Tutorial- tooltip bar charts



Tutorial- tooltip bar charts
Tableau Tutorial: Tooltip Bar Charts
Data and original dashboard:
Google: VizCandy Nobel Prizes
Creating 7 little bar charts
Step 1
Click the new Sheet symbol.
From the Measures pane, drag SUM(Total) to the Columns shelf. Drag Country
(from the Dimensions pane) to the Rows shelf.
Sort Country descending by Total.
1 Step 2
Drop Country to the Filter field and choose filter option Top -> By Field.
Step 3
Hide Field Labels for Rows: Right click on the Field label and choose Hide Field
Labels for Rows.
2 Step 4
Change color by clicking the Color field. To hide all borders right click on the graph
and choose Format. Go to Format Borders and change all settings to None.
Step 5
Redo step 1–4 for all Nobel Prize categories.
Step 6
Set a fixed axis range for all 6 Nobel Prize categories:
Edit the range by right clicking on each axis. Choose Edit Axis…
3 Change the setting to Fixed (Start: 0 End: 94) and delete the Title.
4 Creating a map view
Step 1
Double click on Latitude (generated) and Longitude (generated) (Measures pane).
! Why „generated“?: When you assign a field a geographic role it is marked
in the Data window with a globe icon
(In this dataset it’s Country). What
that means is that Tableau has automatically geocoded the information in
that field and associated each value with a latitude and longitude value.
Two automatic fields are added to the Measures area of the Data window:
Latitude (generated) and Longitude (generated).
The Show Me! double-click rules will automatically add the generated Latitude and
Longitude fields to the shelves and place the geographic field on the Level of Detail
If Country (geographic filed) doesn’t automatically appear on the Level of Detail shelf
drag and drop it manually.
Step 2
Drag SUM(Total) onto the Size shelf. Change size and color (see step 4 of „creating
7 small bar graphs“).
5 Creating tooltip bar charts for the map view
More detailed information on tooltip bar charts:
Step 1:
For each Nobel Prize Category you can see 2 calculated fields (symbol for a
calculated field: =) in the Measures pane:
One works out the percentage:
And the other one works out the length of the bar:
r cohort calculation])/SUM([Measure]))*100,0))
"█". This character is ASCII character 166, in the Arial Unicode MS font
6 All calculated fields are in the dataset. You only need to make 2 little changes:
1. Shorten the length of the bar chart to about half of its size.
2. change *10 to *100
To edit a calculated field click on menu arrow and select Edit.
Step 2
Drop the calculated fields AGG(% Nobel Prize Category) and SUM(Nobel Prize
Categories) on the Detail shelf. Now you can build your tooltip:
<AGG(Nobel Prize Category%)> <SUM(Nobel Prize Category)>
7 Tooltip:
8 Dashboard Design
Step 1
Click on the New Dashboard symbol to create a new dashboard.
Step 2
Drag a worksheet from the Dashboard pane and drop it onto the dashboard. The
Dashboard pane shows the following 8 worksheets:
Step 3
To arrange views on the dashboard click the menu arrow of a view. In the menu
choose Fit -> Entire View. Here you can also decide if you want it Floating or not.
9 In addition you can:
- play with size and position of each view
- add text, pictures, a blank field…
- change size of the dashboard
Step 4
Add dashboard actions:
Click on Dashboard -> Actions…
10 An Actions window opens. Choose Add Action > Filter…
11 And edit filter action:
12 Screenshot of the dashboard:
13 Useful Links: