KIRKEHILSEN -- September - October 2015



KIRKEHILSEN -- September - October 2015
Danish Lutheran Church
of Toronto
a church of
The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen’s Church
Danske Sømands og Udlandskirker (DSUK)
Harvest time in rural Ontario
Ja, tak, du kære Fader, så mild, så rig, så rund,
for korn i hæs og lader, for godt i allen stund!
Vi kan jo intet give, som nogen ting er værd,
men tag vort stakkels hjerte, så ringe som det er!
Alle gode gaver de kommer ovenned,
så tak da Gud, ja, pris dog Gud
for al hans kærlighed!
September 6, 2015
14th Sunday after Trinity
Luke 17:11-19
The one who turned back
September 13, 2015 15th Sunday after Trinity
Matt 6:24-34
On Worrying.
(Music Sunday) Followed by Welcome Back Fest
September 20, 2015 16th Sunday after Trinity
Luke 7:11-17
The widow of Nain
September 27, 2015 17th Sunday after Trinity
Luke 14:1-11
On choosing places at table
October 4, 2015
18th Sunday after Trinity
Matt 22:34-46
The two great commandments
(Music Sunday) Welcome to the new confirmants
October 8, 2015
NB: Thursday
at 12:30pm
Golden Age Club
Thanksgiving Service
October 11, 2015
Thanksgiving Service
October 18, 2015
20th Sunday after Trinity
Matt 22:1-14
The wedding feast
October 25, 2015
21st Sunday after Trinity
Family Service (Halloween)
Kids are invited to wear costumes.
Entertainment downstairs after the service
November 1, 2015
All Saints’ Day
Matt 5:1-12
The Beautitudes
(Music Sunday)
We remember those who passed away
during the past year
Church Café: Every Tuesday at 12 noon
(starting September 8th)
Thursday September 10
Friday September 11th
Sunday September 13th
Friday September 18th
After the
Saturday September 19th
Saturday September 19th
Sunday September 20th
Thursday September 24th
Saturday September 26th
Sunday September 27th
Thursday October 1st
Friday October 2nd
Wednesday October 7
Thursday October 8th
Sunday October 11th
Friday October 16th
Golden Age Club Meeting
Speaker: Public Health
Nurse, Johanna Mercer:
“Fall Prevention”
in the Royal Hall
Welcome Back Fest
(see pg. 5)
in the Royal Hall
Movie Afternoon
(see pg. 15)
Federation meeting
(see pg. 16)
Yoga in Kai Munk Salen
(see pg. 5)
Golden Age Club meeting
with entertainment by
accordionist Peter Bauman
Fall Clean-up day (see pg. 13)
Yoga in Kai Munk Salen
(see pg. 5)
Golden Age Club Bus Trip
(see pg. 5)
in the Royal Hall
Study Group at the Church
(see pg. 8)
Golden Age Club
Thanksgiving Service and
Yoga in Kai Munk Salen
(see pg. 5)
in the Royal Hall
Laugh at yourself sometimes
If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you !
Saturday October 17th
Wednesday October 21
Thursday October 22nd
Friday October 23rd
Saturday October 24th
Sunday October 25th
Wednesday November 4th
Sunday November 8th
Thanksgiving Dinner
(see pg. 7)
Study Group at the Church
(see pg. 8)
Golden Age Club Meeting
Speaker: Ole Jensen - Out
West and Down East
in the Royal Hall
Movie Afternoon (see pg. 15)
Yoga in Kai Munk Salen
(see pg. 5)
Study Group at the Church
(See pg. 8)
Yoga in Kai Munk Salen
(see pg. 5)
On Sunday August 23rd the Folkdancers and other Church-Friends
represented Denmark at the Multicultural Festival held in Richmond Hill
Saturday November 14th
2:00pm Movie: Matador, episodes 5 & 6
Wednesday November18th 7:00pm Study Group at the Church
Saturday November 21st
11:00am Fall and Christmas Bazaar (see pg. 8)
Saturday November 28th
2:00pm Julehygge med gløgg, æbleskiver
og en dansk julefilm
Wednesday December 2nd 7:00pm Study Group at the Church
Saturday December 12th
2:00pm Movie: Matador, episodes 7 & 8
Sunday September 13th, after the Service
You won’t want to miss another festive Sunday at our church! After an inspiring
church service, we will gather in the Royal Hall to enjoy a special Danish lunch.
