Father Peter and Happy Ingeman



Father Peter and Happy Ingeman
C h r i s t E p i s c o p a l C h u r c h - Va l d o s t a , G e o r g i a
January 2009
Father Peter and Happy Ingeman
Mark Your
January 1 & 2
Office Closed
January 6
Pageant and Eucharist
January 9 & 10
Standing Committee
and Commission on
Ministry Meeting at
Christ Church
January 23 - 25
Happening #82 @
Honey Creek (Rachel
Greneker - Rector)
February 5 - 7
Diocesan Convention
in Albany
February 20
60th Anniversary of
the dedication of
Christ Church at 1521
N. Patterson St.
February 25
Ash Wednesday
The rector and his family are central figures in the life of any parish. Fr. Peter
and Happy Ingeman bring our church family together with the warmth and
caring of good friends as well as
spiritual leaders. The congregation has
been treated to glimpses of Peter and
Happy’s life through Peter’s sermons
and Sunday School stories.
Did you miss the Sunday when he
told the story about the garden at
Nashotah House or the one about
turning down an Army assignment in
Hawaii? Would you like to know more?
Peter was born in Chicago, Illinois,
and raised on Army posts, primarily in
the Washington, DC area. He is the only
child of Milton Joseph and Ellen Stenson Ingeman of Norwegian ancestry. He
attended college in Munich, Germany and at Rutgers University.
“Happy and I met in college on a double date, each of us dating someone
else; we liked each other better than those guys. We have been married 47 ½
years,” said Fr. Ingeman.
He enlisted in the United States Army in 1961 at Fort Bragg, NC. After
graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, he received a direct commission in 1964, and was assigned to Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. During
his 23-year career, he was an occupational therapist treating upper extremity
wounds during Vietnam; sent for a graduate degree in hospital administration
at Baylor University; served at HQ, Department of the Army in Washington,
DC; Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS; consultant to
the Surgeon General for Southeastern US and Central America, based at Fort
Gordon in Augusta, GA; and served in South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina
(2), Texas (2), California, Germany, Washington, DC, Kansas, and Georgia.
“I was first called to the Vocational Deaconate in Augusta, GA. I recognized
and acknowledged a call to the priesthood while serving Deacon's Mass at a
church in Harlem, GA two years later,” he said.
continued on page 4
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Christ Episcopal Church
The Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit,
Bishop of Georgia
The Rev. Peter Ingeman, Rector
The Rev. Tar Drazdowski, Priest
in Residence
Stella Clark, Deacon
Patricia Marks, Deacon
Molly Greneker, Parish Secretary
Amy Creasy, Bookkeeper
Sue Ellen Rumstay, Organist
Jessica Israels, St. Gregory
Choir Director
Dr. John Curtis and Maggie Roberts,
St. Francis Choir Leaders
Julia and Julius Ariail, Newsletter
Mimi Allen
Sandra Fletcher
Charles Boatwright John Hiers
Tammy Borders
Phyllis Holland
Tom Carroll
Pepi Nelson
Dave Clark
Bill Nunn
Jerry DeMott
Joe Singletary
Carolyn Eager
Mike Tanner
Al Turner
Phone Numbers
Church Office
The Rev. Ingeman
The Rev. Drazdowski
Deacon Clark
Deacon Marks
Molly Greneker
The Vineyard, p. 2, January 2009
Vestry Report from the November 2008 Meeting
• Received the Treasurer's report.
The church budget indicates
good cash flow and expense
management. Ninety-nine
pledge cards for 2009 have been
received, and it appears that
total pledges may top 2008.
• Received report from the
Facilities Committee. The
second artist drawing for Phase
I of building planning is
expected soon. A presentation
may be ready for the December
vestry meeting, which will
include current and newly
elected vestry members.
• Received report from Junior
Warden. The Louttit Hall
handicap ramp is almost
complete. There are some
individuals/organizations that
have shown interest in moving
the Miller House, but no final
decision has been reached.
• Voted to accept the cleaning
contract for all church
buildings from Carl
Copeland, resulting in a
significant monthly savings
over the current cleaning
• Received the results of the
vestry elections. Tammy
Borders, Dave Clark, Jerry
Demott, John Hiers and Mike
Tanner will begin three year
terms beginning January 2009.
