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grace notes - Grace Lutheran Church
Grace Lutheran Church Newsletter
Pastor Will Olsen
Editor Debbie Patmore 2012
Vol. 33 No. 5
I grew up in eastern South Dakota. Spring and summer meant fishing! Sometimes we caught
crappies. Lots of times we caught sunfish and bluegills. Silver bass were close to the bottom
of the wanted list, just above carp. Those last two got thrown back --- or thrown in the weeds.
But, most of what we caught were bullheads. A mess of early spring bullheads makes a very
fine meal. Skinned, cleaned, dipped in egg and milk, then rolled in flour and deep fat fried --“early spring bullheads” are fit for royalty. You could catch all you wanted (the limit was 50 per
day) and proudly carry them home to provide a banquet.
If you caught bullheads after the Fourth of July, you threw them back. They tasted like mud and
they might be full of worms. That which had been a prize, suddenly became despised. On top
of their being slippery and slimy, they had dangerous barbs in their fins. Catching bullheads in
August was just about the worst thing that could happen.
We just celebrated Easter. The “birthday of the Church,” Pentecost, will come before the end of
May. These high, holy days are worthy of our celebration. Soon the long season of “the ordinary days of summer” will be upon us. By the start of next month, it will feel a bit like that narrow window when bullheads change from joyous eating to being nothing more than a muddy
I can only encourage you to hang in there through the summer months. Spend time in the
woods and beside the lake. Treasure family time in the shade of the back lawn with the grill
sending its delightful message to the neighborhood. Relax and recharge after the winter cold.
But hang in there with your church. Come and see what is going on. Drop in on any Sunday
and hear the same “old, old story of Jesus and his love.” Your Lord will make it a banquet of
blessing on any day. It does not become “unfit” after the Fourth of July.
Grace Lutheran Church Council Meeting The Grace Lutheran Church Council met April 12, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. The following members were present: Bud Rank, DeWayne Hayes, Charlotte Wilson, Arvid Meland, Conni Ziegenbein, Dadra Avery and Deb Pat­ more. Council members absent were Cindy Gehringer, Matt Kreutz, Deb Kopetsky, Pastor Olsen, Bryan Hencke, Alan Johnson and Donna Trigg. No announcements Agenda was reviewed and added finding the times and talents results to the agenda. Devotions were provided by DeWayne Hayes. The March council meeting minutes were reviewed and approved with no changes. The treasurer’s report was reviewed and will be approved at the next meeting with adjustments to the line item for offering (separate line item for Easter and Christmas) Committee Reports: Youth and Family; Matt Kreutz was absent and no written report. Worship and Music; Charlotte Wilson submitted a written report. Building; Bud Rank submitted a written report. Bud is concerned that the estimates for the carpet need to be addressed soon, before the amounts change. Other discussion items include gutters and the painting that needs to be done on the outside of the church. The committee will be conducting a walk through on April 29 th fol­ lowing church, if any church members would like to see what types of improvements are needed. Education; Conni Ziegenbein had no written report. Sunday at 11:00 a.m. there will be a short education committee meeting. An open invitation has been published in the bulletins for the last several weeks. The committee will be discussing Vacation Bible School options. Received three resignations from High School Youth Leaders; Debbie Patmore, Angi Bergman and Robin Baldwin. Stewardship; Cindy Gehringer no written report and Cindy Gehringer was absent. Congregational Life; Arvid Meland, no written report, Arvid found the signs that where discussed at the last meeting, Arvid is still checking for approval for placement. Finance; Donna Trigg was absent, please see written report. Mutual Ministry; Dadra Avery committee meets quarterly, nothing to report at this time. Evangelism; Deb Kopetsky was absent; please see written report. Personnel; Bryan Hencke was absent and no written report. Executive Committee; DeWayne Hayes; nothing to report. Pastor’s Report; please see written report. Old Business: Sent teller sheet around for signups. WNL Signup Sheet Need another person for Synod Assembly in June 7 th – 9 th . Tim and Deb Patmore are planning to attend. Dadra will check with the call committee. Pastor may be going. Carpet for Church‐ tabled Statue Committee update, invoices for granite – no invoice yet. Find time and talents results – Debbie will check on this Questions about the recommendation by Bishop Zellmer to included youth and elder to sit on call com‐ mittee. Council feels that we are too far into the process to add members. New Business: Received a request for Tim Potts to replace Gene Schneider on the Endowment committee‐ tabled 2012 Stewardship seminar in Rapid on Tuesday, April 24 th please contact the office if interested. Wednesday, April 18 Dinner and a movie provided by 7 th and 8 th Confirmation class. This was approved by the Worship Committee. Tammy Jones would like a letter from the church for 15% discount at Hobby Lobby. Debbie will provide this letter.
