Prince`s Charities Canada 5 Year Review



Prince`s Charities Canada 5 Year Review
Prince’s Charities Canada
Five-Year Review
2011 - 2016
HRH meeting members of the prince’s
operation entrepreneur Advisory Council
The prince accompanied by Pei premier
robert ghiz during the 2014 royal tour
Front Cover Photos: His Royal Highness meeting
with Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur graduate Scott
Harrigan (ABOVE), The Prince being shown traditional
aboriginal artistic techniques by First Nations
University Professor Judy Anderson (BELOW)
“DJ Wales” trys out the turntables at
Uforchange during the 2012 royal tour
HRH The Prince of Wales5
Mr. Galen and the Hon. Hilary Weston
Amanda L. Sherrington7
Prince’s Charities Canada — Origins
What Does Prince’s Charities Do?8
Prince’s Charities Canada Five-Year Hightlights
The Prince’s Charitable Priorities12
Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur 14
The Prince’s Canadian Responsible Business Network
The Prince’s Seeing is Believing25
Campaign for Wool28
Prince of Wales Youth Service Awards32
The Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership
The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community
Heritage Regeneration Initiative38
The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry
The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award
The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts42
Aboriginal Languages Initiative44
In Development46
In Canada
Royal Tour 201247
Royal Tour 201451
Public Sector54
Special Event Highlights56
Media Highlights58
Ambassador Profile - George Stroumboulopoulos
Prince’s Charities Canada Team and Governance
Special Recognition68
Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur Founder’s Circle
Transforming Lives & Building
Sustainable Communities
We are delighted to congratulate Prince’s Charities Canada on their achievements as
they celebrate their fifth anniversary as the Canadian charitable office for His Royal
Highness The Prince of Wales.
As Founding Patrons, we continue to be impressed by PCC’s work and their efforts to
create a deeper understanding of The Prince’s vision and impact here in Canada. The
work is meaningful and impactful, touching the lives of Canadians from coast to coast
to coast.
Over the past year, we have been pleased to support PCC’s efforts to build Patron’s and
Advisory Councils. We are grateful to the individuals who have agreed to contribute
their time and resources to these groups: they will be helping the PCC team expand the
reach of programming to new geographic areas and communities across this country.
We look forward to the next five years with great enthusiasm!
Mr. Galen Weston OC, OOnt and The Hon. Hilary M. Weston CM, CVO, OOnt
Founding Patrons
His Royal Highness The Prince of
Wales’s Canadian charitable office has
been a busy place over the past five
Our role as facilitator, communicator
and connector has led to many
successful initiatives and programs that
you can read about on the following
pages. We are proud of the results that
we have been able to realize here in
Canada on behalf of His Royal Highness
and thank the many individuals,
businesses and organizations who have
helped us to achieve success.
Moving forward, our plans remain
ambitious. Our goal of increasing
the impact of The Prince’s Canadian
charitable work by entrenching
initiatives in every Province and
Territory by July 1st, 2017 – Canada’s
150th birthday - is lofty but one that is
important for us to achieve.
I am enormously grateful for the
support and encouragement that we
have received over the past five years
from His Royal Highness and from our
Founding Patrons Hilary and Galen
Weston, who had the vision to create
a coordinating office for The Prince’s
Canadian charitable efforts.
We look forward to the next five years
with great enthusiasm!
Amanda L. Sherrington
President and Chief Executive Officer
What does Prince’s
Charities canada Do?
Prince’s Charities Canada is a
We bring together the right people and resources
to help create new initiatives or re-formulate
existing ones to get the maximum benefit for
Canada and Canadians. Taking our inspiration
from The Prince of Wales, we are always looking
for opportunities.
Prince’s Charities
Canada is a
We share with Canadians The
Prince’s charitable passions
and help build understanding
for his lifetime of charitable
work in Canada and around
the world.
Prince’s Charities Canada
is a Connector
We are the common thread
linking a diverse group of
charities, corporations, nonprofits, Governments, public
figures and private individuals.
We use the unique convening
power of The Prince to bring
these people and groups together
to make transforming lives and
building sustainable communities
a reality.
• 2011 – Prince’s Charities Canada is founded with
offices in Toronto and its first President & CEO
Amanda Sherrington appointed
• 2011 – Developed the concept of The Prince’s
Operation Entrepreneur, developed partnerships
between Memorial University and The Canadian
Youth Business Foundation and appointed an
Advisory Council for the program
Five-year Highlights
• 2011 – First cohort of business leaders recruited to
participate in the Prince’s Seeing is Believing
• January 2012 – Prince’s Seeing is Believing (PSiB)
visit day led by Toronto business leader Michael
MacMillan brings a group of business executives to
the Yonge Street Mission and UforChange
• May 2012 – Their Royal Highnesses return to
Canada and take part in several events related to
the Prince’s charitable activities in New Brunswick,
Ontario and Saskatchewan
• July 2012 – Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur
bootcamp launches at Memorial University in
• October 2012 – PSiB Visit Day led by Janice
O’Born focused on Urban Aboriginal Employment,
one of the outcomes will be the development of
our highly successful urban aboriginal employment
• January 2013 – A group of Canadian business
leaders meet with the Prince of Wales at Clarence
House in London to discuss how they can advance
the responsible business agenda in Canada
• April 2013 – Partnership between First Nations
University and The Prince’s School of Traditional
Arts begins with a visit of PSTA faculty to Regina,
• May 2013 – The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur
debuts its first French-language boot camp at
Université Laval
• May 2013 – The Prince’s Foundation for Building
Community holds its inaugural symposium in Toronto
• November 2013 – A PSiB takes place in Halifax,
Nova Scotia led by Colin MacDonald of Clearwater
• January 2014 – A group of Canadian business leaders meet with
The Prince in London while further refining plans for the launch of a
Canadian responsible business network
• April 2014 – A partnership facilitated by PCC makes children’s
books written in traditional aboriginal languages available to over 8000
aboriginal youth
• May 2014 – Their Royal Highnesses return to Canada visiting
Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba. The Prince joins
six engagements related to his Canadian charitable work including
launching both The Prince’s Canadian Responsible Business Network
and The Campaign for Wool
• SUMMER 2014 – PCC’s latest three-year strategic plan is approved by
HRH and adopted by the Board of Directors
• September 2014 – The first Canadian Wool Week launches in
Toronto as part of The Campaign for Wool
• November 2014 – The Prince meets with First Nations University
Art professor Judy Anderson alongside PSTA students who have been
learning about Canadian First Nations art and design
• DECEMBER 2014 – PCC’s Patron’s Council established with 15
founding members
• June 2015 – Prince’s Charities Australia launches their own version of
POE and brings some Canadian graduates to Melbourne to help inspire
their first class
• July 2015 – Prince’s Regeneration Trust begins pilot projects in
Ontario and Saskatchewan as part of its partnership with The National
Trust for Canada
• October 2015 – The Campaign for Wool expands to Montreal
• October 2015 – A delegation of Canadian Patrons and business
leaders visit HRH at Dumfries House, UK
• January 2016 – A new Advisory Council composed of former viceregals, Premiers, parliamentarians, business and philanthropic leaders
is assembled to help guide the expansion of PCC’s work into the future
The Prince’s Charitable
The Prince’s lifetime of charitable work in Canada, the United Kingdom and
around the world can be grouped into four areas or clusters each contributing
towards his overall vision for a harmonious and sustainable future.
Responsible Business and Enterprise
The Prince’s Canadian Responsible Business Network and The Prince’s
Seeing is Believing are examples of this cluster whose goal is to create
positive social and economic impact through business engagement,
employment, enterprise and culture.
The Built Environment
Canadian examples of this cluster include the
partnership between The Prince’s Regeneration
Trust and The National Trust for Canada as
well as the partnership between The Prince’s
Foundation for Building Community and The
Willowbank School of Restoration Arts.
The Prince’s Built Environment work is focused
on working with communities to use the
heritage of the past to build sustainably for the
Hank Ditmar of PFBC speaking in Toronto
Education and Young People
The Prince’s Youth Service Awards, the
partnership between The Prince’s School of
Traditional Arts and First Nations University
as well as developing work with Prince’s Trust
International are all examples of this cluster.