A joint meeting of current and
new vestry members is planned
for December 15.
Pepi Nelson, 2008 Senior Warden and
Clint Beeland, 2008 Junior Warden
• Discussed plans for a special
issue of The Vineyard that will
showcase the parish facility
needs that were identified
during meetings with Bargainier
and Associates. The publication
date is planned for early 2009.
• Received announcement from
Father Ingeman regarding
delegates for Diocesan
convention in Albany, February
5-7, 2009. Walter Hobgood,
Molly Greneker and Phyllis
Hiers will represent Christ
Church. Alternates are Gail
Hobgood, Happy Ingeman and
John Hiers. These delegates will
also be delegates for the Bishop
of Georgia election scheduled
for September, 2009.
• Signed petition in support of Jim
Elliott to move forward to the
next step in the process of
ordination to the priesthood.
• Received report of calendars and
activities of The Reverend
Drazdowski, Deacon Marks and
Youth and College Ministry
Words for Season of Christmas
From the Rector
e celebrate the feast of The Epiphany on
January 6, the twelfth day of Christmas.
The Epiphany marks the revelation of the
Messiah, the Christ, to the world of gentiles. Wise
Men travel far from eastern lands following the light
of a star to find Him. Who were they? Perhaps they
were Mesopotamian astronomers, ones who
watched the skies and detected the slightest change in the heavens. Perhaps they were astrologers who saw
omens and portents in the arrangement of the constellations. Perhaps they were the Three Kings of the
beloved hymn. We know them only as The Wise Men bringing gifts to honor the one they would find at the
end on their journey. Consider that journey. What sets them on the road? It’s a sense of something important
happening, some great new thing that has come into the world, and that sense changes their lives. Once
having that sense, they are drawn westward by a deep desire to learn about its source, to be a part of the great
event unfolding. They simply cannot stay away. The journey isn’t easy. The distance is great, and there may be
detours and setbacks, tough going, but they persist until they find their goal. Having arrived, they recognize
the Messiah, even in the highly improbable person of the small Jewish child in a hovel. It’s all there; the call,
the journey, and the presence of Jesus. The Epiphany is not just an event of long ago; it’s our story and the
story of Christians throughout the ages.
Collegiate Honor Choir
Taps Jessica Israels
Valdosta State
University Music
Department Prof.
Paul Neal
announced in
December that
Jessica Israels, Christ
Church’s St. Gregory Choir Director,
is one of four VSU students chosen
for the American Choral Directors
Association (ACDA) Honor Choir.
The choir is limited to 48 members
from across the United States. The
others chosen from VSU are Katy
Workman, Miles Gaultney, and John
Alan Gourdine. All four who were
chosen are students from Dr. Neal’s
choral studies program.
The Honor Choir is performing at
the ACDA convention in Oklahoma
City, March 4-7, under the direction
of Gary Graden, choral director at
St. Jacob’s Church in Stockholm.
More information is available
about the choir and the performance
at <http://www.acdaonline.org/
conventions/2009/ choirs/college>.
The Vineyard, p. 3, January 2009
Father Peter and Happy Ingeman
continued from page 1
Peter attended seminary at
Nashotah House in Wisconsin, the
Anglo-Catholic seminary of the
Episcopal Church, strongly
recommended by Bishop Reeves.
It proved to be a perfect fit. He
served as a Deacon while in
seminary and as Chaplain at St.
John's Military Academy.
Fr. Ingeman’s first position was
assistant here at Christ Church
and Chaplain to VSU. Then he was
called to St. Francis, Savannah, for
11 years. He and Happy returned
to Valdosta in 2000. He has served
as Chair of the Diocesan
Commission on Ministry; chair,
Commission on Liturgy; member
of the Diocesan Council; member
of the Diocesan Ecclesiastical
Court; Dean of the Savannah
Convocation, and Deputy to
General Convention.
His favorite hymn is "Brightest
and Best of the Stars of the
Morning." His best advice to
brides and grooms is “Never lose
your sense of humor!”
Asked for one type of service he
would like to see Christ Church
provide, he said, “an Episcopal
School through grade 12.”