Grace Lutheran Church Council Meeting cont. New Business: Received a request for Tim Potts to replace Gene Schneider on the Endowment committee‐ tabled 2012 Stewardship seminar in Rapid on Tuesday, April 24th, please contact the office if interested. Wednesday, April 18 Dinner and a movie provided by 7 th and 8 th Confirmation class. This was approved by the Worship Committee. Tammy Jones would like a letter from the church for 15% discount at Hobby Lobby. Debbie will provide this let‐ ter. Sturgis Area Arts would like to hold auditions here for musical and then rehearsals from May 8 th – 25 th Next meeting will be May 11 th at 6:00 p.m. in the Rose Room. No action was taken due to no quorum. Dadra Avery, Secretary May Friendship Day Sponsored by Church Women United Friday, May 4, 2012 12:30 p.m. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Luncheon——$5.00 Program following luncheon: “Listening To My Sisters” This program invites us to listen to one another with open minds, open eyes, open ears and open hearts as we interact with each other. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the unity we have in our diversity.
May Library News Happy Mother’ s Day I am thrilled to see people have accepted my invitation to visit the li­ brary; and to make it even more exciting, we have recently received MANY donated books, thanks to Gladys Bates (Marilyn’s mom), Heather Kreutz, Ramona Hultman and some anonymous donors. There are too many to list, so stop by and check them out! Thank you for the donations! Some of the titles were duplicates of books already in the library, so I will set up a table in the church and you can help yourselves! Dawn GLCW May Meeting May 8, 2012 7:00p.m. Local author Nancy Remington is going to speak on her book, “My Faith Has Made Me Whole” All are welcome!
Texts for the Month of May
May 6
Acts 8:26­40
Psalm 22:25­31
1 John 4:7­21
John 15:1­8
May 20
Acts 1:15­17,21­26
Psalm 1
1 John 5:9­13
John 17:6­19
FINANCIAL REPORT As of April, 2012 Dollar amount in General Checking $118,972.68 Year–to­Date Income $58,123.61 Year­to­Date Expense $47,098.87 $11,024.74 FINANCIAL REPORT DATE ATTENDANCE OFFERING EXPENSES 4/1/12 230 $5245.00 $2964.07 4/8/12 420 $5148.22 $2305.34 4/15/12 154 $2066.00 $2540.85 4/22/12 170 $2637.00 $2964.12 4/29/12 _________________________________________ _ TOTAL 974 $15,096.22 $10,774.38 May 13
Acts 10:44­48
Psalm 98
1 John 5:1—6
John 15:9­17
May 27 Pentecost
Ezekiel 37:1­14
Psalm 104:24­34, 35b
Acts 2:1­21
John 15:26­27;16:4b­15
The benevolence giving will be distributed as follows in 2012 January­World Hunger February– BH Lutheran Campus Ministry March ­ Meade 46­1 Nurses Office April ­ Cameroon May ­ Relay for Life June ­ Crisis Center July­Woyaton August­ September­ October­ November– December­ APRIL—MEMBERSHIP 703 BAPTIZED, 573 CONFIRMED, 324 FAMILIES The Thursday Morning Bible Study 9:45 a.m. Lessons will be based on: The Biblical Text for the coming Sunday. Led by Pastor Will The answers to your questions or events can most likely be found in these resources: Bulletin, Projector, Newsletter Web­site ( Bulletin board in entryway Council members; or call the office. We work hard to provide these resources for you, so please use them!
