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September/October 2013
Volume 15, Issue 6
the Campus borders
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News Wave
September/October 2013 Volume 15, Issue 6
John Casper
Chairman's Message
Feature Stories
Kari Cassidy
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Megan Kok
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Cover Photography
Hillary Quella
Hillary Quella Photography
Knowledge Powers Oshkosh
Ribbon Cuttings
Ask the Expert: How to Pick the Right Application for You
Upcoming Events
Kari Cassidy
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day. Oshkosh marketing agency Candeo Creative partnered
pleasure to serve as the chairman and help contribute to the
with the Chamber in 2012 to launch their social media market-
growth of the community.
ing strategy.
Our goal of strengthening Economic Development continues
During my term, the Chamber led an initiative to bring
to be one of the most important areas of focus for the Cham-
together community organizations in an effort to market the
ber. The Chamber Board of Directors spearheaded the strategic
community. These organizations (city of Oshkosh, Winnebago
County, Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, Fox Valley Work-
comprehensive surveys and focus groups to gather input and
force Development Board, Chamco, Oshkosh Convention and
Around the Town
insight. The result of this process reaffirmed the Chamber’s role
Visitors Bureau, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, FVTC, and
in economic development and remains to be the top priority for
the towns of Algoma, Blackwolf and Oshkosh) have formed a
the organization.
marketing group to fund and implement a campaign on behalf
North working to serve business and the community.
the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce has made. It has been my
Calendar of events
accredited chamber and proud member of the New
now has more than 2,000 “likes” and continues to grow each
The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is a 5-star
Reflecting back on the past year, I am amazed by the progress
planning process this year. We reached out to members through
NewsWave (USPS 020-309) is published
bimonthly at a subscription of $25 by the
Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, 120 Jackson
Street Oshkosh, WI 54901
Periodical postage paid at Oshkosh, WI.
Send address changes to the
Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
120 Jackson Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Phone (920) 303-2266
Fax (920) 303-2263
E-mail address: [email protected]
Reflecting on the year's solid progression
Chairman's message
of the community. The centerpiece of this marketing group was
The Chamber excelled at three areas in 2013: membership,
the Business & Industry Cluster Analysis. The analysis was a
Propel Oshkosh and social media. The Chamber saw member-
comprehensive, in-depth look at the economy of our surrounding area. The final results of this survey will help us ascertain
Oshkosh Chamber Clips
ship grow up to 1075 members, 7% higher than this time last
year. With the insight of our business partners, we were able to
the type of business that we are best able to support and recruit
Business Briefs
add 82 new members during our March New Member Cam-
to the area. The group's other initiative was Opportunity Osh-
paign. A.M. Oshkosh, Social Hub, Sales Club and Business After
kosh. Strata Communications was hired to plan an aggressive
Hours networking events continue to grow and attract more
campaign specifically designed to bring in new business and
people each month.
create jobs and tax base.
The Chamber made it a strategic priority to engage young
It’s an exciting time to be part of the Oshkosh community. This
professionals. Our young professional group, Propel targets
year the Oshkosh Chamber truly showed that it is one of the
individuals ages 21-40. We were able to improve the program by
nation's leading chambers of commerce based on its 5-star
hosting more networking events and attracting more members,
Chamber accreditation, which was possible by staying relevant
nearly tripling our membership.
and making solid progress on many fronts, including executing
Member Spotlight: J. Stadler Machine, Inc.
Follow us:
the Chamber's strategic platforms, while establishing exciting
Social media continues to change and grow, and this year the
new ones.
Chamber made it a priority to expand its social media presence. In return, the Chamber was ranked in the Top 100, and
With this, I would like to invite everyone to the Chamber's An-
#1 in Wisconsin, of the Most Social Media Friendly Chambers
nual Meeting on Monday, October 28 at EAA. More
of Commerce in the U.S. by Much of
information can be found on page 12.
the focus was on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
Vicki Updike
2012-13 Oshkosh Chamber Chairman of the Board
and President of Miles Kimball Company
The Chamber uses Facebook to promote Chamber & business
Please pass along or recycle this magazine
4 NewsWave ̻ March
events, as well as to introduce new members. The Facebook page
NewsWave ̻ 5
central mission,” said UW Oshkosh Provost and Vice
Chancellor for Academic Affairs Lane Earns.
phased transformations of Kolf Sports Center and the
Oshkosh Sports Complex.
Meanwhile, it’s hard to ignore the campus and
community’s physical metamorphosis, a collaborative
process long in the works and bearing fruit like never
before in 2013.
“We are tremendously proud of the way our students
have been engaged,” said Petra Roter, UW Oshkosh
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. “They had a say
and a seat at the table when this array of campus
projects were in development. They also see the role a
vibrant University – in and outside the classroom-- has
on the community. They are stepping up as investors,
too, putting their vision and dollars behind this
ongoing transformation and success for the present
and the future.”
“Our UW Oshkosh Foundation, staff and faculty
have collaborated to purchase and revive Oshkosh’s
downtown’s convention-center-connected hotel,”
UW Oshkosh Foundation President Arthur Rathjen
said. “We continue to share the engineering vision
and knowledge of our academic and Germany-based
renewable energy and biogas partner to help large and
small dairy farmers in the region thrive. We are also
strengthening our on-campus offices and agencies
tasked with matching regional enterprises’ needs with
campus-based knowledge.”
Powers Oshkosh
By: Alex Hummel, UW Oshkosh
The physical and program transformations at UW
Oshkosh are only a part of the story of how the state’s
third-largest institution is powering Wisconsin. The
University is also helping transform the community
beyond the campus borders and, in the process, moving
the needle on economic development.
Wisconsin communities with UWs in their backyards
(or front yards, for that matter) know it well. Oshkosh,
in particular, sees it and gets it. The city and the New
North region continue to flourish, in part, because of it.
UW-Extension branches are knowledge-power sources.
Sure, they are spurring new construction on and off
campus. But, to their core purpose, they are also home
to economic development experts, think tanks and
problem solvers developing collaborative, high-quality
and workforce responsive programs. They are harbors,
and refueling ports for small-and-large businesses
down the street -- companies setting sail for growth or
weathering market maelstroms whose challenges pose
learning and research opportunities for students. UWs
are also entrepreneurial springs, places where start-ups
launch and game-changing ideas can become reality.
