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Newsletter - Northwest Miniature Bottle Club
Midwest Miniature Bottle Collector’s
Vol. 34, Issue 4
History of Johnnie Walker miniatures in the US –
Part I
1934-1966: ‘The Canada Dry Years’
Frans Op den Kamp
Oct Nov Dec 2013
US – the early years
The documented history of Johnnie Walker miniatures in the
US really starts with the repeal of the ‘Volstead Act’ in 1933,
ending Prohibition. For many months Scotch whisky distillers
had been discussing how to take advantage of this and start
importing (legally) into the US again. In late 1933 Canada Dry
Ginger Ale formed a Wine and Spirits division, looking to capitalize on their national distribution model, which few others could replicate. At the time Canada
Dry was selling 6 million cases (of 24 bottles) nationwide per year – approximately 5% of the soda market. That year it was chosen to exclusively represent John
Walker & Sons, Ltd. and its Scotch whiskies in America.
1st miniature (figure 1 – Red & Black Label) – 1933-1934
Distinguishing features: Lead weight used to open seal around cork; All labels
with straight corners
Top label: “Johnnie Walker” Red or Black Label
Middle label: Product of Scotland; Special or Extra Special Blend of Old Scotch Whisky; Prominent Kilmarnock crest; John Walker & Sons, Kilmarnock (Registered). Contents 1.6 Fluid Ounces. Alcohol by Volume 43.4 Percent
Lower label: Red - “Highest Exhibition Awards - Sydney 1880 through Christchurch
1907; Guaranteed Same Quality throughout the World”. Black - Guaranteed over 12 Years Old and Same Quality throughout the World; John Walker & Sons Limited.
Tax strip is overprinted – Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Incorporated, New York, N.Y.
Note the Illinois tax decal for 1934 on the Red Label. Also rear label on Red Label states “Bottled in March 1934” and
confirms official importer as Canada Dry Ginger Ale Incorporated, 122 East Forty-Second Street, New York. It is likely that these were some of the first to be officially imported into the United States.
Figure 1 (side & back view)
Article continued on page 16
1934 US advert showing same
bottles in larger size
Ron’s Ramblings…...and Club news tidbits
Your Ad Missing? Must mean you either didn’t read last issue
where I said I was changing the ad page this issue and needed to
hear from YOU, or you were so busy last couple of months you
forgot to let me know, OR I somehow got the info and screwed
up. In any case if you want an ad on the Ad page, let me know.
We have another “newbie” (to article writing, not collecting)
this issue. Bill Gentry put together his first (of many I hope)
articles. This one has some super pictures of Marco Bottles
with information he got on them from Bob Snyders bottles in
Miniature books. The pictures and info were delivered to me at
the show (no computer needed) and TA..DA.. You all have a
very interesting article. Goes to show all you need is an idea
and a little extra time and YOU can also contribute to the rest
of us. Thanks again Bill (and also to all our regular contributors) looking forward to seeing your next article.
Our New feature “meet your fellow collector” has been a
smashing success except for one minor issue...No one has sent in
an article about themselves. It can be as simple or complicated
as you want to make it..include pictures if you like, tell how you
started collecting, about your favorite bottle (or type of bottle)
its really simple to do. You can mail me a hand written (or
typed) article or you can e-mail it to me. Board members I’m
talking to you too. I can get through this issue but you will be
forced to hear more about me, but I’ll need some response before the next issue, so do it today while you are thinking about
It’s never too early to book your rooms for next years show. If
something changes you can always cancel , however if you wait
until the last minute there is no guarantee you will get our special rates. This year being the 35th annual show it should be a
big one.
Next years Show bottle will be something
completely different.
Here is a picture of
the bottle, a window
bottle and it’s a vodka. There will be 100
of these available and
I expect them to sell
out. If you are interested in getting one of
these, let me know
and I’ll start a waiting list. Not sure
about the price yet,
I’ll let you know in a
future issue of the
And as if there weren’t enough new authors this issue (we
can never have too many though) I also started a 10 (yes
10) page article from Frans den Kamp on Johnnie Walker.
I’ll continue the article in the next issue (or 2). Thanks
Frans for the very informative article.