The Prince of Wales meeting Moses Reid at
UforChange in Toronto
The focus of this cluster is on empowering
young people, providing employment and
training opportunites and improving the
quality of education.
Global Sustainability
His Royal Highness meeting with Eric Bjergso of
canadian-cooperative wool growers in pictou,
nova scotia
The work of the Campaign for Wool, The
Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry
and the developing work of Accounting for
Sustainability are all examples of this cluster
which encourages the protection of the
environment, promotes healthy communities
and seeks to build sound economies around
the world.
Prince’s Operation
Her Honour Vaughn Solomon Shofield, Lieutenant
Governor of Saskatchewan with Amanda Sherrington, and
graduates of the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur
The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur
is a unique, made-in-Canada program
that provides transitioning Canadian
military personnel with the training,
mentorship and financing needed to
open their own business.
Created in 2012 at a time when
record numbers of individuals were
leaving the Canadian Forces, the
program addresses a previously
unmet need of entrepreneurial
supports specifically tailored to the
Canadian Forces.
A veteran himself, His Royal Highness
remains dedicated to members of the
Canadian Armed Forces. The Prince
currently serves as Colonel-in-Chief
to eight different Canadian military
organizations, in addition to serving
as Honourary Lieutenant-General
of the Canadian Army and Royal
Canadian Air Force, Honourary ViceAdmiral of the Royal Canadian Navy,
and Commodore-in-Chief of the
Atlantic Fleet.
“We do have, at
the end of the day,
a profound and
essential duty to care
for those who carry
the invisible scars of
conflict…those who
have served their
country do deserve
the best treatment.”
– His Royal Highness
The Prince of Wales
Founding Partners
Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur
Advisory Council
The Hon. Hilary M. Weston, CM, O.Ont.
(Chair), Former Lieutenant Governor of
HLCol Justin R. Fogarty, B.A , LL.B , LL.M.
(Deputy Chair), President and Chairman,
Regent Law Professional Corporation
Mr. Shaun Francis, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer Medcan Health
Management, Inc., Chair, True Patriot Love
Major-General (Ret’d) David Fraser,
Director, INKAS Armoured Vehicle
HCol Anthony R. Graham LL.D., Vice
Chairman and Director, Wittington
Investments, Limited; President, Selfridges
Group Limited;
Mme. Danièle Henkel, President, Daniele
Henkel Inc.
General (Ret’d) Rick Hillier OC, CMM,
H.Col. Tim Hogarth, President and Chief
Executive Officer Pioneer Group
Lt.Gen. (Ret’d) J.O. Michel Maisonneuve,
CMM, MSC, CD, Academic Director, Royal
Military College Saint-Jean
Lt. Gen. Christine Whitecross OMM, CD,
Chief of Military Personnel, Canadian Forces
HCol Chiko Nanji KStG, Group
ChiefExecutive Officer Metro Supply Chain
Col (Ret’d) Duane R. Waite, Principal and
Vice President, Crossey Engineering Ltd.
Program Elements
• One-day Introduction to
Entrepreneurship Workshops
• Seven-day Entrepreneurial Boot
• moMENTum – Military Mentoring
• Financing and Mentoring - through
Futurpreneur Canada
Since 2012
• 107 new businesses by graduates
• 210 boot camp graduates
• 844 workshop attendees
• Inspired the “Lead Your Own
Business” program by Prince’s
Charities Australia
The Honourable J.J. Grant, Lieutenant
Governor of Nova Scotia meeting with POE
graduates 2015
Participants of Operation Bullseye
Fundraiser in support of POE, November 2015
2013 Workshop
Introduction to
Victoria, BC
Calgary, AB
Edmonton, AB
Shilo, MB
Kingston, ON
Ottawa, ON
Petawawa, ON
Trenton, ON
Toronto, ON
Valcartier, QC
St. Jean, QC
Gagetown, NB
Halifax, NS
St. John’s, NL
2012 Participants at Memorial University’s
Week-long bootcamp
2012 Participants at Memorial
University’s week-long bootcamp
Memorial University of
Dalhousie University
Université Laval
University of Regina,
Paul J. Hill School of
2013 Graduates and Program
Staff in Quebec City
2013 Memorial University Graduates
Graduate Profile: Leendert Bolle
A retired Special Forces sergeant who served
four tours in Bosnia and Afghansitan, Leendert
attended the program at Memorial in 2014.
Before attending he had no prior business
experience, and has gone on to build a
successful business, HeroDogTreats.
Leendert Bolle
Since graduation Leendert has been highly
involved with the program, even presenting
to incoming participants. Leendert was one
of two veterans who also visited Prince’s
Charities Australia to provide mentorship for
their “Lead Your Own Business” Program.
Graduate Profile: Gino Savard
A graduate of the 2013 bootcamp in Quebec
City, Gino has gone on to create a highly
successful eco-friendly delivery company,
Colis Grammes, in Quebec.
Gino set records graduating from the
program building a business plan, receiving
financing, and mentorship in only a few
Gino Savard graduates alongside Prof. Maripier
Tremblay of Université Laval and Julia Deans, President of
Gino was one of two veterans who also
visited Prince’s Charities Australia to provide
mentorship for their “Lead Your Own
Business” Program.
Graduate Profile: Tara Longman
Graduate Profile: Mike Daignault
After serving thirteen years in the Canadian
Armed Forces, Tara graduated from POE in 2015.
Mike graduated from Regina’s 2014 class,
and used his background in the Special
Forces to form a security firm, Magnus
Protection Services.
Tara now owns a successful beverage catering
company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Proud to
Serve, that offers mobile bar and bartending
Mike used his skills from POE to create a
business plan and redesign his company
Prince’s Canadian Responsible
Business Network
PCRBN dinner hostedby RBC Royal Bank, October 2014
The Prince’s Canadian Responsible Business
Network was unveiled by His Royal Highness
during his 2014 Royal Tour in Winnipeg,
The Network is a business-led organization that
brings top-level corporate engagement with local
knowledge to tackle social problems.
The result is hands-on, innovative solutions to
close the gap between business and community.
The current focus for the work of the network is
to increase employment opportunities for youth
in underserved communities across Canada. The
approach is guided by His Royal Highness’ “place
strategy” pioneered by Prince’s charities in the
United Kingdom.
Assembled and managed by Prince’s Charities
Canada, the Network is currently conducting
pilots in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Halifax
incubating initiatives that can eventually be
adopted nationally by our network of business
In 2015, Prince’s Charities Canada proudly
welcomed Canadian broadcaster George
Stroumboulopoulos as the Network’s first
celebrity ambassador. George grew up in
Toronto’s Rexdale neighbourhood where the
PCRBN’s Toronto projects are underway.
Youth Entrepreneurship Launchpad
Toronto, Ontario
October 22 2015
Over 100 youth aged 14-19 had the chance to learn
how to build a budget, create a business with a social
purpose, develop a web presence and cultivate the
business mindset. Subject matter experts, including
Prince’s Charities Canada partners Royal Bank RBC and
Futurpreneur, as well as Genesis XD, Access Community
Capital Fund, Elrington Castle Asset Management and
Techsdale, joined together to deliver five dynamic and
engaging workshops.
The day was capped off with an inspiring panel of
young entrepreneurs including Daniel Lewis of T by
Daniel, Stachen Frederick of BrAIDS for AIDS, Damin
Kaur of Veggie Flames and local artist Josephine
Condotta. Moderated by PCRBN Ambassador George
Stroumboulopoulos, each panelist shared their story and
words of encouragement to the youth.
George Stroumboulopoulos leading
a panel discussion during the Youth
Entrepreneurship Launchpad
Since 2014
• Reached over 760 young people, connecting
them to employment, training, and networking
• Engaged 226 business volunteers in our
•77% of youth secured full-time employment
after completing ‘Youth in Banking’ initiative led
by Scotiabank.
•Built collaborative, cross-sector relationships
with 37 community and government partners to
achieve impact
• 66% of students attending KPMG’S ‘Skills for
Work’ Discovery Days stated they now envision
working in a role they heard about in session.
• Aboriginal-focused career fairs have connected
91% of youth participants with employment or
pre-employment supports.