Happy Ingeman was born to
Harry and Marian Plews in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and
raised in New Jersey from the age
The Vineyard, p. 4, January 2009
of seven. She has three sisters:
Nancy, Karen, and Linda, and a
brother named Bob. She attended
Douglass College, the Women's
College of Rutgers.
Happy was called Happy from
very early childhood; a name that
Peter says is, “an amazing bit of
Her favorite US Army station
was Landstuhl im Pfalz, Germany,
where she had a chance to visit
Peter's Norwegian relatives, travel
all over and ski in the Alps. “We
showed our boys that people are
people no matter where you live,”
she said.
Her favorite anecdote about
moving involved the move to
Leavenworth, Kansas from
Washington during a strike. “We
waited a long time to get our
furniture, cooked in an electric fry
pan, had a coffee pot, and slept on
the floor in sleeping bags. Peter
suggested that we row down the
Missouri River, pick up our things
and row them back. We didn't do
that. Everything came...
eventually,” she said.
Her best advice for moving?
“Do not let the movers take the lid
off your flour canister. Always be
sure you have a change of clothing
for every member of the family
with you at all times.” Happy's
luggage did not arrive when she
landed in Germany. It came on a
later flight.
Happy and Peter have an
elaborate miniature Christmas
Village collection that was started
by Peter's secretary Vicki in
Savannah who gave them a church
building their first Christmas there
and every year thereafter. “We
caught the bug after she gave us
our first little group of people,”
said Happy.
She claims her interest in
NASCAR is purely scientific. “Not
being a driver or having a
scientific bent, I am fascinated by
the pit crews and all they do to
keep the cars going in all
conditions. I do think the
‘gophercam’ is cute.”
Happy went to seminary with
Peter, attending all classes except
Ascetical Theology and Hebrew.
Peter and Happy have two
sons: older son Bill who lives in
Japan, and whose children are
Peter and Sigrid; and younger son
Steve, who lives in Virginia with
his wife Lara and children Erik
and Adele.
Special Days Remembered in January
2 Pat Peaslee
Ken Ricket
David Sandbach, Jr.
3 Brooks Lovelace
Jennifer Powell
4 Ethan Warrick
5 Sarah Parrish
6 Chase Adams
Claire Holland
7 Sparky Greneker
Greg Harbin
8 Trey Bauer
9 Carmen Boatwright
Laura Paine
Ann Sumner
10 Henry Parrish
Linda Riggle
11 Emily Macheski-Preston
13 Lauren Cloud
Joshua Hanson
14 Richard Coleman
Grif Griffin
15 Kathy Armstrong
Jack Fitzsimons
16 Cindy Foster
Stephen Manning
Holly Querin
Anne Reid
Tim Teasley
Mimi Allen
Tyler Johnson
Brian Nelson
Laura Copeland
Kate Hanson
Rosa Hiromoto
Kimberly Waters
Robert Church
Carolyn Eager
Emory Warrick, III
Madison Jackson
Ralph Jackson
Tyler Kunath
Leigh Prine
Stephanie Tillman
Ann Burnette
Henrietta Barnes
Anna Coggins
Savannah-Jane Gilchrist
Clinton Beeland
John Hummel
Hannah Johnston
by Patricia Marks
Curious Country Customs
(David & Charles, 2007)
By Jeremy Hobson
Ever been dwile flonking? Or
ever follow the Guizer Jarl and his
army of Vikings and their longship?
In this immensely readable little
volume, Jeremy Hobson gleefully
details a host of weird and
wonderful traditions from the
British Isles. We read of the Shrove
Tuesday Pancake Race; of dancers
who wear turbans, kilts, and clogs;
5 Richard Coleman
Rick Coleman
6 Stephen Sandbach
9 Judy DeMott
Robin Guice
Danielle Pitts
11 Meg Hiers
12 Sandra Fletcher
Laura Sartin
13 Nathaniel Balanis
Michael Holt
Rosanne Rumstay
14 Lindsey Wisenbaker
15 Jack Warren
21 Phyllis Holland
22 Gnann Moser
25 Robert Tillman
27 Andrew Hummel
Greg Hummel
Jodie Hummel
29 Lauren Sandbach
and of those who caper about in
reindeer horns. We learn to watch
the sun itself dance on Easter
Sunday and to beware of being
“gowked” on April Fool’s Day; and
we are introduced to cheese-rolling,
well-dressing, rush-bearing, and
swan-upping. Clearly, there are
more ways than days in the year to
celebrate the seasons! There are
recipes, too, for Furmitty, a Good
Friday dish; for Star-Gazey Pie
(pilchards in milk, covered with
pastry); and for a sticky toffee called
Yellowman, and much more.