The UKMBC is running a new member drive. They already
have the “regular” auction that comes out quarterly, now they
have introduced a new one called auction Xtra that is all single
malt whiskies. They are also offering a trial 1/2 year membership for 16 pound. Visit their website for more details
My recent vacation to Yellowstone taught me a couple of
things about the state of Montana. There is a liquor store/
Casino on every corner (and at just about every gas station) but finding minis, well that is a challenge. The one
liquor store I thought MIGHT have a chance (since it wasn’t connected to a grocery store/Casino/Gas Station) was
closed when we went by it. Lucky for me I did find a few
new bottles when we stopped at a liquor store in Idaho so
the trip wasn’t a complete bottle hunting loss.
And speaking of memberships drives have YOU started working on yours? If you find other collectors let them know about
the MMBC, when looking for bottles let the liquor store owners
know about the club (they may be able to pass info on to other
collectors that have no idea mini bottle clubs exist) The more
you let other people know, the greater the chance of bringing
new collectors into the club.
Finally those of you world travelers planning for your big
bottle excursions, remember in addition to the MMBC
show and NWMBC show here is the good old U S of A.
There will be shows in Italy, the UK, Peru, Russia, (and a
AGM in New Zealand) plus more I am probably forgetting , any of you planning on hitting all (or most) of them.
Well tell us about your adventures if you do.
And just when I think Bill Gentry is the only “newbie” to get
me an article, I get a 7 page (that I somehow fit on 4 pages) article from Bret Senters telling about his recent trip to Scotland.
If you are a Scotch collector (and even if you are not) you will
find the adventure interesting and maybe it will inspire you to
do a distillery road trip in Scotland (I know I sure would like to
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The President Speaks…..From Your
MMBC President, Wayne Full NY
Hi, my fellow bottle collectors,
Hopefully Mother Nature’s fury wasn’t too hard on you and yours, but she did deal
out some nasty weather this year. Seemingly endless tornadoes in the mid-west, forest fires in the west, floods in the northern mid-west and elsewhere, extreme heat
and drought in the south-west. Hopefully we can look forward to a great fall and a
mild winter.
Despite all the bad weather, I hope that your summer trips were safe and brought
you the opportunity to do some successful bottle hunting along with some great
times for you and yours.
Remember, this club, its membership and its newsletters do not run themselves; it
takes you the members for this Club to survive, prosper and hopefully grow. So talk
up the club and the hobby. We can tell them of the country-wide (even world-wide)
friendships that we have made through bottle collecting. Better yet, get them interested and then talk them into joining MMBC. Someone who wants to join should
Keith Cochran
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They should include their name, address, city, state (country), zip code, telephone no. and e-mail along with a
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Blast shows you new bottles that other collectors have found. Effective June 1st, 2013, Club dues will be $12.00 if
you receive the newsletter electronically, $20.00 if you choose to get a paper copy of the newsletter within the
U.S.A., and $25.00 if we mail the newsletter to a foreign country. Remember, if you get the newsletter electronically, you get all the bottle pictures in color. The Bottle Blast is an electronic publication where members submit
pictures of bottles they have found recently and Ron Gabbard puts them together along with other bottle information into a monthly publication.
It is never too early to think about next year’s St. Louis show which will be April 25th, 26th and 27th, 2014 Make
your reservations now and let’s make MMBC’s 35th Show the best ever. If you really want to book a room early,
the 2015 show dates are April 17th, 18th & 19th. The hotel room rate will be $109.00. Make your reservations
now and don’t forget to mention MMBC so the Club gets credit for the room nights.
I am sure that Ron Gabbard can use articles for the newsletter’s new column, “KNOW YOUR FELLOW COLLECTOR”. Let us flood Ron with articles or at least some thoughts about you and your collection. If you think
you can’t write, give Ron the information and some pictures and he will put an article together. This is not only
true for the “KNOW YOUR FELLOW COLLECTOR” column, but for an article about any bottle or bottles.
Until next time, have a great fall of mini bottle collecting and always THINK MINIES.
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With the help of a fellow collector, I have something unusual in
this issue, ICE CIDER!
These bottles all are produced in Quebec, Canada. The bottles
are Domaine Pinnacle, Neige and Domaine Lafrance. These
are all 50 ML bottles and contain 11, 12 and10 percent alcohol
by volume respectively.
