Extreme Automatics Pressure Release Transbrake 2004R 54E10.1



Extreme Automatics Pressure Release Transbrake 2004R 54E10.1
Extreme Automatics
Pressure Release Transbrake 2004R
The Electric Trans brake will work with any 2004R VB or shift kit. The
transmission being used must be dual feed 3rd. The Electric Trans brake only
works from the manual 1st gear position.
**** This Kit is to be installed by those with moderate mechanical skills and
should not be installed by a novice builder.*****
Included in the kit
(1) Electric Pressure Release Solenoid
(1) Aluminum Manifold
(1) Steel Retaining plate
(1) O-ring
(1) Aluminum Base Plate
(1) 10-24 Allen Head screw
(2) 6mm-20 Cap Screws
(2) 6mm-25 Cap Screws
(1) 6mm-30 Cap Screw
(3) 1/4-20 Cap Screws
(1) 1/8" NPT Hex Nipple
(1) 1/8" NPT Female 90deg
(1) Straight Compression 1/8" NPT to 3/8 Tube
(1) 90 deg Compression 1/8 NPT to 3/8 tube
(1) 7" 3/8" Nylon hose
(1) Single pole case bulkhead fitting
*** The instructions are written for installation with transmission in vehicle. If trans is on a
bench for a rebuild. Look to last page for transbrake tune up. These modifications are not
necessary but will maximize the setup and release of the transbrake. ***
Transbrake Installation Instructions
Drain and Remove Transmission Pan
Remove Valvebody 1-2 accumulator housing, 1-2 steel channel plate,
spacer plate.
Discard 1-2 accumulator housing, Steel channel plate, 3-4 accumulator
piston and pin. These parts will no longer be used.
Now we have disassembled the transmission. It should look like the picture
Check the spacer plate for the following holes. Most shift kits will use a
factory plate. When a factory plate is used then place the checkballs at the
locations in the Fig 1. If an aftermarket plate is used compare required holes
with figure 2.
Install Case Gasket, Spacer Plate, Valvebody gasket and Aluminum
Channel Plate. Install the Channel Plate using the 2 short 6mm bolts and the
mid length 6mm bolts. Torque to 100 inch lb. ( Fig 3)
Valvebody Modifications
Remove the lo overrun valve and grind small end until over all length is
Re-install spring and drop extra check ball from valvebody into the bore so
it’s placed inside of the spring. Re-install the lo over run valve. The object
is to block the valve from movement.
If the 3rd gear lock up pressure switch is to be used. You will need to run a
1/8" NPT tap deep into the threads to allow the male to female 90deg NPT
fitting to be installed flush to allow installation of the pressure switch. (See
There is 1 area on the valve body that interfere with the TB base plate.
Clearance as needed.
Machining the Valvebody for the transbrake Manifold and retaining plate.
This work needs to be done in a vertical mill. Most machine shops can
provide this service. Follow the instructions closely. Failure to do so can
destroy your valvebody.
Install two long bolts threw the bolt holes in fig. #4. The bolts should
protrude past the face of the valvebody approximately ½". These bolts will
now become the alignment bolt for setting up the valvebody on the mill
table. These bolt holes are on line with the 3rd gear passage casting. See Fig
Place the valvebody directly on the mill table with the machined face of the
valvebody on the mill table. Place the 2 bolts threw the holes shown in the
Fig #4. Now move VB so the bolts go threw the VB and protrude into one
of the mill table channels. Move the VB so the bolts both hit squarely on
one side of the mill table channel. Now clamp the VB in place. With the Vb
clamped you can now machine the VB and stay parallel with the 3rd gear
casting channel.
Touch off the face of the Valvebody as listed in photo. When you get the
depth then start cutting left or right. Cut the VB back until a measurement
from edge of bolt hole to edge of machined surface is .555 to .560. Machine
past the bolt hone and past the casting number on the VB. See example in
Now its time to surface the top of the VB. Lift end mill off of the new face
.490 to .500. (The technique I use is to take the manifold and place in the
stop of the mill then lock the head. This will lift the end mill up the exact
Cut across the top of the VB to make nice flat surface for the retention plate.
Make sure to surface both bolt holes. What you are doing now is making a
flat surface for the retention plate to mount and preload the manifold from 0
to .010. This also bring the bolt height back to the factory height so the new
plate does not interfere with the filter. Remove the 2-3 shiftvalve and
bushing. Drill the Exhaust Hole to .250 See Picture below.
With the Vb machined and clearance we are ready to install the VB on the
transmission. Checkballs go in the following locations on all shift kits.
18. Install the Valvebody. Install all bolts but leave out the bolts that fasten the
retaining plate.
Install 1/8 90deg fitting in the manifold. Tighten and leave at a slight angle
upward away from the VB.
Install o-ring in the manifold. Leave the retaining plate attached with the
bolt snug. Use Grease to hold o-ring in place.
Install manifold and retaining plate assembly to valvebody. Tighten bolts to
100 inlb. With the plate bolted try to wiggle the manifold. If the manifold is
tight then tighten the bolt that fasten the manifold to the retaining plate. If
the manifold is loose use a little shim stock between retaining plate and
manifold to add preload. Good preload is 0 to .010.
Install the 1/8 NPT hex nipple, female 90 deg fitting in base plate and
tighten. Leave at slight angle for solenoid installation. See photo.
Install Nylon Hose. Be careful not to kink the hose. A good length is 6-7/8.
The hose is supplied in 7" length.
Install the Solenoid. Attach the ground wide to one of the 1/4-20 mounting
bolts. Turn the fitting back into position close to solenoid.
Install case connector or Bulkhead fitting. When hooking up the power wire
from solenoid be sure to route the wire away from the manual valve. You
can see in the pick if the positive wire is not routed properly it can hangup
in the manual valve.
The transbrake install is complete. You can now install filter and pan. The
factory pan may need some slight dinging to clear the solenoid. Adjust as
The transbrake install is now complete. When the transmission is full of
fluid and up to operating temperature we are ready to test the brake.
Place the transmission in manual 1st. Depress the transbrake button and load
the engine. The transbrake is not a toy. The converter will build heat
rapidly when you are using the transbrake. Limit times to 4 or 5 seconds. I
do not recommend stall testing but if you do stall test. Allow 3 or 4 minutes
of idle time to cool down the transmission before you shut off the engine.
To test transbrake speed you must load the engine and release.
Transbrake tune up
If the transmission is on the bench for rebuild. Here are a few tips to maximize
setup and release of the transbrake.
Drill fittings to maximum diameter. Leave enough material for secure
attachment of the fitting.
Enlarge the direct feed hole in the center support.
Remove the tube support in the brass fittings
Install stiffer return springs in direct drum.
Open direct clutch clearance to .010 per clutch or a maximum of .070
Remove L/R wave plate and use flat L/R steel.
Make sure to use a .296 reverse boost valve or larger
Do Not use a relay in the transbrake wiring. It will only slow the brake. If
you must use a relay use a Solid State Relay or Digital Relay. The tranbrake
solenoid pulls 7 amps. Good micro switch works best.