• Hosted first employer HR roundtable in
Canada examining police records as a barrier to
Carol Wilding working with a participant
at Native Child and Family Services
• Secured placement of salad dressing made by
youth social enterprise Hope Blooms in Atlantic
Superstores across Halifax.
Urban Aboriginal Employment and
Mentorship Initiative: A Partnership
with Birch Hill Equity Partners
birch hill Partner, John MacIntyre meeting
with youth at native Child & family services
The Urban Aboriginal Employment &
Mentorship Initiative works with top business
leaders and existing Aboriginal community
organizations to provide safe spaces for
Aboriginal youth to connect with job providers
and obtain employment in an atmosphere that
ensures Aboriginal youth feel safe, secure, and
free from prejudice and discrimination.
Prince’s Seeing is Believing
Participants of the 2013
London, Ontario PSiB
The entry point to PCRBN is
through the Prince’s Seeing
is Believing (PSiB) Visit Days,
where Prince’s Charities Canada
brings senior executives to
meet one-on-one with youth in
underserved communities and
find opportunities for change
through business thinking. Over
140 senior executives have taken
part in PSiB Visit Days across the
country since 2012.
2013 London, Ontario PSiB Roundtable
KPMG Skills for Work Days
Toronto, Ontario
March 18, July 8 2015
KPMG opened their doors to 38 enthusiastic young people over the March Break and Summer
Holiday in 2015 by hosting two ‘Skills for Work Discovery Days’ at their head office.
Youth taking part in MicroSkills’ Homework Club and United Way’s Career Navigator program
had the opportunity to join KPMG staff in a boardroom as they participated in four employability
workshops. Youth heard from business leaders about the importance of honing key soft and
transferrable skills in addition to work experience. Topics that were covered included First
Impressions, Your Personal Brand, Social Media Management, and Identifying Personality Skills
and Traits.
Over 20 KPMG staff were involved in the planning and delivery of the two Skills for Work
Discovery Days. Many of the youth had never been in an office before and this provided the
chance to experience office life.
Youth attending PCRBN and KPMG’s Skills
for Work Day led by Carla Hanneman
Hope Blooms
In 2015, Prince’s Charities Canada
began working with Hope Blooms, a
youth-led social enterprise operating a
community garden in Halifax.
Through Prince’s Charities Canada’s
network of business partners, a
collaboration was developed between
Hope Blooms and Loblaw’s Atlantic
Superstores to sell their homemade
salad dressings. Loblaw guaranteed
Hope Blooms $10,000 in profits in the
first six months of the partnership.
Amanda Sherrington at Hope Blooms Atlantic
superstore Launch November 26, 2015
Urban Aboriginal
Employment Initiative
• Aboriginal Employment FairKiinago Biinoogi Muskiiki, (a name
gifted by elders meaning “Our
Children’s Medicine”) - October
• October 2014 Aboriginal
Employment Forum
• Aboriginal Job Seeker Career
Market- October 2015
2013 Participants of the Urban Aboriginal
Employment Fair
Aboriginal Job Seeker Career Market
Toronto, Ontario
October 8 2015
The market hosted 33 employers, with 44
representatives undergoing Aboriginal Cultural
Awareness Training. Job seekers and community
leaders cited the training as the most important
aspect for employers to understand the nuances
of Aboriginal culture and to create an effective
In early 2015, Birch Hill Equity Partners
signed on as a Prince’s Canadian Responsible
Business Network (PCRBN) national partner,
eager to demonstrate their leadership in raising
employment opportunities for urban Aboriginal
youth across the country. The market was their
first ever career market hosted in conjunction with
After months of dedication and hard work, the
Career Market attracted a total of 241 Aboriginal
job seekers, making it one of the largest summits
between business and the Aboriginal community
held in the country. 108 attendees were able
to leave the Career Market with their very first
resume, and 30 more had current resumes
professionally updated.
PCRBN at CAHRD on Campus Winnipeg,
The Prince’s Seeing is
Bob Vaux, President of Wittington Investments meeting with
a young client at Microskills in Rexdale, Ontario
The Prince’s Seeing is Believing (PSiB)
is an experiential program for senior
business leaders across Canada created
by His Royal Highness The Prince
of Wales 25 years ago in the United
Kingdom, and is designed to close the
gap between the boardroom and the
PSiB takes executives out into the
community during special Visit Days to
engage one-on-one with those affected
by an issue and those already
working to address it. Through building
understanding, PSiB seeks to leverage
corporate thinking and responsible
business practices to tackle those social
and community issues through systemic
change. The current focus for PSiB in
Canada is youth employment.
With the launch of The Prince’s
Canadian Responsible Business
Network, PSiB remains a first point of
engagement for many business leaders
and will continue to expand its work to
communities across the country that will
then influence and inform PCRBN’s own
pilot projects.
Previous Prince’s Seeing is Believing
Community Visit Days and Roundtables
Visit Day topics & roundtables
have included:
• Urban Aboriginal Employment
• Social Purchasing and Social Enterprise
• Mental Health as a Barrier to
• Employment and Mentorship Support for
Homeless Youth
• Supporting Young Families & Barriers
Facing Children
• Regeneration of North End Winnipeg
•Toronto, Ontario (4)
•Calgary, Alberta
•London, Ontario
•Winnipeg, Manitoba
•Halifax, Nova Scotia
•Regina/Weyburn, Saskatchewan
SINCE 2012
• Over 150 senior business
leaders and 26 community
organizations have participated
in PSiB visit days and roundtables
across Canada
• 60% of senior business
participants have led or engaged
in initiatives with community
organizations as a result of PSiB
Initiatives include
• Media masterclasses for youth in arts mentorship program
UforChange, Toronto
• Urban Aboriginal Youth Employment Initiative launched,
reaching over 360 Aboriginal job-seekers and engaging 45
employers since 2013
• Doubling of annual corporate inquiries for social
enterprise events and cultural space in Regent Park, Toronto
• Business mentorship for leadership teams of community
organizations across Canada
• Pro-Bono marketing and strategic consultation for over
10 nonprofit arts organizations targeted for youth facing
barriers across Toronto
• First business-community roundtable hosted between
Pillar Nonprofit Network and the London Chamber of
Commerce in London, ON
• Capital campaign mobilized by businesses to build a new
play space for young children facing barriers
• Food, along with volunteer and career training
opportunities supplied by business leaders to Pathways to
Education’s after-school programs in Halifax
• Internships and placements for youth, along with life-long
mentorship relationships formed
Campaign for Wool
The Campaign for Wool
is a global endeavor
initiated by its patron,
His Royal Highness The
Prince of Wales, in order
to raise awareness amongst
consumers about the unique,
natural and sustainable
benefits offered by wool.
The Campaign was launched
by His Royal Highness in
October 2010 in the United
Kingdom. The Campaign
currently operates in 12
different countries including
France, Australia, Japan and
the United States.
His Royal Highness and
The Duchess of Cornwall
launched the Canadian
Campaign for Wool in
2014 during an event in
Pictou, Nova Scotia. Canada
celebrated its first official
Wool Week in September
2014. With a focus on media
and public engagement,
campaign activities are
centered around an annual
Wool Week as well as the
work of a Canadian Wool
Joe Mimran and Kimberley Newport-Mimran
(Chair, Canadian Wool Council) at the first
Campaign for Wool Breakfast
Since 2014
• Brought The Campaign for Wool to Canada
• Hosted two successful wool weeks with major
public activities and installations in Toronto,
Montreal and Calgary
• Generated major media coverage including a
feature length TV piece on the origins of Canadian
• Created the first Canadian Wool Council
chaired by Kimberly Newport-Mimran (Pink
Tartan). The Council is responsible for assembling
all parts of the wool-value chain in Canada to
tackle systemic issues facing the sector
• Pop-up Wool Shops at Holt Renfrew Calgary,
Toronto, Montreal.
• Montreal debut with partners Ogilvy and ça va
de soi.
• Launch Events at the Royal Ontario Museum
Official including a yarn cutting ceremony,
spinners, weavers, knitting circle, and Shetland
• “Wonders of Wool” exhibition featuring
information on the amazing properties of wool.
