ratios
Final drive
drive chain
ignition / Engine management
Single cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-Valve
Electric starter
5-speed SX
Keihin 44mm throttle body EFI
Two Exhaust Valves
Pressure lubrication with 2 Eaton pumps
16:32, 18:30, 20:28, 22:26, 24:24
520 chain 5/8 x 1/4"
Liquid cooled
Hydraulically operated wet multi-disc clutch
Keihin EMS
Dungey: Overall the 450 SX-F Factory Edition has unbelievable handling. My favorite attribute is definitely
the chromoly steel frame. It is amazing what a difference the steel frame makes.
What involvement have you had in developing the new 450 SX-F Factory Edition?
DeCoster: Our race team (Red Bull KTM Factory Team) was heavily involved from the very beginning of the
production of this unit. It was the best joint effort between a race team and Research and Development
Department I have experienced since I was involved in the development of the CR’s for the start of AMA
production rule back in 1986. Both the Austrian and North American based R&D teams worked collectively
with our race team to ensure the bike was built with the racer in mind.
Dungey: I have basically been the test rider for the past two seasons. All of my feedback and that of the
Red Bull KTM team has been incorporated into the design, feel and overall handling of the bike. Also, a lot
of parts used on my factory bike are a part of the Factory Edition bike.
How does it feel to be so closely involved in the development of a new unit
for the U.S. market?
DeCoster: Of course, it feels great when things turn out as well as it did with this bike. It would be great if
we could always hit every target as well as we did with this bike. The media attention, consumer feedback
and race results have all spoken well to the benefit of this unit and what it is capable of.
Dungey: I’m proud to have been given the opportunity to, not only race for the Red Bull KTM team, but to
have an integral role in the development of the new bike. Knowing that my thoughts and feedback in
regards to performance and handling have been taken into account and incorporated into the new bike
design is a great honor.
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Front brake
Front / rear rims
Front / rear tires
Steering head angle
Ground clearance
Seat height
FUEL capacity
TOTAL Weight (DRY)
Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4
Renthal tapered aluminum Ø 28/22mm
WP-USD Ø 48mm Closed-Cartridge
WP monoshock with linkage
260mm/10.2" disc, Brembo double piston caliper
220mm/8.65" disc, Brembo single piston caliper
1.60 x 21" / 2.15 x 19" Excel
Dunlop GEOMAX MX51 80/100-21" / 110/90-19"
Akrapovic Titanium "Factory" Slip-on
1495mm ±10mm/58.86" ±.4"
Approx. 7.5 liters/1.98 U.S. gallons
Approx. 107kg/235.9lbs.
10 I 11
KTM Group Partner
KTM North America, Inc. 38429 Innovation Court, Murrieta, CA 92563 www.ktmusa.com
KTM Canada, Inc. 1375-1 Marie-Victorin, St-Bruno, QC J3V 6B7 www.ktmcanada.com
© 2012, KTM North america, inc.
Photos: S. CUDBY H. Mitterbauer & Hoppenworld.com

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