Most of these customs are rooted
in religious festivals. Carrots are
gathered on St. Michael’s day, and
Bawming the Thorn—decorating the
hawthorn tree, descended from
Joseph of Arimathea’s staff—takes
6 Trent & Anna Coggins
12 Larry & Elizabeth
23 Ed Preston & Ginger
30 Walter & Gail Hobgood
If your special day is not
included in our calendar,
please call the church office at
242-5115 to let us know.
place on
Day. In
join hands
to encircle
their church,
Deacon Patricia Marks
and then
beat the bounds on Rogation
Sunday. To the uninitiated, these
practices may seem colorful and
whimsical, but there is more here
than meets the eye. In picture and
text, Hobson gives us insight into
both local and national history, but
more importantly, into the way we
weave our lives together by
celebrating the blessings of
The Vineyard, p. 5, January 2009
The 2009 Christ Episcopal Church Vestry
eet the 2009 Vestry for
Christ Episcopal Church.
The congregation elected
five new members in November
by written ballot to serve a threeyear term along with the ten
vestry members who have one or
two years remaining. The 15member group meets on the third
Monday of the month at 5:30 pm
in the Parish Hall. The vestry
meetings are open to all
parishioners, and any parishioner
may request an item be placed on
the vestry agenda before the
meeting. The vestry welcomes the
presence of the members of the
parish at all meetings.
At the December 15 meeting, the
vestry adopted a budget based on the
recent stewardship campaign and
heard a presentation by the Barganier
Sims consultants on planning for
future growth and building needs.
They presented a new drawing for
consideration (See p. 10). At the
January meeting the vestry will elect
a Senior Warden, Junior Warden,
Secretary (Clerk) and Treasurer to
serve for calendar year 2009.
Mimi Allen
Charles Boatwright
Tammy Borders
Tom Carroll
Dave Clark
Jerry DeMott
Carolyn Eager
Sandra Fletcher
John Hiers
Phyllis Holland
Pepi Nelson
Bill Nunn
Joe Singletary
Mike Tanner
Al Turner
Amber Tanner
The Vineyard, p. 6, January 2009
Texas Roadhouse
Employee of the Year is
Happening #82 Rector
Rachel Greneker
Texas Roadhouse recently named
Rachel Greneker “Employee of the
Year”from over 120 employees at
the Valdosta restaurant. Rachel is
the 18-year old daughter of Christ
Church Administrative Secretary
Molly Greneker and Sam Greneker.
She has been a member of Christ
Church since 1990 when she was
baptized and later confirmed. She is
very active in the high school
Happening group for the Diocese of
Georgia. She served two years on
the Diocesan Youth Commission as
the Convocation Representative in
2005 and again in 2007. Rachel has
represented the Diocese in the
Province youth meetings. Last
month she attended Province IV in
Birmingham, Alabama. This last
summer she attended the Episcopal
Youth Event in San Antonio, Texas.
Rachel will be the rector of
Happening #82, January 23 - 25 at
Honey Creek. Four other members
of her family will also participate at
the event: Molly is a “Mom,” brother
Sparky is on the entertainment staff,
sister Tricia is on the tech team, and
brother Thomas is a gofer.
Other Christ Church parishoners
will assist: Jason Peaslee, Allison
Peaslee, Elizabeth Hanson, Cathy
Hanson, Savannah Spivey, and Beth
Baker are also on staff.
Canterbury Club
text and photographs by Michael Black
anterbury Club held its
annual Christmas party at
the home on Ron and
Patricia Bezona on December 7.
Many attended this evening of
food, pool, ping pong, pinball,
and fellowship.