2012 COUNCIL MEMBERS INCLUDE: President—DeWayne Hayes Vice President—Bryan Hencke Secretary—Dadra Avery Treasurer—Donna Trigg Alan Johnson Matt Kreutz Conni Ziegenbein Bud Rank Arvid Meland Charlotte Wilson Deb Kopetsky Cindy Gehringer PRAYER CONCERNS
Joy Conway, Ethan Dschaak,
Janice Simons, Rebecca Israelson,
Peggy Sigman, JoAnn Williams,
Helen Kinkade, Evelyn Morrison
home‐bound members and those
serving in the military, both at
home and overseas. GLCW FOR May 2012 5/8/12...GLCW Meeting at 7:00p.m. Hostess Mary and Program Rachel 5/22/2012...Circle Meetings Matt Kreutz, Council Chair for the Youth and Family Committee is seeking committee member volunteers. There are functions coming up in the near future: HS Graduation reception, WNL Supper and Praise for the summer worship, and Confirmation in the fall to name a few that I will need help with. Everyone is welcome to serve on this committee, especially parents of the chil­ dren and youth of Grace to help in the plan­ ning of their children’s special church celebrations. Please contact me, Matt Kreutz at (605)641­1084 or my email is [email protected]
9:00 a.m. Martha Circle 1:30 p.m. Rachel Circle 7:00 p.m. Mary Circle A Friendly Reminder From Grace Lutheran and Pastor Will HELP!! The Quilters are in need of: Sheets, Blankets­ Drapery, Fabric, etc... You can leave it in the Rose Room or call Eileen Raforth at 347­2890. I wish to encourage all members of Grace to inform the church office (347­2713) or call me directly at home (716­5284) or on my cell phone (484­1425) if you are in need of a pastoral call and please notify the church office when you are discharged from the hospital. I would like to share your joys as well as your sorrows. Re­ member, I am only a phone call away. I also encourage all members to make use of our congregational Prayer Chain. We are all here to serve in the name of our Lord Jesus! JUST A REMINDER FOR VOLUNTEERS ACOLYTES FOR MAY Serving “Men of Grace” Breakfast Sunday, May13th, 10:00am. If you cannot be present for serving, provide your own replacement. Thank you for helping: May 6­ Austin Hall & Brynn Dobler May 13– Joe Rossow & Emily Meisner May 20– Brad Anderson & Krista Milek May 27– Amber Lorius & Christian Avery
Brian Jost—Gene Konold Christian Kotab—Larry Schemmel Lesson Readers MAY May 6– Garland Dobler May 13– Sandy Molitor May 20– Don Workentine May 27– Ushers 1st Sunday­Marlowe Kinkade, Keith Smit, Ernie Miller, Jess Nelson & Bob Kaufman 2nd Sunday– Dean Rasmuson, Darlyne Kopren, Arvid & Paulette Meland 3rd Sunday­Rod Heikes, Bonnie Lange, Tim & Tonya Atyeo 4th Sunday­Don & Doris Workentine, Dale & Mary Ellen Kreutz 5th Sunday­ Sunday Teller Schedule May May 6­ Donna Trigg & May 13– Char Wilson & May 20– Conni Ziegenbein & DeWayne Hayes May 27­ RADIO BROADCAST SPONSORS FOR MAY May 6­ May 13– Marie Stuen in memory of Chet Stuen May 20– Bonnie & Larry Crawford in memory of Chad Crawford, Cecil & Esther Barnes May 27– Pastor Fox Memorial The radio Broadcast calendar for 2012 is posted on the bulletin board in the entry­ way of the church. You are invited to place your name on the date you wish to sponsor a broadcast in honor of or in memory of your loved one or special event. You may also call the office (347­2713) to reserve a date. The cost per broadcast is $65. Partial sponsorships are invited and encouraged. 2012 Thank you to all who volunteer their talent and time to Grace Lutheran. Grace could not function without all of you! Thank you for your donation to Sturgis Post Prom. With your help we are able to provide a fun and safe environment for our high school students. Trayce & Elaine, Post Prom Committee Thank you to everyone who supported the 7th & *8h Grade Confirmation Class Bake Sake on Palm Sunday. A total of $248.00 was raised and has been directed to the Statue Fund. We appreciate your generosity and support! The 7th & 8th Grade Confirmation Class A special “thank you” to those “volunteers” who graciously assisted with all aspects of worship throughout the