Newsletter of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society



Newsletter of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society
Newsletter of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society
STJS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional jazz music.
106 K Street, Suite #1 • Sacramento, CA 95814 • (916) 444-2004 •
VOLUME 46 • NO. 4
MAY 2014
Jazz songbird Molly Ryan
on May 11 – Mother’s Day
“A critic’s favorite,” proclaims ...The
Wall Street Journal’s Will Friedwald
in reference to Molly Ryan. “Molly
swings the melody—as well as the
words—without affectation of any kind.
She brings a straight-ahead innocence
and total believability to the music that
refuses to admit that sixty or seventy
years of distractions have ever happened. She sounds worldly wise beyond
her years, wonderfully gentle and lyrical.” Indeed, Molly’s silvery voice and
lush, elegant vocal style evoke the big
band singers of the 1930s, breathing
new life into familiar old standards.
Originally from Rose- (cont. on page 7)
June 8 Jazz Sunday
BOB LEARY, guitar/banjo/vocals —from Naples, FL. (trad jazz/swing). Bob
has been a Banjo King on Main Street at Disney World, the band leader and
performer at Rosie O’Grady’s in Orlando, and was featured on the Mississippi
Queen and the American Queen steamboats on the Mississippi River.
2014 SAC. MUSIC FESTIVAL info.......2–5,14-15
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“Jazz Sunday” info ➤ pg. 2
April 13 Jazz Sunday photos on pg. 8–9
Le Jazz Hot
May 23-26, 2014
STJS Office
Notes From the Office
106 K Street, Suite #1
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-2004
FAX: 444-2060
[email protected]
by Vivian Abraham
<[email protected]>
STJS Exec. Dir. Vivian Abraham
Administrative Coordinator Jennifer Colindres
Vice President:
Ron Jones
Dennis Grimes
Dennis Speciale
Lisa Negri-Bartels
Ex-officio: Tom Duff
MUSICIAN: Paula Dula
Paul Edgerton
Jay Paulus
Dominic Ruggieri
Vanna Turner
Dave Becker
Carol Fusaro
Scott Kaufman
Crawford Paton
Ron Swehla
The Board of Directors meet at the STJS Office at 6:00
pm on the Monday one week after the monthly Jazz
Sunday; open to the public. (Day subject to change.)
STJS FOUNDATION President: Dr. William Au
STJSF: P. O. Box 661763 • Sacramento, CA 95866
Nancy Giffin — [email protected]
Vivian Abraham, Dave & Kathy Becker, Bill Dendle, Paula
Dula, Judy Hendricks, Ron & Patti Jones, Jane Reinmuth,
Bob Ringwald and our advertisers.
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And All That Jazz is published monthly, except January, by the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society:
106 K Street, Suite #1; Sacramento, CA 95814.
ere we are. We have reached that
magic month: the month when
our organization’s major—did I say
major?—fundraiser happens every year.
Incredibly, this year will be the 41st time
our event will happen.
I would invite you to join me on my
merry-go-round, but I can’t seem to find
the “decrease speed” button. I know I
groan and grumble a lot to those around
me this time of year, but you know, after
all these years, I have come to realize that
even those groans and grumbles are a
part of the overall exciting process—and
exciting it is, without a doubt.
Years ago, someone who was deeply
involved in the production of our event
said, “When I look down the street
and hear the first beat of music that kicks
off our parade, my chest swells and I get
a lump in my throat and think to myself,
we did it again.” I can’t think of a more
perfect way to describe that moment for
that handful of us that will never lose our
passion for what we do.
Only the Fates know how much
longer I will continue to do what I do,
but I do know that with the exception of
my family, doing what I have done for
over 30 years now (for our organization
and for our Festival) has enriched my life
more than mere words can say.
I will look forward to seeing you all at
our Festival. ‘Til next time. 2
The Sac. Trad. Jazz Society is a non-profit organization established under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for the purpose of educating
the public and members on matters concerning
the preservation and promotion of traditional jazz
music, and the study and play of musical instruments associated with traditional jazz music.
Monthly “Jazz Sunday” typically occurs on the 2nd
Sunday, at the Dante Club: 2330 Fair Oaks Blvd.,
Sac., CA. This official meeting is open to all STJS
members and to the general public.
Admission to “Jazz Sunday” is by donation of $10
for members, $15 for non-members. Persons under
12 are admitted free. Youth 12-20 (members) $5,
youth 12-20 (non-members) $7. Price increased
in Nov. 2013.
Auditions are held twice a year: Mar. & Oct., 11 am
prior to “Jazz Sunday.” Applications are available
from the Gold Card Coordinator, to be completed
one month before the audition. For info: 444-2004.
In the Months Ahead
2nd Sunday
OPEN at 11:30 am
MUSIC from
12 noon to 5:00 pm
to the DANTE CLUB:
2330 Fair Oaks Blvd.,
Sacramento, 95825
Between Howe & Fulton
Avenues, on south side
of street. Extra parking
at nearby McDonald’s.