You could say the quality-of-life and economicdevelopment philosophy applies to bricks and mortar
and brains and master’s.
In 2013 alone, UW Oshkosh is deeply involved in
developing programs that close what Wells and
others call the “technical and higher order cognitive
skills gaps" – often referred to as “soft skills” gaps. In
collaboration with institutions and colleges throughout
northeastern Wisconsin, long-overdue and highdemand academic programs are resulting, such as a
new trio of mechanical, electrical and environmental
engineering technology degrees, a College of Business
Executive MBA path and UW Oshkosh’s transformed
general education program, the alumni-andcommunity-connected “University Studies Program”
launching this fall.
The Badger State’s public universities, colleges and
“Academic program enhancement is our most
“Our proving ground is the public square – literally,”
said UW Oshkosh Chancellor Richard Wells. “Over
the last decade, we have challenged ourselves to
demonstrate the Wisconsin Idea like never before
– that the bounds of our campus must not be the
boundaries or stopping points for the growth we spur,
the good we do and the world-class education we
6 NewsWave ̻ September/October
March 2013
“Urban or rural; for-profit or nonprofit: whatever the
environment, whatever the challenges entities and
enterprises in our region face, our faculty, staff and
students grow and learn by helping them persevere and
prosper,” Wells said.
Campus transformation undeniable in recent years
To the community and region, UW Oshkosh’s vitals
may come as no surprise: With record enrollments
holding strong at more than 13,500 students and with
1,700 employees, the University infuses Oshkosh and
the New North with an annual $501 million impact,
directly and indirectly creating 9,000 jobs, according to
a 2009 economic impact study.
UW Oshkosh completed and launched approximately
$320 million in construction projects from 2000
through 2015, blending $160 million in state
investment with $111 million in program revenue
(from residence hall fee to business service fee
revenues) and more than $45 million in donor,
University-private sector partnership investment.
That amalgam of investment resulted in the renovation
Halsey Science Center, improvements to Reeve
Memorial Union, the creation of LEED Gold-status
Sage Hall and the build-out and start-up of the
first commercial-scale dry fermentation anaerobic
biodigester, which generates energy and revenue on
campus from the controlled decomposition of crop,
yard and food waste. The projects have also included
the renovations of the ultra-green Student Success
Center, Taylor Hall, construction of the new LEED
Gold Horizon Village residence hall, the purchase and
renovation of the 30,000-square-foot Newman Center
for Academic Support and Diversity and Women’s
Center, construction of the nationally acclaimed
Student Recreation and Wellness Center and the multi-
Next up: the renovation and modernization of Clow
Social Science Center and the transformation of
the former Oshkosh Area School District Lincoln
Elementary School into Lincoln Hall, which will
be home to the Division of Lifelong Learning and
Community Engagement and Children’s Learning
and Care Center. Meanwhile, construction of the
40,000-square foot UW Oshkosh Alumni Welcome
and Conference Center at the Wisconsin Street bridge
and Pearl Avenue continues – another prominent
riverfront development designed to strengthen
campus-community-and-alumni conferencing
offerings in Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s Event City.
In all, it’s no small list of accomplishments and work.
It is estimated that volume of on-campus construction
alone since 2000 is responsible for the creation of,
approximately 10,000 construction jobs – a number
based on widely-accepted job-creation standards for
the industry.
Transformation continuing off campus
Above and beyond the incredible and transformative
numbers and projects on campus, the recent wave
of catalytic, community projects are bringing the
University’s economic power into an entirely new and
distinct kind of focus.
Riverfronts, skylines, rural landscapes, property tax
values and local economies are coming back to life and
changing for the better with UW Oshkosh’s support.
The off-campus transformations include the more-than
$15 million renovation and revitalization of downtown
Oshkosh’s Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel and
Convention Center – UW Oshkosh, a partnership with
hoteliers Rich Batley, of RB Hospitality, John Pfefferle
of Pfefferle Companies, Inc., and a constellation of
investors. Meanwhile, the UW Oshkosh Foundation
and College of Letters and Science have helped trigger
the development of second and third biodigesters at
Wisconsin’s largest dairy farm and one of its thousands
of smaller, family dairy farms outside of Rosendale and
in Larsen.
NewsWave ̻ 7
Rosendale Dairy, the state’s largest dairy farm with
more than 8,000 cows, will involve UW Oshkosh’s
largest biodigester collaboration. Two cylindrical
anaerobic digestion reactors built by Viessmann
Group and its subsidiary BIOFerm Energy Systems of
Madison will each have a 1-million-gallon capacity.
Methane generated by the digestion process of
livestock manure will be combusted in engines on
the site. The digester units will produce up to 1.4
megawatts of electricity -- enough electricity to
power the equivalent of approximately 1,200 homes,
according to BIOFerm.
Source co-founder and partner Jim Ostrom said in July.
UW Oshkosh Vice Chancellor for Administrative
Services Tom Sonnleitner said while the downtown
hotel and biodigester initiatives are surefire economic
development catalysts for local redevelopment
investment and job growth, their power to develop and
enhance distinct and quality educational opportunities
for current and future UW Oshkosh students is just as
“These projects are also envisioned as living, learning
laboratories,” Sonnleitner said. “As our local economy
benefits from these initiatives, our students get
a nationally distinct
opportunity to learn.”
The dairy’s parent company, Milk Source, has been
an integral partner in the
project and its commitment
UW Oshkosh Business Support Agencies
to preserving and advancing
Offices Online:
Wisconsin’s dairy farming
Small Business Development Center:
legacy. Additional phases
of the project will include
Business Success Center:
construction of an
approximately $3 million
public education center
Wisconsin Family Business Forum:
operated by UW Oshkosh
students and
In concert with the
biodigester’s energy
and revenues
production, the
education center
will enhance
the University’s
Research and
Innovation Center,
or ERIC. That lab,
located west of the
Wisconsin Street
bridge on the Fox
River, is already
partnering with
national companies
and local government to test water and next-generation
plastics -- home to the institution’s collaborative,
student-and-faculty aquatic and sustainability
research initiatives. The Rosendale Dairy biodigester
will also generate revenues for UW Oshkosh student
scholarships and rural community development
initiatives with consultation of UW Oshkosh’s faculty,
staff and student leadership.