Lenten season, greeting, reading the lessons, ushering, serving communion, offering special music, decorating, draping and undraping the church, etc. Worship services don’t just happen— many willing hands are needed. Thank you very much! Char Wilson I want to thank the GLC Endowment for so generously assisting me as I take on a new chapter in my life as I transfer to Augustana College next fall. I am excited to take on new challenges as I begin my junior year working towards degrees in Special Education and English. I am lucky to have such a wonderful church family to follow me through my life. Callie Miller
Congratulations Marlene Kotab For being selected as one of Meade School District’s 2012 Teachers of the Year
Gooey Chocolate­Peanut Bars 1 package(16.5 oz) refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough 2 cups chocolate­covered peanuts 1 cup miniature marshmallows 1/2 cup butterscotch ice cream topping Cooking
with the
Lutherans Press cookie dough into an ungreased 13x9 baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 14­ 16 minutes or until edges are lightly browned and center is set. Sprinkle with peanuts and marshmallow; drizzle with ice cream topping. Bake 6­8 minutes longer our until marshmallows are puffed. Cool completely and cut into bars. Yield: 2 dozen Grace Lutheran Church Women April Minutes April 10, 2012 Mary Ann Stroschein called the meeting to order in Jesus’ name with 14 members in attendance. Evelyn Morrison led the opening devotion. Mary Ann read an Easter message prepared by Evelyn. The minutes were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and placed on file. Committee reports: Growth – no report Action – Eileen Raforth showed some children’s quilts that had been assembled and reported that CISS has received some of these quilts. Community Action – HS Jazz/German Band dance on April 12, Platter Party at the Library on April 16 led by Dode Lee, and History at High Noon is April 20. The Relay for Life is having Tips for Two at Loud American on April 27. Courtesy – Ramona Scherer sent many cards to those on our prayer list. Church Women United – May Friendship Day is May 4 at the Catholic Church at 12:30. Ruth Mechling will make the meat salad. Old Business: Those that helped serve the Cantata receptions were thanked. Marlene Kotab and Eileen Raforth will be the delegates to the Spring Gathering in Spearfish on April 28. May 6 th is the Bake Sale for Joy Ranch. Variety plates will be made up before the church service. Helpers are needed to assemble the plates. They should meet in the basement at 8:00 a.m. Items will be sold for free‐will donations. The Father/Son donation sheets should be turned in as soon as possible to Ruth Mechling. Dawn Geppert will decorate, Susie Payne will sing, and Gordon Kotab is the Master of Ceremonies. New Business: Discussion was held concerning the Rally Breakfast. We will offer the chairman help with finding workers and heading the dining room to alleviate some of the excessive workload for her. Dis‐ cussion was also held about the number of days we serve. The next GLCW meeting is May 8. The program will be Nancy Remington who will speak about her book. All circles meet at the church on April 24 th . The meeting closed in prayer. Rachel Circle hosted. Marlene Kotab Secretary
WORSHIP AND MUSIC COMMITTEE Grace Lutheran Church April 2, 2012 The Worship and Music Committee met at 6:00 pm with the following members present: Pastor Olsen, Roxie Chowen, Deb Enright, Cindy Milek, Marcia Potts, Candy McKay, Bob Grams and Char Wilson. Members absent were Tammy Jones, Tricia Nelson, and Dadra Avery. Information Items: The Committee recently lost two members­­Marty Geffre due to health and time constraints; Laurie Lorius to Mutual Ministry Committee. Worship service settings were determined for the remainder of April and May. (Note from Marlene Kotab: Do not use Setting 8 with Communion.) May 16 will probably be the last Wednesday night service until fall. Pastor provided an update on