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Amphion Catalog
“Music is an Everyman´s Right.”
Everyman´s Right = Age-old code of behaviour, which allows
everyone to enjoy nature´s offerings regardless of legal ownership.
Most forests in Finland are privately owned yet we all have
equals rights to enjoy them.
Nature´s importance in providing direct livelihood has decreased.
Yet in the hectic modern world it is more important than ever
as a peaceful haven.
Music is like nature. It allows us to relax and recharge our batteries.
Music belongs to all of us. Music is an Everyman´s Right.
Those who prefer movies to music should remember that the
human voice is the greatest musical instrument.
Anssi Hyvönen
Propriator, Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd.
customer promise
Amphion creates loudspeaker solutions
which enrich peoples’ lives by providing a chance
for them to experience the beauty of pure,
natural sound in their own homes - at any time of the day.
Pure room acoustics
Room acoustics has a major impact on how the room sounds
and what it feels like. To produce
a purer, more natural sound despite changing room acoustics
Amphion uses innovative acoustic engineering called U/D/D
technology (Uniformly Directive
Thanks to U/D/D the dispersion of Am-
lows your loudspeakers to work together
The positive effects of U/D/D technology
phion loudspeakers is more uniform and
with your room, not against it. This results
are most evident with ‘real world’ loud-
evenly controlled throughout a large fre-
in increased clarity, especially in the mid-
speaker placements. ‘Real world’ refers to
quency band. U/D/D reduces the room´s
situations where loudspeakers are placed
adverse effects on final sound, which al-
in the room which is also used for daily liv-
ing, which often lead to less than optimal
close to the back wall or other boundaries.
speaker placement. Thanks to U/D/D´s con-
the positively atmospheric effects a purer
sound has on your room, and your home.
trolled dispersion the speakers keep their
experience and sound knowl-
clarity and naturalness, even when placed
edge in room acoustics allows you to enjoy
Pure driver Integration
The biggest challenge in loudspeaker design is integrating the various drivers into one
seamless product. Amphion propiatory waveguide provides a superior solution as it improves the coupling between the tweeter and the woofer over a broad frequency range.
Purer integration leads into purer, more natural sound.
The human sensory system is very precise at detecting time constants in music. By keeping things clean and tidy acoustically Amphion can avoid unnecessary corrections in the
electrical domain. The result is a more natural sound which allows deeper emotional
involvement and relaxation.
I was able to achieve the organic emotionality that I listen
for but never expected to hear at a trade show.”
Carlos Sanchez
”I am grateful to you for these wonderful little giants.”
Joe Cali,
Producer of singer songwriter Lori Lieberman
Pure imaging
Using the tweeter - the lightest possible driver - in the area where
human hearing is most precise (2-5kHz) leads to purer imaging. Due
to low moving mass the tweeter can be controlled far better than the
midrange drive unit ever could. Increased transient speed and low distortion figures lead into airy, immaterially musical experience.
This unrivalled pinpoint imaging and palpaple realistic three dimensionality allows you to ‘see’ the acoustics of famous concert hall or
placement of your favourite musicians on a stage. This crystal clear
sonic picture ads greatly to the magical illusion of ‘being there’.
3D HD For Your Ear with plenty of existing software
for you to enjoy
“In particular, classical concerts are perfectly reproduced with a clear revelation of the room acoustics
in various concert halls.
It was fascinating to be able to recognize the
acoustics of the concert hall so precisely on the
Amphions and to hear the difference in room
acoustics between the (perhaps too) dry sound
from the new Danish concert hall and the more
open sound from the famous Berlin hall.”
Peter Plaschke
”This one really feels like me
and sounds like me.”
Erja Lyytinen on her new album Voracious Love.
Amphion Argon3´s were used in recording process.
Voracious Love is published by German blues label
Ruf Records, who in addition to Erja promotes artist
like Jeff Healey and Jack Bruce.
More from
Countless number of additional hours can be
bility are present at surprisingly very low levels.
extracted from a pair of quality loudspeakers,
Furthermore the controlled coherent soundfield
which works well with low levels. Increased lev-
created by Amphion´s controlled dispersion is a
el of transparency and clarity contribute wonder-
blessing when you do not have time to sit down,
fully to low-level listening, such as :
but want of need to move around your home
or office.
•Late night movie or music sessions
•Improving TV sound
•Listening to radio, even on the
•Voice books and learning related appli cations, like learning new languages
• “Decorating with sound” – playing
atmosphere-creating music quietly
in the background
Amphion´s unstrained clarity and speech intelligi-
photo: Esa Kärki
Human voice –
the great musical instrument
we all know
By pushing the acoustical design and choosing the best possible materials Amphion products achieve an unrivalled midrange clarity and speech intelligibility. Meticulous attention to driver placement and seamless driver integration combined
with carefully voiced natural balance leads into unstressed pure and clear sound,
which is music to your ears.
In addition to obvious benefits with movies and music Amphion´s unrivalled voice
band contributes greatly to voice books and learning related applications.
Turn the volume down –
and still hear everything
The demands of daily life often leave us the wee hours to calm down.
While tired hearing unstressed natural sound becomes exceeding important. Amphion´s unstrained clarity and speech intelligibility are present at
surprisingly very low levels and contribute tremendously to the joys of
low-level listening during those late night movie or music sessions.
Pure and unstrained low-level qualities offers a way to enjoy the surprisingly high quality audio signal present in normal TV and radio programs.
The controlled and coherent soundfield created by Amphion´s controlled
dispersion is a blessing when you do not have time to sit down in one place
or want to improve your home´s atmosphere by playing something quietly
in the background.
Music´s miraculous constructive powers are often described by Amphion’s story from Greek
mythology. Amphion built walls around the city
Thebes just by playing this golden lyre.
Just as before, Amphion´s goal is to fortify our
lives against the hostile environment. Since 1998
Amphion Loudspeakers of Finland has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers which
are made based on the requirements of human
hearing and demands of everyday living. We are
developing and manufacturing products which
allow us to experience music´s emtoive and psychological powers in our own homes. Something
we may need more now than ever before.
All our award winning products are proudly made
in Finland.
Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd
P.O.Box 6, FI-70821 Kuopio | Finland
Tel: +358 17 2882 100 | Fax +358 17 2882 111
[email protected]

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