Alexandra Weston opening the first
Campaign for Wool Press Breakfast
Canadian Wool Council
Kimberly Newport-Mimran – Pink Tartan (Chair), Eric Bjergso – Canadian
Cooperative Wool Growers (Vice-Chair), Nigel Gosse – Woolmark/
International Campaign for Wool, Sam Kennedy – Feltro, Jennifer LeBrun
– Ulat, John Little – Briggs & Little, Jennifer Mactavish – Ontario Sheep
Marketing Agency (Vice-Chair), John Muscat – Line Knitwear, Tim Nelson –
Livestock Research Innovation Corporation, Corlena Patterson – Canadian
Sheep Federation, Jenny Peel – ClareCreek Business Management, Carole
Precious – Chassagne Farms, Lisa Sanchez – Turquoise Mountain, Alexandra
Weston/Laura Shaddick – Holt Renfrew, Stacey White – Canadian Sheep
Steeve Lapierre (Ogilvy)
Kinza Nasri and Gabrielle
Nasri (Ça va de soi) celebrating
the debut of Canadian Wool
Week at Ogilvy in Montreal,
melissa grelo of CTV’s The
Social with “Baby” the Sheep
Prince’s Youth Service
Craig Kielburger, sofie GrÉgoire-Trudeau, Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau and Mark Kielburger
Launched in the Fall of 2015 The
Prince’s Youth Service Awards is
an initiative of His Royal Highness
The Prince of Wales, WE Day,
and Prince’s Charities Canada,
sponsored by RBC. The Award
honours exceptional young
Canadians who are taking positive
action at home and abroad.
This initative reaffirms His Royal
Highness’ commitment to, and
continued interest in youth
engagement and social action.
Prince’s Charities Canada is
working on behalf of His Royal
Highness with WE Day to grow
the award, and reach youth
through existing initiatives across
the country, as well as utilizing
business partnerships to enhance
the profile of the award.
Winners will receive a handmade
trophy designed by the Prince
himself, as well as leadership
training and money to support the
development of their ideas.
Award Categories
• WE Are Community Leaders Award
Given to a recipient who has dedicated
their time to improving their local
• WE Are Global Leaders Award
Given to a recipient who has devoted
their time and efforts to improving
communities globally.
• WE Are Social Innovators Award
Given to a recipient who has come
up with new and innovate solutions
beyond traditional methods of social
• WE Are Agents of Sustainability Award
Given to a recipient who has taken
action to create sustainable solutions to
environmental issues.
Award winners are selected by
a selection Jury of esteemed
Barry Avrich, Partner, BT/A Advertising
Matthew Corrin, Founder & CEO, Freshii
Mike “Pinball” Clemmons, Athlete
Maureen Dockendorf, BC Ministry of
Education Superintendent of Early Years
David Martin, President, Bromart Holdings
Joe Mimran, Founder, Joe Fresh
Amanda L. Sherrington, President & CEO,
Prince’s Charities Canada
Spencer West, Speaker and Author
Amanda Sherrington and Barry Avrich
joe mimran
Prince of Wales Prize
for Municipal Heritage
Presentation of the 2014 Prince of Wales Prize in Charlottetown, PEI
Following a visit to Canada, The
Prince of Wales agreed to name
this award in 1999 in keeping
with His commitment to global
sustainability, heritage preservation, and the built environment.
Since then, the prize has been
awarded annually to a Canadian
municipality that has demonstrated a strong and sustained
commitment to the conservation
of its historic places. The local
government must have a record
of supporting heritage preservation through such means as
regulation, policies, funding and
exemplary stewardship.
SINCE 2012
• Prince’s Charities Canada has
worked with The National Trust
for Canada (formerly Heritage
Canada Foundation) to simplify
the rules and application
procedures and further promote
the award.
The Award
The award jury is composed
of four members, three of
whom are distinguished
experts in municipal heritage
and urban design appointed
by the National Trust, and
a fourth appointed by his
Royal Highness.
The award winning
municipality is presented
with a bronze plaque and
flag in a presentation by The
Prince, Governor General,
Lieutenant Governor, or
Minister of the Crown
at the National Trust’s
Annual Awards Ceremony
Recent Award
• Grimsby, Ontario (2015)
• Bonavista, Newfoundland
• Owen Sound, Ontario
• Saguenay, Quebec (2012)
Bonavista, Newfoundland
• City Peterborough,
Ontario (2011)
Grimsby, ontario
Bonavista, Newfoundland
The Prince’s Foundation
for Building Community
Caption Sherrington, Galen Weston, The Hon. Hilary Weston, The Hon.
David Onley, Ruth-Anne Onley, Elisa Campbell (PFBC), Hank Dittmar (PFBC)
The Prince’s Foundation teaches
and demonstrates sustainable
development placing community
engagement at the heart of their
work. The environment in which
people live affects the way they
live. The Foundation believes that
sustainably planned, built and
maintained communities improve
the quality of life of everyone who’s
part of them.
Prince’s Charities Canada has been
actively engaged in helping to
bring the Foundation’s expertise
to Canada working to promote
traditional principles, as well as
understand the importance of
building in a more sustainable way.
Prince’s Charities Canada has also
facilitated collaborative relationships
between The Foundation and
Canadian organizations such as The
National Trust for Canada and The
Willowbank School of Restoration
Since 2013
Prince’s Charities Canada hosted a symposium in the
spring of 2013 to introduce the work of The Foundation
to Canada’s development, design, and planning
communities. Since then we have been working closely
with The Willowbank School to serve as the vehicle for
The Foundation’s work in Canada.
In the summer of 2015 Willowbank faculty and
students participated in PFBC’s summer school in the
UK, including getting involved in design and build
work on the Dumfries House estate (hub of His Royal
Highness’ work in Scotland.) the two organizations have
since signed a memorandum of understanding and
are working together on some potential demonstration
projects in Canada.
The Partnership will also support other Prince’s Charities
Canada projects with both organizations having a role
to play in the implementation phase of our Heritage
Regeneration Initiative.
The Prince of Wales meets with representatives of The Willowbank
School of Restoration Arts in during his visit to Winnipeg
Heritage Regeneration
National Trust Representatives Touring
Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Prince’s Charities
Canada has facilitated a
relationship between the
Prince’s Regeneration Trust
and the National Trust
for Canada to bring the
Regeneration Trust’s proven
approach to heritage-led
economic regeneration to
In addition to developing
business cases for three
pilot projects, the goal
of this partnership is to
build the capacity of The
National Trust to deliver
heritage led regeneration
forward to neglected sites
across the country.
His Royal Highness’
patronage The Willowbank
School of Restoration Arts
will also deliver practical
building knowledge, and
skills to the restoration
efforts once underway.
Prince’s Regeneration Trust staff presenting
during The National Trust for Canada’s
visit to the United Kingdom
The Hon. Mark Docherty, Saskatchewan’s
Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport with
Matthew Rowe of PCC at the announcement
of the Claybank pilot project
claybank national historic site
Pilot Projects
Claybank National Historic Site –
Claybank, Saskatchewan
An example of 20th century industrialism, Claybank
produced bricks for the Chateau Frontenac and
other public buildings throughout Canada. They also
produced the rare fire brick that lined the fire boxes
of the CN and CP Rail line locomotives, corvettes of
the Second World War, and the rocket launch pads
of Cape Canaveral, Florida.
The Lucy Maud Montgomery House –
Norval, Ontario
Lucy Maud Montgomery House
Located in the hamlet of Norval, thirty minutes
from Pearson International Airport, this Presbyterian
manse rests in the Credit River Valley on the slopes
of the river, and adjacent to a number of natural
parks. It was also home to author Lucy Maud
Montgomery, who spent 15 years in residence
writing many of her novels.
Myrtleville Homestead Museum ­–
Brantford, Ontario
Myrtleville Homestead
Located near Brantford, Ontario. This charming
early 19th century home is a beautiful and
substantial example of an historic home built in
the Georgian tradition with classic revival style
influences. The property is owned by the National
Prince of Wales Prize for
Sustainable Forestry
The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry is presented
annually by the Canadian Institute of Forestry to recognize the
achievements of an outstanding young forest professional in Canada.
It encourages involvement in and dedication to the principles of
sustainable forest management, science-based land stewardship, and
public outreach focusing on the wise use and conservation of forests
and the ecosystems that they encompass.