The Pinnacle bottle’s label has gray and white snowflakes at
the top of the label and the bottom is blue, with a dark blue
apple behind the silver lettering. The round sleeve is labeled
similar to the bottle on the front and has serving suggestions on
the back. The label has text in both French and English. This
product was produced by Domaine Pinnacle of Frelighsburg,
Quebec, Canada.
Neige’s label is white with gold and black labeling. The back
label ( not shown in the photograph) has a woman’s face surrounded by a fur hood. As with the Pinnacle, the label has text
in both French and English. The product was produced by La
Face Cachee De La Pomme of Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada.
Domaine Lafrance has a white label with gold and black labeling. The label also shows a branch of apples with snow on the
apples and leaves. The square box is labeled similar to the bottle on three sides and has information about the product on the
back. Some of the text is in both French and English. This
product was produced by Les Vergers Lafrance of Saint-Joseph
-eu-Lac, Quebec, Canada.
As with so many bottles, these would make a fine addition to
any collection and certainly do to mine.
It’s My Pleasure
By Jim Crawford, Ohio
Every once in a while, a bottle comes along that is so different and pretty, that it catches your eye, and you just
have to have it! Well that is exactly what happened when I first saw this new set of Premium EUPHORIA ABSINTH miniature bottles. This set of 4 minis is available now in the Czech Republic. It is pricey, but well worth
the cost.
As you can see the shape of the bottle is what immediately catches your eyes. Then the uniqueness of the label,
with its shape, color, and the “Green Fairy” image just seem to add to the overall beauty of the bottles. All of the
bottles are 50 ml in size, and are glass.
The first bottle is EUPHORIA CANNABIS ABSINTH. This mini has a lot of Cannabis seeds lying in the bottom
of the bottle. This label is a little different with a picture of a Marijuana leaf. The contents of this mini is 70%
Next is the EUPHORIA BLACK ABSINTH. The liquid in this bottle actually looks more like a very dark blue
color than black, which just makes the appearance even more intriguing. The Black background of this label
makes the Green Fairy really stand out. The contents of this mini is also 70% Alc./Vol.
Next is the EUPHORIA 80 ABSINTH. This mini has some plant leaves inside, has a dark green & gold label
background color, and is a potent 80% Alc./Vol.
The last bottles is the EUPHORIA ORIGINAL ABSINTH. This mini also has some plant leaves inside, has a
light green label background color, and is a 70% Alc./Vol.
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66 Miscellaneous, Mixed Cocktails, Vermouths
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WANTED: I am looking for any type of minis from USSR, Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Uzbekistan and any other Post Soviet
Union countries. Also any minis with Cyrillic letters on labels. Will offer good trades or will buy. Mikhail Madar email:[email protected]
WANTED: Still looking for good Irish whiskey ,preferably older ones... I would be happy to buy any, but, I also have several (for
trade only), many of them good to very rare.. Plus, I wouldn't be above trading out of any other category for some good ones.. If
interested, email me,or call me I’m located in Northeast Ohio. Bill Orr at [email protected] phone: 330-425-2365
WANTED: Las Vegas Hotel-Mgm Grand, Ski Country Indians, Hoffman Mr. Dentist (Leprechaun) and older Flat bottles. Contact Tom Pocius 815-254-5791 or e-mail [email protected]
Where’s My Ad??????
Either you sent me an e-mail letting me know to keep running it and I missed it (in which
case I apologize)
You didn’t read last newsletter where I said ads would be pulled unless I heard from you or
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It’s easy enough to get your ad back in (or place one if you haven’t) just contact me at
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By Mike Olson
I can not believe I have been retired for over a
year! Where does time go? I have not really been bored
and my to do list is not getting any shorter. I have managed to pick up a few new bottles, so that's a good
thing. Those asshole kids killed a good thing on evilbay,
but I was collecting long before they came along.
Anyway let's get to the goodies.
Bottle number one is Union Jack Straight Whiskey with
a blue label and Bottled for G & W out of Detroit. Years
ago this bottle sold for over $350 on the internet. Another one was sniped from a seller before it got listed and
yet another sold recently on a buy it now for $15. The
last one was doing alot of barking. The next one is Old
Sullivan Straight Kentucky Whiskey with a green label.
This is one of the great Lionel bottles from Chicago. I
also have the flat version of this bottle which has the
same label.
