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DRONE® - Fugro Chance Inc.
Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation System
DRONE is a dynamic remotely operated navigation system that provides clear navigation guidance for
remote vessels in critical offshore operations.
DRONE® , developed by Fugro, has become the industry standard
for tracking and providing navigation guidance of remote vessels
in critical offshore operations. DRONE®
is the premier remote
navigation system for surveying projects such as rig moves,
pipeline installation, and marine construction projects. The master
system can provide tracking of 25 or more vessels.
As a portable unit, DRONE® provides clear navigation guidance,
while requiring minimal configuration from the remote vessel
operator as well as minimal assistance from the survey operator.
DRONE® units allow each vessel captain to see the same data but
highlighted is the data specific to each vessel activity. It provides
clear direction to the operation allowing situational awareness of
the entire work site.
In the typical configuration of a DRONE® network, the survey
operator configures and runs STARFIX.NAV® (Fugro’s graphic
survey and navigation system) on the main vessel as the master
system. A DRONE® unit is employed on each remote vessel, such
as tugboats or anchor boats.
A DRONE® system consist of three components: The DRONE®
computer / display,
positioning and heading systems and a
telemetry unit providing connectivity between the DRONE® and
other STARFIX® equipped vessels in the field.
Offshore Survey
Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation System
User Interface
The DRONE® display provides the captain of each remote
As a graphical depiction of the physical site, the DRONE® map
vessel with an easy-to-use touchscreen display. This is ideal for
displays map data, vessels, proposed locations, anchors, and
management of offshore projects. A concise field layout display
target positions.
of Fugro’s proprietary multi-layered GIS database can also be
viewed. This includes pipelines, wells, structures, hazards, and
pre-determined location of mooring lines. This provides precise
guidance for the project. The intuitiveness of the DRONE® display
means no special training is required.
DRONE Telemetry
DRONE utilizes a proprietary telemetry engine (MMRadio) providing
Provides clear navigation guidance (situational awareness)
Easy to set-up and operate
Works with Chance’s proprietary Gulf of Mexico data base
Unequal connectivity and range of operation
Most robust remote vessel positioning utilizing GPS/GNSS
connectivity and sharing of data between vessels operating in the
field. Supporting many radio types and models, the telemetry
engine allows Fugro to couple DRONEs to radios of choice
satisfying local RF licensing restrictions.
For GOM operations,
Fugro utilizes high speed Power Over Ethernet (POE) radios. POE
technology allows the radio to be co-located with the antenna;
connectivity between the DRONE system and the POE radio is
provided via standard CAT5 cable. This eliminates RF power loss
between the antenna and radio module. The combination of the
telemetry and POE radio is what differentiates DRONE® from other
remote tracking systems. DRONE® is capable of operating within
a 10 mile radius of the master site.
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