“The care, professionalism and commitment to
sustainability and excellence that has been shown by
the Foundation and its partners is an outstanding
example of how diverse groups of people can work
together to enhance the ability to use resources in
new and exciting ways for the betterment of all,” Milk
8 NewsWave ̻ September/October
March 2013
“Our biodigester facilities
are instruments future
renewable energy scientists
use to learn,” Earns said.
“And the long-term vision
for the downtown hotel
remains that it will serve
as home to a
program where
future hospitality
executives and
get a one-of-akind educational
experience in
the day-to-day
rhythm and flow a
downtown hoteland-conference
The BSC’s staff and student employees assisted 94
companies and organizations in the region in 201112, helping connect external business and enterprise
with University faculty and staff knowledge, talent
and resources. Companies, nonprofits and economic
development agencies have benefitted from BSCcollaborative surveys gauging regional manufacturers’
hiring expectations to strategic planning development to
crash-courses on social media (Facebook and Twitter, for
example) and those tools’ value in keeping meaningful
contact with customers and partners.
The BSC is also the agency that launched the spin-off
AeroInnovate, which is casting a bright spotlight on
aviation emerging technologies, companies, entrepreneurs
and investment trends. AeroInnovate took part in its
5th Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture this
summer and continues to fuel the Wisconsin Aerospace
Consortium – a first-ever collective of aviation and
aerospace entrepreneurs and companies in the state.
The WFBF’s mission of “fostering healthy family
businesses through learning, sharing, and creating
effective solutions regarding the critical issues
and problems confronting family businesses.” The
organization’s membership is up to 35 businesses and
plans to offer eight programs, including a Business Expo
for its family-business members, sponsors and the public.
The organization has had approximately 50 to 150
people attend its programs, including the “Family
Business Education Series.” Its “Peer Group Meetings”
are designed to give WFBF members the opportunity
to learn from one another “and to discuss strategies
and concerns… in a problem solving and leadership
development mode.”
In 2012, the SBDC, within the College of Business,
served 200 clients, providing one-on-one business
counseling and helping start eight new businesses while
assisting clients with securing more than $3.3 million
in capital formation for business development.
“Our efforts are having a strong impact on our
community as we have created over 90 jobs, launched
more than 10 new businesses, engaged multiple
UW students and brought more than $3 million in
capital infusion to our area,” SBDC Director Colleen
Merrill said. “The support of the University, College of
Business, CEO club and faculty are the reason we can
serve our area so well.”
Trio of UW Oshkosh agencies matching campus
expertise with business needs
UW Oshkosh’s economic development power doesn’t
stop there.
The University boasts a trio of business-support
agencies each offer distinct services and campus-based
knowledge and expertise resources to help businesses
in Oshkosh, the region and the state. The UW
Oshkosh Business Success Center (BSC), Wisconsin
Family Business Forum (WFBF) and Small Business
Development Center (SBDC) each have an impressive
and strengthening track record.
NewsWave ̻ 9
Discover Northern Ireland with the Oshkosh Chamber
Oshkosh Chamber Ranks #1 in Social Media
10-day trip provides experiences of Northern Ireland
The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce ranked in
the Top 100, and 1 in Wisconsin, of the Most Social
Media Friendly Chambers of Commerce in the U.S.
To determine this ranking, the staff at searched the most popular
social media sites and recorded the number of followers, likes, etc. for approximately 550 chambers of commerce, out of the 7,000
U.S. chambers, that met the minimum requirements for consideration. Points
were then awarded to each chamber based on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and
YouTube, with additional points for Flickr, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
Fox World Travel and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce invite
you to embark on a breathtaking cultural immersion into Northern
Ireland September 26 to October 5, 2014.
This incredible trip is priced at $3,189 based on double occupancy,
and includes motor coach transfers from pick up points in the Fox
This trip is open to the public and will take you from the towering
Cities to and from O’Hare International Airport, round-trip flights
walls of Derry to the scenic views of the Causeway Coast and the
from Chicago to Dublin, eight nights of total accommodation
Victorian architecture of Belfast. Upon booking the trip, Fox World
in Belfast, Derry, Donegal and Dublin, a customized itinerary,
Travel will donate $100 to the Oshkosh Chamber per person.
sightseeing with entrance fees and plenty of free time for personal
Monetary donations often go toward day-to-day operations,
pursuits, educational enhancements, an experienced Tour Manager
donations to local charities, establishing scholarships and more.
from Fox World Travel, and more! All accommodations are welllocated, first-class hotels. Base coverage Travel Guard insurance is
The itinerary takes you from the Dublin airport to scenic Belfast
included in the price of your package.
where visitors will learn the history of the city through the story of
the Titanic. From there, the group will travel to Bushmills Distillery
For more information about the trip, contact Jody Piotter at Fox
for a tour of the world’s oldest whiskey distillery. After enjoying the
World Travel at (920) 231-6000, ext. 1357 or [email protected]
history and a brief taste-test, travelers will go to Giant’s Causeway,
one of Ireland’s natural wonders. Cooling lava formed beautiful and
unique hexagonal columns for a view of nature that is truly oncein-a-lifetime.
A Derry walking tour shows you some of Europe’s best-preserved
17th century city walls and architecture. Your guide will also delve
deeper into the politics and education in Northern Ireland.
Glenveagh Castle and Glenveagh National Park give visitors an
opportunity to see the blending of architecture and nature. From
the exotic trees and plants of the park to the looming, protective
walls of the castle, the Scottish-style mansion is a site to see.
Donegal, a scenic town, offers Donegal Castle tours, as well.
The group will have the chance to take in the Emerald Isle’s
landscape at Slieve League Cliffs, the scenic mountains that drop
off sharply into the Atlantic for a perfect photo op. Also learn
about the business and process of textiles at Triona Design with
demonstrations on spinning, knitting and weaving.
A trip to the Belleek China Factory shows the talent and patience
that goes behind making beautiful and decorative pieces. Finally,
hip-and-happening yet historic Dublin provides everything from
museums, shopping, entertainment, eating and a convenient hop
on-hop off bus tour to take in as much of the remarkable city as
10 NewsWave ̻ September/October
March 2013
You Are Cordially Invited
To Celebrate The Opening of
Rehabilitation Center at
1130 N. Westfield Street
“The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce’s national ranking of #76, and the only
Chamber to be recognized in Wisconsin for social media, demonstrates our mission of being about our members,” Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce President
John Casper said. “We are thrilled to be acknowledged by
for the innovative work we are providing in the social media space and the value
it is bringing to our customers.”