The price is $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children. If you own red and/or white
clothing, why not wear it to church that Sunday? The entertainment, besides
English and Danish songs, will be the presentation:
CONTRIBUTIONS OF DANES TO CANADA, the play presented at Nordic
Fair in June*. We hope to see the Church Hall full of people!!
*All former participants are needed at church that Sunday. If you have your own
costume please bring it again.
(Liselotte will be back from Denmark Sept. 10th if you have any questions).
The following Sundays will have extra Music: guest
musicians - at church for you to enjoy:
September 13th (Welcome back fest), October 4th,
November 1st (All Saints Day).
What exactly will be on the program is still to be
decided, and will therefore be even more exciting
for you! But I hope for some beautiful flute music,
interesting singing, and a violinist to play for our
solemn All Saints Day. Please show up, and also
bring friends, family and neighbours for these
special Sundays.
Valdemar helping Rikke at the organ
The choir is slowly getting back to a fixed schedule from mid-September. If you
are interested in joining us, singing a few songs or would like to help out with
your beautiful voice at church services, please let me know, come and sing and
be happy!
([email protected] or 647-887-9434)
Thanks to all the enthusiastic yoga students that showed up early Sunday
mornings during spring. Yoga lessons will continue from September on the following dates: September 20th and 27th, October 11th and 25th, November 8th.
All classes start at 9:30am in Kai Munk Salen. Wear comfortable loose fitting
clothes, and bring a couple of blankets or some towels. If you have a yoga mat,
bring that as well.
Children’s Hour begins in November along with the rehearsals for Lucia.
We hope to see many boys and girls this year, like all the previous years.
Until November, Children’s Hour works a little differently. You are, as always,
very welcome to bring your children and grandchildren to church in September
and October. If attending the church service is not ideal for the children but you
prefer a programme for them, email me a few days ahead and arrangements will
be made for appropriate activities for them in the Kai Munk Room. I will be
available after September 10th.
[email protected]
Where did summer go? It is already September! The Golden Age Club will
have their first meeting, complete with a delicious lunch, on September 10th.
Johannes and Avril have been busy over the summer, arranging entertainment
for us. Dorothy has also been busy arranging the bus trip for October 1st (see
details below), and Ole Jensen is preparing for a presentation for us too. So we
have lots of exciting events coming up - see the Almanac for all the details!
Hope to see you for lunch at Golden Age Club soon – everybody is always
The Board
On October 1st: a cruise on Upper Niagara River, including lunch, a visit to a
chocolate factory, a winery, and transportation in a large 56-seater bus.
For those who were on the original trip the price is $60. For those who were not,
but would like to join us now, the price is $110. We have 56 seats to fill, so
please plan to join us. Departure from the church is at 9:15am, and we hope to
return by 6pm, depending on traffic.
There will be a pickup in the west-end for those who live there.
Please call Jytte Kristensen at 905-877-2778 or Dorothy Sloan at 416-489-7072
to sign up.
Dear Friends in Toronto,
I hope that all of you are well, and that you have had a nice summer.
In September we have a big Celebration in Waterloo: The Congregation’s 50th
Anniversary! It takes place on Sunday September 20th at 3:00pm at St. John’s
Church. Everybody is welcome to join us for the service. After the service there
will be a dinner at Luther Manor. We hope and pray for a great day.
In the Grimsby church we will have “Frikadeller and Bingo” after the service on
Sunday September 13th.
I am wishing everybody a lovely and colourful autumn.
Pastor Lars
Saturday October 17th
at 6 pm
Thanksgiving Salad
Chef Kelly’s Roast Pork
Guest Speaker
Price per person $25
Children/Students $10
Wine, beer and soft drinks
Call Jannie Decoste (905-272-4631) or Pastor Kenneth (416-222-2494),
or sign up on the list in the Royal Hall
You won’t want to miss our unique Bazaar, so put Saturday November 21st in
your calendar!