The Prince of Wales Award is the only national award of its kind,
honouring those young Canadians and recent graduates from a forestry
program (within 5 years) who are dedicated to sustainable forestry
Award Winners
• Christine Leduc (2015): Ms. Leduc
is a graduate of the University of
Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry, and
has worked as policy advisor to the
Honourable David Orazietti, Minister
of Natural Resources. She currently
works as the Director of Policy and
Communications at the Ontario
Forest Industries Association.
• Jeff Renton (2014): Mr. Renton
is a graduate of the University of
Winnipeg with a Master of Science
Degree. He currently works with the
Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension
Society of Alberta.
• Jocelin Teron (2013): Ms. Teron is
a graduate of Lakehead University,
and was the inaugural winner of the
Award in 2013. She is a registered
Professional Forester with the
Association of British Columbia
Forest Professionals, and currently
works as an Administrative Engineer
with TimberWest Forest Corp.
Jocelin Teron
Jeff Renton
Christine Leduc
The Prince of Wales
Forest Leadership Award
Founded in 2014, The Prince
of Wales Forest Leadership
Award recognizes students
and recent graduates who
have actively engaged
in forestry or natural
resource management, have
demonstrated a passion for the
environment and a desire to
solve complex problems.
The award is a collaboration
between The Duchy of
Cornwall and the Canadian
Institute of Forestry, furthering
His Royal Highnesses
commitment to global
sustainability, and youth
A total of four award-winners,
two from Canada and two
from the United Kingdom,
take part in an international
forestry student exchange
program each summer.
• Keira Tedd, University of Cumbria, Carlisle,
United Kingdom.
On June 10, 2015 the inaugural winners met
with His Royal Highness at Clarence House.
They had the opportunity to speak with The
Prince of Wales, and discuss their career
aspirations as well as ideas for promoting
Inaugural Award Winners
• Jacqueline Hamilton, University of Toronto,
Toronto, Canada.
• Ross Hobbs, University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Canada.
• David Johnes, University of Cumbria,
Carlisle, United Kingdom.
His Royal Highness with
the Award Winners
Ross Hobbs
Jacqueline Hamilton
David Johnes
Keira Tedd
Prince’s School of
Traditional Arts
The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts works to
find practical solutions to preserve and promote
the practice of traditional arts from around the
globe. Students from around the world come to
the School to learn and share these traditional
forms, and pass them on to others upon their
return home.
Prince’s Charities Canada supports three
distinct project-related partnerships with
the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. These
include a collaboration with First Nation’s
University, a community project in the
Ahousaht First Nation community in British
Columbia and support for a post-graduate
program at The Prince’s School.
“The fundamental
principle of
The School is
that tradition is
continual renewal.
the traditional
arts as living
skills students
participate in
their vibrancy and
– Program Ethos.
First Nations University
Following The Prince’s visit to First
Nation’s University in 2012, Prince’s
Charities Canada was tasked to
build a deeper connection between
the Prince’s School and First Nations
University. A faculty exchange
was established, and in 2014, Judy
Anderson, Associate Professor of
Indian Fine Arts at First Nations
University, spent a semester teaching
and studying at PSTA. Professor
Anderson’s visit marked the first time
Canadian First Nation’s aboriginal
art and craft were included in
the PSTA curriculum. His Royal
Highness Highness met with
Professor Anderson and some of her
students. The two institutions are
currently working to make studentfaculty exchanges permanent and
find ways to further inspire each
others’ work.
The Samuel Family Foundation
First Nations University Art Professor Judy Anderson shares traditional artistic techniques
with The Prince of Wales and Khaled Azzam, Director of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts
Ahousaht Project
The project saw Prince’s School of Traditional Arts expertise help
enhance artistic learning amongst elementary and secondary students in
Ahousaht (a First Nations community on Vancouver Island) while also
working to revitalize traditional craft and techniques and inspire a new
Workshops focused on geometry and the order of nature to engage
students with the universal connections that arise naturally across
cultures and traditions. The team was also able to spend significant time
with community elders and cultural educators to learn about the local
culture and their own crafts, including the cedar bark weaving tradition.
Local instructors also taught students and the PTSA team about the
construction of cedar bark mats, constructed from strips gathered from
the local rainforest.
Aboriginal Languages
Aboriginal Languages Initiative
2014 saw the creation of a content sharing
partnership between SayITFirst, a publisher
of traditional Aboriginal language content
for children and the One Laptop per Child
Foundation, facilitated by Prince’s Charities
As part of this partnership, digital books
written in Maliseet, Mi’kmaq, Ojibwe
and Cree were made available to 8000
Aboriginal youth though laptops and
e-readers provided by One Laptop Per
Child Canada. The content was placed on
community servers to make downloading
easy in areas without high-speed internet.
The books are written in the traditional
language (regular script and phonetics) as
well as English and are targeted at children
ages 3-8 which is the age most likely to
acquire language.
Prince’s Charities Canada is currently
working with partners to develop the
second phase of this initiative.
In Development
Touring UforChange in Toronto in 2012
Prince’s Trust International
The Prince’s Trust is the largest and
most well known of The Prince of
Wales’s charities. The Trust, which
was the first charity founded by The
Prince, supports 13 to 30 year olds
who are unemployed and those
struggling at school and at risk of
exclusion. Their programs give young
people the practical and financial
support they need to stabilize their
lives to move into work, education or
Originally focused solely on the
United Kingdom, the Trust has
recently launched an international
division and Prince’s Charities Canada
is currently exploring opportunities
to bring elements of their work
to Canada. In particular we are
helping to assess opportunities for
Prince’s Trust International to launch
a Canadian pilot project for its
highly successful “Get Into” skills
development program.
Accounting for
Sustainability (A4S)
A4S brings together the accounting,
investment and finance professions
to develop decision-making and
reporting systems that take into
account the longer-term and broader
consequences of actions and which
are capable of responding to the
sustainability challenges faced in the
21st century.
After hosting an initial meeting of
major CFOs in Spring 2014 and
follow-up discussions in the Fall of
2015, PCC is working with partners
to develop the second phase of the
Royal Tour 2012
The Prince at the Yonge Street Mission in Toronto, Ontario
From May 20th to 23rd 2012,
Their Royal Highnesses returned
home to Canada. Their visit
marked The Prince of Wales’s
16th visit to Canada.
The Royal Tour presented the
ideal opportunity to unveil some
of the early work of Prince’s
Charities Canada including the
launch of The Prince’s Operation
Entrepreneur whilst also
recognizing existing initiatives
such as The Prince of Wales
Prize for Municipal Heritage
Their Royal Highnesses visited
New Brunswick, Ontario
and Saskatchewan with four
engagements directly linked to
His Royal Highness’s charitable
His Royal Highness meeting with board members of
The National Trust for Canada in Saint John, New
Justin Fogarty, Gen. (ret’d) Rick Hillier, HCol. Anthony Graham,
Major-General (ret’d) David Fraser) at C.F.B. Gagetown
Gagetown, New
May 21st 2012
His Royal
Highness met with
participants of the
Prince’s Operation
Entrepreneur at C.F.B.
Saint John, New
His Royal Highness
met with the board
and staff of the
Heritage Canada
Foundation (now
The National Trust
for Canada) during
a walkabout in an
area whose historic
restoration earned the
city of Saint John The
Prince of Wales Prize
in 2002.
Regina, Saskatchewan
May 23rd 2012
In Regina, His Royal Highness visited
students who benefited from the Learning
Through the Arts program, developed by
the Royal Conservatory of Music, which
PCC had arranged to export to the UK.
The Prince meeting with the Principal and
Vice-Principal of Imperial Community School,
Regina, Saskatchewan
Students and Teachers from Imperial
Community School, Regina, Saskatchewan
Toronto, Ontario
May 22nd 2012
His Royal Highness joined CEOs,
community leaders and youth at
a report back of the 2012 Prince’s
Seeing is Believing Visit Day to the
Yonge Street Mission; He was able
to hear firsthand about the impact
his initiative had on those business
leaders and youth in attendance
on the day. He then boarded a
Toronto Transit Commission bus for
a tour of the neighbourhood and
discussion with other Prince’s Seeing
is Believing participants before
visiting another community partner
In a video that went viral around
the world, “DJ Wales” tried his hand
at using a turntable while visiting
UforChange, meeting youth engaged
in the arts and creative industries.