As the premier continuing care retirement
community in the Oshkosh area, Evergreen recently
remodeled and relocated the Post-Surgical and
Rehab Center at Manor View to the first floor in the
Creekview Building. The new name is
Creekview Rehabilitation Center at Evergreen.
Due to limited parking, a free shuttle will run
from Red Arrow Park on Westfield Street to the
Creekview Rehabilitation Center on N. Eagle Street
from 4:00 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. • 920-233-2340
Matt Bakalars
Fox Valley Savings Bank
Oshkosh marketing agency Candeo Creative partnered with the Oshkosh
Chamber of Commerce in 2012 to launch their social media marketing strategy.
Matt has been a Chamber
Ambassador for almost 2 years
“At Candeo Creative, we worked with the Oshkosh Chamber to develop a
formula that combined social community management and content marketing,”
Candeo Creative President Zack Pawlosky said. “This partnership gave us the
opportunity to create a content plan to build and manage the Chamber’s social
media platforms, and provide creative execution.”
Why did you choose to become
an Ambassador?
Fox Valley Tech is a key
contributor in growing
and developing our
region’s workforce.
Kim Wetzel
Foundation Director
Bemis Company Foundation
Open House
Thursday, September 19, 2013
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Ribbon Cutting at 4:15 p.m.
Entrance on N. Eagle Street • Oshkosh, WI
Meet Your
Meet Your
Post your job openings on Wisconsin TechConnect,
your online resource for Wisconsin technical
college graduates. It’s fast, easy to use, and free!
Connecting Skills With Jobs
Student Employment Services
I have watched the Oshkosh business
community grow and I wanted to
be part of encouraging businesses to
fulfill their dreams.
What do you enjoy about being
an Ambassador?
Business owners and entrepreneurs
have so much passion for what they
do, I enjoy learning more about their
business and what drives them.
What are the benefits?
As both a personal and business community member, I believe we all have a
stake in the success of our community.
I hope that by lending my expertise to
this community I will be able to help
it grow and prosper. To me that would
be a great benefit.
(920) 735-JOBS
A Service of Wisconsin’s
16 Technical Colleges
[email protected]
NewsWave ̻ 11
Chamber Clips
Ribbon Cuttings
Save the Date: 2013 Annual Meeting
Volunteers for Operation Thank You
The 106th Oshkosh Chamber Annual Meeting will take
place Monday, October 28th, 2013, at the EAA Aviation
Center. It will begin at 5:00 p.m. with a cocktail and hors
d'oeuvres reception. The Annual Meeting program will
begin at 6:30. Governor Scott Walker has been invited to
speak. It is $25 per person or $200 for a corporate table of
10 to attend. You can register by going to and click on the Annual Meeting on the events page.
Operation Thank You is an annual event when Chamber
volunteers visit each of the Chamber’s members in the
Oshkosh area to thank them for their continued support
throughout the year.
At the meeting the Chamber will recognize several individuals and businesses for their contributions to the community this year. Nomination/applications for the Small
Business of the Year and Woman of Achievement awards
are due to the Chamber by by Friday, September 20th. Also,
let us know if your business is celebrating a milestone
anniversary. We are looking for general sponsors and food
sponsors for the event. It's a great way to get your name out
there and be part of the community.
For more information on the annual meeting, to make a
nomination, or to become a sponsor of this event, please
contact Kari Cassidy at [email protected]
or 920-303-2265, ext. 20.
Share Your Good News with the Chamber
Have a press release you'd like to share? Then you’re in luck
because the Oshkosh Chamber is posting press releases to
its LinkedIn page, on the Discussion Board, free of charge
for members. Approved press releases will be posted to the
site within 24 hours of submission.
Press releases pertaining to promotions, awards and new
hires will also be posted to the LinkedIn page, as well as
published in either NewsWave or Member Matters.
Please send press releases/event notes to Kari Cassidy at
[email protected] Don’t forget to follow the
Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce on LinkedIn to get the
latest news!
Volunteers are needed to help support the 2013 Operation
Thank You on Thursday, October 10th. Volunteers for this
one-day event will start their day off with a complimentary
continental breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the Oshkosh Chamber
(120 Jackson Street), network & create valuable contacts
during the day while making Membership Directory deliveries, and finish the day attending the Business After Hours
at Legends Sports Bar & Grill, as a guest of the Oshkosh
To volunteer or for more information, contact Megan Kok
at [email protected] or 920-303-2265 ext. 16.
Outlet Shoppes
3001 S Washburn St
Horicon Bank
1821 Witzel Ave
Photo by Megan Kok
Photo by Megan Kok
Right at Home
2100 Omro Road, Ste. H
Fleur Couture
428 N. Main Street
Photo by Megan Kok
Photo by Megan Kok
Help Your Business Grow with the
The Chamber is in the process of putting together its
Profiles magazine. Advertising spaces are available for
this publication that is distributed annually to more than
10,000 peoople and features member profiles in the areas
of destinations, economic development, education, and
health care.
Profiles is circulated throughout the community at businesses, hotel rooms and other points of interseet. It is also
handed out to new residents in their welcome packets, and
to EAA guests
For more information on advertising with the Chamber ,
as well as other Chamber publications, please contact Kari
Cassidy at [email protected] or 920-303-2265
ext. 20.
Be Part of the 2013 Holiday Parade
Are you already thinking about the holidays? The 2013
Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce/Network Health Holiday
Parade is set for Thursday, November 14th. The parade will
start at 6:30 p.m. in downtown Oshkosh.
Entries and sponsorships are needed for the event. For a
parade entry form or information about sponsorships, contact Megan Kok at [email protected] or (920)
303-2265, ext. 16
12 NewsWave ̻ September/October
March 2013
World Relief
115 Washington Ave
Photo by Megan Kok
NewsWave ̻ 13
Calendar of Events
Network Health Seminar
Series 2013
Tuesday, September 17
7:45-9:00 a.m.
Credit Card, ATM and POS Processing Services
Sales Club
7:30 a.m.
