Bennett Group Financial
Interior Architectural Services for a
financial service firm
Washington, D.C.
What does ancient Chinese architecture, a chic cocktail lounge, and couturier’s studio all have in common?
Answer: All are components of the unique design of the corporate office for Bennett Group Financial Services. The distinctive space
was designed to invoke a spa-like feeling of peace and relaxation, while employing the concepts of Chinese cosmology such as Feng
Shui and Taoism. The design began with planning the entire space on a Bagua Diagram – a nine zone floor plan which corresponds
with desirable life-outcomes including prosperity, skills and knowledge, career and life path, and health. Every design detail, material,
and color was purposely chosen for creating positive energy for employees and visitors of the space.
The reception area includes multiple focal areas corresponding to the principles of Feng Shui. A custom back-lit ceiling detail is
the primary focal point, which is then replicated in a natural stone floor directly below it. Each stone in the floor pattern was hand
selected by the design team for color, shape, and texture. Materials are integral to the design and represent specific, desirable
characteristics and life-outcomes. Wood, earth, metal, and water are featured throughout the reception area, signifying growth and
development (wood), stability and intellect (earth), new beginnings (metal), and wealth and prosperity (water.) The team designed
a large water wall in the southeast quadrant of the reception area, encouraging the positive movement of wealth into the space.
The water falls into a stone trough and is recycled, once again emphasizing the connection with nature, as well as tying the design
together with the floor detail.
A complete dichotomy from the Chinese architecture inspired spaces is the nightclubesque employee lounge/café. The lounge
features black walls with neon paintings, and building columns wrapped in black pleather with corseted neon stitched corners.
LED lit countertops periodically change neon colors, and the floor is designed with multi-colored LED light squares. The piece de
résistance is brightly colored LED lit glass “jelly fish” light fixtures which hang from an exposed black ceiling!
And, if those two disparate spaces don’t create enough of an eclectic wow-factor, there is also a couturier’s studio designed within the
space for the creation of hand-painted, couture jeans. The clothing line, BElegance, has recently been featured in Vogue Magazine.
Award of Excellence, Best Interior Tenant Space up to 10,000 SF, NAIOP MD/DC Chapter

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