May 11 – MOLLY RYAN, vocals – New York, NY
June 8 – BOB LEARY, guitar/voc – Naples, FL
July 13 – CHRIS TYLE, cornet – Portland, OR
Aug. 10 – THE PROFESSORS, Jazz Camp Faculty
41st ANNUAL !
May 23–26, 2014
Memorial Day Weekend
May 2014
President’s Message
by Ron Jones
<[email protected]>
ell, this is the month we’ve been waiting for. It is unbelievable how much work has been accomplished in such
a short time. So many meetings, so many good people trying
to get everything done on time; it’s pretty amazing. I’ve had a
completely new perspective this year since I took over as President and became a larger part of the process.
Dixie Company Jazz Band
Appearing at the 2014 Sacramento Music Festival.
Additional support provided by the
Polish Cultural Institute New York
“Thank you!” to our 2014 SMF Sponsors
There are so many great things happening at this year’s
Music Festival, of which we can all be very proud. There are a
few things I’m not happy about. For instance, the lack of larger
venues this year means some bands will be forced to play in
venues that are not what they should be, but we didn’t have
any choice. I hope you will all look not at an individual situation involving your favorite band, but will instead try to see the
overall picture. Your Festival committee has done the best they
could with the circumstances presented to them.
What I enjoy most about the festival each year is the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, musician and non-musician. It’ s like fishing –I love to fish but as I have gotten older
I’ve discovered that the real fun isn’t the fishing so much as it
is the camaraderie of sharing the day with friends.
I could ramble on for a few more paragraphs, but I have
another meeting to get to. Let me close by saying: Let’s all
have a wonderful festival weekend and really enjoy the music,
the fun and the fellowship. And if you happen to see me there,
please stop and say hello! 2
MaryJane and Dominic Ruggieri,
while remembering their mothers, ELAINE WILKINS
and MARY RUGGIERI, will be honoring all mothers
by presenting a carnation to the first 100 Moms
arriving at the Dante Club on Jazz Sunday.
STJS thanks our Patron Members
Dennis and Judy Tsuboi
May 2014
STJS Presents
Youth Band
Eat Pizza, Raise Funds!
Help Earn Important Dollars for TNT!
Get together with friends, family and neighbors.
Help TNT while helping yourself to some
great tasting Round Table Pizza.*
*Bring this flyer with you, and Round Table Pizza
will donate 20% of the proceeds to our cause!
Dine In, Take Out. Call Ahead, Grab It & Go!
DATE: Monday, May 19
TIME: 5:00 to 9:00 pm
Band performs 6:30 – 8:30 pm
WHERE: Round Table Pizza (Rosemont)
9138 Kiefer Blvd., Sacramento
(916) 366-6376
If anyone is interested, we have a
King Master Model Silver Cornet for sale
at the STJS Office for only $600 or best offer.
It is in beautiful shape; made in the ‘40s.
Please call Jennifer at 916-444-2004 ext. 13
for STJS
Trad. Jazz Camp
See our video!
Video link and
Camp application
on our Camp site:
YOUTH Jazz Camp (as of early May) still has room
for: 6 pianists, 2 guitarists/banjoists, 1 bassists
or tubists, 2 vocalists.
ADULT Jazz Camp has room for all who are interested, on whatever instrument they play. We are
happy to have players at all ability/experience
levels, from beginners to professionals. We’re especially interested in recruiting teachers who would like
to learn how to play traditional jazz so that they can
form bands at their schools. The way that the adult
camp is structured, we don’t have to limit applicants, nor do we need to “fill” any particular instrument group. Join us!
Photo by Greg Varlotta
May 2014
41st annual
Sacramento Music Festival
May 23–26, 2014
“All-Events” (4 days) ADULT
= $110 ea.
“All-Events” YOUTH (ages 13-20)*
= $50 ea.
* KIDS (ages 12 and younger) admitted FREE!
STJS – Sac. Trad. Jazz Society
106 K St., Suite #1 • Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-2004
May 2014
2014 Emperor Chet Jaeger, Bob Draga, Pat Yankee, Bill Dendle & Eddie Erickson,
Jason Wanner, Stephanie Trick, Danny Coots, and Vince Bartels’ All-Stars with:
Dan Barrett, Allan Vaché, Russ Phillips, Johnny Varro, and Dave Stone.
PARTIAL LIST OF BANDS for 2014: Au Brothers • Beth Duncan Quintet •
Blue Street J.B. • Bob Draga Quartet / Festival All-Stars • Bob Schulz Frisco Jazz Band
• Crescent Katz • Dave Bennett & the Memphis Boys • Dixie Company J.B. (Poland) •
Dr. Bach & the Jazz Practitioners • FreeBadge Serenaders • Fulton Street J.B.
