with our latest hightlights - The Swiss Business School for



with our latest hightlights - The Swiss Business School for
Academic Year
In Review
Greetings to you all,
Our academic year 2015-16 commenced by welcoming our new
Hotel Operations Manager, Ms Argyro Manoli. Argyro is also
responsible for public relations activities. In this newsletter, we
are pleased to share with you the plethora of activities that were
organized and supervised by Argyro, Antonis Paroussis, Food &
Beverage Lecturer, Head of our Culinary Arts Department,
Georgia Kofinas, Chef Instructors Panos Ioannidis and Spyros
Pavlidis, and of course our motivated students.
What sets Alpine Center, the Hospitality & Tourism Management Department of City Unity
in Greece from other schools in this field is Alpine’s strong professional ethos an industry
links, mainly stemming from its adoption of the Swiss philosophy of blending practical
application with classroom theory. Students are given the opportunity to put into practice
the knowledge they have acquired, both in the hotel school by taking on applied hotel
operations duties, and during their industry placements.
With Alternate Minister of
Tourism, Elena Kountoura,
Page 5
This academic year we welcomed students from all over Greece, but also from many
countries, namely Albania, Armenia, Croatia, Egypt, France, iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan,
Lebanon, Latvia, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Sri
Lanka, UK and USA!
They say a picture tells a thousand words! Here’s the academic year in review, with all its
student activities that demonstrate the enthusiasm and commitment of the future cadre of
personnel and leaders in the biggest industry in the world: hospitality and tourism!
Sybil Hofmann, President, International Programmes, Alpine Center Switzerland
Our Celebrity Chef Georgia
Kofinas with TV Presenter Mrs
Tatiana Stefanidou, Page 6
Argyro Manoli, Operations Manager, City Unity, Glyfada Campus
City Unity
Hospitality & Tourism Management
70 Possidonos Avenue
16675 Glyfada, Greece
Tel: (+30) 210 898 3022
[email protected]
Alpine Center Switzerland
The Swiss Business School for Hotel
& Tourism Management
Chilcherlistr. 1, 6055, Alpnach Dorf, Switzerland
Tel (+41) 41 6710303
[email protected]
Career Day, Page 8
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Message from
our Dean
Welcome to Alpine Center, the
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Department of City Unity, a leader in
developing a world of learners
through knowledge, practice and
All smiles on induction day on 12 October 2015
Alpine center is committed to
preparing students with knowledge,
professional dignity. We provide
cutting-edge programs in hospitality
and tourism that meet the demands
of today’s workplaces.
Our faculty and staff will treat you as
valued individual.
During your study at Alpine Center
you will have the opportunity to
interact closely with faculty and
develop long-lasting friendship with
our school and the industry as well.
Our internship program along with
other experiential learning methods
will provide you with valuable work
experience and multi-dimensional
skills. Finally you will be inherited a
network full of leads and executives
from the hospitality and tourism
Student Council 2015-16
Student Council organizes a Casual Day to donate proceeds to Charity
Join our educational community and
enjoy our academic environment, the
practical experience and set the
foundations for your own successful
Dr. Jean Suvatzis
Academic Dean
Happy to dress down on Casual Day and donate their euros to Charity!
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
“Walk the Talk” –Students participate in various functions and exhibitions
All students have the opportunity to put into practice and in real life what they learn in the classroom and their practical
classes. This year they had the privilege to serve and host guests at the following events:
At the Goethe Institute 5 November 2015
At the SETE Conference 19-20 October 2015
At the 2nd Greek Tourism Expo 4-6 December 2015
Supervisors and team members on Applied Hotel Operations! Students are involved in running the Food &
Beverage operation at the hotel school, here at the Parents Evening on 15 February 2016.
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Shrewsbury College Students on a
Mobility Program, here posing at the
end of the Pudding Club Competition,
6 November 2015 pictured here with
Anastasios Mexas, President of Alpine
Alumni Association and Lecturer
Papastavros Kofinas and Georgia
Kofinas with Argyro Manoli and Victoria
Galtsidou, one of the winners of the
coin of the Pita Cutting that was
officiated by Papastavros
Filming a Seminar in Food & Beverage
Service for Distance Learning
Field trip to Balux with Antonis
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Pita Cutting sponsored by City Unity Alpine Center, hosted by the Glyfada Tourist Police and attended by Alternate Minister of
Tourism, Mayor of Glyfada, and other dignitaries
Alpine students photographed in front of the Municipality of Glyfada
with Chief of the Glyfada Tourist Police, Mr. Alexandros Stathopoulos,
Argyro Manoli, Pigi Mantzouratou and Antonis Paroussis
Alternate Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Elena
Kountoura with Argyro Manoli, Sybil Hofmann and
Mr Alexandros Stathopoulos
Glyfada’s Metropolitan Archbishop Pavlos with students and Antonis Paroussis.
