Number: 2, Season: Spring



Number: 2, Season: Spring
The Jewish
April 2007 • Volume 60, Number 2
Those who have died and
those who have returned
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April 12, 2007
The Jewish Veteran
April 25, 2007
Update on Information Technology
May 9, 2007
Membership The Future of JWV- How to increase and retain
May 29, 2007
Leadership at all levels The Post Commander
June 14, 2007
Veterans Benefits What’s available?
June 27, 2007
Housing and Homeless
July 17, 2007
Women in the Military
Aug. 1, 2007
National Convention What do you expect?
Aug. 23, 2007
At the Convention Information Technology Committee Meeting
Sept. 11, 2007
What happened in Charleston, New National Commander, Resolutions
Sept. 26, 007
Working together to fight anti-Semitism and protect the Veteran
Oct. 9, 2007
Hospitals and VAVS
Oct. 24, 2007
Leadership at all levels Make sure your elected officials know of your
Nov. 13, 2007
United Nations What’s it all about?
Nov. 28, 2007
Homeland Security
Dec. 5, 2007
Leadership at all levels Meeting your Past National Commanders
Dec 18, 2007
Veteran’s Legislation What’s pending?
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April 2007
Commander’s Corner
A message from National Commander Norman Rosenshein
the JWV is to “take care
The young men and women who are the soldiers
of all veterans.” I was
of today and the veterans of tomorrow are not just
able to share our goals for
images on our television and computer screens
veterans with the Israeli
and the pages of our daily newspaper. They are
audience, as well as to
real people who are fighting, dying, and incurring
grievous wounds to protect our freedoms. They are explain the aims of our
Allied Veterans Mission to
our neighbors, our relatives, and our friends.
sponsor allied veterans on
One of these young men, CPL Gavriel Jacobs,
a trip of a lifetime to Israel so that upon their rehimself both a member of the JWV and the grandturn to the United States they will be able to counson of a member, was severely wounded in Iraq.
ter negative views of Israel among their veterans’
While it was originally thought that he would
lose both of his legs as a result
The night before my testimony to
of his wounds, his legs have
Congress, I had the honor of prebeen saved, and he is just now
senting to Senator Daniel K. Akaka
taking his first steps on them.
(D-HI) the JWV Medal of Merit for
It was my honor to visit him
his unstinting work on behalf of vetat Bethesda Naval Hospital,
erans rights and his support for our
along with the Chairman of
mission. Senator Akaka, who is the
our Coordinating Committee,
Chairman of the Senate Committee
PNC Bob Zweiman; our
on Veterans Affairs, spoke of his
National Executive Director,
commitment to our veterans to
Herb Rosenbleeth; and our
help heal the visible and invisible
Director of Operations, Larry
wounds they bring home with them.
Purple Heart
In my testimony before Congress,
CPL Jacobs personifies the
I stressed the proud history of
veteran for whose rights we
JWV’s 111-year struggle for fairness for those
are fighting. Never forget, “The Mission: The
who have protected the freedoms we hold dear.
Veteran.” Our quest for veterans’ rights is not a
“For these 111 years, JWV has advocated a strong
theoretical or academic exercise. Our military men
national defense and a just and fair recognition
and women like CPL Jacobs are returning home
and compensation for veterans. The Jewish War
today as they have returned throughout history,
Veterans of the USA prides itself in being in the
with wounds both physical and mental, and they
forefront among our nation’s civic and veterans
must receive the care and benefits to which they
groups in supporting the well-earned rights of
are entitled. Our pursuit of these goals is more
veterans, in promoting American democratic prinimportant than ever due to the advances in miliciples, in defending universal Jewish causes and
tary medicine that save the lives of soldiers who
in vigorously opposing bigotry, anti-Semitism and
would otherwise have died in previous conflicts.
terrorism both here and abroad. Today, even more
While they are able to return home, many of these
than ever before, we stand for these principles.
severely wounded veterans are suffering from
The Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. represents
wounds far worse than those incurred by veterans
of previous conflicts.
a proud tradition of patriotism and service to the
United States of America.”
I am fortunate that I have had the opportunity
Today, more than ever, for CPL Jacobs and
to speak out about our mission from the streets of
for all of the veterans who return to us after their
Jerusalem to the Halls of Congress over the past
few weeks and months. I am honored that I, on be- long and valiant struggle against those who would
seek to harm us and our way of life, we must
half of our organization, have had the opportunity
continue to speak out for the rights of the veteran,
to bring our message to a radio audience in Israel
and to a Joint Committee of the Senate and House
whether it is before Congress, in our communiVeterans Affairs Committees.
ties, or throughout the world. “The Mission: The
As I told the Israeli interviewer, the mission of
The Jewish Veteran
News From Capitol Hill
By Col Herb Rosenbleeth, USA(Ret), Nat’l Executive Director
On March 7th and 8th, as the Walter Reed scandal
focused attention on military and veterans health
care, the National Executive Committee of the
Jewish War Veterans of the USA stormed the halls
of Congress.
National Commander Rosenshein, Veterans
Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson, and our
honoree, Chairman Daniel Akaka.
In Room 408 of the Senate Russell Office
Building, National Commander Norman
Rosenshein presented the JWV Medal of Merit to
Senator Daniel Akaka, the new Chairman of the
Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. Room
408 was packed with
JWV members and our
guests from other Veterans
Service Organizations, the
VA, DoD, and military
associations. National
Commander Rosenshein
expressed JWV’s appreciation to Chairman Akaka for
his outstanding support of
issues concerning veterans.
The next morning,
Thursday, March 8th, NC
Todd Bolick, Boy Scout
Troop 150, led the Pledge of
Allegiance at our reception.
Rosenshein forcefully
presented JWV’s legislative priorities to a joint
session of the Senate and
House Veterans Affairs
Committees. Before a full
house of veterans advocates, including JWV’s
National Executive Committee, NC Rosenshein
drew repeated applause as he told the Congress of
the vital needs of all veterans.
On March 7th
and 8th our National
Executive Committee
members traveled
the halls of Congress
for our Capitol Hill
Action Days. Fewer
than 100 members of
Congress, the lowest
percentage in several
decades, are veterans.
Our leadership met
with their Senators,
Representatives, and
key staff to educate,
VA Under Secretaries Bill
inform, and persuade Tuerk and Dan Cooper,
them about the issues two outstanding supporters
affecting veterans.
of all veterans!
BVA Legislative Director, Tom Zampieri; their
Executive Director, Tom Miller; VA Under
Secretary for Health, Dr. Michael Kussman; and
BVA’s Roy Kekahuna, from Chairman Akaka’s
great state of Hawaii.
April 2007
Letters to the Editor
Praise for The Jewish Veteran
I picked up a copy of The Jewish Veteran magazine (February 2007) at the Oklahoma City VA
Hospital the other day. I just wanted to let you
know that I was very impressed with the publication. I have noticed that in the DAV, VFW,
and Purple Heart magazines, that they spend a
great deal of space saying hardly anything except
“hooray for me!” You actually make “The Jewish
Veteran” interesting, informative, and still have
the necessary promotions. I especially enjoyed the
historical articles and insights. “My Own Hero”
and “Memories of the Greatest Generation” are
both first class.
I am a member of the Baha’i Faith and a
Vietnam War Veteran. I became a Baha’i after
returning from the war.
Alex J. Resnick
Oklahoma City
JWV SOS Program
[The following excerpts from a letter from the
National Chairmen of the JWV SOS (Support Our
Soldiers) Program to Rabbi Shmuel Felzenberg,
Jewish Chaplain in Afghanistan, describe the JWV
efforts to ensure a good Passover for our troops.]
Dear Rabbi Felzenberg:
The clearest way to answer you is to explain
what we shipped to you.... First, we shipped
50 KP Gift-Paks, packed 3 Paks to a strapped
bundle. The mailing label on each bundle is either
unmarked or is printed on the left “Gift-Pak”.
These Gift-Paks are to be given to the troops (one
to each person) when they leave the is
for the soldier, etc. to have for his personal use at
his base.
Secondly....we shipped 5 strapped Seder bundles, each having three cartons, making a total
of 15 ctns for the Seder . Each Seder bundle is to
The Jewish Veteran
take care of 10 people at the Seder, hence 5 Seder
bundles will take care of 50 people....
Please greet all those troops whom you see
at the Seders a hearty “Zissen Pesach” from The
Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. On behalf of
JWV, thank you for servicing our young men and
women with the pastoral care and religious needs
that they desire during the Passover holidays as
well as during the year.
Bill Farber and Nat Rabinowitz,
National Co-Chairmen of the “SOS” Program
Memories of WWII
Dear Editor:
Even at the age of 95, I still recall this memorable event.
We left Algeria and slowly convoyed our way
westward toward the retreating German Army, our
goal. Bizerte. The Germans were in the process of
sending the remnants of the German Army across
the Mediterranean Sea to the European mainland.