• Grand Dominion • High Sierra J.B. • Hot Club of Cowtown • Jazz N Samba • James Garner
& the [Johnny] Cash Tribute Band • Jay Paulus Society Band • Kathy Morrow Quartet
• Lost Dog Found • Midiri Brothers Sextet • Meschiya Lake & the Little Big Horns •
Mumbo Gumbo • Night Blooming Jazzmen • Old West Trio • Ophir Prison M.K.B.
• Ray Skjelbred & His Cubs • Red Skunk Band • Royal Society Jazz Orchestra •
Sac. State Latin Jazz Ensemble • Shelley Burns & Avalon Swing • Side Street Strutters
• Sister Swing • Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums • Tom Rigney & Flambeau •
Vaud & the Villains • Zydeco Flames • and more... (Subject to change. Updated 5/1/2014)
May 2014
Molly Ryan (cont.)
ville, CA, Molly made her jazz vocal debut at the age of 11
with the Reynolds Brothers’ Rhythm Rascals at the Sacramento
Jazz Jubilee. Since moving to New York City in August 2003,
she has become one of the most sought-after vocalists on the
New York jazz scene. She has performed alongside prominent jazz artists Dan Barrett, Randy Reinhart, Jon-Erik Kellso,
Bria Skonberg, Mark Shane, Rossano Sportiello, as well as
with the preeminent 1920s-style orchestra, Vince Giordano’s
Nighthawks. She is a member of Gordon Au’s Grand Street
Stompers, and appears on the band’s Christmas album, released
in November 2012. She performs periodically with Gypsy jazz
group Fête Manouche, and with James Langton’s New York
All-Star Big Band, as rhythm guitarist as well as vocalist.
She has headlined in Paris at jazz clubs such as the famed
Le Petit Journal and Autour de Midi, and has been featured as
a guest vocalist with Andrej Hermlin’s Swing Dance Orchestra
throughout Germany in a monumental tribute to clarinet legend
Benny Goodman. Molly has appeared at numerous jazz festivals
throughout the country including: the Hot Steamed Jazz Festival
in Essex, CT; the Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival;
the Orange County Classic Jazz Festival in Southern California, the Sweet & Hot Music Festival in Los Angeles. She has
appeared at the Sac. Jazz Jubilee with her own group and with a
band led by her friend and mentor, pianist Bob Ringwald. In 2004, Molly took part in a spectacular re-creation of
Goodman’s Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert, as well as at the JVC
Jazz Festival’s centennial tribute to Jimmy Dorsey at New York
City’s famed jazz club, Birdland. She has headlined at Birdland for the club’s Sunday evening showcase, “Jazz Party.”
Molly can be heard on the Grammy Award-winning HBO
television series Boardwalk Empire. Molly’s debut album,
Dream a Little Dream, featuring Bob Ringwald, was released
in 2002. Her second solo album, Songbird in the Moonlight,
featuring Dan Levinson, Mark Shane, Kevin Dorn, and JonErik Kellso, came out in 2008. In April 2013 came Swing For
Your Supper, which features Bucky Pizzarelli, Randy Reinhart, Dan Levinson, Vince Giordano, Kevin Dorn, Dan Barrett,
Mark Shane, Banu Gibson and Maude Maggart. Molly can
also be heard on the albums Steppin’ Around with Dan Levinson’s Canary Cottage Dance Orchestra (Stomp Off Records,
2006), At the Codfish Ball with Dan Levinson’s Swing Wing
(Loup-garous Productions, 2009), and Four on the Floor with
the Palomar Quartet (Loup-garous Productions, 2008).
Molly is planning her next recording with an all-star cast
of jazz greats, including jazz piano legend Dick Hyman! Also
(alphabetically): Dan Barrett, Adrien Chevalier (French violinist), Kevin Dorn, Joel Forbes, Dan Levinson, Randy Reinhart, John Reynolds, Mark Shane, and Bria Skonberg. Her fans
are contributing to make it happen. Stay tuned! 2
Fingers crossed! There’s a slight chance we might have an
additional guest on May 11: Molly could possiby be joined
later in the afternoon by her husband, Dan Levinson.
an Levinson, clarinet/sax
...performer, band leader,
studio recording artist. The Mississippi Rag referred to Dan as
the “in-demand reedman.” Specialist in traditional jazz and
swing, Dan is one of the most
prolific musicians on the scene
today, equally at home as leader
or sideman. An ardent Benny
Goodman devotee, Dan’s tributes to the clarinet legend have
brought him many accolades over the years. His re-creations of
Goodman’s famous Carnegie Hall jazz concert have delighted
audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. On the 60th anniversary of the concert, Dan performed to a standing-room-only
crowd in New York with the Stan Rubin Orchestra, spawning
countless repeat performances in the ensuing years. Dan has
toured with Andrej Hermlin’s Swing Dance Orchestra from
May 2014
Berlin, performing tributes to Goodman and Artie Shaw in concert halls throughout Germany and other countries.