I know that there are many people starting preparations for the upcoming
bazaar. Some people are downsizing, and I can already see many donations piling up in the Kai Munk Room. (Sorry, but we cannot accept any more books).
Quality prizes, and good used articles are always appreciated. If you are
expecting a visitor from Denmark, perhaps he/she would bring something, which
is not available in Canada, for the Silent Auction. If you or one of your friends
knit we have lots of wool available at church. The Needlework Booth or the
Tombola would appreciate scarves, hats, mitts, afghans etc. Don’t forget if you
have new ideas or suggestions, share them with the bazaar committee.
The Bazaar Flyer will be included in the next Kirke Hilsen.
’This book is not about a loss of faith. It is not a story that begins with faith and
ends with unbelief. It’s a story about changes in the author’s Christian faith, from
the undoubting and unwavering faith of a child, through a bout with wracking
doubt, to the faith of a mature adult who is able to say about many of his former
certainties that he is no longer sure.’
John Suk is the pastor at Lawrence Park Community Church on Lawrence and
Bayview. I happened to be at this beautiful church one Sunday morning. After
the service the pastor approached me and we had a long chat. It ended with him
giving me a copy of his autobiographical account of his ‘journey from faith to
doubt’. I read it last summer. It’s an interesting personal story, but it is also a
thought-provoking analysis of the metamorphoses that ‘faith’ has gone through
over the ages. It’s a combination of autobiography and historical investigation. It
all makes for a good read.
I invite everyone who may be interested to read this book with me during the
Fall. The idea is to go through the book two or three chapters at a time.
Place: The Danish Lutheran Church.
Dates: October 7th, October 21st, November 4th, November 18th, and
December 2nd.
Time: Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm.
NB! Please register by September 9th if you want me to order the book for you.
The book costs $23.99 + shipping and taxes. I will order the book on September
9th for everyone interested in the study group. It may be picked up at the church
from Sunday September 20th. You may also buy the book yourself, available at Even so, I would like you to register by September 9th.
Please read Introduction and Chapters 1-2 (p. 1-58) for the first meeting.
Pastor Kenneth
Time for confirmation classes once again! Last
year we had three confirmands. They were
confirmed on the first Sunday in May. Classes
are on Sundays after the service, approximately
between 12pm and 1pm. Normally, I plan
which Sundays we meet with the confirmands
and their parents. The first class this Fall is on
Sunday October 4th.
Explanation of terms:
‘To be confirmed’ means to affirm one’s connectedness to the Christian tradition.
A ‘confirmand’ is someone who is to be confirmed. The confirmation rite consists of a question and an answer (‘Do you want to be confirmed in the Christian faith?’) and a blessing.
Confirmation classes are an introduction to the
Christian faith of today and of the centuries
Pastor Kenneth
A new leaf was turned at the extra-ordinary members’ meeting held in August. It
was unanimously approved to incorporate the church under the Canada
Not-For-Profit Corporations Act. This was the second and final vote to change
our old constitution, and with the largest member turnout in recent years, it was
very clear that the membership saw the benefits of incorporation, and also wanted the future of our church firmly placed into our own hands. With the appropriate bylaws amended and resolutions passed, the application process is now
under way. It will still take a month or two to have the final paperwork ready and
accepted by Ottawa, which is typical for this bureaucracy. Once formal approval
is given, we will have another members’ meeting to re-instate the board and our
new bylaws, but now as a corporation. This will be a seamless transition as we
have already approved the process, and, for convenience sake, we will probably
make it part of the AGM next March.
We will keep you informed as soon as timing and details are available. Copies of
the proposed bylaws (already distributed to registered voters) are available at the
church for those who would like to have one. A new “official” set will be printed
and distributed after formal federal acceptance has been given. Please contact
any board member if you have any questions.
This final approval was the culmination of almost four years of diligent and conscientious planning and preparation. I would like to extend a special thank you
to the members of the constitution review committee as well as the board itself
for all the extra time and efforts put into this project.