Royal Tour 2014
Their Royal Highnesses launching the
Canadian Campaign for Wool in Pictou, Nova
The Prince with Lieutenant Scott
Harrigan in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax and Pictou,
Nova Scotia , May
19th, 2014
The Prince launching his Prince’s Canadian
Responsible Business Network at Red River College in
Winnipeg, Manitoba
From May 18th to 21st 2014, their Royal
Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The
Duchess of Cornwall returned home to
Canada for the Prince’s 17th visit, travelling
to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and
The Prince took part in six different
activities in support of His Royal Highness’s
Canadian charitable work.
In Halifax, The Prince
of Wales met with
incoming participants,
graduates, and student
leaders involved with
the Prince’s Operation
Entrepreneur. The Prince
was able to hear personal
stories from service
members, and provide
encouragement to those
entering the program for
the first time.
In Pictou, His Royal
Highness had the
pleasure of launching
the Canadian Campaign
for Wool. His Royal
Highness met with
members of the
Canadian wool industry,
local farmers and the
Canadian campaign’s
retail partners.
His Royal Highness meeting with George Stroumboulopoulos
during his first Canadian television interview
Charlottetown, PEI
May 20th, 2014
In Charlottetown, The
Prince of Wales met with
the inaugural winner of
the Prince’s Award for
Sustainable Forestry, Ms.
Jocelin Teron of Campbell
River, British Columbia.
His Royal Highness
congratulated Ms. Teron
on her commitment to
sustainability, as well as
meeting with representatives
of the Canadian Forestry
The Prince then met with
members of Earth Rangers
in Bonshaw Provincial Park.
Earth Rangers is a charity
focused on educating and
inspiring the next generation
of environmental heroes.
The Prince has been patron
of the organization since
His Royal Highness and Jocelin Teron, the winner of the
Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable forestry
His Royal Highness meeting with members of Earth Rangers
Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 21st, 2014
At Red River College, The
Prince of Wales launched his
Prince’s Canadian Responsible
Business Network. His Royal
Highness met with business
and community leaders
involved in the network
and challenged them to
play a deeper role in their
The Prince then met with
architects, developers,
designers, planners, and
heritage professionals to
discuss the state of urban
development in Canada
and talked about how his
Prince’s Foundation for
Building Community could
help advance sustainable
Public Sector Outreach
The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau and Amanda Sherrington on
Parliament Hill in Ottawa
Prince’s Charities Canada regularly meets
and engages with vice-regal representatives,
politicians of all parties and government
officials to keep them informed about The
Prince’s Canadian charitable initiatives.
Meeting of The Chiefs of Protocol in
Yellowknife, NWT
Matthew Rowe and The Hon.
Frank Lewis, Lieutenant
Governor of Prince Edward
Island in Charlottetown
Commodore Mark Watson attending PCC’s
Parliamentary Reception
The Hon. Andrew Scheer
PCC staff meeting with The Rt. Hon.
Stephen Harper
The Rt. Hon. David Johnstone, Governor
General of Canada speaking at a reception
honouring supporters of The Prince’s
Operation Entrepreneur at Rideau Hall
The Hon. Navdeep Bains and The Hon.
Elizabeth Dowdeswell
George Stroumboulopoulos and
High Commissioner Gordon Campbell
Peter Stoffer
Amanda Sherrington with Paul ‘Smokie’
Leblanc, Elizabeth Rody and Joel Girouard
Amanda Sherrington with The Hon. Senator Noel
Kinsella and The Hon. Shelly Glover
The Hon. Jason Kenney and The Hon.
Kirsty Duncan
special Event Highlights
Galen Weston (George Weston Ltd), David McKay (RBC Royal Bank),
Pavi Binning (George Weston Ltd) at the PCRBN launch dinner
Sean Amato-Gauci, Michael Shapcott,
Jessica Bentley-Jacobs, Mark Fell
Michael Shapcott, Nicola Brentnall,
Rick Mantey
Sean Murray, Jamilah Taib-Murray,
Brian Anthony, Maxine Granovsky
Gluskin, Ira Gluskin
Phillip Crawley, Tania Carnegie, Mark
Amanda Sherrington and High
Commissioner Gordon Campbell
POE donor recognition event
PCC Advisory Council Member Tamara
Gordon (2nd from Right) with guests
at the PCC Holiday Party
Gay Mitchell and Rob McEwan
Galen Weston, The Hon. Hilary Weston, The Hon. Elizabeth
Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Amanda
Sherrington, Matthew Rowe
Dr. Frederic Jackman, Mrs. Jackman,
Lady Shaw, Sir Neil Shaw
Michelle Zerillo-Sosa and Sergio Sosa
Justin & Astrid Fogarty, Jamilah Taib-Murray
and Sean Murray, Nannette de Gaspé
Beaubien and Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien
Film director Barry Avrich with The
Prince at Clarence House
media highlights
The Sunday Sun n September 21, 2014
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iN thE commuNity
making dreams come true
CEOs from Canada’s biggest companies provide advice to disadvantaged kids in Microskills program
It is, says Kris Thevarajah, “a dream come true.”
He’s been sending out resumes for two
years, looking for a job.
He’s in a program that
requires him to get six months
experience working — and
Queen’s Park
no one will hire him.
But this morning, he’s carearea benefits and prospers.
fully put on his best suit.
“It’s making a difference in
He’s nervous, but dressed to
communities that have social
impress. This is north Etobichallenges through educacoke, and Kris, 24, is part of a
tion and employment,” he
Microskills at Rexdale Comsaid. “That’s what I saw in the
munity Hub, a program that
U.K. One leads to another.”
helps connect young peoFor most of these young
ple with jobs and education.
people, it’s the first time
This is Kris’ lucky day.
they’ve talked to a CEO.
His first big chance at
Kris couldn’t be happier.
employment is about to
He wants a job in supwalk through the door.
Pavi Binning is the president ply chain management.
George Weston is one of the
of George Weston Ltd., the
largest corpocompany that
rations in the
includes Lobcountry with
laws and Shopmassive warepers Drug Mart.
houses as part
Binning is
of their chain.
there as part of
Kris’ famthe Seeing is
ily came to this
Believing procountry from
gram, initiSri Lanka. He
ated by Prince
was born here,
Charles more
lives in Rexdale
than 20 years
has two univerago in the U.K.
Amanda Sherrington,
sity degrees —
president of the prince’s
and desperately
years ago, the
wants to work.
Prince brought
“The main goal
of the Prince’s
Charities, since
it started, has
always been to give
young people an
the program to Canada as part of
his Prince’s Charities.
It’s aimed at connecting
some of the most powerful
business figures in the country with disadvantaged youth
who are looking for work.
Instead of going the traditional charity route of cutting
a cheque, CEOs personally
give their time and expertise to
help young people find work.
Binning is familiar
with the program from
working in the U.K.
After riots in places like
Brixton and Notting Hill, the
Prince of Wales wanted to find
ways to improve the quality of
life for young people through
education and employment.
Rexdale, Binning points
out, has a large, well-educated
population of young people.
Once the programs begin to
make a difference in the lives
of the young people, once they
start to find work, the whole
Binning can
sympathize with him. He,
too struggled in an immigrant family in the U.K., so
he knows where the young
man is coming from.
Kris doesn’t have a car
and can’t drive, so Binning talks about the logistics
of getting to his company’s
out-of-town warehouses.
He offers him practical advice on how to get
hired. He talks to him about
the goals — short and longterm he should have.
Then he says the magic
words: “I am going to help
you. I’m not going to guarantee it, but I’ll talk to someone.”
Kris beams his pleasure.
After two years of rejections, he can finally see a
door opening, just a tiny bit.
“This is a dream come
true,” he tells me.
The program is a two-way
street. It also educates business leaders on the hurdles
PhotoS By tom SaNdlEr/PrinCE’s CharitiEs Canada
Business leaders and CEOs sit down
with young people looking for work
in Rexdale to advise them on skills
training and how to find a job. This
is called Microskills at Rexdale
Community Hub, a program that
helps connect young people with
jobs and education. Pavi Binning, left,
president of George Weston Ltd., one
of the largest corporations in Canada,
mentors Kris Thevarajah, 24. Kris had
been looking for a job placement for
two years until Binning offered to find
him a place in one of the company’s
kids have to overcome in this
hardscrabble part of the city.
On a chilly fall morning, they pile into a bus that
takes them from the steel
and granite lobby of a downtown office building to the
strip malls and dreary apartment blocks of the great
unknown — North Etobicoke.
On the way, they need
some translation to bridge
the yawning chasm
between the two worlds.
A drama group called
Nomanzland gives brief performances that talk about
the struggles these young
people have getting work.
One young woman missed
a job interview because
she was “carded,” on her
way to print her resume at
the YMCA. A young immigrant man struggles to overcome stereotypes in his new
country. And a young single
mom tries to pay her hydro
bill and feed her child.
When they see a single
mother, she asks, instead of
judging her, please appreciate her struggle and congratulate her for her hard work.
Our translator is Kumar
Blake, who through Financial
Freedom Wealth Institute is
trying to provide young people
with financial savvy in budgeting, saving and investing.
“We’re trying to give everyone the financial education that’s missing from provincial education. If you have
a financial education, you
can live better because you
have the ability to make better decisions in life,” he said.
He also has to explain
the Rexdale way of life.
One visitor doesn’t know
what “carding,” means.
Blake explains it’s a police
practice of stopping young
people on the street and
asking for identification.
Prince Charles showed
great vision in setting up
the program three decades
ago, says Amanda Sher-
rington, President of the
Prince’s Charities Canada.
“The main goal of the Prince’s
Charities, since it started, has
always been to give young people an opportunity,” she said.
This programs helps young
people help themselves.
Prince Charles, she
says, “never believed in a
hand-out philosophy.
“He believes in giving
young people a hand up.”
After months of struggle, for
Kris that hand is a lifesaver.
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Emily Carr’s works
go home at last
M O N D AY , M AY 1 9 , 2 0 1 4
in mine
Twenty-five accused of
negligence in deadly fire
that has led to protests
across the country
The city of Brcko, near the Croatian border in the northeast of Bosnia, is in danger of being completely overwhelmed by the flooding. DADO RUVIC/REUTERS
Historic floods sweep Balkans
Three months worth of rain falls in three days, triggering the worst floods since records began more
than a century ago, and leading to at least two dozen deaths. As more than 3,000 landslides hit
Bosnia and neighbouring Serbia, officials order the evacuation of numerous villages, and experts
warn that an even more ominous danger is present: Floodwaters have dislodged some of the 120,000
landmines left over from the 1990s civil war and now threaten to carry them downstream through
half of eastern Europe and into the turbines of hydroelectric dams. NEWS, PAGE A9
threaten EU’s
lurch to unity
Naval officer Scott Harrigan makes glow-in-the-dark products as well as dog leashes.
Unleashed capital: How the Prince of Wales
is helping one sailor chase his dream
cott Harrigan, a young naval
officer, designs and manufactures dog leashes from parachute cord inspired by knots he
learned on the ships – and he’s
doing this with help from a royal benefactor, the Prince of
After 23 years in the Royal Canadian Navy, including serving
nearly a year in Afghanistan and
eight months in Haiti after the
earthquake, Lt. Harrigan wants
to leave the military and
unleash his dog-leash business
on the world.
The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, a made-in-Canada initiative, one of eight supported
by Prince Charles’s Prince’s
Charities Canada, is giving him
the tools along with, he hopes,
a $45,000 low-interest loan.
Lt. Harrigan is meeting the
Prince in Halifax on Monday to
talk to him about how the program has helped him so far.
Prince Charles is making his
four-day visit to Canada, in part,
to be briefed on the progress of
his charitable initiatives, which
in 2010 came under the auspices
of Prince’s Charities Canada.
Charities, Page 4
As a military member,
especially an officer … they
groom you to be a middle
Scott Harrigan
Accompanied by his wife
Camilla, Prince Charles arrived
in Halifax on Sunday, and was
promptly sworn in as a Privy
Councillor of Canada.
News, Page A4
Beppe Grillo struts out on stage,
grabs the microphone and belts
out a blues song with his touring
band. Stocky, with flowing white
hair, jeans and black jacket, he
looks more like an aging rock
star than the leader of the largest
of the new breed of political party threatening to turn the European Union on its head.
Mr. Grillo is in a particularly
good mood. “You’re all beautiful”
he shouts to thunderous
applause in the main square of
Novara, a pretty little city west of
Milan in northern Italy’s struggling industrial heartland.
That’s because his party, the
Five Star Movement (M5S),
stands to do well in the EU’s parliamentary election on Sunday.
He is not seeking a seat for himself, but the firebrand former
comedian punches the air as he
tells the crowd: “We will win.”
He is not alone in his optimism. A new generation of populist “euroskeptic” parties – some
left, some right and others, like
M5S, impossible to nail down on
the political spectrum – is
expected to take as much as onequarter of the assembly’s 751
That won’t form a majority, but
is enough to cause trouble during
the next stage of the EU’s arduous integration process. Voters
pay scant attention to the European Parliament between elections every five years, but this
campaign is generating a buzz.
Europe, Page 9
Turkish authorities on Sunday
detained 25 people, including
company executives, six days
after the country’s deadliest industrial catastrophe – a mining
disaster that killed 301 people
and sparked national outrage.
The detainees include the
chairman and operations manager of mine operator Soma
Komur Isletmeleri AS, said Bekir
Sahiner, a chief prosecutor in
the region.
“The suspects are accused of
negligent acts causing multiple
deaths and injuries,” he said
Sunday in a televised briefing
from Soma. “The investigation is
proceeding in a speedy manner.”
The judiciary’s move comes as
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
Erdogan’s government is drawing fire over its handling of the
disaster, which spotlighted
weaknesses in workplace safety
and has triggered criticism for
the failure to identify what
sparked the deadly fire in the
The chief prosecutor said an
investigation showed that a
power-unit explosion inside the
mine didn’t cause the fire, as
the government initially had
claimed. Early findings indicate
spontaneous combustion of coal
could be behind the catastrophe, Mr. Sahiner said.
After sporadic protests across
the nation to show solidarity
with dead miners, and widely
criticized police intervention
against mourners, the detentions signalled an effort to temper mounting public anger,
opposition lawmakers and analysts said.
Turkey, Page 9
AT&T instantly becomes
a pay-TV giant
AT&T has agreed to buy DirecTV
Group for $49-billion (U.S.) in a
deal that shows how media firms
are bulking up in a fast-changing
Report on Business, Page B1
Pfizer increases bid
for AstraZeneca
After multiple rejections, the
drug firm makes another pitch
for its British rival.
Report on Business, Page B4
Toronto: High 19, Low 9
Complete Forecast: Page 12
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prestigious Bambi Award in Berlin for her efforts
to combat domestic violence.
“I accept this award as a torch of hope for every
woman and child living in violence,” said Mary
during her acceptance speech, while her husband,
Crown Prince Frederik, looked on proudly.
In complementary navy ensembles, the pair were
Kill Bill star, 44, was the recipient of the Best
International Actress trophy for her body of work.
Even with a two-year-old daughter, Luna, at
home, Uma (who’s also mom to Maya, 16, and
Levon, 12) has no plans to slow down. “I actually
find work can be quite relaxing,” she said. “It’s
very much like, ‘This is good, this is my time.’”
een painter Prince Charles got a lesson
in Canadian art when touring the Emily
Carr exhibit, “From the Forest to the Sea” at
the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London.
The royal was shown how to sew beads
and porcupine quills onto moose hides by
Judy Anderson, professor of Indian fine arts
at the First Nations University of Canada in
Saskatoon. She currently teaches at the
Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London,
sponsored by the Prince’s Charities Canada.
Luckily, the prince didn’t get the wrong
end of the stick when he handled the quills.
“You could stick this in your finger and it
won’t come out,” said Judy. “It would have
been horrible if he’d actually been injured.”