September 10
Oshkosh Chamber building
Sales Club
7:30 a.m.
October 8
Oshkosh Chamber building
Business After Hours
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
September 10
Fratello's Waterfront Brewery &
Restaurant/Supple Restaurant
1501 Arboretum Drive
Social Hub
7:30 a.m.
October 10
Oshkosh Chamber building
Social Hub: Facebook
7:30 a.m.
September 12
Oshkosh Chamber building
A.M. Oshkosh
7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
September 17
ReBath of Central Wisconsin
230 N. Koeller Street
Business After Hours
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
October 10
Legends Sports Bar & Grill
600 N. Main Street
A.M. Oshkosh
7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
October 25
Bank First National
101 City Center
Kari Cassidy Manager of Marketing &
The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is pleased
to announce Kari Cassidy as the new Manager
of Marketing and Communications.
Cassidy, a southwest Wisconsin native, joined
the Chamber on Tuesday, July 30th. She is a
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh graduate,
where she earned her bachelor’s degree in
Radio-TV-Film and Journalism.
“I’m very happy to be working in Oshkosh. I
look forward to engaging with the business
community and helping them grow, as well as
the city. Oshkosh has always held a special place in my heart,” said Cassidy.
As the Manager of Marketing and Communications, Cassidy will plan the
Chamber’s Annual Meeting, the Annual Economic Outlook Breakfast,
along with seminars and workshops. She will also put together the Chamber
publications and manage all social media channels.
Cassidy was previously a producer at FOX 11 in Green Bay. Her and her
fiancé, Eric, live in Appleton, and are planning a May 2014 wedding.
14 NewsWave ̻ September/October
March 2013
Remember when honesty, integrity
and service were everything?
We never forgot.
"Health Care Reform"
7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
September 19
FVTC Riverside Campus;
Room 133
Presented by: Schenck SC
You’ll learn about new fees
imposed on self-insured health
plans, FSAs and HRAs; additional
Medicare tax on wages and selfemployment income; medicare tax
on investment income; insurance
exchanges; premium assistance
credit; and an overview of
benefits/insurance changes.
We strive to provide
the highest quality,
lowest cost solution
while maintaining
that personal touch
unrivaled by larger
Coming Up Next Month
Retail and
Hospitality POS
Visit our Showroom at:
1600 S. Main St. • Oshkosh, WI 54902
1-855-POS-ATMS •
SAM4s and Casio
Cash Registers
Are you responsible for
payroll or human resources?
If you are responsible for payroll or human
resources in your organization, you won’t want
to miss the 2013 Payroll Forum!
Join us on:
November 8 • 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
La Sure’s Hall • 3125 S. Washburn Street, Oshkosh
Attendees will learn:
• Third party sick pay and fringe benefits
• The impact of health care reform
• Exempt vs. non-exempt employees
• Federal and state requirements for tracking
employee hours worked
• Year-end update and Form 940
520 N. Koeller Street • Oshkosh
920-235-0590 •
Sponsored by:
with Printer
We build bonds, not numbers.
"Profitability and Risk
Management Go Hand in Hand"
7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
October 15
Oshkosh Chamber Building
Presented by: Schenck SC
Do you know what profitability
really is? And is there more to it?
This seminar will teach you about
knowing and managing profitability and risk. You’ll also learn about
integrating risk management to
improve profitability.
"Improving Your Customer
7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
October 17
Oshkosh Chamber Building
Presented by: UW-Oshkosh
Business Success Center
What is a good-fit versus poor-fit
customer? Where do customers
come from, how can we get more
good-fit customers, and how can
we deal with poor-fit customers?
I’m willing to change my business.
What should I use as guideposts?
Check Scanner
ReBath of Central Wisconsin
230 N. Koeller Street
Friday, October 25
7:45-9:00 a.m.
Bank First National
101 City Center
Register for A.M. Oshkosh
(920) 303-2266
The cost is $2 per event for
Oshkosh Chamber
Visit for more
information and to register, or call
Carla Krisbaher at 920-236-2026.
©2013 Schenck sc 7.13
NewsWave ̻ 15
Business Briefs
McClone was announced as one of the three winners
for the 2013 Family Business First Awards of Northeast
Wisconsin at an awards celebration held at Butte des
Morts country club located in Appleton, WI. The Family Business First Awards recognize businesses located
in Northeast Wisconsin that excel in terms of sales,
innovation, economic impact, profits, employment,
and giving back to their community. Other recipients
of the 2013 Family Business First Awards of Northeast
Wisconsin include Boldt and Wisconsin Spice, Inc.
Habitat for Humanity of Oshkosh has promoted Jay
Barrientes to Resource Development Coordinator and
hired Doug Rossow as Construction Manager. They
also welcomed AmeriCorps VISTA members Christine
Becker as Volunteer Coordinator and Jennifer
Robertson as Marketing/Outreach Coordinator.
Suttner Accounting, Inc. bought Packer Accounting
& Consulting and Tom A. Roth, S.C. CPAs last year.
Norm Packer and his team, as well as Tom Roth and
his team remain at their Oshkosh locations to provide
accounting services. Suttner Accounting is a certified
public accounting firm serving the tax and accounting
needs of business and inviduals. It is headquarted in
Chiton since 1961 with additional offices in Fond du
Lac, Sheboygan, and now Oshkosh.
Brad Palubiak, President, and Robert Sawitski, Sales
Accounts Manager, at Cornerstone Processing Solutions Inc. have been granted the designation of Certified Payments Professional (CPP).
After Hours
September 10
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Pepsi Beverages Company
and Wisconsin Distributors
Admission Fees:
$6 pre-registered, $7 at the door
(Register by 1 p.m. the day of the
event to receive the $6 rate)
Stay in touch with new
connections on Twitter:
Fratello's Waterfront
Brewery &
Supple Restaurant
Next Business After
Thursday, October 10
Register for
Business After Hours
Phone (920) 303-2266
Online www.oshkoshchamber.
5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.
Legends Sports Bar & Grill
2070 W. 9th Avenue
Consolidated Construction Company announces staff
additions to its project supervision team: Chad Davis
is the Assistant Superintendent – Western States, and
Barry Thorson is now a Superintendent.