Bottle number three is High Bridge Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Kolmar. This bottle would have been a good addition to my last article for MMBC. I have a Rye variation of this brand in a flat bottle.
Next is Bardwell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Barton Distilling Co. and was an export
circa 1970.
Last but not least is Eddy's Red Letter R. I. Whiskey from The Eddy & Fisher Co. Providence R. I. This bottle is in
remarkable condition for a pre pro, it must have been in grand mumms sideboard.
Maybe is was Liz Taylor's?
Finally, I have been checking
collections from other parts of
the world. Several things
struck me. First is that many
of the displays were really nice,
if fact they are probably worth
more than the bottles. Also,
the bottles were all so new
looking, which I guess is to be
expected with all the turmoil in
the world.
There were some older scotches
and cognacs, but there is also
alot of "cookie cutter" bottles. By this I mean the same
brand with minor changes on
the label. I like variations but
how many Absolut vodkas are
enough 40, 60 a 100?
Until next time . . . .
MELO . . . .
A Journey to Isle of Islay – Home of the “Peaty” Scotch
By Bret Senters
My wife, Stephanie, and I recently took a vacation to Scotland. My journey actually stated about a week earlier for business purposes, but to spare boring (or non-bottle) details, our MMBC-oriented vacation started in earnest once we reached the Isle of Islay. I do not like all Scotch, but do enjoy the “peaty”/smoky ones which are common among Islay Scotches. We stayed at a former warehouse of the Lochindaal Distillery, closed in 1929, and renovated. For that reason, I am interested in finding any scotches from that distillery (may also be known as Port Charlotte or Rhinns Distillery).
The first full day we drove to the town of Bowmore and visited the Bowmore Distillery. There were only three others in the
building and they were watching a video presentation. So we moved to the empty and inviting bar and sampled some products.
For those that have done Scotch trips, Islay is different than many of the other Scotland Distilleries in that they provide more generous measures. I suspect this is due to their lower visitor turnout because they are off the beaten path.
Stephanie sampled a cream liqueur and fell in love with it. It was from their sister
distillery, Auchtenshan, which we also happened to stop in at while driving through
Glasgow. There I purchased an interesting sample set.
As for Bowmore, I had most of the currently offered miniature bottles, of which there
are several, but I did buy the following bottles (Glen Garioch is a sister-distillery):
After leaving Bowmore we
stopped in at an Off-License
store nearby where I was
able to purchase a few bottles, including this special
Port Ellen Distillery mini.
The Port Ellen distillery
went out of business many
years back, but the casks
were allowed to continue
maturing in the warehouse.
So, this mini came from the
casks that were set aside and
is quite rare.
Next up was Laphroaig.
Laphroaig does not currently produce many miniatures,
just the 10yr (or so I thought). So, here is a key take-away
for MMBC members – sign up for the Friends of
Laphroaig program (free) if you visit the distillery. They
gave each of us (which means I have two!) this free caskstrength 10yr mini. As far as I know it is not otherwise
available! Later on our trip, I did see this mini for sale at a
store for 25 GBP (~$40) and asked about it. The owner
said it was his only one and he also got it through the
Friends of Laphroaig program.
Just down the road from Laphroaig is Lagavulin, home of one my favorites –
Lagavulin 16yr, where we sampled more.
Unfortunately, we did not find any minis. And in fact, we later learned there
are several (12?) distilleries owned by Diageo PLC (some others include Oban,
Caol Ila, Talisker, Cragganmore, Glenkinchie, Dalwhinnie, Clynelish). They
generally do not produce minis and we confirmed that to be the case at Lagavulin, Caol Ila, and Oban, all of which we visited on our vacation. So, if you have
picked up a bottle from a previous year’s production run, hang onto it.
Number four on the list of six for this first day was Ardbeg where I picked up an interesting set. (pictured on the next page).
Ardbeg also has a nice restaurant, where we indulged in a smoked salmon sandwiches.
Our fifth stop was Kilchoman. This “farm” distillery is very new (est. 2005), has low production (~100K liters) and is a little
spartan in its presentation and visitor center. They usually produce one mini a year and the 2012 (Machir Bay) was available
during our visit, with the 2013 mini set to be released in a few weeks. You may not have any of these in your collection due to
the reasons outlined above.