Sune Overgaard
Recently, I spoke about the sevenbranched lampstand that we have on
the altar. Once after a memorial
service, someone of Jewish origin
had asked me, puzzled, ‘But that was
a menorah, wasn’t it?’ I had answered, naively, ‘Yes, it’s typically
Danish!’ Which definitely sounded
odd when I said it. ‘But it’s typically
Jewish!’ he replied. Of course. Actually, both things could be said. It is a
menorah on the altar. Just like the
one that was in the Jewish temple that
was raided by Roman troupes in 70
AD. If you go to Rome and take a
look at Titus’ triumphal arch (or you
just google it…), you can see a depiction of the victorious Roman army
carrying the menorah out of the temple. But then the menorah also has a
Danish history. Niels Frederik
Severin Grundtvig – the Danish pastor who more than anyone else defined what ‘Danishness’ is – received
a menorah for his 50th anniversary as
a pastor. His widow gave it to Marmorkirken in Copenhagen. Since
then, the tradition of putting a menorah on the altar spread to many other
Danish churches. So you could say
both things. The menorah is Jewish.
But it’s also typically Danish.
I like that the menorah is on the altar. It underlines the continuity between Christianity and Judaism. This
is kind of important to see how
Christians have often stressed the
discontinuity between the two religions. I’m just reading an autobiography by someone whose wife grew
up in Britain in the 1930s. She remembers how the local pastor would
go on about the wickedness of the
Jews. And how she had once replied
to him, ‘But Jesus was a Jew!’ To
which the pastor had answered, ‘But
Jesus was the Son of God!’ It only
really began to change in the 1970s.
A Lutheran scholar, E.P. Sanders,
took it upon himself to examine
some of the typical Christian stereotypes about the Jews, such as their
‘Pharisaism’ or self-righteousness.
His approach was very straightforward. You might have thought that
many Christian scholars before him
would have done the same thing
many times before. Actually he was
the first to do it. He went to Jerusalem, learned Hebrew and studied the
central Jewish texts. What he found
revolutionized Christian theology.
Judaism did not rely on ‘worksrighteousness’! It did not promote
self-righteousness! While Christianity
certainly emphasized the grace of
God, this was not new in relation to
This was an important discovery. It is
still being implemented in the way
Christian theologians read the Bible
and there is yet some way to go.
Something has already changed,
One of the best examples of what is
different is the new pericopes that
were added to the New Testament
readings in the Danish altar book of
1992. Take down one of your old
Danish hymnbooks from the shelf
and look in the back where all the
readings are. You will find only few
readings from the Old Testament.
This changed in 1992 when an Old
Testament reading was added for
every Sunday. This way well-known
stories like ‘God creates the world’,
and ‘Cain and Abel’, and ‘David and
Bathsheba’, and a lot of psalms were
introduced into the Sunday service.
Often the text from the Old Testament is chosen so as to contrast with
the Gospel reading but this is not
always the case. There are a number
of readings that are direct parallels to
the Gospel reading. We still have the
reading from the Gospel of Luke
where we hear, ‘You shall love your
neighbour as yourself’. We may still
consider it as a central message in
Christianity. But we are no longer
allowed to forget that it is a direct
quote from Leviticus in the Old Testament.
Another thing that has changed is
that Christians have begun to be
more interested in Jesus! Kierkegaard
found that the only interesting thing
about Jesus was that he was born, that
he died, and that he was resurrected.
To him, there was little of interest to
be said about the details of Jesus’ life
or about his teachings. Kierkegaard
couldn’t have cared less who ‘the
historical Jesus’ was.
Jesus was the Son of God. Who
cared that he was also a Jewish lay
preacher? The important thing, it
was often understood, was the story
about Jesus, not the stories that were
told by Jesus. It was all about the
‘newness’ of Christianity in relation to
Judaism. And the message of Jesus’
stories is not always very ‘new’. Fortunately, no one ever tried to suppress
the reading of Jesus’ parables from
the Sunday service. Like many other
ministers, I’m happy when the reading for next Sunday is a story by Jesus. I increasingly find that what Jesus
says is very relevant to our lives. And
that there is no point in always contrasting it with Jewish wisdom. The
truth of Christianity does not lie in its
difference from Judaism.