By this time, their Army was in total retreat, and
their defeat was inevitable. General Alexander, the
English General was in the process of forming a
pincer movement with the aim of totally enveloping the German troops, and their surrender was
We entered the outskirts of Bizerte, and the city
had suffered immeasurably by Allied air attacks
and ground artillery shelling. Buildings were
leveled, and rubble and debris were strewn over
the roads making them impassable to vehicular
My corporal and I walked into a hallway of a
partially destroyed three-story tenement. He went
to the hallway on the right, and I proceeded to
the left hallway with my rifle held at the ready
position. As I walked slowly forward, I discerned
movement at the end of the hallway, and I cautiously approached. A tall bearded man stood
there, and he was shielding a little girl who apcontinued on 11
Editor’s Corner
By Robert Pickard, M.D., COL (Ret) MC, National Editor
My first-hand experiences in DC while there to attend the NEC and lobby for veterans rights on Capitol
Hill began with a visit to my friend and colleague
Deal, CO of
at Walter
Reed Army
on March 9,
2007. We
National Editor Dr. Robert Pickard
saw the
at right is shown presenting a check
to COL Tom Deal, CO of In-Patient
“Annex 18”
Services at Walter Reed Army
(a slightly
Medical Center.
BOQ built in 1969 and used for out-patient living prior
to the recent media attention) and visited the wonderful Fisher Houses on the campus of WR. These are
truly “homes away from home” for the wounded warriors and their families trying to pick up their lives and
heal each other.
We visited Mologne House, a first-class hotel-type
facility for out-patients on the campus of WR and the
rehab PT center in the hospital where PNC David
Magidson and I had first met Tammy Duckworth, the
helicopter pilot who lost both legs in Iraq and was fitted with computer-driven prosthetic legs at WR.
COL Deal and I reviewed the area of WR where
brilliant scientists are working on the procedure of
cranial removal to lessen the pressure on the wounded
brains of veterans.
This innovative “open-sky” treatment of these
brain-injured warriors has been a giant step forward
in the treatment of any head injury. This should come
as no shock. After all, wars have benefited all of us in
the creative medical strides that happened solely as a
result of conflicts. WWI saw the birth of “plastic and
reconstructive surgery” with Sir Harold Delf Gillies of
who initiated and created the basis of “plastic surgery”
with his work on traumatic deformities from blast and
mustard and other gases in early 1900’s.
We enjoy penicillin and
all the other antibiotics that
came after them as a result
of WWII. Let us not forget
Prontosil and Sulfa which
were the first “Miracle
Drugs” and which were
developed in the early 30’s as the race to WWII began. And what about blood transfusions? None were
successful until the WWII era Medics worked out the
“bugs” in the field hospitals and on the battlefields of
The aftermath of 9/11 and the present Global War
on Terrorism have seen some tremendous gains also
in the world of medicine. I realize that it is wisdom
bought with pain (apologies to Carly Simon), but medicine has chronicled the march forward over mountains
of the unfortunate dead.
So the fall-out from Annex 18’s “deplorable”
conditions, as pointed out by Lou Dobbs and the
Washington Post, has meant that those intolerable outpatient delays and bureaucratic red tape delays that we
as veterans know about all too well have come to the
public’s attention. Never mind that WRAH was on
the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) list and
scheduled for closure in 2011 and that there has been
a hiring freeze leaving only half the grounds-keepers
and maintenance staff that WR and its 100 acres and
hundreds of buildings require. There have been some
officers that have just been in the wrong place at the
wrong time, and everyone who knows combat understands that. Then too, there have been some arrogant
and mean bastards who should have been fired, and
they were, and so much the better for the soldier and
the veterans and their families. Bottom line: if the
media shined the bright light on the dirty corners at
what should be the pre-eminent military medical
facility in the world, and the soldiers, the veterans
and their families profit by this public out-cry, so
well and good.
When we went to Congress to lobby for our
three issues (Jewish causes, Active Duty (including Active, Reserve, and National Guard), on the
Continued on page 13
April 2007
National Commander Rosenshein testifying before
the Joint Veterans Affairs Committees.
National Commander Norman Rosenshein presented the JWV Medal of Merit to Sen. Daniel K.
Akaka (D-HI), Chairman of the Senate Veterans
Affairs Committee in honor of his work on behalf
of the veterans’ community.
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Jim Nicholson addressed the
JWV Congressional Reception.
PNC Paul Bernstein received
an honorary award from the
Order of the Silver Rose for his
dedication and support of Agent
Orange Victims and their families. The award was presented by
Helene Van Clief.
Shown at the dedication of the NMAJMH Tree of Honor
are from left (front row) PNP Florence Levine, NP Marie
Vegotsky, Tree Chairman Iris Goldwasser, and National
Aide de Camp Gerald Levine; from left (back row) PNP
Sophie Ruderman, NMAJMH President PNC Jack
Berman, NC Norman Rosenshein, and Henry Epstein who
donated the trunk of the tree in memory of his brother
William H. Epstein.
The Jewish Veteran
Marshall Kaplan, at left, is shown presenting to Museum President PNC Jack
Berman a check for $100,000 on behalf of
Milton L. Finel Post 389 in Brooklyn, NY.
Looking on is PNC Jerome Cohen.
Steve Rosmarin Announces
His Candidacy For
JWV National Commander
Lawrence Schulman Announces
His Candidacy For
JWV National Commander
Steve Rosmarin,
commander of the
Department of
California, and a
member of the JWV
for over 50 years,
has announced
that he is a candidate for the office
of JWV National
“I believe that it is
crucial to the Jewish
War Veterans’ continued vitality that
its leadership reach out to its national membership
and include our Departments and Posts in creating our future agenda. JWV is a national veterans’
organization, and we must behave like one—we
are only as strong as our weakest chapter,” said
He has held every elected office in California,
including past and present Department
Commander, County Council Commander, and
Commander of West Hollywood Post 113 for over
10 years, and he has represented the state on the
National Executive Committee for many years.
Before his relocation to California, Rosmarin
served as Commander of Morristown Post 213
in Morristown, NJ, as well as serving as Junior
Vice Commander of the Department of New
Jersey. Rosmarin has sat on the National Insurance
Committee since 1990.
Rosmarin, 79, has advocated for Jewish concerns by holding positions with the Los Angeles
Jewish Federation Council and the Los Angeles
Jewish Community Relations Council. He now
represents his fellow veterans as a member of
the Department of Veterans Affairs Education
Advisory Committee, appointed by the Secretary
of Veterans Affairs.
Lawrence Schulman
of Rochester, NY, has
announced his candidacy for National
Commander of the
Jewish War Veterans
of the USA. Mr.
Schulman previously
served as Commander
of the JWV
Department of New
York from 1980-81.
Mr. Schulman
served in the U.S.
Army from July 1958
to July 1961. He was a Specialist 4th Class in
Ludwigsburg, Germany, Headquarters Company,
34th Signal Battalion, 7th Corps, as a Personnel
After leaving the service, he completed his studies at Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
Administration. He joined L.F. Rothschild
Investments and was employed there as a stockbroker for 15 years. His firm was subsequently
acquired by Smith Barney, and he retired in July
2002 as a Financial Consultant, Certified Financial
Planner, advising individuals, small businesses and
non-profit agencies.
Mr. Schulman joined the JWV of the USA in
1966 and has been an active member of the David
J. Kauffman Post #41, where he has held all Post
offices. He has co-chaired both the 50th and 60th
Anniversary Dinners and other affairs at the Post.
He has been Quartermaster for the past four years.
He testified at a CARES Committee Meeting on
the closing of the Canandaigua VA Hospital and
helped retain the hospital in his part of the state.
Mr. Schulman moved up in the Western District
Council becoming Commander and subsequently
continued on page 11
continued on page 11
April 2007
Remembering Our Mission
American Foreign Policy for the 21st Century
By Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Ranking Republican Member House Committee on Foreign Affairs
The challenges facing American foreign policy
today are daunting. Gone are the days when
enemies posed conventional threats. Instead, our
enemies are often non-state actors that infiltrate
our borders and communities, hide in caves, and
attack our citizens and vital resources in stealth.
It is tempting to view them as completely distinct
enemies who should be combated in isolation from
each other. But such an approach ignores the fact
that the world is increasingly interconnected.
Accordingly, our foreign policy must implement
a strategy that responds to this inter connectivity.
As the Ranking Member of the House Committee
on Foreign Affairs, I advocate strongly for an approach to the world that reflects our values, assists
our allies and secures our nation.
In combating the interconnected threats to
our very existence, America’s continued success
depends on our finding continued strength in the
justness of our cause and our ability to win. It is
time to restore our strategic clarity; it is time for
America to emulate its noble veterans, who have
continually served with clarity of purpose. To
win, America must recognize and re-embrace its
values and its mission for the future
Distinct from our European Allies, America’s
success emanates from its commitment to its
highest ideal, freedom, and its unwillingness to
accept tyranny. The American Revolution itself
was provoked by the colonists’ desire of freedom
to govern themselves. Recognizing that their war
was one for essential values, not varying interests,
a nation of one million defeated the world’s greatest empire, establishing the first democracy in
modern times.
More recently, America again was most successful when it recognized the universal importance of its values. In the 1940’s, Americans of
both political parties rejected the practitioners of
appeasement and isolationism; those who thought
that Hitler was just another politician who could
The Jewish Veteran
be dealt with; those who
thought that freedom was
a relative value that could
be strengthened at home
through the complete
sacrifice of freedom in
half the world; those who
thought that the slaughter of Jews in Warsaw had
nothing to do with the freedom of Americans in
Chicago. To its lasting credit, America understood
that, as the Reverend Martin Luther King said,
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The United States, together with its allies,
defeated a Nazi war machine that had steam rolled
across nearly everything in its path in Europe and
North Africa. In the process, it secured America
from the threat of worldwide fascism and totalitarianism, helped to end the Holocaust, and ensured
self-determination for nations on three continents.