Wisconsin Business Development Finance Corp. is
announcing that Joe Wolfe is the new Chief Executive
Officer; Dan Schneider as the new President/Chief Operating Officer; Pam Rich was promoted to Executive
Vice President/ Chief Financial Officer; Tom Wolfe was
appointed Vice President/Chief Credit Officer; Denise
Cameron was appointed Vice President; Al Kraus is
welcomed as the VP Finance/Controller; Jeff Sheffler
was hired to the position of Vice President/Loan Officer
in the Green Bay office; and Amy Gallagher has
assumed the role of Accounting Manager.
Suttner Accounting
4041 State Rd. 91
Photo by Megan Kok
First Weber Group would like to congratulate the
following agents for being Associates of the Month for
July: Sheri Knepel, Gene Young and Megan Lang.
Kevin Wopat was hired as the Activities Director for
Lourdes Academy. Mary Johnson was promoted to
Principal of Lourdes Academy Elementary - Seton; Erin
Nugent was promoted to Principal of Lourdes Academy
Elementary - Cabrini; and Karen Boehm was promoted
to Development Director.
16 NewsWave ̻ March
Suttner Accounting
505 S. Washburn St.
Photo by Megan Kok
NewsWave ̻ 17
Bank First/ Oshkosh Chamber
More than 150 golfers showed off their skills at the Bank First/Oshkosh Chamber Golf Outing on August 12 at Lake Breeze Golf Club.
This was the first year the outing was held at Lake Breeze and it was
a huge success. The Chamber saw the biggest field of golfers they've
seen in years. Thanks to everyone at Lake Breeze Golf Club for all
their hard work before and during the event.
The outing was successful thanks to
the many sponsors, especially our
title sponsor, Bank First. A big thanks
to Schenck SC for the beverage carts;
Pepsi Beverages Co. and Wisconsin
Distributors Appleton for beverages
on the course; Oshkosh Corporation
for the golf carts; Bergstrom Chevrolet-Cadillac-Buick-GMC Truck of
Oshkosh, Sweetwater Performance
Center and OptiVision for the holein-one prizes; Oshkosh Tent and
Awning and Youngwirth Associates
for the tents; and Griese Construction,
Inc. for running the putting contest.
Tee and hole sponsors were Aquire Contracting & Restoration,
Belville Chiropractic Clinic, BMO Harris Bank, CameraCase
Wireless, Canteen, Corernstone Processing, CR Meyer, First National Bank – Fox Valley, Fox Valley Technical College; Insight
Eyecare, Kobussen Busses, Lakeland Care District, Lapham –
Hickey Steel, Marian University, McClone Agency, New Title/
Coldwell Banker, Pacur, LLC, QPS
Employment and Stuarts Landscaping.
15 golfers wait in line for their turn at winning $30,000!
The 19th hole reception wouldn’t have been possible without all the
food. There were plenty of hor d'oeuvres and appetizers for everyone
to enjoy as the evening began. Thanks to our food caterers Biggar’s
Supper Club, Fin N Feather, LaSure’s, and Robbin’s Restaurant. A
big shout out to Nicole Peterson for not only helping Emcee the announcements for the reception, but also interacting with the golfers
on the course with our first ever, Beat the DJ Conest.
Several other businesses signed on as sponsors, sponsoring either
a tee or hole and a foursome. Those businesses included Cellcom,
Choice Bank, CitizensFirst Credit Union, Davis and Kuelthau,
Legacy Private Trust, Muza Metal, Oracular, Oshkosh Corp, Oshkosh Marine Supply, ThedaCare and UWO Foundation.
Fifteen names were drawn for the
$30,000 Shootout on hole #18.
While no one made the shot this
year, many golfers hit the green. The
closest to the pin was Ryan Micke
of Muza Metal Products. He walked
away with 4 Packers tickets courtesy
of Griese Consturction. Monroe
Insurance Agency – A Division of Jackson Kahl Insurance sponsored the shootout.
Julie Weston of Bergstrom also won a 50-inch television, donated
by Kossel’s TV & Appliance and the Oshkosh Chamber, and Paul
Getchel of FirstWeber Group will be taking a trip with a guest in
the continental United States, thanks to airline tickets donated by
Fox World Travel and the Oshkosh Chamber.
The outing was a success because of our supporters, participants,
volunteers as well as the Golf Committee; Paul Getchel, Meghann
Kasper; Randy Knudtson, John Schorse, Dave Schultz, Tom Moniz
and Wayne Youngwirth.
Any information in regards to the outing please contact Megan
Kok at (920) 303-2265, ext 16 or [email protected]
New Members
AlliedBarton Security Services
Security Control Equipment/Systems
1018 W. South Park Avenue, Oshkosh
Phone: (920) 233-0042
Contact: Mr. Derek Gessler
Right at Home
Home Health Services
2100 Omro Road, Ste. H, Oshkosh
Phone: (920) 651-9400
Contact: Pamela Lang &. Carrie Sullivan
CrossFit Oshkosh
Health Clubs
2909 Green Hill Court, Unit G, Oshkosh
Phone: (920) 385-0315
Contact: Mr. Austin Phillips
Rogers Pump Company LLC
Pumps - Dealers
P.O. Box 943, Oshkosh
Phone: (920) 231-6080
Contact: Mr. Andy Rogers
Elite Auto
Automobile Dealers
2944 Jackson Street, Oshkosh
Phone: (920) 651-7600
Contact: Mr. Mike Bennett
Sparque, Inc.
1330 Partridge Court, Oshkosh
2436 W. Bloomingdale Avenue, Chicago
Phone: (773) 227-3438
Contact: Ms. Carolyn Schmidt
Enchanting Decor & Gifts, LLC
Furniture - Retail
P.O. Box 2843, Oshkosh
031 Oregon Street, Oshkosh
Phone: (920) 651-3490
Contact: Ms. Erin Gaertner
Marketing Consultants
5733 Grand Market Drive, Ste. A, Appleton
Phone: (920) 915-0962
Contact: Mr. Scott Sabel
September/October 2013
L-R: Katie Hoxtell, Zack Kemp, Louis Derencious, & Andrea Heenan
Red’s Piggly Wiggly
142 Alder Avenue, Omro
Phone: (920) 685-5521
Contact: Steve Salfai
EAA Airventure 2013
Thousands of people traveled from around the world
to experience EAA Airventure 2013. There’s plenty
for people to enjoy when they arrive in Oshkosh for
the event.