Though based in New York City, Dan’s busy schedule often
takes him across the country and around the world. Dan has
appeared alongside such prominent artists as Dick Hyman, Mel
Tormé, Wynton Marsalis, Ed Polcer, Howard Alden, Dan Barrett, Jon-Erik Kellso, Randy Reinhart, Mark Shane, Dick Sudhalter, and Frank Vignola. Since 1993, Dan has been a member
of Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, featured in Jazz at Lincoln
Center, and on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion
radio program at Carnegie Hall. Dan was a regular guest at
Dick Hyman’s Jazz in July Festival in New York. Dan organized and was featured in the JVC Jazz Festival’s centennial
tribute to Jimmy Dorsey at the famed jazz club Birdland.
Dan’s tremendous respect for songs and lyrics has made
him a popular accompanist with vocalists over the years,
touring with Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos, and with
singer/guitarist Leon Redbone. In 2008, Dan married a charming and talented vocalist... Molly Ryan!
Dan has performed on over 75 CDs (9 under his own name).
He can also be heard on soundtracks to the films Ghost World,
The Cat’s Meow, and Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator. 2
Dante Club Notes
blast!) on piano; and a two-upright bass section made up of Nora
Severeid and her father, Mark. What a hoot!
By “The Cricket”
Tailgate Set 1 was led by Jared Blum, with Larry Tyrell,
Rich O’Day, Jimmy Spero and Dave Metz for the string
section, Greg Ayala on drums and Bev Ludlow for vocals. Greg
Ayala brought a gorgeous bouquet to welcome Jane Reinmuth
back after her knee surgery. What a sweet gesture!
[who is NOT the AATJ editor]
ig thanks to Mica Dugan for bringing the excellently
prepared DeComposers from Mission Avenue Open
Elementary for our first set on April Jazz Sunday. For those
who might not “get it,” the students very kindly explained to my
stringer that the name is a play on words; a musical joke—ha!
The band was no joke, though. They were comfortable in front
of the audience and engaged in the music. We fell in love with
them. On trumpet was Grace Eastlick (not Gracie Slick, as my
stringer really showed her age by jotting down until seeing it
written in the program). Caleb Clay was on clarinet; Elias Bevan
on trombone; Lucy Wang, piano; Jonah Prichard, banjo; Nora
Severeid on bass; Joseph Bly on drums; and Faye Joelson on
vocals. These 4th and 5th graders were so fun. Porcupine Ragtime
Ensemble’s Petra Sullivan was there to cheer on Nora, who is
her piano student. Lucy’s mother, Zimei Wang, was as proud as
she could be.
Speaking of flowers: arrive early to the May 11 Jazz Sunday
(Mother’s Day!) and be one of the 100 Moms who receive a lovely
carnation from MaryJane and Dominic Ruggieri in remebrance
of their mothers, Elaine Wilkins and Mary Ruggieri.
TG Set 3 continued with Grady Flamm and Grace Eastlick
on horns, Carl Kaiser (okay, not so young) on trombone;
Richard Lockwood (also NSY) and Arthur Eriksson on reeds;
Montana Monce on piano; Ned Poffinbarger on banjo; Carl
Warmdahl on drums and Faye Joelson on vocals.
Jane reported a wild TG 4: led by Bill Sharp, with Kaiser
on t-bone; Alan Shaw at the piano; Jan Buhlert and Jim
Lenhart; and Dominic Ruggieri, Duncan McElman and Jack
Orlov on reeds; with Jane getting back into the swing of things
on vocals. The Tailgate ended the day with a vigorous Set 5 led
by Ken Champion and Jay Chopp; Jay Paulus on trombone;
McElman and John Tanko on clarinets; Eriksson on piano and
Bill Chamberlain on drums.
And most of the students then trooped back to the Tailgate
for Set 2, which featured Elias Bevan (tbn); Caleb Clay and
Jared Eastlick (reeds); Jonah Prichard (bjo); Joseph Bly (dr),
with Joseph Exrand on trumpet; Frank Lindskoog (having a
April 13, 2014:
Evan Price
Isabelle Fontaine
Nolan Cyr
Evan Price
David Chiorini
brass band
Isabelle Fontaine
John Tanko
Jay Paulus
CITY of TREES brass band (Names on pg. 12)
May 2014
And I haven’t even gotten to – dare I say it? – the good
part! Le Jazz Hot was fabulous. Paul Mehling, Evan Price,
Isabelle Fontaine and David Chiorini achieved what few can –
a quiet Jazz Sunday audience! – that they combined with wildly
enthusiastic dancers from near and far. In fact, Horace and Erin
Jew came from Sunnyvale to work the Dante Club’s dance floor.
Pat Chan and Alyssa Urso are Midtown Stomp regulars, and
Kim Britt and Keith Camport said they dance at Sactown
Swing; they were accompanied by Kim’s mother, Louise Britt.