And so I will encourage you to take
another look at the menorah next
time you come to the church for a
Sunday service. Let it remind you of
Judaism – and of Jesus! Curiously,
the menorah isn’t mentioned in the
little booklet about ‘Artwork in the
Danish Church’ that was made a few
years ago, so I don’t know who made
it or when it was acquired.
If anyone has this information, I
would be happy to know!
Pastor Kenneth
We are happy that so many people turned up for the ‘Fremstilling’ of Winnie at
the church on Sunday August 9 and that you joined us in the rectory garden
afterwards. We had a very enjoyable time.
Thank you to everyone for making this a very special day!
Mette and Kenneth
I was looking at last year’s message
for this same time period. It said that
the weather had been cooler than
normal. Well I guess that shows how
things can change. I don’t think I’m
the only one thinking about cooler
and drier temperatures at this time,
perhaps air conditioning for the
church, and other refreshing
thoughts. Even though summer is
soon over and school is about to start
up again, the current weather still
seems to be in full summer mode.
But that is certainly not a complaint.
As easy as it is to remember the
weather from last August, so is it easy
to remember it from just this past
February – Bbrrrrr!!! I’ll take this
weather thanks.
With summer closing down, we start
into the busy fall season. All of our
activity groups will soon be back into
full swing. As will dinners, bazaars,
lotteries, movies, special events, etc.
Remember to check the almanak or
website for details. And please don’t
be afraid to offer help at any of these
events – including making Sunday
coffee. It would be great to see some
new and different names on that list.
All it takes is a little extra effort. And
speaking of “new and different”, why
not visit us at one of our Sunday services. We are going to continue with
our “Music Sunday” series once each
month, and hope you will make an
extra effort to join us then. We are
anxious to welcome you and your
family and friends each and every
Going back over recent events, a very
dark picture is unfortunately drawn
for many of us. We are still in shock
regarding the tragic loss of Tina and
her two little boys. Blessed be their
memory. The burden weighs heaviest
on their family no doubt, but hopefully we can help by letting our hearts
and prayers be shared with them at
this special time of need.
The rest of July and August seem to
have slipped quickly by. We said
goodbye to Jorgen and Kirsten and
welcomed Kenneth and family back
from their DK vacation. The summer BBQ did happen in the Park to
everyone’s joy (thanks for the encouragement and help). The summer
concert series with Aakervinda and
Birkerød Brass Quintet provided an
interesting variety of music for those
who attended. Winnie’s
“Fremstilling” and reception was well
received by all – with special thanks
going to Mette and Kenneth and
their helpers for a wonderful afternoon in the garden. Our extraordinary members’ meeting was a
great success – a large turnout with
unanimous approval for incorporation (see page 9). The Pot Luck
Lunch was shared and enjoyed by all
- which is not surprising as it came
from our own kitchens. And last but
not least, our pastor and two board
members participated in the DSUK
convention in Vancouver at the end
of August. A productive meeting was
anticipated, and we look forward to a
report upon their return.
Sunday September 13th will be the
next Music Sunday, and after the
service we have our Welcome Back
Fest. This is where we celebrate the
anticipation of the new season ahead
of us. Good food, fun, and entertainment will be the order of the day for
the whole family – so please join us.
We will soon be sending out the
membership renewals for 2016. Movie afternoons will be showing the
“Matador” series starting Saturday
September19th. For those of you
who are willing to roll up your sleeves
and lend us a hand, both the inside
and outside of our church will get
attention at the Fall Clean-Up Day on
Saturday September 26th. Pastor
Kenneth is starting another study
group (see page 8), and Confirmation
registration will be on Sunday October 4th. October also brings the time
for harvest and thanksgiving. As there
is always something to be thankful
for, keep this in mind and join us for
our Thanksgiving Services. Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner is set for
Saturday October 17th. This is always a wonderful evening of great
food and entertainment and good
times. And finally, just a reminder
that our Fall/Christmas Bazaar and
Lottery is on Saturday November
We have done some needed repairs
to the rectory – new windows and
doors on the ground floor, and new
siding, soffit, and fascia, and the broken fence will be fixed this fall. We
are working hard to come up with a
good plan regarding the proposed
church renovations - fix the front
steps, upgrade the Royal Hall and
bathrooms, replace the carpet and
hopefully add air conditioning in the
sanctuary, as well as the other items
discussed at our AGM. We have
finally found an architect who has
great experience with church renovations, and look forward to present a
plan in the next month or two. The
major work will be scheduled for the
summer months next year to reduce
any inconvenience. John Uffe and
the building maintenance committee
are to be commended for their tireless efforts on these projects.
As always we encourage people to
participate in our activities and in
particular our Sunday services. All
are welcome to share in the benefits
of our wonderful church.
I look forward to see you there!
Sune Overgaard
Saturday September 26th at 10:00am
Believe it or not, Clean-up Days in church are actually fun! We do some good
work together with our friends, and the people who have been participating
before keep coming back! So why not come and join us?
The day starts at 10:00am with coffee and a bagel, and together we decide what
needs doing. If you have noticed anything that needs a little attention, this is the
time to get it done with the help of some of your church friends.
There is always something for everybody to do, young and old alike! Cleaning
materials will be supplied, but you may bring your own tools and gloves if you
wish to do some gardening. Come and help out, and together we will make everything look fresh and new and have some fun in the process.
A light lunch will be served.
If you have any questions please contact Audrey Urszulan, Lilly Nielsen or Sune
The Danish Folkdancers of Toronto have had a busy, but exciting summer.
We participated in Nordic Fair at Mel Lastman Square in June. We had 2 very
successful dances, outdoors, before the rains came. Some of us also participated
in the Danish program put on by Liselotte. Unfortunately, there was no sound
system available to dance, so we made an appearance in our folk costumes.
The highlight of the summer was Nordlek, a music and folkdance festival, in
Viborg Denmark, that some of us attended with the Swedish and Finnish
Folkdancers of Toronto. Individually, each of our groups are small, so we combined our groups to make one large dance group, and we call ourselves “The
Toronto Nordic Folkdancers”. We did our performance in a shopping mall in
the old part of Viborg. The audience had a lot of fun watching us, and many
pictures were taken by the locals and tourists. The evenings were filled with
dancing with other folkdancers from around the world, including the Greenlanders. The entire week was a huge success with lots of dancing, fun and learning
We will be starting our dance practices on September 11th, and everyone is welcome to join us. We usually practice the first 3 Fridays of each month. You do
not need to know how to dance, as we will help you. Just come prepared to have
lots of fun. See the Almanac for dates.
So far today, God, I have done all right.
I haven't gossiped, I haven't lost my temper, I haven't lied or cheated,
I haven't been grumpy, greedy or nasty, or over-indulgent
I'm very thankful for that.
But in a few minutes, God, I'm going to get out of bed,
and from then on, I am going to need a lot more help!
Ever wanted to watch the famous Danish TV series “Matador”, but couldn't
enjoy it, because it did not have English subtitles?
Well, now we have the full 24-episode series available with English subtitles, and
we are going to watch it together in church!
Matador is a story about a Danish town, Korsbæk, and the people who live
there, in the years 1929 to 1947. It is captivating, entertaining - both fun and
serious - and it describes life in Denmark in a time that was far from easy!
Going forward, on one Saturday every month we will watch 2 episodes of
Matador. We will get together at 2pm, have a cup of coffee, and watch the first
episode, take a break and enjoy some Danish treats, and then watch the next
episode. Sounds good ? We will see you there!
at 2:00pm
We will be watching Matador, episodes 1 and
2, both set in 1929.
Episode 1: Traveling drapery salesman Mads Andersen-Skjern arrives in
Korsbæk with his little boy, Daniel, and decides to start a business there. This
turns out to be a difficult thing to do, but Mads finds friends in the family of pig
trader Oluf Larsen and his wife Kathrine.
Episode 2: The established and self-satisfied upper-class of Korsbæk is watching
with disapproval while Mads opens his store in competition with the local, but
inept, businessman, Arnesen. Meanwhile Oluf Larsen’s daughter, Ingeborg,
starts as a clerk in Mads’ store - much to Mads’ pleasure!
OCTOBER 24th, at 2:00pm
We will be watching Matador, episodes 3 and 4,
set in 1930 and 1931.