Our last stop for the day (first full day on Islay was a long one),
was Bruichladdich. They have also stopped producing minis,
although they did give me a free plastic mini. They offer a large
variety of products, including a Gin which Stephanie thoroughly
I was also able to
add the following
two Kilchoman
bottles later on
the trip (the 2011
was a gift acquired at the Tartan Tavern in
Oban, and the
cask strength was
purchased in Edinburgh, both are
separate stories).
I fell in love with Bruichladdich (pronounced “Brook-Laddie” because of the warm and laid-back visitor center and friendly staff.
They definitely do not take themselves too seriously (notice the legs hanging out of the still in the photo above). They have recently purchased a dormant distillery in Port Charlotte (part of the old Lochindaal Distillery previously mentioned) just up the road and
will be producing at that location as well. Bruichladdich minis can still be found at a few stores, especially the 12yr and 15yr varieties. The 10yr, 17th hole, 17yr, Wave, and Peat are a little more difficult to find, and I was able to add the 20yr to my collection
from the same store I got my Port Ellen mini.
Just to be clear, we visited many other sites on the isle (Cultoon Stone Circle, pubs with live local bands, abandoned church ruins,
Dunyvaig Castle ruins, peat fields, etc.), but the distilleries were the mini-bottle sites we visited on Day 1. One additional side note
– you may be in possession of a Finlaggan miniature which is produced by The Vintage Malt Whisky Company Limited. There is
no Distillery named Finlaggan on Islay and the actual distillery that produces the scotch is very discreet about it, though it is one of
the Islay distilleries. The actual Finlaggan, no real connection to the scotch, was the seat of the Lords of the Isles and of Clan Donald during the 13th to 15th centuries. The ruins are worth visiting. You can read more about it at
On Day 2 we headed for the Northwestern
town of Port Askaig and caught the ferry to
Jura. After a 20 minute drive we arrived at
the only distillery on the privately owned
island (~7 estates own the island). The
three minis available I already owned. I
was hoping they would have Prophecy in
miniature since I had tried it recently while
camping in Northern England on a separate
trip – another story. No such luck and no
such plans to produce it in miniature.
But I was able to sample Superstition and
the Jura 16yr, both of which were excellent.
After seeing other sites on the island
(standing stones, old cemeteries, red stags,
etc.) we returned to Islay and made our way
to Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain.
The former is owned by the Diageo group, which as I stated earlier is
not currently interested in producing minis, so none were found during the visit. You can however, get the occasional Connoisseurs
Choice (I have seen the 1998 cask in more than one store) or Signatory Vintage miniature containing a Caol Ila Scotch. These are companies not associated with the distillery, but have purchased casks to
produce their own bottles. At Bunnahabhain, I picked up a few minis, including some from sister distilleries.
Of note, there is a movement towards not using “chill filter”. So
these minis are higher in alcohol content than previous ones I had
from this distillery.
This concluded the Islay portion of our Scotland visit. In a future
newsletter, hopefully, “Oban and the Tartan Tavern”.
SHOW JUGS (and Bottles)
We have 2005 through 2013, they are 05 Archer, 06
soccer, 07 Tennis, 08 Hockey, 09 30th anniversary, 10
Race Car, 11 Golf ,the 2012 Bottle with the Monkey
and the 2013 bottle with leprechaun.
Limited time offer
$5.00 Each
Quantities are limited and they will be sold on a first
come first serve basis, when they are gone, they are
gone. Shipping (to the US) is $4.95 for the first one
and $1.00 for each additional one. They make great
additions to you collection or even great stocking stuffers. Contact me by mail (Ron Gabbard 5412 South K
street Tacoma, WA 98408), e-mail ([email protected])
or phone (253-241-8213). Get yours today!!!!!
Support the club and order
yours today!!
Bill Gentry “Indy”
The Marco Liquor and Importing
Company of Chicago, established
1888, and presently a Liquor store,
used some very beautiful perfume
bottles. They were imported from
France and Czechoslovakia in 1937
by R.C. Williams Company, New
York; Tower Wines and Spirits
Corporation, New Brunswick, New
Jersey; and Triton Corporation,
Boston Massachusetts. They were
bottled with imported liqueurs by
Philip Blum Company of Chicago
for exclusive sale in Marco Liquor
Stores. There are approximately
500 of each bottle and they were
personally selected by Mr. Marco.