availability of “The Other Songbook “. We have been unable to locate used books from other congregations. Only the large­print 8­1/2 x 11” books are available for purchase. This soft­bound size book would not fit well in the pew racks. Pastor is looking into possibly having our existing books rebound to extend their useful life. Char received an email from Dadra Avery announcing that the 7 th and 8 th grade confirmation students would like to have dinner and a movie rather than the Wednesday evening worship on April 18. The movie would be “The Perfect Game”. Since Pastor will be gone April 11 and 18, Char will check with Tim Patmore to decide who will lead the Wednesday night worship service April 11. The order of service was discussed for the remainder of Holy Week. ­­­ Maundy Thursday: Holy Communion will be served by Intinction. Women’s Choir will sing during the Offer­ ing. Volunteers will drape the chancel in black following the Benediction. The congregation will leave in silence. ­­­ Good Friday: The Alliance of Churches will sponsor a Cross Walk at Noon with the closing service at Grace Lu­ theran at approximately 12:45pm. ­­­ Saturday: Lynette Kvanvig and Lynelle Chapman will the altar area with lilies. Tim Patmore will hang the ban­ ners. White paraments for Easter Sunday will be placed under the black drapes by Altar Guild. ­­­ Easter Sunday: There will a Processional at all three services at 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00 am. Chancel area will be undraped by volunteers during the processional at the first service. The elements for Holy Communion will be car­ ried to the altar by Ushers when the Offering is brought forward. Candy will play for 6:00 am; Roxie will play for 8:00 and 10:00 am services. Special music will be provided by Danielle Heinert at 6:00 am, Adult Choir and Chris­ tian Kotab at 8:00 am, and Roxie at 10:00 am. Char will check with Colleen Schneider to ensure we have acolytes for all 3 services. Worship and Music Committee is responsible for clean­up after Wednesday night supper next week (4/11). Commit­ tee members who will assist include Bob Grams, Deb Enright, Tim Potts (volunteered by Marcia), Dennis Chowen (volunteered by Roxie) and Char Wilson. Roxie announced that the Sturgis Center for the Arts will be arranging the Baccalaureate service for graduates on May 13 at 4:00 pm in the Community Center Theater. Next meeting: Monday, May 7, 2012, at 6:00 pm. Agenda will include worship service settings for May 20 (Graduation Sunday), the month of June, and summer worship in the Park. Char Wilson
WELCOME TO KIDS CORNER!! THIS IS A PAGE JUST ABOUT KIDS. WHAT ARE THEY UP TO AT GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH? WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT WE ARE UP TO ON CARAWAY STREET AND SUNDAY SCHOOL! CARAWAY STREET This is Max, the taxi cab driver. He is waiting for customers. In the meantime he sees a number of other taxi cabs drive by, such as Amos and Obadiah Express. There is also Jonah and Micah Micro Minute, who drives too fast ac­ cording to Max. Do you recognize these names? This is Chris, our newest member on Caraway Street. His uncle sent him $5 for his birthday. He’s bummed because last year Chris got $10. Gertrude is talking to him about how to be thankful for everything. Debbie is talking to the kids about her castle and who sits on the throne and is ruler of her life. We want Jesus to be on our throne. If He’s not He’s right outside our castle door knocking waiting to be let in. Mother’s Day will be the last day for Caraway Street for the summer. It has been really fun having your children come and see us. They have fun learning about Jesus and the names of the books of the Bible. I hate to say this but we are struggling here on Caraway Street. I think this is a great way for our kids to learn what is important in life. If you love children and maybe you’re feeling a tug at your heart for their spiritual lives come and be a part of the Caraway Street family.