The group began the evening
by lighting Advent
candles and with
prayer. Members
brought items for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Canterbury Club does not
meet during Christmas holidays; it will resume its weekly meeting schedule on
Sunday, January 25, 5:00 p.m. at Louttit Hall. Your continued support of this
ministry is appreciated.
Christ Church Happening Reunion
text and photographs by Beth Baker
he teenagers from Christ
Church who have attended
Happenings have recently
formed a reunion group. The RUGs,
short for ReUnion Group, meet
every other Sunday at different
homes. The most recent RUG was
held at the home of Mike and
Amber Tanner. They welcomed this
group with hot dogs and
hamburgers, chips, dip and salsa,
cokes, tea…and a plethora of
yummy brownies and treats! Mike
attended Happening #13 and was
willing to share his experiences with
the younger crowd of Happeners. If
you are willing to host this
WONDERFUL group of teens,
please contact Beth Baker at 2458828 or 251-1143 or
<[email protected]>. This is
a great way to stay plugged into our
youth and relive your own
Happening experience.
The Vineyard, p. 7, January 2009
Thanksgiving at Christ Church, November 27, 2008
photographs by Deacon Patricia Marks
Christ Church parishioners and friends gave thanks together on Thanksgiving at noon in the Parish Hall. Wayne
Ellerbee prepared the turkeys and hams, and guests supplied their favorite side dishes. We have a lot to give thanks for!
Nutcracker cast visits Christ Episcopal Preschool
photographs by Beth Baker
The Nutcracker cast arrived in costume at
Christ Episcopal Preschool and other
schools in Valdosta in advance of their
performance at Mathis Auditorium,
December 6 and 7.
The Vineyard, p. 8, January 2009
Wilby Coleman’s Metal Sculpture
Featured in New Book, Irony
n the “straightforward” foreward to his new book, Irony,
Wilby Coleman describes his evolution from the practice Wilby Coleman
of law to dabbling in art and blacksmith work, and finally
to full-time and over-time creation of metal sculpture. The
hardcover book, published by Snake Nation Press and
printed in Valdosta by Colson Printing Company, features 127 of Coleman’s sculptures,
with text of fascinating stories of construction, exhibitions, and commentary on the work
as well as photographs of the remaining 109 pieces on two DVDs, one for television
Wilby and Gloria Coleman display and one for high resolution files to display on a computer.
“Themes in my work are taken from science, mythology, religion (or lack of it), astronomy, old jokes, songs,
common phrases, cartoons, history, literature, and just about everything. From lessons of life, law practice, and
much reading, I have accumulated a lot of totally useless facts. Titles are replete with irony, puns, double entendres,
and layers of meaning, so that many of my works can be found to be funny by an eight-year-old, a 12-year-old, and
an adult—all for different reasons,” said Coleman.
Julius Ariail photographed the majority of the 236 sculptures, and Julia Ariail designed the graphic layout of the
book. One of Mike Tanner’s photographs of the construction of “Blades of a Feather” appears on an introductory
page. Along with the Price-Campbell Foundation, Blake Ellis supported the book’s production, and John and Phyllis
Hiers and Barbara Passmore proofread the book before publication. Griff Holland worked with the Ariails to
position the sculptures so they could be photographed. Marshall Parks takes full credit for taking Wilby to his first
blacksmith workshop. Many Christ Church parishioners attended the December 1 book signing at the Turner Center
for the Arts. The book is available for $56 including tax and shipping from Snake Nation Press on the Web at
<www.snakenationpress.org> or by calling Editor Roberta George at 242-1503.
The Metal Sculpture of
Saturday Night Eucharist December 13, 2008
The monthly Saturday night Eucharist on December 13 featured a surprise birthday party for David Schert, who plays
guitar regularly with the musicians at this service and at the 11:30 a.m. Sunday service. Over 50 people attended this
popular 6 p.m. service. The chili and cornbread supper which followed warmed everyone on a cold night. Saturday night
Eucharists are held on the second Saturday of each month. For more information or to volunteer to participate, contact The
Rev. Tar Drazdowski at 249-0895.