Following its victory in World War II,
America did not relent in the face of international
Communism’s aggressive pursuit of revolution
and hegemony. Accordingly, the United States
provided significant aid, through the Marshall
Plan and other efforts, to strengthen the forces of
democracy on every continent. The Cold War was
long and difficult, but because America retained its
clarity of mission, it emerged victorious, while the
once-powerful Soviet Union collapsed.
Today, America again faces determined threats
to its very survival. Some of our enemies, like the
dictatorships that oppress Iran and North Korea,
are conventional states that seek nuclear weapons.
Others, like al-Qaeda, are stateless organizations
who primarily engage in terror. Regardless, their
aims are not merely local in nature. Islamists seek
America’s destruction just as much as they wish
to obliterate the State of Israel. As North Korean
tyrant Kim Jong II imprisons his citizens in concentration camps, his proxies boast of reducing
America’s metropolises to craters. All of these
continued on next page
Letters to the Editor
continued from page 6
peared to be about seven years old. They both
appeared petrified with fear. He was wearing a
black scull cap, and I immediately recognized him
as being of the Jewish faith. The Moslems usually
wear red fezzes.
I slowly walked up to him, and in my broken
French, I said, “Jamais non peur, je suis aussi un
Juif and un soldat American.” (Translation: I am
also a Jew and an American soldier.)
He fell to his knees, grasped me around
the waist and cried out, “VOUS EST LE
MESSIACH,” (Translation: You are the Messiah).
The little girl reached out and gently grasped my
This memory I will long remember and cherish.
Everything I had previously accomplished paled
into insignificance, as I recall, even to this day, this
memorable event.
William Yenofsky
Columbus OH
Remembering Our Mission
continued from previous page
regimes want to destroy international order and,
with state sovereignty, to substitute the rule of
the gun for the rule of law, to end the progress of
freedom. In short, they would consign the world
to the Dark Ages.
To combat what is in essence one threat,
America must respond with conviction of purpose to the value of freedom. The freedom we
enjoy today would not be possible were it not for
the courageous efforts of our men and women in
uniform that fought in conflicts across the globe to
secure freedom and security for this country. Our
veterans from World Wars I & II, the Korean War,
Vietnam War, and more recently the conflicts in
the Middle East all wrestled control from claws of
tyrants that sought to oppress the world with brutality and cruelty. The brave acts of these heroic
men and women can never be repaid and we owe
them a debt of gratitude of which the balance will
never be met.
Steve Rosmarin
continued from page 9
“We are slowly losing the backbone of our
organization, the World War II veteran,” Rosmarin
stated. “If we are going to grow and to move into
the 21st century, we must extend our vision and
involve our Vietnam, Cold War and our recent
vets. That can’t be done from Washington D.C.--it has to be done at our local posts. As National
Commander, my first priority will be to ensure that
local posts get the help they need.”
A member of the U.S. Army’s 7th Infantry
Division and the 17th Infantry stationed in Korea
from 1946-48, he graduated from Pace University
in 1951. Rosmarin is a retired investment and
insurance executive and owned a travel agency in
West Hollywood.
Rosmarin, a widower, was married to his wife
Bernice for over 50 years. He has two daughters.
Lawrence Schulman
continued from page 9
moved through the offices of the Department of
New York, becoming the Department Commander
from 1980-81. He is currently on the NEC and
the Budget Committee. In addition to serving
the JWV, Mr. Schulman in active in the Jewish
Community Federation, having served on the
Allocations, Finance, and Investment Committees
and on the Board of Directors.
He is also a Past Board Member and served
on the Investment and Finance Committees at
his synagogue, Temple Beth El. In addition, he
has served as the Treasurer of Chapter 20 of the
Vietnam Veterans and is a member of Fairport
Flower City Lodge #476, Scottish Rite Consistory,
Valley of Rochester and the Damascus Shrine.
He was born in Rochester, NY, attending public schools and college there. He is married to
Judy Schulman (nee Savitz) who is a member of
the Ladies Auxiliary of the David J. Kauffman
Post #41. They have one son, Samuel, who is a
Caseworker in the Adolescent Unit of Clinton
County Social Service, in Plattsburgh, NY.
April 2007
JWVAllied Veterans Mission
The 2007 Allied Veterans Mission led by PNC Sam
Greenberg was an outstanding opportunity for our
Allied Veterans to experience Israel and her people
for themselves. Upon their return from their trip,
participants in the Mission share their trip and what
they have learned from it with the greater veterans’
community as ambassadors-at-large for Israel. On this
page, we want to share with you some of the letters we
have received from participants in this year’s mission
on their return and photos of their trip. We hope that
these letters will inspire all of the JWV Departments
to sponsor participants in next year’s Mission. The following letters were received by PNC Sam Greenberg.
Dear Sam:
I want to share a few short words of appreciation to
you, Steve, Norm, Freda, and others who provided
the leadership for a very successful 22nd mission
trip. I have already talked with Glen Gardner, the
current National VFW Jr. Vice Commander (National
Commander in two years), and recommended he
make sure to include your Allied Veterans Mission
trip on his schedule. Your JWV web site looks good
and has several sections of personal interest, e.g.,
Allied Veterans Mission members visited several
historic sites in Israel
The Jewish Veteran
American Jewish Military History Museum, which I
will visit while in Washington during the first week of
Over the last 22 years I am sure all of your participants leave Israel with something special, from fond
memories to unique items of interest. I am probably
the only team member to leave Israel with the gift
of life that keeps on giving—three units of genuine
Israeli bonded Type A negative blood as a result of
my four (4) day stay in a Jerusalem hospital initiated
by a bleeding ulcer. It was not surprising during my
flight home when I started to spontaneously speak
Hebrew. Lastly, please advise how I can participate
with some form of membership in your organization.
I realize my new fluids do not qualify me for active
membership, but I would be pleased to contribute
my efforts in some alternative membership. Again,
thanks for everything. I remain…
Kenneth R. Burton, Jr.
Judge Advocate General
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.
Dear Sam:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank
you and the Jewish American War Vets for the
wonderful trip to Israel. The time spent there
was a life experience I will never forget.
I received an education on the problems the
Israeli People face on a daily basis. The remarkable achievements they have accomplished in
a short 50 years are proof of their tenacity and
ingenuity. I pray that Israel finds peace, and the
threat of terrorism is extinguished forever, for
right is on their side. Thank You, Again.
Your Friend,
Richard S. Wren
Director, Veteran Affairs
Luzerne County, PA
Dear Sam,
Hope all is well with you. I am just staring to get
settled into some form of an organized regimen
and finally have settled down to sending you a
Members of the 22nd Allied Veterans Mission posed during their trip with NC Norman Rosenshein and
Mission leader PNC Sam Greenberg.
reply to your letter of last week.
The 22nd Allied Mission was a great success
thanks to your organizational skills. The itinerary
was excellent, and I cannot think that it could
be improved.
I want to express my appreciation to you and
the JWV for extending the invitation to me to
Editor’s Corner
Continued from page 7
on the dirty corners at what should be the pre-eminent
military medical facility in the world, and the soldiers,
the veterans and their families profit by this public outcry, so well and good.
When we went to Congress to lobby for our three
issues [Jewish causes, Active Duty (including Active,
Reserve, and National Guard), and Veterans], I found
it a bit ingenuous for the Congress men and women
to suddenly be jumping through hoops to listen to us
veterans and to be anxious to throw whatever taxpayer money they could dream up at our requests. Why
weren’t they listening to us before when we would
come to the Hill every March imploring them to hear us
and listen to our pleas for the Soldier, his/her family, and
My views of Israel have been reinforced by my
attending this year’s Allied Mission.
Shalom, until we meet someday again.
Yours truly,
Nick Paganella
President, Korean War Veterans of
Massachusetts, Inc.
veterans?? What was wrong with the Congress’s hearing when we said, “Do not include WRAH on BRAC?”
Why was no one listening when we begged for money
for our veterans and their families?? Oh yes, the Florida
Delegation members Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Mario and
Lincoln Diaz Balart, they have listened to us and heard
us and acted upon our requests for troops and families.
Yes, as my old teacher used to say: “Boys
and Girls, can you define “INGENUOUS”? Congress
defines it when their response now to our pleas for
disabled veterans, Jew and Gentile alike, active duty,
Guard and Reserve had gone “unheard” for thirty or
more years.
Your National Editor has observed as an ear, nose
and throat physician that legislators can most often hear
quite well. They just don’t listen very much.
April 2007
By BOB ZWEIMAN, PNC, Chairman, Coordinating Committee
Saudi Arabia—the country which brought us
the 9/11 Twin Tower terrorists—has, at an Arab
League meeting, declared now that the U.S. role
in Iraq in “illegal” and has laid blame on the U.S.
for having a defined colonial purpose to impose
controls over Iraq and the Middle East.
The usual rhetorical or superficial apology
from King Abdullah—that it was necessary for
public display, but that he really did it to protect
his country’s relationship with us—is not only
unacceptable but is a compounded insult to the
American people.
We must demand that Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and
the Arab League positively engage in stabilizing
Iraq and also directly participate in Iraq’s reconstruction to avoid any colonial interests [of course,
other than theirs] and thus purge the spilling of
American blood in return for oil deliveries. Will
they agree? No! Should we accept such an answer? No! As the walrus said, “the time has come”
to reject, as part of the Surge, anything less than
complete acceptance of responsibility by the region for the creation and maintenance of terror in
the Middle East—anything less would be a farce.