The number of different bottles is
unknown. Marco miniatures on
this page are hand blown and have
ground stoppers, The bottle molds
on the Czechoslovakia bottles fit so
perfectly it is nearly impossible to
find a seam. Three are blown in
three—and —four part molds.
Marco also imported the Verdier in
1937-1939. The Marco bottles all
had colored ribbons around the
neck. Avon used at least 2 of these
bottles in 1936. Avon collectors
should be alert to these bottles as
books on Avon list them at over
$100. (This information came from
Bob Snyders Bottles in Miniature
Vol. III Pages 59-60, the book was
published in 1972 so not sure if
Marco Liquor is still around and
the Price from the Avon books are
also from that date).
Early Vodka Display
Hello, My name is Ron Gabbard and as the newsletter editor you probably already know
more about me than you want to. But for those of you that don’t know the story yet here
goes. I started collecting around the summer of 1977. I was still in High School and I started
by buying a collection from a guy at a local flea market. My early display consisted of a
small shelf and a small timex watch case. At that time since I wasn’t old enough to buy bottles in liquor stores when my parents would take me to look for bottles it was “my mom’s
collection” I would just stand back and say “you don’t have that one or that one, but you
already have those”. The collection grew to a few hundred (probably 500-600) over the next
couple of years. I attended a few meetings of the NWMBC with a co-worker of my Dad
(who was also president of the club at that time) and I got a chance to see his much more
impressive collection, as well as the collection of a few of the NWMBC members. Then Life
hit...I got married, had a son, moved to a new state and my bottle collecting was kind of put
on hold. Everything was stored in boxes but I would still buy the occasional bottle when I
got the chance and sometimes I would get some as gifts. Fast forward through my divorce
and re-marriage (with more kids) and finally the kids were almost grown. I opened some of
the boxes and displayed some bottles in the Bedroom . Once kids started leaving I got a
room of my own (mainly because my wife wanted the computer out of the bedroom) so I was
able to display more bottles. (and found after pulling them out that I must have liked certain
bottles as I kept buying them over the years when I saw them and so I had 4 or 5 of certain
ones). At the time I was working for a Hot Tub company as a service Technician and I
would go into peoples houses, occasionally I would see small collections of bottles and comment on them. One day I went to a house and they had a larger than usual collection, when I
commented I found out that they were members of the MMBC (actually the President at the
time). I was invited to a meeting and the rest is History.
before I
rooms and
put in 8
foot high
Right– My
still small
but growing
My collection quickly grew (to where it’s
at now about 3500) and I started to specialize in Scotch bottles. I joined other clubs
(including the MMBC) and was forced at
gunpoint to become the newsletter editor
after attending a couple MMBC shows.
Currently I am a member of 5 mini bottle
clubs, newsletter editor for two of them,
and treasurer for one. My most recent turn
has been adding Absinthe to one of my
specialties (so it is currently Scotch, Vodka, Tequila, and Absinthe with the primary
focus on Scotch and Absinthe). It’s hard to
turn away a cool looking bottle so I will
sometimes pick up things outside of my
specialties. It has been a great experience
meeting collectors from all over the world
(and being able to WOW non collector
friends with bottles they have never heard
One of the 6 cases on my “WOW
I call it the “Wow wall” since that‘s
what most people say when they see it.
8 feet tall and 12 feet long with over
1000 different Scotch Bottles
History of Johnnie Walker miniatures in the US – Part 1. 1934-1966 cont.
Frans Op den Kamp
2nd miniatures (figure 2 – Red & Black Label) – 1934-1936
Differences: 1st bottle specifically designed for US market, with importer
name and address on label. Complete re-design of labels; Middle label:
Imported by Canada Dry Ginger Ale Incorporated, 122 East Forty-Second
Street, New York; Old Blended Scotch Whisky; Now clearly states Johnnie Walker Red or Black Label; Blended and Bottled by John Walker &
Sons Ltd., of Kilmarnock, Scotland; 100% Scotch Whiskies All 8 Years
Old (Red) or All 12 Years Old (Black). Contents 1/10th of a pint, 86.8
Proof; Lower label reads “By appointment to His Majesty the King” – this
refers to King George V, who granted John Walker & Sons a royal warrant
in 1934. The warrant enables the supplier to advertise the fact that they
supply to the royal family, so lending prestige to the supplier. King George
V died in January 1936. (Royal warrants expire 5 years after the death of
the grantor; John Walker & Sons has remained an official purveyor of
Scotch whisky to the British Royal Household ever since).
