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Men of Yale: Fret no more! You no longer need
to go to an exceedingly warm
climate to get your fill
of beautiful women.
Today, Brynne Lieb,
CC ‘07 and Arun Storrs,
TC ‘08, will dispel the
nasty, and decidedly
untrue, belief that Yale
women are “ug.” So get
yourself to the Art School
at 7:30 p.m. The two
creative designers will
feature their collections
at the YCouture Winter Gown Collection
Show 2005. You might
even learn a thing or two
about fine fashion. The
20-minute show, a J.E.
Sudler project, is free,
and will repeat tonight
at 9 p.m. E-mail [email protected] for
If you prefer booties that shake rather than sashay,
Rhythmic Blue can come to your rescue. The lovemakin’, heart-breakin’, soul-shakin’ group is turning
up the heat twice on Friday night, first at 7 p.m. and
then at 9:30, during their first show of the winter
season, “Lose Control: The XXX Version.” Called
“triple X for a reason,” the performance promises
to warm up the coldest of souls in these frigid days
of budding winter. Tickets are $5 in advance,
and $6 at the door.
With finals week swiftly approaching,
isn’t it about time you escape from the
stressful ‘O-my-God-I-have-so-much-workto-do’ environment that is Yale College
right now? Then this Saturday night, take
the short thirty-minute trip to Bridgeport’s
Acoustic Café to hear singer-songwriter Dan
Vaughan. This up-and-coming artist has an
amazing acoustic-pop sound that is just the
thing you need to relax and spend some
quality time catching up with friends,
without spending too much money. Tickets
only cost $8, and doors open at 7 p.m. For
more information, call 335-3655 or email
[email protected]
Who would have thought that a CD
titled Hell is Other People could rock and
be thought-provoking at the same time?
Well, Alchemy Night Club thinks so, since it
is featuring Fairmont as the latest
installment of its Hard Drive Line Concert
series. With free admission to the 21-andover crowd, this performance seems
definitely worth the short walk to the
sometimes-sketchiness that is Alchemy.
Their “dark-pop” sound, though torn
between crazy punk-rock and sophisticated
melodious acoustic guitar solos, still
somehow manages to maintain an
intelligent appearance. Where else would
you find a band whose most recent CD is
based on Sartre’s “No Exit”? For more
information, call 777-9400.
—Angel Enriquez
OK, it’s about time to face up to the fact that
Horatio Sanz was definitely not worth the $15 it
cost to see him roll around the Woolsey Hall
stage with his troop of “comedians.” So, this
Friday, rejoice in the fact that you can crack up
for free. At 9 p.m. in the Silliman common room,
some of Yale’s own comedians will perform
stand-up acts to compete for a $100 prize. The
show, WYBC’s Yale Radio Comedy Hour, will
surely have you laughing all the way back to
your essay-laden laptop.
—Mimi Levine
If you were a bit discouraged by the Bulldogs’ loss
at The Game, pep up your Yale Sports spirit with
a basketball doubleheader this afternoon!
Yale’s men’s and women’s teams both take on
Wagner; the men play at 2 p.m. and the women
at 4:30 p.m. Both games are at the Lee
Amphitheater at Payne Whitney Gym. Admission
is free with your Yale ID.
Tonight is the last chance to catch the acclaimed
Fefu and Her Friends, Susan Posluszny’s, TD ’06,
senior project in theatre studies. This play, a recent
Off-Broadway favorite, follows the lives of eight
different women. Set Designer Haley Fox, PC ’07,
had the challenge of creating a set to
accommodate the play’s five different
environments, and she would now consider
herself a close and personal friend of Fefu. You
could even call her Haley “Fefu” Fox. Tickets
are free, at the show starts at 8 p.m. at the
Whitney Theater. E-mail [email protected]
for reservations.
So-Cal is where my mind states, but it’s not my
state of mind…that’s right, Green Day’s coming
to town! Wait, I lied. But another band from
So-Cal is: Halifax. They might not be as famous,
but the five band members are hot, so there’s
always that. They’ll be at Toad’s this Sunday
at 6 p.m. to promote their debut album, The
Inevitability of a Strange World, and they’ll be
playing with Punchline, I Am the Avalanche and
Fully Down. Halifax claims that their early success
has been due to their MySpace web site, so maybe
check that out in preparation for the concert.
Yeah, even though the exhibit “Fossil Fragments:
The Riddle of Human Origins” at the Peabody
Museum (70 Tower Parkway) has been going on
and will probably continue indefinitely, this
Sunday is the best time to go see it. For one,
Sunday is typically a day reserved for church, so
you can break the mold by going to learn about
evolution. For second, you can stroke your own
ego by seeing the timeline of human evolution,
which places homo sapiens as the “inevitable
perfection” of evolution. Lastly, the exhibit is on
display from noon to 5 p.m., so even if you roll
out of bed at 4 you can still make it!
This Sunday’s calendar reads like Who’s Who of Yale
music. At 2 p.m., the Biava Quartet, consisting of
Autin Hartman, Hyunsu Ko, Mary Person, and Jacob
Braun, will perform in the library court in the Yale
Center for British Art, 1080 Chapel St. At 3 p.m., the
Charles Ives Organ Recital will begin in Center
Church, located on the Green. Also at 3 p.m., Richard
Rephann will perform “Harpsichord Music of
At 2:30 p.m, don’t miss a free screening of
the 1996 film Village of Dreams at the Yale
Center for British Art, 1080 Chapel St.
Directed by Yoichi Higashi, the film features
two adorable twin Japanese boys known as
“the brats” as it follows them in their
childhood mischief in the setting of rural
post-war Japan. As you flounder in a sea of
finals, the film will surely give you a nice
escape into the simplicity of your childhood days.
—Laura Hartenberger
Froberger, Couperin and Rameau” at the
Collection of Musical Instruments. These tickets
are $10 while the Charles Ives recital is free.
Another organ concert, at 8 p.m. in Woolsey
Hall, is the Master of Music Recital given by
Stephen Fraser. And finally, again at 8 p.m., the
Yale Percussion Group will perform in the
Morse Recital Hall of SMH.
—Laura Yao
December 2, 2005
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