Sunday School News Wow, what a year we have had. Our first day of Sunday school began in a darkness with the loss of Pastor Mike. We miss him every Sunday. Thank you so much Pastor Will and Helen for your presence. Your presence is like a blanket that wraps around us to bring us comfort, to bring us strength. From strength comes confidence. With confidence, we heal, we grow as a Sunday school, and we share God’s word and show his work to others Some favorite work of our Sunday school kids this past year has been our music. It has been wonderful, with the kid’s voices blending with Danny Chapman and Roxie Chowen. From our Christmas program, Small One, Dan and the kids singing, Angels Among Us, and You Come Running. Palm Sunday was also a treat, thank you Marlene and the Adult Choir for letting us celebrate Jesus in your music. Grades 1 – 6 focused on the 23 rd Psalm. Using keywords help us remember…….maybe they will remind you of this great Psalm to comfort. Shepherd, green pasture, still water, shadow, death, you/me, comfort, anoint, overflow, prepare, dwell, house, forever. In this Easter season, remember….Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”. He encourages us to take that light, make it our own and light the world. Grace Lutheran Sunday school has confidence in His light. We will bring it and let it shine for others. This is our lesson. This is our goal. April 29 th we went to Outlaw Ranch for Elementary Adventure. Grace Lutheran has 20 children, ages 5, K ­6 th grade, and 10 adults attending. Our hope is that the children and parents, who have not been to a Lutheran’s Outdoors camp, especially Outlaw Ranch, will love camp as much as we do. A special thanks to Sturgis Bus, Einor and Gail Mortenson, for their generous gift of bus transportation to/from Outlaw Ranch. Fall of 2010, Sunday School received a gift of $500.00 from the GLCW. It was so kind and generous, we were certain it needed to be used in a special way….money from it has been used to send these children to Elementary Adven­ ture. Thank you again, GLCW, and Einor and Gail, in helping us provide this day camp for Grace Lutheran children. Lutheran’s Outdoors camps provide our children with such wonderful Christ experiences. We will again be spending a week at Outlaw Ranch, June 24 th – June 29 th . Ages 5, K – 3 rd grade will also be staying one day and one nite at camp on June 24 – June 25. Please support our fund raising activities, as we raise money to attend camp. Campers have received a gift of $400.00 from the Endowment Committee. Thank you !!! We are selling plant/flower certificates to Rockingtree Floral and Gift, on sale now through May 20 th . We will be having a Service of the Ladybug. A Sunday evening date to be determined. Campers will be serving BBQ’s (Sloppy Joes), chips and rootbeer floats….and of course there will be ladybugs……. Curious?????? Watch your bulletin for the date. Sunday School children will be helping to plant the flower beds in the front of the church. From a portion of our Sunday School offering, we will be planting 3 rose bushes. These rose bushes will be planted in memory of Pastor Mike and Tom Monahan. Pastor Mike and Tom always had a smile and a word of encouragement for the children. They are forever our cheerleaders. Sally Thompson will be visiting Sunday School again in May. We will have a blessing of our backpacks that we will fill with school supplies for the children of Tanzania. The remainder of our Sunday School offering will be used in this way. Bless the Thompsons, Sally and Ken, for their work and dedication in Tanzania. May 13 th will be our last day of Sunday School. Thank you to all children, parents and especially teachers for such a great year. Vicki Monahan, Tricia Nelson, Colleen Schneider, Kim Webber, Danny Chapman, Roxie Chowen, you are the best. Remember the dates above. Please join us in supporting and praying for the children of Grace Lu­ theran church and the light they are shining in our world. It is God’s light to the world…and it is good !!!! As always, we enjoy spending time with your children and sharing God’s love with them. Tammy Jones and Tricia Nelson 391­2260 786­6133