Theirs has been hidden behind a veil of religion—
ours is exposed in the light of folly.
The Saudis safeguard their backside over and
over again by bribery to a dedicated core of religious fanatics, by providing funding to Shiite
as well as Sunni controlled agents of terror, by
supporting Osama bin Laden [one of the Saudis’
prime citizens] in his al Quaeda plan for an
Islamic takeover, etc., etc. The bottom line is that
Saudis will do nothing unless it avoids Shiite/
Sunni internecine ethnic cleansing—actually hatred of America is the one that unites them.
It becomes obvious [if you are a conspiracy
buff] that in order to accomplish an Islamic takeover, the Islamists have had a number of their congregants migrate into a number of nations osten14
The Jewish Veteran
sibly to secure economic
positions and to favor the
democratic election process, allowing them a safe
and sound place in the
In that fashion and by using state-supported terrorist groups, they can ultimately gain conquest by
means of a takeover in a peaceful and controlling
fashion and without engaging in an actual battle
[i.e., Taliban], and then the world must wake up.
While most of the world was oblivious to the
Islamic deception, the American and Coalition
forces went ahead and sent ground troops into Iraq
based on misinformation and misguided intelligence reporting, or you can believe whatever purpose you want. Other than a substantive structural
change to a guerrilla/terror form of war, the only
recognizable reality discovered was the realization
that Islam quietly and covertly and out of sight but
yet in the open was shielded behind an exceptionally disciplined religion with a formulated and
quiet plan of takeover.
In Islam’s new communities they have condemned as discriminatory any criticism by placing
guilt as its being a bigoted attack on their religion.
Many of our own citizens have responded by setting up ecumenical dialogues to prove that they
were not racially profiling Islam or making excuses for non-terrorist Moslems. Yet, we ignored the
defined non-assimilation of the Muslim into the
general society.
While they acted as soldiers within their enclaves, they displayed their votes as an enticement
to politicians who sought election in Europe as
well as in the U.S.—and showing that they were
and are as politically important as they have become. They have been accomplishing, slowly but
surely, results which a Saladin could reach only
through battle. We were and are very gently being
sucked in.
Negotiations by the Nations most affected in the
Region have worked out in Liberia and are being
used with North Korea—such an involvement is
ignored and rejected by the Arab League which
fears that by using such an approach on Iraq or the
Middle East, they would have to put aside centuries of ethnic hate within a society composed of
Shiites/Sunnis/Kurds. They prefer to be allocating
production in OPEC so they can maintain high oil
prices to enable them to fund terrorism.
If we were to withdraw from Iraq and Saudi
Arabia tomorrow, Iraq would probably be divided
into three separate units, and the Arab League and
its members would have to step in to prevent an
internecine conflagration. Of course, being the
thieves that they are, their first action would be
to show how moderate they can be by raising oil
prices to over $100 a barrel and demanding the
return of American Forces. This would allow them
to sit on the sidelines and criticize while making
So, the question we have to consider is how
can we, as Americans, live up to our potential in
a world where we need to recycle our troops back
to Iraq, where Iran abducts British seamen by
holding them hostage, where troops mean nothing
when a single person or group can blow up a tank
car of chlorine killing hundreds or thousands, and
on and on. They are constantly testing our resolve.
It is interesting that Russia has been cautiously
supporting them under an irrational supposition
that Russia will return to its prior glory—they are
even more foolish than we are.
Here in our own land, we find industry and agriculture in disarray with jobs outsourced, education prowess diminished, the importation of food
a major concern, and, step by step, the loss of our
superpower status or of any power at all. Many
of those to whom we are deeply in debt consider
us merely as consumers and get satisfaction by
participation in the economic cabal relying on our
military to come to their aid when trouble arises,
and they may also wake up a little late to reality.
We have accepted [a better word than “surrendered”] distortions in our way of life out of
fear—fear of insecurity—fear of economic failure—fear of competition—fear of health deterioration—fear of travel and, ultimately, fear of being
without self-imposed controls laid upon us outside
the protections under the Constitution.
So, why even write about the possibility or even
the probability of something in the future. In the
last issue, my cover and centerfold were accepted;
my column was questioned by some for being
without compassion for collateral damage of civilians in protecting our own “power.” War is War is
War! But it need not be if we maintain a superior
power and ability to enforce any accord we enter
into. It is that power that will control the result.
Again, confrontational conflicts are possible,
but guerrilla and terrorist attacks are more likely
since they entail fewer and more coordinated
troops. Thus, if a conflict arises between nations,
we, with our ability to impose, would be in a position to manage the process of resolution. The tools
are always available whether they be by ever present negotiation, economic sanctions, or economic
strangulation—and if that does not bring it to an
end—then targeted military action without massive ground troops in place. Victory is an illusion,
and stability is a result that calls for the involvement of all, not merely us.
So, for those who prefer unfettered compassion
over resolution, we will stagnate in the status quo.
It is only by having intrinsic strength will we be
able to recover and maintain our way of life. Will
people get hurt or die? Yes! But, better them than
us, for, if they sanction the approach, then they
also sanction the result.
April 2007
zz z
Jewish War Veterans
zz z
112th Annual National Convention
August 19-26, 2007 • Charleston, South Carolina
AirTran Airways has partnered with JWV to provide a 10% discount
on air travel fares to the 112th Annual National Convention.
• To make your reservation on AirTran, dial 1-866-683-8368.
• The discount code is CHS 081 907.
Tentative Schedule of Events
Daily • Morning Minyan - 8:00 AM
• Joint Opening Session, JWV-JWVA
• Mystery Theater & Dinner
Enjoy an evening of interactive mystery
and a seated gourmet dinner without
leaving the comfort of your hotel.
• Land/Harbor Tour of Historic
Bus tour of Charleston’s Historic district and visit to Kahal Kadosh Beth
Elohim Synagogue, a National Historic
Landmark, which is the country’s second oldest synagogue and the oldest in
continuous use. Stop for lunch in the
city’s Historic Market Street District.
Then enjoy a boat tour of the famous
Charleston Harbor.
• NMAJMH Evening Reception
• Resolutions Committee
• 1st JWV Business Session
• Century Club
• 2nd JWV Business Session
• Committee Meetings
• Resolutions
• National President’s Banquet
• 3rd JWV Business Session
• Committee Meetings
• Resolutions
• National Commander Elections
• Wreath-laying Ceremony
• Committee Meetings
• National Executive Committee
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Kussman,
Acting Under Secretary for Health;
Veterans Health Administration
The Jewish Veteran
• Sabbath Morning Services
• NMAJMH Board Meeting
• Commander’s Banquet
Embassy Suites Hotel Airport/Convention Center
5055 International Blvd., N. Charleston, SC 29418
Phone (843) 747-1882 • Fax (843) 725-1300
Hotel registration deadline is Wednesday, July 18, 2007
A $145 deposit (price includes tax) is required for all hotel registrations.
A 3-night minimum stay is required
$150 Convention surcharge for those not staying at the Embassy Suites. People living within a 50 mile radius are exempt.
Post No. ______________
Street Address:____________________________________________________________________________
City:____________________________________________ State: ________ Zipcode:__________________
Phone:_______________________________ E-mail:_____________________________________________
Room will be shared with:___________________________________________________________________
Arrival date+time: _____/_____ at __________ Departure date+time: _____/_____ at ___________
Convention Registration Fee
$50.00 per person
Single/Double Room
$145.00 per night
I prefer:
How Many?
KIng size bed
2 Full size beds
Triple $185.00 per night
Quad $225.00 per night
Minimum Deposit only $145.00
Mystery Theater / Sunday, August 19, at the Hotel $47.50 per person
No. of: Fried Chicken ______
Fish ______
Sugar Free Dessert ______
Land/Harbor Tour of Charleston / Monday, August 20 $40.00 per person
Century Club / Wednesday, August 22 $100.00 non members
$40.00 spouse/partner
Commander’s Banquet / Saturday, August 25 $38.50 per person
Sugar Free
No. of: Roast Beef _____ Salmon ______ Kosher _______
Dessert ______
You must include full payment for all event(s) that you plan on attending.
Reservations for trips or activities will only be made if paid in full.
I am paying by
American Express
Card No.
Mail this completed form,
along with your payment to:
Credit card:
Jewish War Veterans
1811 R Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Attn: Convention Dept.
April 2007
Include your message in the 2007 JWV Convention Journal!
Jewish War Veterans of the USA
112th Annual National Convention
August 19-26, 2007 • Charleston, South Carolina
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Jewish War Veterans
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Authorized by: (Signature)
The Jewish Veteran
Lessons in Increasing Membership
By PNC Neil Goldman
A review of the membership of Post 757 revealed
that over half of the members were over 80. If we
wanted to continue as a viable JWV Post, we had
to increase the size and reduce the average age
of our membership. During a series of meetings
that I chaired as Chairman of the Membership
Committee, we developed the idea of holding a
breakfast on our regular meeting date to which we
would invite prospective members.
Publicity: We had to get out into the community
to find prospects to solicit. We placed articles in
most of the congregation newsletters and had two
columns in the Jewish Community Association
of Austin e-mail site with a 4,000 member total.
Several members of the Post made presentations
to various congregations during the Veterans Day
weekend. We were able to get rosters of the three
largest congregations in Austin. With the help
of members of each congregation, we identified
people whom we thought might be veterans. We
had two articles in the Austin Monthly Jewish
Outlook. Through all of these means we identified
95 people to invite to our brunch on Dec. 17.