John and Cathy Blubaugh were there, and Cannic Hung, Dan
and Kim Woodward, Bret Martin.
Martha Swarts and Linda Apathy weren’t dancing, but
they sure were enjoying LJH, although Linda identified herself
as a fan of “the Hungarian band.”
Main Stage Set 4 featured City of Trees Brass Band:
trumpet (Matt Ferdon); three trombones (Joshua Cambridge,
Gabrielle Gill, Scotty Yost); four saxes (Bill Bua, soprano;
Mark Miller, alto; Christopher Ryan, tenor; and Isaac
Negrete, bari); drums (Alan Ferreira) and – ta da – sousaphone
(leader Ben Hillier). Rousing New Orleans street band vibe!
They share STJS’ mission to involve young musicians.
Dominic Ruggieri led a “Tribute to Sidney Bechet” on Set
5, with Sharp, Shaw, Buhlert, Alan Ginter and Jim Laveroni.
One of the most emotive sets ever at STJS! Tender and swinging!
Lots of dancers. Props, by the way, to Nolan Cyr, who added
“Emcee” to his already lengthy resume. Well done!
I’m sorry to learn that youth band director Felicia Weatherly
had a very serious close call due to clots post-surgery, but thank
goodness is doing better. And Alan Ginter was back and playing
three weeks post-surgery. Jass Builds Strong Bodies, apparently.
Alan joined Charlie Hull, Jim Roberson and Ken Meyers as
the Vocal Set backup band in the Gold Card Room. Champion,
Paulus, Bua/Lockwood, Lindskoog started the GCR day, and
were joined by Mark Kramer and Jack Stanfill. Set 2 delivered
a really hot “Caravan” from Champion/Blum, Paulus; Gene
Mondro/Tanko; Kaiser on piano; Metz; Jim Lenhart on bass,
and Jim Laveroni on drums.
GCR 4 had Blum, Lockwood, Montana Monce, Spero,
Mike Melnikov and Warmdahl. At least some of them
continued into Set 5 with E.J. Koford and Bill Chamberlain,
reportedly a terrific set that was still going strong at 5:00 p.m.
It was really nice to see Carolyn Swayze. She’s a Gold Card
Member who got one of the Jazz Office’s nagging phone calls
and thought she’d better check in. Her “When You’re Smiling”
did bring some smiles. Edd Burhans’ delivery of “Do Nothing
Till You Hear From Me” was very amusingly truncated, but it
wasn’t clear if he planned it or was a “victim” of it. Ken Meyers
(Continued on page 10)
was hugely pleased with the twist.
The DeComposers
Bill Sharp
Bev Ludlow
Norm Gary
Jane Reinmuth
Mica Dugan
The DeComposers
Dolores Smith
Nathaniel Walker
City of Trees
May 2014
Speaking of the Meyers Family, Julie
started by leading Happy Birthday to her mother, Susan, and
then sang “It’s Very Clear Our Love Is Here To Stay,” which
sounded like another tribute to her parents. Ginter said he would
sing something for the season, but got blank looks when he
started singing Passover songs. Our Alan likes to stir that ethnic
pot when he gets the chance. We all settled for “Here Comes
Peter Cottontail/Easter Parade.”
Gwenetta Brooks, who we just learned has a degree in
Ministerial Studies, and is a Music Minister, sang “Thou Swell,”
and Miss Margie brought tears to some with her rendition of
“Alfie.” Vanna Turner said, “You Can Have Him,” and Paula
Dula finished the set with a Spanish ballad, which I would render
here if I could. Touchingly, and at Jim Roberson’s suggestion,
the Vocal Set was dedicated to the memory of Larry Salerno.
(Cont. from page 9)
It was nice to have a word with Jean Bell. And in conclave
at the bar: Kim Fernandez, JoAnne Baker, Sandy and Randy
Scott were trying to track down Harry DuVall, an old friend of
Sandy’s father, Don Machado. They go back to the days of The
Classics and The Statesmen. Of course, this would be the day
Harry had a gig, but Sandy said they will track him down.
I thought Marilyn Jassowsky was leaving (very) early, but
she said no, she lives in Placerville, and since she was coming
to the “Big City,” she was going to run out to do some shopping.
Sure enough, she was back in time for Le Jazz Hot!
at Monterey’s 2014 Jazz Bash by the Bay. Jazzdagen advertises
Bill & Shelley & Eddie, Pieter Meijers and others, for 7 days
in Tahiti over 2014/15 New Year’s.
Really impressed with news received from Valerie Marston
re. Sister Swing. The band was invited, along with others from
the U.S. and Europe, to contribute a Boswell Sisters song to a
DVD tied in with the opening of “Shout, Sister, Shout!” at the
Historic New Orleans Collection in the French Quarter (showing
March 19 – October 26). In fact, Sister Swing contributed the
song, “Shout, Sister, Shout!” Big congrats! (They’re raising
money to participate in the closing ceremonies in October.)