The Vineyard, p. 9, January 2009
Barganier Davis Sims Presents New Concept Illustration
for Architectural Planning Program
he illustrations on this page
are copies of the ones
presented to the Vestry at
the December 13 meeting.
Architects Jim Barganier and Chris
Faulkner of Barganier, Davis, Sims
Architects Associated, a 30-person
firm located in Montgomery,
Alabama, were hired by the Vestry
to conduct master planning. See
the June 2008 issue of The Vineyard
for the original article. The
illustrations are currently
displayed in the Parish Hall.
The Vineyard, p. 10, January 2009
The Christ Church Vestry has
given approval for the facilities
committee to move forward with
Phase II (Master Planning). This
phase will provide Christ Church
with a Master Plan with the
following major outcomes:
• Refined building locations
• Internal building diagrams
• Pedestrian and vehicular
• Building cost estimates
• Prioritization of buildings
and phases of construction
According to Clint Beeland, 2008
Junior Warden, master planning
should be completed during the first
quarter of 2009.
Please contact any Facilities
Committee Member or Vestry
member to discuss ideas for Phase
II. The Facilities Committee and
Vestry welcome your ideas and
opinions. This is our church. This
exciting opportunity for growth
needs your approval and
enthusiasm to succeed.
Advent Wreaths
November 30
& Paper
Iraqi Children’s Fund
Susan Elliott, pictured above right
with sons Carter and Alex, provided
wreath forms, greenery, and candles
for the annual Advent wreath making
on the first Sunday of Advent. The
contributions paid for a portion of
the supplies.
The Elliotts have provided this
opportunity as a ministry at Christ
Church for 12 years. Below:
parishioners create wreaths to enjoy.
Hello everyone,
I should be home soon.
Here is a picture that I said
I would send. Also I am
attaching a letter that my
interpreter received from a
young girl. It should help
everyone realize the effect
that their generosity has on
some of the Iraqi people.
Thanks again for your
support and prayers as we
start to travel back to our
loved ones.
Thomas D Price, MSG,
Tom Price is the nephew of Katherine Mayer, who has been in charge of the
Pencil & Paper Project. He has acted as liaison for the delivery of our school
supplies to the Iraqi children.
Letter from an 18-year old Iraqi girl
It’s such a great honor for me to represent my people and
thank you for all the welfare you do to my country.
It’s simple things that can make the child smile. But
making the child smile and leaving him happy is the greatest
thing that ever can happen.
When the troops came to Iraq for the first time, all the
people thought that they were occupation forces who came to
kill and steal the oil. But because of the welfare that your
organization do and the other organizations, most of the
people had changed their points of view and the way they
think of the American Soldiers and America in general.
I would love to tell you that because of what your
organization had gave to those poor or underprivileged
children a lot of people now are praying that every single
American Soldier go back home safe and I’m one of those
And finally, I thank God for giving me the chance to thank
you for what you did to my country and my people.
The Vineyard, p. 11, January 2009
Christmas Parade - December 6, 2008
photographs by Michael Black
Rena Nelson decorated the Christ
Episcopal Church float with the help of
several EYC members in honor of St.
Nicholas, who agreed to ride on the
float on his special day in the Church
year. Kip Nunn drove the truck that
pulled the float while Youth Director
Beth Baker and Tina Nunn organized
more than 20 children who rode the
float or walked beside it.
They gave out 1,000 hot cocoa
packets that included an invitation
to join Christ Church for the
Christmas services: “May the
warmth and richness of God’s
Spirit be with you this Christmas
Season! Christ Episcopal Church.
Luke 2:11 Join us for Christmas
Services at 1521 N. Patterson Street.”
Join us for Regular Services
Sunday: 8:00 a.m. Holy Communion
9:30 a.m. Holy Communion*
10:45 a.m. Christian Education*
11:30 a.m. Holy Communion*
6:00 p.m. Vespers
Tuesday: 10:30 a.m. @ Langdale Place
Wednesday: 6:00 p.m.*
Thursday: 7:00 a.m.
*Nursery Available
Second Saturday of each month: 6:00 p.m. Holy Communion
Christ Episcopal Church
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 8
Valdosta, GA
1521 N. Patterson Street • Valdosta, GA 31602
Return Service Requested

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