Brunch Program: We needed an outstanding
individual as our main speaker. Through our commander, Mike Baum, we were able to obtain as
our speaker Admiral Bobby Inman, a past director
of the National Security Agency and a past deputy
director of the CIA. To further the appeal of the
event, we acquired many valuable door prizes,
including dinners from a variety of Austin restaurants and certificates for car washes and movies.
We presented 16 prizes for a total of $400. I did
the pitch for new members, emphasizing many of
our local and national programs. We also showed a
video of members of the Post involved in a variety
of activities and programs.
Finances: We invited the people on our prospect
list and a guest of their choosing to attend for free.
Members of the Post and their guests were charged
$5 each. We were able to run the affair with a very
minimal cost to the Post.
Set-up of the Event: We held the brunch at the
Austin JCC, and there was no charge to the Post
for the room and set-up. Much of the food was
donated by a local delicatessen.
We had an attendance of just under 100, divided
equally between members and their guests and
prospects and their guests. Comments on the affair
ranged from good to fantastic.
All of the above activities took time and work
and preparation. Our committee was excellent.
Each of them was completely dedicated to the
task. Otherwise, we would never have been able to
do what we did. All the activities of this drive had
just one purpose, to sign up new members. Up to
this point we have enrolled 21 new members as a
result of our efforts.
Other good things have happened also. Our
Post can revel in a job well done. The committee worked well together—a harbinger for the
future. We became well known in the Austin area
through all the publicity we generated in various
Jewish media. We can set our sights for the future.
Austin’s Jewish population has tripled in the past
decade. If we continue to work as we did for this
event, I foresee a Post of 100 members.
GERMAN & JAPANESE War Souvenirs Wanted!
I am interested in:
Helmets, Uniforms, Medals, Gas Masks,
Buttons, Canteens, Badges, Hats, Belts,
Bayonets, Patches, Daggers, Flags,
Knives, and Many Other Unique Items.
World Wars
Marc J. Cohen
P.O. Box 100637
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33310-0637
Phone: (954) 565-9754
April 2007
JWV In Action
J. George Fredman Post 76, North Bergen, NJ, entertained the veterans at the NJ Veterans Home in
Paramus with a musical recital featuring Jean and
Bill McClelland. The program, “The Great American
Songbook,” featured the music of George and Ira
Gershwin, Rogers and Hammerstein, Leonard
Bernstein, and Irving Berlin.
“To see the smiles of the veterans and hear their
applause and words of appreciation made it all worthwhile,” said PC David Kronick. Post 76 members also
helped to serve refreshments and return the veterans to
their rooms.
Shown left to right at the musical recital are PC
David Kronick, Bill McClelland, Jean McClelland,
Barry Weiss, Howard Barmad, and Arthur Presslaff.
Shown at a Chanukah observance at the
Manhattan VA Medical Center on December
19, 2006, are, from left: New York County
Commander Larry Epstein, VA Chaplain
Rabbi Nisson Shulman, George Webber, Arthur
Sellner, Cheri Markle, PDC Walter Stern, and
Anita Stern.
The JWV gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of
$400,000 from Lt. James I. Platt
Post 651, Fairlawn, NJ, Melvin
Kaplan, Commander.
Department of Massachusetts Honors “Classmates Today—Neighbors Tomorrow” Winners
Louis Green Post 140, Pittsfield MA, honored three local winners as part of the JWV state-wide
“Classmates Today—Neighbors Tomorrow” program at its annual Brotherhood Breakfast in Burlington,
MA. The local award winners were selected by their
schools on the basis of grades, school and community activities, and, most importantly, their demonstration of respect for people of all races, creeds,
and colors. The 2007 Berkshire representatives are
Lindsey Helitzer of Pittsfield High School, Emilie
Papa of Taconic High School, and Benjamin Latini
of St. Joseph Central High School.
Shown at the breakfast from left are Benjamin
Latini, Program Co-Chairman Ira Novoselsky, Post
140 Commander Bob Shindler, Lindsey Helitzer, and
Emilie Papa.
The Jewish Veteran
JWV In Action
Shown at left are members of JWV and
JWVA Hartford Laurel Post 45 accompanied by members of the Department of
Connecticut making a presentation of an
Entertainment Center to the Alzheimer
Unit at the Veterans Hospital in Rocky
Hill, CT. Attending the presentation were
(L to R): Ronald Arrons, Elliott Donn,
Midge Schuman, Rosalyn Spiegelman,
Ellissa Donn, Mel Marcus (partially hidden), Burt Schuman, Joanne Blum, Lionel
Jackowitz, Department of Connecticut
Commander; Jerry Blum, George Cooper,
and Irv Spiegelman.
Col. Erwin A.
Burtnick, AUS
(ret), commander
of the Department
of Marylard, placed
a wreath on behalf
of JWV in a ceremony marking
the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial
in Washington, DC.
(photo by William
W. Shugarts III)
Commander Violla Orloff (2nd from right) and the ladies of Post 603, Encino, CA, are shown packing bags
for Christmas Day giving at the Los Angeles, CA, area
VA hospitals.
Members of Post and Auxiliary 385, San Diego, CA, and members of Post and Auxiliary 680, Laguna
Woods, CA, are shown at the ‘Quarterdeck’ of the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton at an event to
honor and celebrate the 111th Anniversary of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA. Those present included the Chief of Staff, Marine Corps Installations West; the Executive Officer, Naval Hospital with
his staff; the Chief Chaplain of Camp Pendleton; and a wounded service man recently returned from
April 2007
Department At Large
Frank W. Greenberg-100 • Martin Greenberg-100 •
Robert Greenberg-100 • Paul S. Hall-100 • Howard H.
Jaffe-100 • Seymour Levine-100 • Sumner Shapiro100 • Charles Siegel-100
Department of California
Robert Gordon-60 • Leo Mahler-123 • Walter S. Stein123 • Mel Kirschner-593 • Hyman D. Moskowitz-595
• Martin L. Glass-603 • William Lerner-603 • Frank
Bates-617 • Bernard Karen-680 • Henry Greenberg688 • Jerome A. Schweitzer-760
Department of Connecticut
Harold M. Kaller-92
Department of Delaware
Seymour C. Solomon-525
Department of Florida
Macey M. Ringel-81 • Paul Herman-172 • Alan O.
Plait-172 • Gerald A. Zeff-172 • Julian L. Davidson177 • Eugene Greener-202 • James S. Landay-202 •
Ralph Glixman-223 • Albert A. Berger-243 • Bernard
G. Mandy-265 • Abraham W. Ryskind-265 • Samuel
Stockman-265 • Quentin T. Rubin-266 • Maxwell
Borowsky-321 • Stanley L. Caplan-321 • Jo-Ann
Elizabeth Libby-400 • Edwin Smith-404 • Murray
Jeuda-440 • Leonard Levine-440 • Seymour Blum-459
• Leon Cohen-459 • Louis Goldbrum-459 • Walter
Levine-459 • George Pimsler-459 • Joseph Saloway459 • Hyman Lerner-475 • Jules Slepian-475 • Paul P.
Gershman-501 • David Grossberg-501 • Aaron Cohen519 • Alan C. Behrman-613 • Herman Kutcher-613
• Sampson Garber-639 • Julius Kaplan-639 • Marvin
Pitterman-684 • Milton Haber-698 • Bernard G.
Searle-730 • Dave Gilbert-759 • Albert Peiper-759
Department of Illinois
Albert F. Levin-153 • S. Simon-153 • Marvin Pechter282 • Leonard Frank-328 • Harold Goltz-328 •
Michael Kostan-328 • Marshall T. Sylvan-328 • Alvin
A. Berger-407 • Stuart Z. Schwartz-407 • Milton
Fineberg-702 • Sidney F. Kaminsky-800 • Norman I.
Department of Iowa & Nebraska
Samuel Norman-637
Department of Maryland
Edward Caplan-117 • Edward L. Fink-117 • Albert
Morrison-117 • Morton Leon Pollack-117 • Leonard
The Jewish Veteran
Stein-117 • Gerald Eidenberg-167 • Jerome F.
Friedlander-167 • Milton Solomon-167 • Sidney
Chalew-275 • Irving Baron-567 • Marvin Kahn-567
• Mabel M. Schwartz-567 • Robert P. Rosen-888 •
Walter Scherr-888 • Emanuel P. Sweren-888 • Irvin
Department of Massachusetts
Donald J. Shapiro-26 • Robert M. Roberts-31 • Milton
Blatt-32 • Alan Joseph-32 • Milton Rosenberg-32
• Milton Issenberg-40 • Morris B. Finkelstein-74 •
Bernard H. Starr-140 • Abraham Feld-154 • Steven
Baker-211 • William I. Hirshom-211 • Carl Pierce-486
• George Freedman-630 • Myron L. Baker-735 • Irene
Ruth Rapaport-735
Department of Michigan
Louis L. Weinstein-510 • Joe Cohen-529
Department of Minnesota
Sam O. Jacobson-162 • Sol Krawetz-162 • Mark
Wexler-331 • Samuel S. Mekler-354 • Melvin Siegel354 • Bernard Sweet-354
Department of Missouri & Kansas
Irving H. Breslauer-644 • Walter Ehrlich-644 • Myron
Newman-644 • Nathan Tabachnick-644
Department of Nevada
Robert L. Field-64 • Sidney Rubenstein-65
Department of New Jersey
Sidney Carlin-10 • Milton Wolin-34 • Albert Sutow39 • Sherman Zwiebel-47 • Bernard Rosenberg-126
• Irving M. Hecht-178 • Irving Nichols-178 • Ezekiel
Barber-273 • Seymour Gast-309 • Walter Ruffer-309 •
Philip N. Richman-311 • Julius Weller-316 • M. David
Rodetsky-359 • Bernard S. Bleicher-395 • Harold
Pollack-395 • Louis Shuff-395 • Abe Lieber-536 •
Philip Siragher-536 • Leon S. Rosenblum-651 • Max
Spitzer-657 • Eugene Goldfinger-741 • Joel L. Kolmer773 • Irving Bernstein-972 • Arnold P. Gross-972 •
Maurice Victor-972
Department of New York
Harold Hausner-1 • Martin Weiss-2 • Eli Zagha-2 •
Richard Farrago-3 • Julia Jacobs-3 • Allen R. Krokel3 • Lewis L. Levin-6 • W. William Freeman-15 • Karl
N. Gerst-25 •Harold M. Senzel-41 • Alvin Wicks-41
• Lawrence Wallerstein-42 • Louis H. Rosenthal-46
• David Greenberg-50 • David Krangle-67 • Israel
Heller-69 • Solomon Breit-110 • Norman Kempin-110
People and Places
Members of San Antonio, TX, Post 753 spent time
at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital on Christmas
Day distributing ice cream bars to the patients and
personnel in the wards, as they have been doing for the
past 6 years.
Members of Fred Hecht Post and Auxiliary 425
and the Rockland-Orange District Council shared
Chanukah with patients at the Montrose, NY, VA
Hospital. The festivities included candle-lighting
ceremonies, gefilte fish, latkes and dessert, and the
singing of Chanukah songs.
Department of NY Commander Mel Saks spoke to
third- and fourth-graders at P.S. 396 in the Bronx,
NY, at the invitation of Jo-Ann Lifshitz of Bronx
Auxiliary 3. Commander Saks spoke to the children
about the importance of the veteran to America and
answered questions from the interested children.
JWV Post 609, Monroe Township, NJ, received
thanks from the NJ Health Care System for its
donation of stamps to lift the spirits of hospitalized
George Weinstein, National Housing Committee
Chairman and National UN Chairman, has been named
to be a member of the Planning Committee for the
60th Annual Conference as well as a member of the
Networking Committee.
JWV National Service Officer Ed Robbins of
Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is serving his third term
as president of the Memorial Day Association of
Cuyahoga County. He also served three terms as
president of the Joint Veterans Commission of
Cuyahoga County and is a recent inductee into the
Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame. Over the past 30 years,
Mr. Robins has donated more than 7,000 hours of
volunteer work at the Louis Stokes VA Medical
Center’s two branches in Brecksville and Cleveland.
Each year on Christmas Eve, he has gone to the
Brecksville hospital to hold a party for lonely veterans.
• Louis Krim-129 • Frank Adams-209 • Abraham
Goldberg-209 • Sam Mittel-209 • Isador Stelzer-209
• Harry Galler-218 • Albert Hornblass-218 • Donald
Stanton-258 • Aaron Brodsky-389 • Harry Laporte389 • Norman Levine-425 • Moses Blank-500 • Max
Marcus-648 • Marvin Wiener-648 • Jerome Oberman666 • Seymour D. Kuhn-720 • Henry Simon-769 •
Samuel M. Lieberman -770
Department of Ohio
Arthur W. Truxton-44 • Herbert Silver-73 • Jack B.
Stearn-73 • Sidney H. Golden-122 • Julian S. Moliff122 • Mortimer F. New-587 • Joseph B. Nebel-712
Department of Pennsylvania
Hans Loewenstern-83 • Frank Rosenberg-134 • Jerry
Ganz-165 • Dave Mardo-165 • William Nussbaum165 • Abe Plotkin-165 • Louis Slawitsky-165 • Jerry
Goldwein-212 • Joseph Zatcoff-212 • Milton Lev215 • Edward Schwartz-215 • Allen I. Waldman-215
• Isadore Weinstock-215 • Jack Ferber-239 • Nathan
Meislin-239 • Sol Farbstein-305 • Thomas Freed-305
• Gerald Jacobson-305 • Charles R. Weiner-305 •
Sherwin E. Baseman-499 • Ellis Karp-499 • Herman
Albert-575 • Samuel Morgenstern-697 • Morton
Sandler-697 • William Cohen-791 • Robert
791 • Joseph Lankin-791 • Samuel Sherman-791
Department of Rhode Island
Max Miller-23 • Harold Gerstein-533
Department of Southeast (GA-AL-SC-TN)
Morris Benator-112 • Morris Krinsky-112 • Herman B.
Lieberman-121 • Stanley Hirsch-455 • Abe Epsman608 • Morris Benator-976 • H. G. Gurin-976 • Joseph
Department of Southwest (AZ-NM)
Harrison T. Feeley-128 • Samuel Gershon-194 •
David Klarfield-619 • Williams N. Stutman-619 • Sam
Tracht-619 • Norman Zalasin-619
Department of TX-AR-LA-OK
Milton Gordon-256 • Benny Frank-749 • Adrian
Kasner-749 • David Korn-749 • Sol Lederman-749 •
Malkiel V. Leeds-749 • Irving Nadler-749
Department of Wisconsin
David Gutlian-145 • Herschel Rael-145 • Joseph
Kahn-487 • Norbert Kahn-487
We regret that Manfred Anson was incorrectly listed in
Taps in the last issue. We are delighted that this was an
error, and that he can be counted as among the active
members of Post 773. We apologize for the error.
April 2007
JWV In Action
During a visit to the Bethesda Naval Hospital,
National Commander Norman Rosenshein presented
Chaplain Rabbi Daniella Kolodny with a contribution
to the Chaplain’s Fund from the JWV. Commander
Rosenshein, Coordinating Committee Chariman PNC
Bob Zweiman, National Executive Director Herb
Rosenbleeth, and Dir. of Operations Larry Richardson
were at the hospital to visit the wounded troops and
participate in a Purim celebration.
Shown at the annual installation of officers
for 2007-2008 of the Onandaga Post 131,
Syracuse, NY, are (from left), Adjutant Dr.
Allen Rosenberg, Commander Bruce Fein, Sr.
Vice-Commander Isaac Rossoff, and Jr. ViceCommander Morton Miller.
NJ Department Commander Bob Jacobs (at left)
presented Fort Dix Commander COL David
McNeil with a check for $10,000 for the “Fort Dix
OneFund.” The money will be used to augment recreational facilities for returning wounded soldiers.
Department of MI Commander Gerald Order
is shown congratulating Col. Gary Beebe,
Commander of the 927th Air Refueling Wing, Air
Force Reserve Command, after a briefing on homeland security and military/strategic issues to which
the JWV was invited by the Jewish Federation of
Metropolitan Detroit.
Members of Teaneck, NJ, Post 498 are shown at a recent bingo party at the NJ Veterans Home in Paramus.
Standing from left are Carl Hartog, Ralph Blumenthal,
Herb Rivkin, Steve Goldrich, Stan Hoffman, Eli Mandel,
George Goodman, and Arthur Glickman. Seated in front
is grandson Ken Rivkin, who called the numbers.
The Jewish Veteran
JWV In Action
PFC Irving Zuckerman Post 758, Monroe, NY,
recently recognized three members who have
reached the age of 90. Shown from left are Paul
Steiner, PC Sid Tendler, Leonard Zuckerman,
and Art Kabinoff.
Sr. Vice Cmdr. Paul Licker, Brevard, FL, Post 639, is shown
at left presenting 225 phone cards for patients at Walter Reed
Army Medical Center, Washington, DC, to Chief Chaplain
John Kallerson. Kallerson holds a personal letter from Post
639 enclosed with each card. Post Poppy Fund monies supplied the cards with 75 minutes each and also provided another 225 cards for soldiers in Iraq.
Post 653 Funds Purim Food
Packages for Our Troops
On Feb, 4th, the students, parents, and
teachers of Congregation Ohav Sholom
prepared Purim packages to be sent to
troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. JWV
Post 652 contributed to funding the
“Treats for Troops” Program. Students
and parents selected the kosher food
items, assembled the packages, and
wrote personal holiday cards thanking
the troops for their service. Commander
David Zwerin said, “We cannot do
enough for our troops, and we must
let them know that they have not been
Iraq veterans, students and teachers of Congregation Ohav Sholom
and JWV PC David Zwerin (2nd from right) and Bernard Hoffman
(at left) assemble to send Purim packages to troops in Iraq and
April 2007
Museum News
President’s Message By Jack Berman, NMAJMH President
One of the many events of the National Executive
Board meeting, the meeting of the NMAJMH
Board of Directors, was held at the museum on
Friday, Mar. 9th. The “Tree of Honor” was dedicated with an overflowing audience present.
Thanks go to Commander Rosenshein and
thank you Bernie Epworth for your beautiful
design of the arboretum. Auxiliary members
PNP Rita Panitz, President Marie Vegotsky, PNP
Florence Levine and “Tree of Honor” Chairwoman
Iris Goldwasser participated in the ceremonies.
The Auxiliary is to be commended for the successful progress for the “greening” of the leaves.
Our grateful thanks also go to Henry Epstein for
his efforts to grow the tree with a strong trunk in
memory of his brother, William Epstein. It has
been a magnificent Arbor Day. Thanks to all of
you. Keep it green!