Thanks to Betz Storey, we know that The Station in Roseville
won an Appellate Court action to continue its dancing permit.
You missed the Victory Celebration on April 26 with Terry
Carlisle and Bill Dickson (Time After Time), but you can catch
them on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 4-7 pm.
Keep track of live jazz bands at the Zinfandel Grill via the
restaurant’s website: And don’t forget
Wednesdays at Straw Hat: Au Brothers including Gordon on
May 21, Don Luthringer June 11, Midnight Rose June 25. (See
page 12 listings.) Longtime booker and chief fan of the bands at
Straw Hat, Bill Schoening, would LOVE to have you drop him a
line at his assisted living digs: 1099 Stewart Rd., Sac., CA 95864.
And save some time for Fun over Memorial Day Weekend! 2
Ralph Hanson said he’s been a member ever since he moved
here from Riverside, Arizona in 1985. And Steve Mandaro
said he’s been a member “off and on” for 20 years. He’s also a
member of the Dante Club, and came to Jazz Sunday specifically
to buy Festival Tickets. Then he bought a couple of albums from
Plane Label’s Mabel. He wound up at the bar with the Giants
game on one side and the Masters Tournament on the other, and
jazz in front and behind – what he calls Heaven!
The American Rag printed a nice obit for longtime Fulton
Street leader Dean Nelson. TAR also reports that jazz harmonica
star Toots Thielmans has retired at 91!
So still no Bria Skonberg/Molly Ryan Vanity Fair article.
(We’re hoping for June.) But New Orleans Jazz did get a shoutout from Janelle Bitker in the March 13 SN&R. She mentioned
City of Trees and Element brass bands, and especially called
out Harley White, Jr. at the Shady Lady Saloon every other
Wednesday (Clark Goodloe, Justin & Brandon, etc.). The Crescent
Katz play at Shady Lady on 1st and 3rd Fridays. Keep an eye on
Beatnik Studios for touring bands (
Want to win a gorgeous painting and do a good thing in the
process? New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern CA is raffling
one of Dottie Lawless’ gorgeous still-lifes: $5 a pop, and it goes
to NorCal’s education fund. or [email protected] Drawing is June 15, so you have time to join in.
Jazz Camp Director Bill Dendle was “Musician of the Year”
May 2014
May 2014
Future Jazz Festivals
and Jazz Parties
MAY 2014
2-4 Chattanooga Trad Jazz Fest. Chattanooga, TN (800) 872-2529
23-26 Sac. Music Fest. & Jubilee Sacramento, CA
(916) 444-2004
JUNE 2014
(800) 597-7627
26-29 America’s Classic Jazz Fest. Lacey, WA
(360) 943-9123
JULY 2014
16-20 Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee Mammoth Lk., CA(877) 686-5299
12 Cline Wine & Dixieland Jazz Fest. Sonoma, CA (800).546-2070
Raffle Cent$
ell, didn’t we all have a great time? You guys brought
in $285.00 for our Youth. Great job everyone.
Thank you to our donators: Julia McAfee, Donna
Springer. Our big winners were: Parasol—Dolores Smith;
Marty Mahoney, Bill Reiff, Joyce Shaw, Jean Schroeder,
Mary Jane Rugiero, Zaria McLauley, Margie Weybright,
Jim Fusaro, Jean Warner, Nora Harris, and Jay Casl.
Congrats to all!
In Loving Memory
Sherry Applegate
April 1, 2014
George Bruno
April 20, 2014
May 11 at the Dante Club: MOLLY RYAN, jazz songbird,
from New York, NY. Mother’s Day! MaryJane & Dominic
Ruggieri, while remembering their mothers, Elaine Wilkins
and Mary Ruggieri, will be honoring all mothers by presenting a lovely carnation to the first 100 Moms arriving at the
Dante Club on Jazz Sunday. Opener: Eclectic Jazz Necessities
at 12:00, and The Aglets at 12:30 — both from Arden Middle
School, Sac., directed by Whitney Disney & Brandon Au.
STJS BOARD MTG: No meeting in May.
20-22 Elkhart Jazz Festival Elkhart, IN
by Kathy Becker
Jazz Notes
Submit event info in advance to: [email protected]
See “MUSIC HERE & THERE” for regular gigs.
TNT: Straw Hat Pizza, May 19, 6:00–8:30 pm at Round
Table Pizza (9138 Kiefer Blvd., Sac), 6:30–8:30 pm. (See ad.)
Straw Hat: WED. 6:00pm–8:30 (2929 Mather Field Rd., R.
Cord.) No cover charge. May 7–Norm Gary. May 14–Pat
Blucher. May 21–Au Brothers Jazz Band w/ Gordon Au. May
28–Dr. Bach & the Jazz Practitioners. June 4–Cell Block 7.
