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Craig Malyon - Abbotsleigh
Projects and Programs
Partnership with
UNSW art & Design
and Cicada Press
Project Based Learning
High Tech High
Hazlehurst Gallery
Partnership Robin Anderson National
Student Film Awards
Art Gallery of NSW
PartnershipsBroken Hill High
1. Film making
Using imovie and garage band students will make a video based on MLC school and the students from Broken Hill High
2. Studio Photography - Students will learn how to use the studio flash and camera
3. Light Graffiti - Using time lapse photography students will produce light trails and animate them
4. Painting - Students are to paint protraits in a style similar to the artist Jean Michel Basquiat using acrylics
and pastel
5. Screenprinting - Student are to complete a multi coloured screen print
6. Underwater photography - series of still and video images underwater
Professional mentoring
of students
HSC Visual Arts
Proven Visual
Arts results in the
past 10 years
Identified as one
of the top three
value courses for
over 6 years
Class average of
Secured 1st in
the state Visual
Arts 2013
Countdown to...
Junior School
Art and Design
April 6, 7 &
Planet Art seeks to extend your daughters creative skills and expose her to a wide variety of
art making techniques that will enrich her understanding of the Visual Arts and build
confidence in her abilities in producing creative works. The student to teacher ratio is kept
low to maintain the integrity of the activities and ensure the classes are meaningful.
In recognition of the interests
and creative skills at MLC
School, Kent House Art &
Design Centre is offering
school holiday visual arts and
design activities. We hope to
offer an artistic journey into the
creative process of a variety of
media such as drawing,
ceramics, photography and
digital manipulation. Students
will go on a safari through
creativity to produce a range of
making and creativity. The
target group is for students
from years 4, 5 and 6 for these
The activity presenters have
been selected on the basis of
their extensive experience. The
size of the class is limited to 10
attendees to ensure an optimal
educational experience.
At 3:00 Thursday an exhibition
will be held in Kent House
Gallery for parents and those
Planet Art will run for first three interested to view the artwork
days of the holidays April 6, 7 & of these students.
8 from 9:00 to 3:00. Planet Art
will present students with a
range of approaches in art
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Year 4-6
Planet Art holiday program
Powerful Learning
Master classes
29 - 30 May
Kent House Art and Design Centre
Saturday - 12:00-4:00pm
Sunday - 9:00 - 3:00pm
Cost $60 school community
$80 - Non School community
Andrew Totman is a award
winning master printmaker who
is the first presenter in our
Master class workshops, which
will be held throughout the year.
Andrew will extend the
students’ understanding and
approach to etching.
MLC 2010 Master class series
2014 MLC School Visual Arts Master Class
Pushing the Line
Etching Master Class
Drawing Workshop
30 November
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Art and Design Centre
All material supplied
Explore marking making in an exciting
way with Denis Clarke. This workshop
will extend drawing skills and introduce
an array of new techniques.
Please email to
[email protected]
or see your Visual Arts teacher for more
Denis Clarke is an established artist and art educator who has exhibited
widely in Australia and internationally. He has been the recipient of
major awards including The NSW Travelling Art Scholarship and The
Cite International Paris Studio. Initially trained in Sydney he proceeded
to London to study at Saint Martins School of Art and has held
numerous solo shows of his work in London and Sydney. His work is
characterized by expressive use of colour and intense drawing from
nature and he is represented by The Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney. He
lectures at several art schools including, The Dobell School for Drawing
at The National Art School, Sydney. Public collections include , The Art
Gallery of NSW and Fitzwilliam College Cambridge University, UK.
This is a Visual Arts extension course in which students will receive a certificate of
achievement and produce an edition of prints by the completion the workshop.
Enquiries - [email protected]
Project Based Learning
My Environment Year 7
Year 7 Zoo experience
Mrs Marks!
Class 7.3
“Only when the last of the animals, horns, tusks, skin and bones are sold will mankind
realise that money can never bring back our wildlife” Wild at Heart
We have used the theme endangered to illustrate on our Rhino. The rhino features
more than just a rhino, it also features the aspects of all endangered animals and
what we are doing to kill but also help them. It represents all the animal killings and
how they are tortured and slaughtered.
The above quote runs along the spine of the Rhino and is at the heart of our explored
theme of endangerment. Our Rhino is red at the back, fading to white (the head and
horn) representing the life or blood running out of all endangered animals. Each
student approached their segment with a factor that contributes to the endangerment
of animals, including poaching, loss of habitat, cruelty and the souvenir trade. They
have used powerful quotes and scientific data collected in visual art class, science,
english and while visiting the zoo.
The head of our Rhino features coins from around the world representing the
commercial spending that is driving the continued slaughter and butchery of these
amazing animals. Nails have been driven into the wood, wire wrapped around, fabric,
paint and collage applied to the bones portraying a multi faceted picture of life as an
endangered animal living today.
Written By 7.3 collectively
Rhino Inspiration
These are images from the Endangered Species program that brought
awareness of the plight of the rhinoceros . Taronga zoo invited artist to
decorate their rhino to bring attention to this important issue.
City Experience
Down the Rabbit Hole
3D Scanning
and printing of Year 7
Global Connections
Art and Design Tour
MLC Artweek 2015
Photographic Competition
Film Festival
Artist’s Talks
Stencil Art workshop
Mural Workshop
Laser Cutting workshop
Deus Ex Photos
Photomedia Conference
Artist Mentorship
Artist Talks
Artist in Residency
Rebecca Kumon
Cross faculty project Art + Science = ?
Future Projects
Rex Dupain (in my Father’s Footsteps)
Aboriginal Artist in Residence Amala Groom
Rebecca Kumon Art and Science residency
Revisiting the past 130 of MLC
Internship for teachers
Media unit for junior school
Teacher exchanges
UTS Partnership
Classes without boarders
Sculptural Welding NAS
Collection Exhibition
PartnershipTechnologies FEIT
Building UTS