Our Board of Directors reaffirmed their dedication and commitment to the future of the Museum.
Our permanent exhibit, “Past, Present and Future,”
celebrating FIFTY years of the Museum is
still progressing well.
Endowment funds are necessary to insure a long life
for our Museum. We want
to thank the following
posts and individuals for
their very special efforts
in promoting the future of
the Museum:
• Sgt. Meyer Lavin, Flatbush Post 160 (Arnold
• Abe Cohen Lehman Post 50 (Judge Jerome D.
• Milton L. Finel Post 389 (Marshall Kaplan)
Please, if you’re not a member of the Museum,
join NOW! Your JWV dues do not pay for the
Museum membership! We need your individual
membership to support, preserve, and record the
patriotic contributions of the men and women of
the Jewish faith who served in the Armed Forces
of our country.
News from the Exhibits’ Chairman
By PNP Florence Levine, NMAJMH Past President, Exhibits’ Chairman
The loyalty of the members and friends of the
Jewish War Veterans, the Ladies Auxiliary and
Museum members was in strong evidence at our
recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the
Museum at the NEC. The audience filled the room
to standing room only. You could see the interest
was great, and I found it most encouraging. It is
definitely a reason to work to see that it continues.
The dedication of the Tree of Honor was wonderful. The Tree is even more beautiful than we
had hoped for. Most importantly, we kept our
promise to all who contributed the names on the
leaves, that they would be inscribed and ready for
the NEC. I watched as many checked their names
and were happy to see them appear.
A new addition to our ongoing educational efforts was announced. “The Harvey S. Friedman
The Jewish Veteran
Annual Memorial Grant” was established thanks
to the generosity of Sandi Friedman, wife of the
late PNC Harvey S. Friedman. The grant will be
awarded each year to a graduate student who is
taking courses in museum studies. What a great
way to encourage students to have a future working in a museum, in the many aspects of museum
We are in the process of planning for the future so that our NMAJMH will be a place to draw
visitors as well as research and history buffs. We
will work to show that it can educate and stimulate
people who come to the museum, as it has for the
past 20 or so years.
Once again, very sincere thanks to everyone
who continues to be loyal and encouraging.
Jewish War Heroes Remembered
By Pamela Price
Names that don’t always make the news for bravery, sacrifice, and heroism do so at the National
Museum of American Jewish Military History in
Washington, DC. This is where Jewish American
servicemen and women are appropriately remembered. Witnessing the role of Jewish men and
women is inspiring and sometimes tearful for the
viewer. Yet, this museum is an absolute must to
visit. You’ll never find the level of remembrance
like this anywhere else, and if you have a friend,
colleague or loved one who served in the military,
a visit here is even more significant.
An exhibit that coincided with the debut of
the National World War II Memorial dedicated
on May 29, 2004, in Washington, D.C., was
Reconnaissance and Recollection: Military and
Civilian Photographs from World War II. This
photographic exhibit featured the images of Sy
Weinstein, a New York art teacher, who was
drafted into the Army Air Force in 1942, when he
was 22 years old. Documenting his travels with
his camera, the resulting silver gelatin photographs
recall his journey through war torn Europe. He
recorded history with sensitivity and his stirring
images are not easily forgotten.
From mothers and wives searching through the
crumbled remains of their homes for cherished
family artifacts to the death camps of Dachau,
Germany, Sy Weinstein captured the soul of
WWII. Mr. Weinstein was on hand to open the exhibit with a brief lecture. But that is just a glimpse
of what this remarkable museum is all about.
We all know of the bravery of military icons and
ensuing films such as Saving Private Ryan. But did
you know about Private David Urbansky? Born in
Lautenberg, Prussia, in 1843, he was awarded the
Congressional Medal of Honor for “gallantry in
action” at Vicksburg, MS, and Shiloh, TN, while
serving in the U.S. Army. Then there is Sergeant
Leopold Karpeles, born in Prague in 1838, who
was cited for rallying retreating troops and inducing them to check the enemy’s advance during the
Wilderness Campaign in Virginia in 1864. More
recently was Jack Jacobs, a first lieutenant with the
U.S. Army, who on March 9, 1968, risked his life
beyond the call of duty in Kien Phong Province
in the Republic of Viet Nam for saving the lives
of one U. S. advisor and 13 allied soldiers. The
Hall of Heroes, documenting American Jewish
recipients of the Medal of Honor, along with the
Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and the
Air Force Cross, describes the fifteen Jewish men
who received the Medal of Honor for bravery and
courage. Nothing gave me more pride than sharing the exhibit’s 61-page catalog with several of
my friends who doubted the role of Jews in the
American military.
I hastened to add that our son, born in 1969 in
Izmir, Turkey (while my husband was a captain in
the U.S. Air Force), was named to honor our childhood friend, Captain Arthur Pfefer, who was killed
in Viet Nam while serving as an attorney in the
Judge Advocate’s office.
Recently I was having a conversation with my
childhood friend, Loni Schnitzer. We recalled
that during our high school days in St. Paul, MN,
a proud silver-framed photo of her father, Max,
who served in the U.S. Army during WWII, was
always proudly displayed on their grand piano in
the living room. Her grandfather, Eddie Gottlieb,
served his country in WWI, and his photos, too,
were icons in that household. Later in life, Loni’s
mother married Commander Lewis Freedman. The
Commander graduated from the Naval Academy
in 1934 and went on to serve on the USS Santee
in time to support the North African assault operations on his birthday, November 8, 1942. As
he says, “Some birthday present!” His illustrious
military career took him to NATO where he served
as a liaison officer in Greece, Turkey and other
locales in the Mediterranean Theatre. His 24-year
military career included a stint in the Pacific on the
USS Belleau Wood, which saw action on Tarawa.
Both ships he served with in the Pacific received
Presidential Unit Citations.
My father, Ben Price, a sergeant in the U. S.
Army, served his country in the North African
campaign, moving on later to Italy. He was honored with the Legion of Merit, which was presented to him in 1944 by General Mark Clark.
This is the photo I chose to accompany a Yahrzeit
memorial which can be accessed via the National
Museum of American Jewish Military History’s
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April 2007
Donations • January 5 through March 23, 2007
The National Museum of American Jewish American Military History is pleased to acknowledge the following people for their donations to the Museum.
Life Membership
William and Jean Soman
Clifford Cohen
Leon Rothman
Stanley B. Rolnik
Herbert Hyman
George Sadagursky
Irwin Beck
Marshall Kaplan
Raymond Spitzer
Aaron D. Bernstein
Herman Mittleman
Henry and Harriet Epstein
Phyllis Brodsky
Jules Sachson
Irving Shapiro
Arnold Cohen
Stanley Biesky
Leonard Nadel
Matthew Levenson
Hyman Goldsmith
Abraham Sacks
Sol Hariton
Stanley Levine
Sam Solow
Abraham Berg
Herbert Levy
Alvin Nadohl
Seymour Bloom
Richard Robbins
Stanley Bloom
Milton L. Finel Post 389 (BF)
Sgt. Meyer Flatbush Post 169 (BF)
$20,000 - $50,000
Abe Cohen Lehman Memorial Post 50 (BF)
Fegelson-Young-Feinberg Post 697 (TJWV+GD).
Sandi Friedman (HSFAMG) • William and Jean
Soman (T+H+ GD) • Pamela L. Price (GD) • The
Foundation for the Jewish Community (on behalf
of David J. Kaufman Post 41 (GD)
Reinhard Kempa (BF) • Gallin-Mazur Post 741
(TJWV) • Irma B. Sitkoff (TJWVA)
Jack and Rhoda Berson (T) • Robert K. Franzblau
Auxiliary 177 (350J) • Irving and Estelle Mates
(GD) • Lt. Robert P. Grover Post 10 (TJWV •
GD) • Debra Katz (TD) • Sylvia Korn (YD) •
Harvey Weiner (TJWV) • Dr. Raymond V. Biondo
(TJWV) • PNC Bernard Becker (TJWV) • B&P
Robert A. Carpenter Post 485 (TJWV) • PNC
Louis and Gloria Abramson (TJWV) • Henry and
Geraldine Epstein (TJWV) • PNC Robert and
The Jewish Veteran
Geraldine Zweiman (TJWV/TJWVA) • Gerald
and PNP Florence Levine (TJWV/TJWVA) •
PNC Paul and Elaine Bernstein (TJWV/TJWVA)
• Arthur H. Greenwald (TJWV) • Quentin Kopp
(T) • Selma Silver (TJWVA) • Gerald and Sara
Alperstein (TJWVA) • Linda Epstein (TJWVA)
• William Kretchman Auxiliary 730 (TJWVA) •
Department of Pennsylvania Auxiliary (TJWVA) •
Stanley and Marilyn Levine (TJWVA) • T/SGT/M
E. Lebowitz-Reisman Auxiliary 129 (TJWVA)
• PNP Sophie Ruderman (TJWVA) • Thelma
Mann (TJWVA) • Valley of the Sun Auxiliary
194 (TJWVA) • Snyder-Tokson Auxiliary 459
(TJWVA) • David Blick Auxiliary 63 (TJWVA) •
Chester Auxiliary 134 (TJWVA) • Asbury ParkOcean Auxiliary 125 (TJWVA) • PNP Sylvia R.