JB’s Lounge: 5–8pm “Sunday Evening Jazz” Clarion
Hotel (1401 Arden Way, Sac., CA 95815). 916-723-5517, ext 3.
Cover charge regularly $10/$5 kids under ten. May 11–Cynthia Douglas. May 18–Dave Rocha Group ($15/5 kids). May
25–TBA. June 1–Tom Peron Reunion Band Tribute to Bud
Spangler ($15/$5 kids). June 8–Trinom 3 ($15/$5 kids).
Midtown Stomp: Friday nights 9pm–12am. Cover charge.
(2534 Industrial Blvd., Suite 150, West Sac., CA 95691). May
16–The Au Brothers. June 13–Mitch Woods & His Rock 88s
Shady Lady Saloon (1409 R St., Sac.), 9–midnight: Crescent Katz on May 2 & 16; Harley White on May 7 & 21; Hot
City! on May 15; Element Brass Band on May 17.
Frederick Hodges: Sac. Turn Verein (3349 J St, Sac.) on
Sun., May 18 from 3 to 6 pm. (916) 939-0401.
Margie-Rebekah Ruiz Trio: Zinfandel Grille (2384 Fair
Oaks Blvd.) 485-7100. Sat., May 23, 7–10pm. Beth Duncan Trio: Zinfandel Grille. 7–10pm Fri., May 9
& 16. Also at Piatti Ristorante on Fri., May 30.
Dr. Bach & the Jazz Practitioners: Emigh Hardware,
(3555 El Camino). Sat., May 31, 10am–2:00pm.
Western Swing Society: June 1–Lincoln Highway. 1–6pm
at the Machinist Hall (2749 Sunrise Blvd. Rancho Cordova). 2
May 2014
Main Stage 4-13-14
Guest: LE JAZZ HOT (quartet of the Hot Club SF) San Francisco, CA
Guest Artist Coord.: Bob Ringwald
Emcee: Nolan Cyr
Set #1 — The DeComposers. Mission Ave. Open Elem. School
(Grades 4 and 5). Mr. Mica Dugan, Instructor. Grace Eastlick, tpt;
Caleb Clay, cl; Elias Bevan, tbn; Lucy Wang, p; Jonah Prichard,
bnj; Nora Severeid, b; Joseph Bly, dr; Faye Joelson, voc.
Sets #2 and #3 — GUEST – Le Jazz Hot. Paul Mehling, ld/lead gtr;
Evan Price, violin; Isabelle Fontaine, r-gtr voc; David Chiorini, b. 
Set #4 — City of Trees Brass Band. Ben Hillier, ldr/sousaphone;
Matt Ferdon, tpt; Joshua Cambridge, Gabrielle Gill, Scotty Yost,
tbn; Bill Bua, s-sax; Mark Miller, a-sax; Christopher Ryan, t-sax;
Isaac Negrete, b-sax; Alan Ferreira, dr.
Set #5 — “Tribute To Sidney Bechet.” Dominic Ruggieri, ldr/ssax; Bill Sharp, tpt/v-tbn; Alan Shaw, p; Jan Buhlert, bnj/gtr; Alan
Ginter, b; Jim Laveroni, dr.
Gold Card Room 4-13-14
Tpt/Cor: Jared Blum, Ken Champion; Rds: Gene Mondro, Dick Lockwood, William Bua, John Tanko; Tbn: Jay Paulus, Larry Tyrell, Carl
Kaiser; P: Ken Meyers, Frank Lindskoog, Carl Kaiser, Montana Monce;
Bnj/Gtr: Mark Kramer, Jimmy Spero, Dave Metz, Ned Poffinbarger; B/
Tb: Alan Ginter, Mike Melnikov, Scotty Harper, James Lenhart; Dr: Jim
Roberson, Carl Warmdahl, Bill Chamberlain, Jack Stanfill, Jim Laveroni;
Music Here & There
[email protected]
Beatnik Studios Jazz Night, 3rd Thursday, 7-10pm, 723 S Street, Sac.
Beth Duncan Trio,
BIG BANDS Tues. nights, JB’s Lounge, Clarion Hotel, 1401 Arden Way, Sac.
Black Tuesday J.B., (530) 676-8923.
Bob Ringwald / Fulton St. J.B., (916) 806-9551.
Claudette Stone, Biba’s, Th., 6:00–9pm., 2801 Capitol Ave., Sac. 455-2422
Crescent Katz, 1st & 3rd Friday, Shady Lady (1409 R St, Sac.), 9–midnight. 1st Sun. 3-6pm, Berryessa Brewing.
Cunha Big Band 1st Tues. 7pm, Clubhouse, 5150 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael
Dr. Bach & the Jazz Practitioners,
Eddie & Friends Tues. 1:15-3:45pm, 4701 Gibbons Drive, Carmichael
Harley White, Jr. Orchestra
Jay Paulus’ Society Band,
“Midtown Stomp”– Dance, Fri., 8pm–12am.