Figure 2
Variation (figure 2a – Red Label) – 19341936
Imported by Muller, Phipps & Nicoll
(Hawaii) Ltd. , Honolulu. Hawaii only became a US state in 1959 and had a different importer for many years. Note the
word “Registered” remains on main label
as opposed to Reg. U.S. Pat. Off . on the
US import bottles.
Figure 2a
3rd miniatures (figure 3a – Red & Black
Label) – 1936-1939
(pictures on next page)
Difference. Top label: Canada Dry address
has changed from 122 to 100 East FortySecond Street. Note the rope around the neck
with a Striding Man figurine attached on the
Black Label. It is unclear whether this was a
feature of both Johnnie Walker miniature
labels at the time.
As can be seen from both bottles (Red Label with an Illinois tax decal for 1937 and
Black Label with a Maryland tax decal for
1939) bottles were still being produced
with the George V royal warrant for some
time after his death.
History of Johnnie Walker miniatures in the US – Part 1. 1934-1966 cont.
Frans Op den Kamp
Figure 3a
Variation (figure 3b
– Black Label) –
Differences. Different
bottle shape (larger)
and closure (clip top
cap). Contents 1/8th of
a Pint. Main label:
removed word ‘All’
from in front of age
statement – just states
12 Years Old, though
the word ‘All’ remains
on bottom label.
These bottles were
sold at the same time
as the cork capped
bottles, just with a
larger content. 1/10th
of a pint and 1/8th of a
pint were standard fill
non-metric sizes.
Figure 3b
4th miniatures (figure 4a – Red & Black Label) – 1939-1944
Differences. No lead weight any more. Main label: removed word “All” from in front of age
statement. Red now just states 8 Years Old, Black
12 Years Old. Bottom label: states “By appointment to the late King George V”. Also removed
the word “All’ from bottom label on Black
The Red label bottle shows a Maryland tax decal
with the name of Maryland’s Comptroller from
Variation (figure 4b – Black Label) – 19391944
Another Black Label bottle in the larger size –
1/8th of a Pint
Figure 4a
Figure 4b
History of Johnnie Walker miniatures in the US – Part 1. 1934-1966 cont.
Frans Op den Kamp
5th miniatures (figure 5a – Red & Black Label) –
Differences. Middle label: word ‘Old’ removed –
now both just state ‘Blended Scotch Whisky’ at
top. Reference to 8 years old and 12 years removed
from lower gold edge of label. Bottom label: Completely re-designed. Reference to royal warrant
removed. Red Label now states “Highest Awards –
Sydney 1880 through Christchurch 1907; Same
Quality throughout the World”. Black Label states
“Same Quality throughout the World; John Walker
& Sons, Limited; Distillers, Kilmarnock, Scotland”
Variation (figure 5b – Red & Black Label) –
Imported by Muller & Phipps (Hawaii) Ltd. ,
Honolulu, T.H. (abbreviation for Territory of
Hawaiʻi, dissolved on August 21, 1959 when
Hawaiʻi became a state).
Variation (figure 5c – Black Labels) – 19441950
Two more Black Label bottles in the larger size
– 1/8th of a Pint, with different caps
Figure 5a
Coming up next
1950– 1966
Variations 6-10th
(or as much as I
can fit)
Figure 5b
Figure 5c
Any comments, opinions, additions or corrections welcome. I am sure this is by no means a definitive
guide to all the early US Johnnie Walker miniatures issued, but only what I have been able to discover
from my own collection. There are clearly several missing including other airlines - if anyone has any
of these or other variations I would be delighted to update and correct this article and I am always
willing to trade or buy bottles. Pls contact [email protected]
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Mauricio Pons posted
this picture on Facebook
3J Tequila set
Seems that Cupid Distillery of Loveland Ohio has
had a busy year. This is their second release of a
mini this year, this time a bourbon.
Congratulations to
Rotem and Yael

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