Thank you to this year's volunteers at the
information booth: Karen Gogolewski, Steve Hoopman, Jodi Jensema, Wayne Youngwirth, Pam
Schubert, Stan & Kathy Kline, Paul & Bill Jansen,
Pamela Baumgartner, Dawn Benish, Barb Savagian,
Heidi & Randy Halberg, Suzanne Laurent, Linda
Nadolske, Janelle Brady, Darlene Darrow, Dean Rogers, Glenn & Deb Nelson, Megan & Ryan Rosenthal,
Kevin Jacobs, Pat Ryan, and Linda Kennedy.
L-R: Steve Leib, Andy Mugerauer, Mike Floyd, & Will Deppiesse
Tower Tool & Coatings
Paint/Wallcovering - Retail/Wholesale/Mfrs
922 Oregon Street, Oshkosh
Phone: (920) 230-7107
Contact: Mr. Loren Rangeloff
Planning has already started for EAA AirVenture
2014, which opens July 28 and runs through Aug. 3.
Photo by Kari Cassidy
A group of volunteers assist AirVenture visitors on the second
day of the event.
Leadership Oshkosh
About to Begin
Ask the Expert Submitted by Tammy VanDenBusch, Cellcom
The Leadership Oshkosh Class of 2014 is set to begin in
September. 38 people were chosen from businesses and
organizations around Oshkosh. The nine-month program
provides current and emerging leaders with information about
the community's opportunities and challenges.
Q: There are so many applications on the market
now. How do I choose the best one?
A: In today’s smartphone-driven world, there’s
more than “an app for that”; there are 10 apps for
that. Don’t worry though; deciding which app
is the best for your needs does not have to be
Leadership Oshkosh is celebrating a big miletone as well. The
Class of 2014 will be the 25th class to graduate from the program.
The upcoming Youth Leadership Class of 2014 will begin on
September 11 with 24 students representing Oshkosh's four high
schools. Each student was chosen by their school principal for the
eight-month program.
Buying? Selling? Curious what’s
happening in today’s changing
Real Estate Market? My Team
of Experienced Realtors are
For more information about either program, contact Kathy
Bermingham at [email protected] or (920) 303-2265,
ext. 32.
here to help with all your real
estate needs. Call us today!
-Andy Beiser, Broker/Owner
Class of 2014:
Joseph Abhold - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Diane Abraham - Oshkosh Area Community Foundation
Lisa Angell - FVTC
Karen Befus - Oshkosh Northwestern Media
Theresa Bertram - Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh
Susan Boettcher - Miles Kimball Company
Theresa Brockman - Evergreen Retirement Community
Todd Christopherson - Winnebago County Sheriff 's Office
Greg Daggett - Bergstrom Volkswagen
Amy Davis - Jay Manufacturing Oshkosh, Inc.
Emily Dieringer - Winnebago County
Maggie Faust - Hoffmaster Group, Inc.
Mark Gross - CitizensFirst Credit Union
Beth Hinds - Blue Door Consulting, LLC
Laurie Hughes - LaSure's Inc.
Brian Kermath - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
David Krumplitsch - Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel &
Convention Center
Mary Kummerow Johnson - Clarity Care
Kathleen Leonard - Oshkosh Community YMCA
Rebecca Lund - Schenck SC
Michael Mauthe - Lourdes Academy
Angie McCarthy - Day by Day Warming Shelter
Gerardo Medina Jr. - Dempsey Law Firm, LLP
Chad Miller - First National Bank - Fox Valley
Julie Mosher - Oshkosh Area School District
Ryan Odorizzi - Oshkosh Opera House Foundation, Inc.
Nate Olson - Olson Legal Group LLC
Michael Rust - Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center, Inc.
Heather Schimmers - Affinity - Mercy Medical Center
Brenda Schrader - Curwood, Inc. - A Bemis Company
Nick Spude - Choice Bank
Andy Storm - Oshkosh Corporation
Jason Trembly - Oshkosh Coil Spring, Inc.
David Vickman - City of Oshkosh
Dayna Watson - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Cristy Wildenberg - Aurora Medical Center & Aurora Medical
Trina Woldt - Paine Art Center and Gardens
John Zarate - City of Oshkosh
NewsWave September/October 2013
How to Pick the Right Application for You
You Expect the Best.
We Demand it.
Oshkosh North High School
Nicholas Bauer
Cassie Buerger
Taylor Captain
Mitchel Koehn
Benjamin Lieb
Caitlin MacWilliams
Kobe Schmitz
Shyann Sheppard
Popular applications tend to rise to the top of these
search results. It can also be helpful to browse app
categories like productivity, business or shopping
to find applications that fit your lifestyle, interests
and needs. You can find popular apps by looking
at the Top Charts section, which will give you
the top paid and the top free applications on a
platform or in a specific category.
Bonus Tip: App markets also have featured
app lists that range from apps that editor’s
recommend, like Play Picks in the Google Play
store, to apps that appropriate for the time of
year, like the education collection from the App
Store. These lists will range from rising stars
to proven favorites, and can be thought of as
recommendations from app experts.
Youth Leadership Oshkosh
Lourdes Academy
Evan Degler
Joseph Dolan
Shay Mains
Cecily Vandenhouten
Search – Finding an app starts with the search. If
you’re not looking for an app by name, use generic
search terms that define the function or topic you
are looking for (i.e. photo editor or flights).
Oshkosh West High School
Joshua Boyce
Melissa Daniels
Jesse Kettner
Jacob Landgraf
Michaela Muza
Jacob Rost
Sydney Schultz
Kaitlyn Steinhilber
Valley Christian High School
Olivia Knitt
Ryan Van Maanen
Evan Williams
Karly Zelinski
Evaluate – When you find an app that looks
interesting, evaluate it by taking a look at the
description, ratings, downloads and reviews.
The description will tell you more about what
the application is designed to do and usually
offer a developer website to learn more. Use the
additional feedback given by fellow consumers to
see if an application is living up to the developer’s
intentions. An app with a lot of downloads,
high ratings and positive reviews will usually
indicate an app is doing its job. An app with fewer
downloads, low ratings and complaints in the
reviews may not be performing as it should.