Students serving at the Reception of the Greek Historian Writers sponsored by City Unity
Alpine Center at the historical building of City IEK in Athens on 30 March 2016
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
First and Second year Culinary Arts students photographed with Head of Culinary Arts Program,
Georgia Kofinas, Chef Spyros Pavlidis and Chef Panos Ioannidis
Celebrity Chef Georgia Kofinas was honored in an Epsilon TV Show by presenter Mrs. Tatiana
Stefanidou, on 26 November 2015, on the occasion of the publication of the 27th edition of her book
on Lenten Cuisine. Students were privileged to attend the show!
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Chef Spyros Pavlidis and Culinary Arts students prepared a sumptuous menu for the Belvoir Restaurant
Culinary Arts at its best, created by our Chef Instructors and students
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Students excited about Career Day, all ready for their interviews! It’s always rewarding to see Alpine Alumni
present on this occasion as presenters and interviewers for the properties where they work!
Thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this annual event!
Career & Placement Manager, Lecturer
Pigi Mantzouratou
Career & Placement Manager, Lecturer
Hotels & Restaurants all over the globe seek Alpine Trainees
The Annual Career Day took place on 5 February
2016. Twenty-eight companies were present to introduce
their hospitality enterprises and interview students
interested in joining them. Another fifteen international
companies asked to receive CV’s of students interested in
doing their internships internationally.
Pigi Mantzouratou
Career & Placement Manager, Lecturer
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Integrated Project, a Highlight of the Second Year Hotel Management course
Each year second year students enrolled on the Hotel Management program are divided into groups of 5 or 6 students (this year,
there were 10 groups) and are given a project to work on throughout the year. At the end of the year students present their
project in front of a group of investors. The Integrated Project basically integrates everything they have studied from the
hospitality and tourism industry, human resources, sales and marketing, to finance and law and ethics, and includes a feasibility
study. The Course Tutor for the Integrated Project is Mr. Yiannis Megaloeconomou, pictured here with each group at the end of
their presentation. Bravo students! You all did a marvelous job!
Athenaeum Zen Hotel – Christos Piliouras, Dionissis
Kokkalis, Anna Thomai, Davit Piliposyan,
Emmanouela Chatziantoniou
Aegean Voyager 1 - Konstantinos Tsakanikas, Rafaela
Giannikou, Dimitris Apostolidis, Aikaterini Triga, George
Alexopoulos, Panagiota Karpathiou
CineTastes - Vanessa Christopoulou, Christina Tsiami, Alex Tsipouris,
Julia Verzihovska , Alisa Salmanova, Olga Miliaeva
"Renaissance" Family Recreational Center
Pantheon Boutique Hotel & Spa - Angelina Dashko,
Oleksandr Zapasnyi , Michael Olynick, Konstantinos Perdikis,
Guglielmo Robusteli, Ioannis Dontas, Eleni Mentzelopoulou
Irina Gorbushina, Maria Ioanna Loukoumi, Afroditi
Zoitsaki, Danai Aivazoglou
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Infinity Villas & Spa - Evangelia Bormbila, Vasiliki Zafeiri,
Panagiotis Makridimitris, Fotis Gratsounis, Ergina Karavia
Shanti Detox Hotel - Carratoni Vassilis, Charalampopoulos
Phillipe, Forou Stefania, Patelis Ektor, Mitouali Mantalena
Santa Irene Boutique and Recording Studio - Riga Patricia,
Riga Marianna, Aristomenis Stoupathis,
Athanasios Kakouratos, Aleksandar Koprivica
The Stone Eat Restaurants - Mary Grace Reyes, Derame
Joyce Maligaya, Athina Cacatian, Julia Meneses, Vanessa
May Garcia, Gregory Weis
Elysium Restaurant - George Papazachariou, Klaris Fstratiou,
Wilson Gabuat, Victoria Klimenko, Michal Klosieski,
Vasileios Pappas, Andreas Babiolakis
City Unity – Alpine Focus Highlights
Alpine Alumni Ambassadors
Assoation held its Alumni
Reunion on 19 December 2015
at Cloud 33 Lounge in the
Emmantina Hotel. The event,
hosted by President of the
Alumni, Anastasios Mexas, was
attended by alumni who
graduated as long ago as
1992! It was a joyful reunion
with many memorable
experiences shared amongst
those who attended.

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