Piltch (TJWVA) • PNP Gloria Teller (TJWVA)
• PNP Cecelia Steinberg (TJWVA) • Allan
and Caryn Taublib (TJWVA) • JoAnn Lifshitz
(TJWVA) • Shirley and Jon Zak (TJWVA) •
Wayne Auxiliary 695 (TJWVA) • Helen Lowy
(TJWVA) • Leila Bloomfield (TJWVA) • Eugene
and PNP Susan Nelson (TJWVA) • PNP Adele
Zucker (TJWVA) • Drizin-Weiss Auxiliary
215 (TJWVA) • George and Tagora Weinstein
(TJWVA) • Department of Michigan Ladies
Auxiliary (TJWVA) • Charles Shapiro-Gen
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Museum News
Continued from page 27
web site. “Benny,” as he was known by his many
friends, was in heavy combat in Tunisia, in the
Kasserine Pass on April 29, 1943, the day I was
born. My oldest surviving aunt (“Aunt Bea”) now
94 years old, reminded me that her nephew (and
my first cousin) Stanley Smith, a paratrooper, died
in combat in the Ardennes Forest during World
War II. Two other first cousins made the military
their career; Barry Price served over 30 years in
the US Amy, and Paul Fine was career air force.
That’s an impressive record to have in one family.
My father-in-law, Hy Lechtman, was a private in the U.S. Army, having volunteered for
duty. He was in one of the first waves of infantry
to land on Utah Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944.
Unfortunately, he was severely wounded in the
village of St. Lo, France, several days later. He
survived, though he was hospitalized for nearly six
months, and was awarded the Purple Heart. The
helmet he wore that day of bitter battle way made
Continued from previous page
Maurice Rose Auxiliary 510 (TJWVA) • Past
National President’s Club of JWVA (TJWVA) •
Red Mountain Post 128 (TJWV) • PNC Ronald
and Leona Ziegler (TJWV) • Gallin-Mazur Post
741 (TJWV) • PNC Warren Dolny (Y) • PNC
Monroe E. Mayer (Y) • PNP Ceil Brody (Y) •
Michael Baum (Y) • Betty Fromowitz (Y) • Jacob
Mirsky (Y) • Maryland Free State Auxiliary 167
(Y) • Barbara Gottlieb (Y) • Maurice Amdur (Y)
• T/Sgt/M E. Lebowitz/Reisman Auxiliary 129
(YJWVA) • Tagora Weinstein (YJWVA) • Elaine
Bernstein (YJWVA) • JoAnn Lifshitz (YJWVA)
350 JWVA: 350th Exhibit Fund JWVA
B - Building Fund
E - Endowment Fund
GD - General Donation
H - Honorial Wall
HSFAMG - Harvey S. Friedman Annual Memorial Grant
T - Tree of Honor (no organization affiliation)
TD - Traveling Display
TJWV - Tree of Honor JWV
TJWVA - Tree of Honor JWVA
Y - Yahrzeit Program
its way to our family after his death in 1995. It is
now displayed in my husband’s office, along with
a poster commemorating D-Day. In 2005, his
son, Allen Lechtman and two grandsons, Arthur
and Anthony, honored his memory, traveling to
France together to join others at a special ceremony organized by the French Government Tourist
Office with the participation of the city of St. Lo
in Normandy. This emotional event, held on July
18th, was attended by surviving WWII veterans as
the townspeople gathered there to honor American
soldiers. My son, Anthony (with photography by
Arthur), wrote about this extraordinary event in
a travel column published in the New York Sun
I urge all those who read this column to visit the
National Museum of American Jewish Military
History when visiting Washington, D.C. From
the exhibit, Women in the Military: A Jewish
Perspective, to the spellbinding exhibit Major
General Julius Klein: His Life and Work (covering his career as a teenage spy in Germany during
WWI to his retirement from the army as a Major
General in 1961), an hour or two at the Museum is
an eye opening experience.
We spoke with Larry J. Richardson, Director of
Operations for the National Museum of American
Jewish Military History, and he encourages all
those who visit the recently opened U.S. World
War II Memorial to add the NMAJMH to their
list. At the Museum, research is ongoing, and the
admission is free, with contributions accepted.
It should be noted that the Jewish War Veterans
of the United States of America was formed in
1896, amidst published anti-Semitic charges that
Jews did not serve in the Civil War.
For those who visit the National World War II
Memorial honoring the 16 million who served in
the armed forces of the U.S. during World War II,
I recommend checking:
Pamela Price is a journalist based in Palm Springs,
CA. She writes for the International Jewish News and
the San Diego Jewish Journal.
April 2007
New Members
The JWV welcomes our newest members to our fold. We hope you will join with us and participate in our many programs and activities.
Department at Large
Norman Abramowitz-100 • Lamar Golden-100
• Ernest L. Heaton-100 • Joseph Katzman-100 •
Lawrence Lowenstein-100 • Bernard Miller-100
• Bernard W. Mogil-100 • Fritz S. Nussbaum-100
• Stephen H. Scolnik-100 • David Siegel-100 •
Leonard Weiss-100 • Fred M. Wolff-100 • Elwyn
Abrams-179 • Irvin B. Ginsburg-179 • David L.
Shapiro-179 • Harris L. Yussman-179
Department of California
Gary Milkstein-123 • Irwin M. Weissberg-123 •
Marc R. Thurston-138 • Myriam Acevedo-512 •
Arnold Adler-595 • Sander Gelfand-595 • Sidney
R. Kuperberg-595 • Bernard Schecter-595 •
Herbert S. Bloom-603 • Lea B. Finkelstein-603
• Charlotte Gould-603 • Mala Joskowicz-603 •
Sam Stone-603 • Anna Webb-603 • Max Webb603 • Earl A. Jacobson-617 • Al B. Levy-680
• David J. Malk-680 • Rudolph Rosenthal-688
• Earl C. Brown-750 • Harry R. Ceasar-750 •
Norman Friedman-750 • Philip Hamerslough-750
• Perry P. Liss-750 • Allen A. Magdonvitz-750 •
Sol L. Medville-750 • Samuel E. Oberman-750
• Jerry W. Pollack-750 • Leonard M. Stein-750 •
Bill Stewart-750 • Donald H. Torodor-750 • Hal
Department of Connecticut
Stanley M. Barall-45 • William T. Sherman-45
Department of Delaware
Maurice J. Linett-525
Department of District of Columbia
Elbert J. Jarvis-381
Department of Florida
Eugene Helfand-202 • Allen H. Peltz-202 • Gerald
F. Ginter-266 • Barry H. Schwartz-400 • Bernard
Sobelsohn-459 • Cyrus Ettinger-501 • Zeev L.
Liebskind-501 • Ivens A. Siegel-501 • Theodore
L. Nirenberg-520 • Arthur Kass-613 • Monton
Weiner-613 • Debra K. Kaplan-639 • Lawrence A.
Loeb-639 • Fred Weinberg-639 • Seymour Cohen698 • Louis Stein-698 • Philip Johnson-780 • Ivan
Saiff-819 • Melvin A. Viner-819
The Jewish Veteran
Department of Illinois
Harry W. Altman-89 • Steven Peck-89 • Kevin M.
Department of Maryland
Haevey Schwartz-167 • Daniel Blank-567 •
Thomas J. Hughes-692 • Jerome W. Newman692 • Joel B. Rozansky-692 • Albert H.
Department of Massachusetts
Alfred Forman-211 • Al De Brave-302 • William
Department of Missouri/Kansas
Mark Abrams-346 • Eric A. Berla-346 • Donald
K. Ross-346 • Lloyd S. Hellman-605 • Gilbert
Department of New Jersey
Sydney Kane-39 • David Chertoff-43 • Hyman
Wishnick-125 • Dr. Kurt Bomze-126 • Harry
Brooks-126 • Joseph Levin-126 • Howard H.
Margulies-126 • Abraham Yesser-126 • Isaac
Debotton-146 • Jerry Baratz-178 • Norman G.
Robinson-395 • Bertram S. Natelson-569 • Edward
M. Lazarus-609 • Nelson Shechtel-609 • Richard
M. Gold-689 • Norman S. Brett-741 • Manfred
Gruenspecht-741 • Richard D. Berg-972
Department of New York
Elliot S. Turgen-1 • Paul Cohen-6 • Lester I.
Phillips-6 • Meyer Baker-41 • Frederick H.
Coleman-42 • Mark Froimowitz-69 • Allan S.
Teitler-80 • Lester A. Feldman-105 • Edward
Harris-235 • Arnold D. Cohen-336 • Martin
Kupferberg-336 • Neil Weintraub-336 • Seymour
Rumelt-415 • Mitchell L. Beller-655 • Stephen B.
Sieber-717 • David Malchick-758
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Irvin Chesler-44 • Norman Douglass-44 • Ronald
A. Shapiro-44 • Allan E. Blair-122 • Edward
Department of Pennsylvania
Morris J. Zibelman-98 • Lewis B. Sare-165 •
Victor Leibowitz-499
Passo v er Holiday Greetings
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Beth Kane Wishes You Happy Holidays
Enjoy Good Health • Enjoy your meals!
Susan Schneider Helsinger
President, Dept. of New York, JWVA
Stuyvesant - Cooper Post 235, NY
PDC Norman & Harriet Schnitzer
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Best Wishes & Happy New Year
Fegelson Young Feinberg Post 697
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Jerry & Sara Alperstein
New Members
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Names and greetings can be submitted anytime. Please fill out
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April 2007
Jewish War Veterans
112th Annual
National Convention
August 19-26, 2007
Charleston, South Carolina