National Post ePaper - National Post - (Latest Edition) - 19 Aug 2014 - Page #31
2014-08-19, 7:31 PM
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June 20, 2013
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Updated: June 20, 2013 | 5:46 pm
Prince of Wales charity
pays London a visit
By Kevin Hurren
For Metro London
Gus Kotsiomitis, right, vice-president of commercial banking for RBC, gets a
lesson from a worker at Youth Opportunities Unlimited on Thursday as the
Seeing is Believing program launches in London.
Courtesy of Matthew Rowe
Some Forest City non-profits got a bit of the royal treatment Thursday
Prince’s Charities, an organization founded by the Prince of Wales, is partnering with Goodwill
Industries and other community groups to launch the Seeing is Believing program in London.
The program aims to engage corporate leaders with social issues and challenges them to take action —
urging them to take the problem-solving skills they use in their businesses and put them to work on
issues like unemployment.
The Prince’s Charities started working in Canada two years ago. London is the first Ontario city outside
Toronto that’s been tapped to get involved.
Ambassador Profile - George
George Stroumboulopoulos is a Canadian television
and radio personality who currently hosts Hockey
Night in Canada for Rogers Media as well as
hosting The Strombo Show on CBC Radio. He
previously was the host of CBC Television’s
George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and was a VJ
for MuchMusic. A six-time Gemini Award and
Canadian Screen Award winner for best host in a
talk series. George conducted the first television
interview with The Prince of Wales by a Canadian
A native of the Rexdale neighbourhood of Toronto,
George agreed to become Prince’s Charities
Canada’s first Celebrity Ambassador in support
of The Prince’s Canadian Responsible Business
Network. With similar initiatives in Winnipeg
and Halifax, the Network supports training,
entrepreneurship and job placement initiatives for
neighbourhood youth.
PCC Team and Governance
PCC Head Office
Prince’s Charities Canada Board
of Directors
Amanda L. Sherrington – President &
The Hon. Hilary M. Weston, CM, CVO,
O.Ont. (Chair), Former Lieutenant
Governor of Ontario
Matthew J. Rowe – Director, Operations &
Jessica Bentley-Jacobs – Director,
Marketing & Business Development
Alexis Ramgulam – Project Coordinator
Larry Adoranti, Retired Vice President,
Taxation and Corporate Secretary, Samuel
Son & Co. Ltd.
Justin Fogarty, B.A , LL.B , LL.M, President
and Chairman, Regent Law Professional
Joseph Bogle – Communications Intern
Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur
Janet McCausland – Manager
Kathleen Kilgour – Program Coordinator
Prince’s Canadian Responsible
Business Network
Michael Shapcott – Director, National
Business and Community Strategy
April Xie – Manager, Strategy and Growth
Josh Hellyer – Aboriginal Project Manager
Sarah Resendes – Project Lead, Rexdale
Margaret Egan – Consultant, Winnipeg
Floyd W. Dykeman – Special Advisor,
Business Development
Catherine Stevens Doane – Project Lead,
Lindsey Lickers – Aboriginal Project
James Furse, Executive Director, The
Prince’s Social Enterprises’s Ltd.
Kim Samuel Johnston, President and Chair,
The Samuel Family Foundation, and
Professor of Practice, Institute for the Study
of International Development, McGill
Robert Vaux, President, Wittington
Prince’s Charities Canada Advisory
The Honourable David Onley, OOnt. (Chair),
former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
The Honourable John Baird, PC, Senior Business
Advisor at Bennett Jones and former Minister of
Foreign Affairs
Jennifer Brennan, Executive Director, Samuel
Family Foundation
His Excellency Gordon Campbell, OBC,
Canadian High Commissioner to the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Phillip Crawley, CBE, Publisher, The Globe and
Edna Elias, Former Commissioner of Nunavut
and member of the Inuit Uqausinnginnik
Eva Haller, Philanthropist
Fredrick Mantey, Former Cabinet Secretary and
Clerk of the Executive Council, Government of
The Honourable Audrey McLaughlin, PC, OC,
Former leader of the New Democratic Party of
Sir Andrew Pocock, Former British High
Commissioner to Canada and Permanent
Representative to ECOWAS
The Honourable Dr. Steven Point, OBC,
Provincial Court Judge, Former Lieutenant
Governor of British Columbia, and Former Chief
of the Skowale First Nation
Nathan Tidridge, Teacher and Constitutional
The Honourable George Tuccaro, Commissioner
of the Northwest Territories, Broadcaster, and
member of the Mikisew Cree First Nations
F. Mark M Fell, Head, Global Ultra High Net
Worth Services, RBC Royal Bank
The Honourable Gary Filmon, PC, OC, OM, LLD,
Former Premier of Manitoba.
The Honourable Myra Freeman, CM, ONS,
Former Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
Robert Ghiz, Former Premier of Prince Edward
Tamara Gordon, Founder and Vice President of
the Tamara Gordon Foundation
General (Retired) Rick Hillier, OC, CMM, ONL,
MSC, CD, Former Canadian Chief of Defense Staff
Senator, The Honourable Serge Joyal, PC, OC,
OQ, Canadian Senator
special recognition
While Prince’s Charities Canada appreciates
all our partners, sponsors and supporters our
special thanks go to the following for their
exceptional support in helping us to nurture,
develop and grow the charitable work of The
Prince of Wales in Canada.
Special recognition to:
• Birch Hill Equity Partners
• George Weston Ltd.
• The Government of Canada
• The Government of Saskatchewan
• Mosaic Corporation
• The Queen’s Trust
• Scotiabank
• The True Patriot Love Foundation
• Mr. Galen & The Hon. Hilary Weston
• The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
Founding Patrons
Mr. Galen & The Hon. Hilary Weston
Patrons Council
David Aisenstat
André Desmarais
Anthony & Shari Fell
Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin
Blake & Belinda Goldring
Vikas & Sangeeta Gupta, Big Blue Bubble
Greg & Heather Hogarth
Tim Hogarth, The Pioneer Group Inc.
Dr. Frederic Jackman, Jackman Foundation
Michael McCain
Robert & Cheryl McEwen
Sean Murray & Jamilah Taib-Murray
Gordon & Janet Nixon
Earle & Janice O’Born
Andrew & Valerie Pringle
Tom & Stuarta Urban
Prince’s Operation
Entrepreneur Founder’s
The Prince’s Operation
Entrepreneur Founder’s Circle Members
Jamie Anderson
Laurent Beaudoin
Ronald Black
Umberto Bonfa
Milan Bratin
Andy & Beth Burgess
George & Martha Butterfield
Elizabeth & Tony Comper
Stephen Coxford
Stephan Cretier
Paul Desmarais Jr
Dr. Roy Eappen
Peter Eby
N. Murray Edwards
Justin & Astrid Fogarty
Anthony Graham
The Hon. Bill Graham
Tom Hitchman
Greg & Heather Hogarth
Tim Hogarth
Norman Jewison
Vahan & Susie Kololian
Kevin Leonard
Rob McEwen
Michael Meighen
Francois H. Ouimet
Jonas Prince
Andrew & Valerie Pringle
Sir Neil Shaw
Amanda & John Sherrington
John S. M. Turner
The Hon. Hilary Weston
Michael Willmot
Anonymous X 2
The success of Prince’s Charities
Canada is completely dependent
on our partners and supporters.
To the Royal Household, ViceRegals, Federal and Provincial
Governments, Chiefs of Protocol,
students, corporate leaders,
community workers, public
servants, non-profits, foundations,
universities, philanthropists,
journalists, professors, businesses
and indeed everyone who make
what we do possible….Thank you.
Photo Credits: Tom & Aline Sandler (PCC’s Official Photographers), Canadian Institute of Forestry, CBC,
CTV, The Government of Canada, Holt Renfrew, Loretta Lander, Memorial University, Cynthia Munster,
The National Trust for Canada, Prince’s Charities Australia, RBC, Rideau Hall, SayITFirst, The Toronto Sun,
Université Laval, The University of Regina, Jake Wright, PinPoint National Photography
Prince’s Charities Canada (PCC) is the Canadian charitable
office of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Guided by The Prince’s lifetime of charitable work in
Canada, the United Kingdom and around the world, PCC
supports and develops initiatives focused on the Prince of
Wales’ own core interests. These include education and
young people, responsible business, the built environment
and global sustainability.

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