2534 Industrial Blvd., Suite 150, West Sac., CA 95691. Classes. (916) 221-1500
Nice & Easy, e/o Sat. 4:30-7:30pm, The Station, Auburn Bl/Riverside, Rsvl.
Nu-Tones Qt., Timbers Rest., Sun City, RSVL, 6-9pm, Fri.
Rich O’Day, Biba Rest., Wed., 6:00–9pm, 2801 Capitol Ave., Sac. 455-2422
Sac. Banjo Band, Straw Hat Pizza, Mather Fld. Rd., 1st & 3rd Sun., 2-4 p.m.
Sac. Ragtime Society, FREE! Red Lion Sacto. Inn, 1401 Arden Way, Sac.,
last Sunday of each month, 1–4 p.m., (916) 457-3324.
Speakeazy Jazz Orchestra
“Sun. Eve. Jazz” – Various. JB’s Lounge, 5-8 p.m.; (916) 723-5517, ext. 3
SwingMasters big band, Carmichael, CA
Vivian Lee,
Western Swing Soc., The Machinist Hall, 2749 Sunrise Bl., Rnch. Cordova
1st Sun., 1-6pm. Ballroom dancing, swing, waltz, foxtrot. (916) 635-0450
Voc: Larry Sikorski, Edd Burhans, Alan Ginter, Pat Kennedy, Paula Dula,
Dorit Benjamini, Margie Ruiz, Gwenetta Brooks, Carolyne Swayze, Jea-
Basin St. Regulars, Vet’s Bldg, Pismo, last Sun, 12-4:30. (805) 481-7840.
Cell Block 7, Royce Farms BBQ; 10880 N. Hwy 99; Stockton
1st and 3rd Tues., 6:30–8:30p.m. (209) 931-8333
Feather River JS Concert day varies. Graegle, CA
Fresno DL Soc., 2nd Sun., 1-5 pm (559) 292-3999. Call for location.
Modesto TJS, Clarion, 1612 Sisk Rd., Mod., 3rd Sun., 12-5 p.m., (209) 985-2223
Rivercity Jazz Society, Elks Lodge, Redding, 3rd Sun., 1-5pm
San Joaquin DL JS 8900 Thornton, Stock., 1st Sun., 12-5,
Sierra Trad. Jazz Club, Memorial Bldg, Three Rivers, 2nd Sat., 8-11pm.
Western Mus. Rndup., Stewart Hall, Sheridan, 4th Sun., 12-5pm, 645-8521
nette Hall, Keith Williams, Julie Meyers, Barbara Paulus, Vanna Turner,
Geri Eckert, Dennis Cain, Clint Ritchie, Jay Casl.
GCR Director: Paula Dula.
Tailgate Room 4-13-14
Tpt: Ken Champion, Joseph Eyraud, Eric Treadwell, Grace Eastwick,
Jared Blum, Bill Sharp, Jay Chopp, Grady Flamm; Rds: Dick Lockwood,
Caleb Clay, Jared Eastwick, Dominic Ruggieri, John Tanko, Arthur Eriksson; Tbn: Elias Behan, Larry Tyrell, Carl Kaiser, Jay Paulus; P: Frank
Lindskoog, Montana Monce, Rich O’day, Arthur Eriksson, Alan Shaw,
Frank Lindsloog; Strings: Dave Metz, Ned Poffinbarger, Jimmy Spero;
Bass/Tuba: Nora Severeid, Mark Severeid, Arthur Eriksson, Alan Shaw,
Frank Lindskoog; Dr: Joseph Bly, Greg Ayala, Duncan McElman, Bill
Chamberlain, Carl Warmdahl; Vocs: Bev Ludlow, Faye Joelson, Geri
Eckert, Jane Reinmuth.
Co-Directors: Jane Reinmuth, Duncan McElman
May 2014
Call a a long - online calendar
it’s rive!
And That’s Jazz, assorted.
Big Money in Jazz Savoy-Tivoli in San Fran., Sat., 3–6pm (415) 362-7023
Clint Baker & Café Borrone All-Stars, Fridays 8–11pm, Menlo Park
Devil Mtn. JB. 3rd Sat., 1:30-4:30pm, Danville Grange Hall.
Jazzinators, Bronco Billy’s Pizza, Irvington Dist.-Fremont; 1st/3rd Tue., 7-8pm
Eggers/Tichenor, Belrose, San Raf., 2nd Wed. 5:30-8pm; M.E. (510) 655-6728
Mission Gold JB, 1st/3rd Wed., 7:30-9:30pm, Sunol JAZZ Cafe (925)862-2800
Natural Gas JB, 2nd Sun., 1-5pm, Ghiringhelli Pizzeria, Novato (415) 878-4977
Swing Fever, Panama Hotel, San Raf., 1st/3rd Tu., 7-10 pm (415) 457-3993
May 23–26
May 2014
May 2014
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May 2014

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