Bonus Tip: Looking at when the app was last
updated will give you a clue how committed the
developer is to an app. Frequent updates likely
mean the app is improving and is a relevant tool.
If an app hasn’t been updated for a while it could
signal that it’s becoming outdated and any bugs or
issues you have may not be addressed.
Review – Once you’ve found the app for you,
do one final review of the permissions before
downloading. Be aware of what parts of the phone
you are giving the application access to and make
sure you are comfortable with granting the access.
Cellcom is an innovative wireless
company that provides nationwide
service for its customer base
throughout Wisconsin and Michigan,
with nearly 80 retail and agent locations. Cellcom is respected for its
long-standing reputation of delivering
extraordinary customer care, being a
strong community partner, and for its
renowned network, which is customized to its rural markets. As a subsidiary of Nsight, Cellcom is part of a
family of companies offering complete
telecommunications services.
If something doesn’t seem right, don’t download
it. Your smartphone contains a lot of sensitive
information; it’s important to be proactive and
protect that information.
Bonus Tip: Reviewing permissions may seem a bit
complicated. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that,
too. We suggest checking out Clueful. This security
app identifies how applications are using your
personal information and rates the potential risk as
high, moderate or low. It also lets you know what
specific permissions mean. Clueful is easy-to-use
and is free for Android or iOS devices.
If you’re interested in receiving weekly app
recommendations from Cellcom, sign up for free
text message alerts by texting “cellcomapps” to
Around the Town
Tough Mudder
September 7
EAA AirVenture Grounds
Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market
September 7: Cooking Demo featuring Chef Bob “Wolfie” Wolf of The
Roxy and John “Junior” Arps of
8:30 a.m.
Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra
Remembering 9/11
September 7
6:00 p.m.
Leach Amphitheater
Gallery Walk
September 7
6:00 p.m.
400 Block N Main St
Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market\
September 14
8:30 a.m.
Five By Design – “Live from the Ultra
September 19
7:30 p.m.
Grand Opera House
13th Annual Fish Fry on the Fox
September 20
4:00 p.m.
BlackHawk Commons, UW Oshkosh
8th Annual Oshkosh Dragonboat
Race & Festival
September 21
9"00 a.m.
Leach Amphitheater
Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market\
September 21
8:30 a.m.
Wounded Warrio Bocce Ball
September 21
10:00 a.m.
The Paine Art Center and Gardens
Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market\
September 28
8:30 a.m.
Alpin Hong
October 4
7:30 p.m.
Grand Opera House
Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market\
October 5
8:30 a.m.
Gallery Walk
October 5
6:00 p.m.
400 Block N Main St
Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market\
October 12
8:30 a.m.
Spirits of the Grand Tours
October 18 & 19, 24-26
7:30 p.m.
Grand Opera House
Winnebago Safety & Security Fair
October 19
10:00 a.m.
Sunnyview Expo Center
Member Spotlight
Live at Lunch
Another year of Live at Lunch has
come and gone. Hundreds of people
filled the Opera House Square
every Wednesday at noon June
through August.
We would like to thank all those
who came out to see the artists. A
big thanks to the Business Improvement District for once again helping
make another year of Live at Lunch
possible. Thanks to our major sponsors: Bergstrom Import Supercenter,
Rasmussen College, Bank First
National, Shops at City Center, and
Community Blood Center
Thanks to our community sponsors:
Aurora, 4imprint, Oshkosh Area
Community Foundation, Associated
Bank, Miles Kimball, and Sadoff
Iron and Metal Co.
Thanks to our event sponsors: Digital
Printing Innovations, Storm Equipment/DC Construction, Oracular,
Schenck SC, Choice Bank, Schwab
Properties, BMO Harris Bank,
Globe University, and Schaefer
Behnke Group.
Thanks to Lara's Tortilla Flats,
Beckets, Cranky Pat's, New Moon,
The Roxy, Planet Perk, and Manila
Resto for serving food to guests.
Thanks to our media sponsors for
promoting Live at Lunch: New North
B2B, Oshkosh Northwestern, Cumulus, and Woodward.
Thanks for a great year. See you in
Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market
October 19
8:30 a.m.
J. Stadler Machine, Inc.
2661 W. 20th Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54904
J. Stadler Machine, Inc. has been in Oshkosh for
27 years, providing CNC machined parts to a wide
range of customers all over the world. Their genuine,
personable connection to the community sets them
apart from others of their kind.
The business was started in 1986 by Jim and Corinne
Stadler. When it was created, the company was located
on 7th Street, but in 1991 they moved to their current
location at 2661 W. 20th Ave.
Jim was a CNC programmer at another local machine
shop prior to starting his own business. "He basically
ventured out onto his own;” Lindsey Wissing, Vice
President of J. Stadler and daughter of Jim and
Corinne, said.
Wissing and her two brothers, Dave and Richard
Stadler purchased the company from their parents just
over a year ago.
"New machinery can lead to increased efficiency, which
causes us to price more competitively and also
increases our machining capabilities;” Wissing said.
J. Stadler employs roughly 30 people, all very
knowledgeable in their field.
"We take pride in our highly-skilled labor force,”
Wissing said. "All of our operators do their own set
ups.” The company is hoping to become even bigger
over the next few years, expanding their customer base
and the building itself.
"I would anticipate further new machine purchases and
a potential addition to the building within the next 5 to
10 years;” Wissing said.
Wissing said that being a part of the Oshkosh Chamber
of Commerce has helped their business greatly.
"We hang the Chamber plaque on the wall, and it's
really good for others to see that we are playing a small,
but important, part in the community;” Wissing said.
"It worked out really well because our dad semi-retired
in 2007;” Wissing said, "Which gave the three of us
the opportunity to work together without him. Each
one of us has our own specific area and we take a team
approach to managing. Thankfully we get along quite
well together:'
A large group of people enjoy a relaxing lunch
hour taking in the sounds of Live at Lunch.
22 NewsWave ̻ March
Bright future ahead for 27
year old family business
The family team of Dave Stadler, Lindsey Wissing and Richard Stadler.
Along with that big change, they have purchased some
brand new equipment so that they can keep all their
machinery state-of the-art.
Matt Hoff of J. Stadler Machine checks out a new horizontal
milling machine.
NewsWave ̻ 23
Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
120 Jackson Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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