The meeco Group



The meeco Group
The meeco Group
Corporate Overview
The meeco Group was consolidated and its main focus oriented to the energy sector in
2000. The meeco Group has its world headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. Currently the
group has over 50 employees working across 4 continents.
Our mission is to serve clients and partners by utilizing our network of subsidiaries,
partners and experts to create clean energy solutions through sustainable business
practices, providing at the same time attractive returns on investment. With a structured
but flexible approach based on our core competencies, meeco has delivered over 320 MW
of clean, renewable energy solutions across four continents.
We accomplish our mission by providing project developers, investors, governments,
and private businesses with the services necessary for timely financing, installation, and
operation of clean energy assets.
The meeco Group turns clean energy ideas into reality.
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Global expertise, local knowledge
The meeco Group delivers its services and solutions via its own regional offices or through
strategic partners located worldwide to ensure we address local requirements and
community needs.
Primary business sector
Our clean energy business sector is split into three main areas
which complement each other to provide an integrated set of
clean energy services and solutions.
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Llave en&mano
y Soluciones
Post Construction
de post-construcción y
de activos Services
Advisory services
We help governments, organisations and businesses develop and
implement long term reliable clean energy strategies/programs, assist
in structuring bankable clean energy projects, and use our strong
relationships in the financial community to access debt and equity
financing for these projects.
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Turnkey solutions
The return on investment from clean energy projects is driven by five factors:
■ supremely qualified professional and in depth assessment of needs
and possibilities
■ optimum contract and financing structure
■ on-time and within budget installation
■ efficiency of the chosen technology
■ above forecast performance, reliability and durability of the
We combine top-tier technologies and complete implementation services
to deliver energy generation and storage solutions with high return of
investment. The size and scope of our solutions vary – from large solar
farms, to hybrid energy generation/storage systems for business or
communities, to portable solutions for individuals or humanitarian aid
All our solutions are customized to address each client’s energy
requirements, and can be integrated into an existing utility grid or designed
for remote off-grid areas.
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Asset transaction and management services
We provide investors and project owners a range of asset management
services to ensure ongoing operational and financial success.
Such services include:
supervision of Operations & Maintenance, SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)
administration, billing, accounting, tax filing up to electricity sales.
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2007-2013 results
The meeco Group has become one of the world’s leading clean energy companies by
leveraging its competencies and local expertise with the best technology and service
providers in the industry.
Some key figures:
Over € 1.100 million in projects sold and financed
Over 341 MW financed and operational (100+ projects)
Over 400 MW additional in development (150+ projects)
Some of our strategic partners include:
Power One
Suntech Power
Apia XXI
GES Italy
Pro D3
Villa Shipping
KACO new energy
Reutech S. Africa
Schott Solar
Clean Energy GmbH
Other business sectors
Other Activities
Public relations, corporate communication and
design, media management and energy communication advisory services.
High-end sports sponsoring in the areas of international horse jumping and
e-Power motorcycling.
intervenes in other nonenergy related areas
such as aviation and recycling.
Renewable energy solutions
We combine top-tier technologies and implementation services to create customized clean energy
solutions. These solutions can be designed for either grid-connected or off-grid use to address the
energy requirements of individuals, businesses, communities, and utilities.
Energy production and storage system
Small-to-medium scale power generation
and storage solutions for both grid-connected
and off-grid use. Fully reliable high-end
solar power generation designed for hotels,
households, businesses and communities.
Intelligent energy management and
optimization system
Fully integrated power conversion, storage
and management system, which can be
used in combination with any kind of power
production (preferably solar energy). Equipped
with remote service and monitoring facilities.
Solar multibryd system for telecommunication
Custom designed off- as well as on-grid
solutions to power remote and inner-city
telecommunication sites. The installation can
power a broad range of sites from 300 Wp
single operator BTS locations without air
conditioning to large air-conditioned switching
Water pumping solution
Connection of high end solar modules with
proven water pumping and irrigation devices.
Deliverable as a DC or an AC model, as fixed
or mobile version. Ideal solution to pump
water for irrigation or cattle needs in off-grid
Solar LED lighting
Sustainable outdoor as well as indoor lighting
solution run by solar power. Combination
of LED lights with photovoltaic modules, a
battery bank and a smart lighting controller.
Deliverable as local street lighting systems
or portable mini solutions as well as indoor
Portable solar energy solution
PV-based portable power supply comprised
. a foldable PV module and a wheeled
trolley containing a battery, inverter, charge
controller, cooling fan and air filter. Deliveres
both AC or DC power.
Off-grid water treatment
Solution to purify and desalinate various
sources of water with solar power
generation. Individually assembled and if
needed combined with supplemental power
sources. State-of-the-art battery storage and
inverters, GSM and web-based monitoring.
Solar fishing buoy
Simple robust and integrated buoy lighting
solution using the latest LED technology
allowing to fish up to eight hours at night
without using toxic kerosene. During daytime
the buoys can be recharged by the land based
solar station.
Photovoltaic greenhouses
Specially designed greenhouses using
frameless and integrated PV modules or
non-integrated rooftop PV modules. High
energy production and optimal cultivation
conditions. Manufactured in accordance with
high Dutch greenhouse standards.
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