Episode 3: The local business man, Arnesen’s,
store, is not going well, and both his staff and the
local customers are starting to leave him. Meanwhile romance and family is very
much on Mads’ agenda!
Episode 4: Mads’ brother Kristen arrives in town, and the two brothers enter
into new business ventures together. Kristen falls for a local girl, who unfortunately turns out to be family of one of the local, and still very hostile, families.
The Ontario Region of the Federation of Danish Associations in Canada will be
holding the Fall Meeting at Sunset Villa on Saturday September 19th at 2 pm.
All are welcome to attend and hear the latest news from our 10 member organizations. It is an ideal time to exchange ideas.
News about the upcoming 2016 Conference in Montreal will be shared.
The Ontario Region Board is also looking for interesting biographies of Danish
Canadians from Ontario to add to the Heritage Book 2016. The deadline for
the articles is the end of January 2016.
Our Heritage Book 2015 is now for sale at the church for $12.00.
It contains over 200 pages of informative reading.
Of interest might be articles such as: “Keeping Traditions Alive”, “Seniors’
Homes in the West”, “Denmark’s Best In Furniture Design”, or the articles
about our member organizations.
Danish school is currently planning the next school year.
For more information and updates, please check out our website:
The Scandinavian-Canadian Club of Toronto is looking forward to celebrating
its 80th anniversary with dinner and entertainment on Friday October 23rd at
the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, 141 Wilson Avenue,
Toronto. Time: 6pm; price: $50. If you would like to take part in the
celebration, please contact Elaine McDonald: Phone: 416 431 7299 or
Email: [email protected]
We all do enjoy that cup of coffee after the service every
Sunday. It gives us a chance to sit down and have a chat with
old friends, or say hello to people we never met before.
How would you like to help out, by signing up to make coffee
some Sunday? We could really use your help once in a while,
so please sign up on the list in Kongesalen!
If you need some help, or if you have any questions, please
speak to Lilly or Helle. Thank you so much for your help!
Denmark is full of interesting churches, and many of them have stories attached
to them that are fascinating!
Below is the first in a series of photos and history of some of these churches.
Fjenneslev is a small town in Sjælland.
We know that towns with names
ending in “lev” were founded before
the Viking Age started around year
800 - so Fjenneslev is that old!
Most of the “lev” towns were placed
on very good land, as the population
was not yet so big that it was necessary
to use the less fertile land.
Fjenneslev Kirke. Photo: Lone Levesen
Fjenneslev Kirke looks like most other Danish churches - with one very eyecatching exception: It has 2 towers! Why? Well the story is this:
Around the year 1130 the local chief, Asser Rig, had decided to build a new
church in the town. He was often out of town, but his wife, Fru Inge, was a very
capable woman, so when Asser was called to “Leding”, a type of military duty,
before the church was completed, she happily promised to oversee the
construction of the church in his absence. Fru Inge was expecting at the time, so
when Asser was saying his goodbyes he requested that she put a tower on the
church if the baby was a boy, and a spire if it was a girl. He figured that this way
he would be able to tell the gender of the child from a distance upon his return
home. Imagine his surprise when he rounded that hill and saw 2 towers in the
distance: He was the proud father of twin boys: Absalon and Esben Snare!
To tell the truth, there are several parts of this story that have historical flaws, but
that doesn’t make the story less interesting, or the church less beautiful!
July 5
July 12
July 19
July 26
August 2
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August 23
Erik Lars Gibson
Baptised August 1st 2015
Son of Michael and Dana Gibson
Svend Henning Sørensen
Died at the Willowgrove LTC in Ancaster on February 2nd, 2015,
at the age of 81.
Predeceased by Thora Kristine Sørensen in 1999. Loving parent of
three daughters (with spouses): Gitte and Greg, Inger and Brian,
and Linda and Duane.
Grandfather of seven.
Also, greatly missed by loving friend Robin Burroughsford.
Clarke Pickett
Born in Toronto on February 18, 1934.
Passed away at Sunnybrook Hospital on Sunday, August 2, 2015.
He was the beloved husband of Eva, brother of Pat Beatty,
brother-in-law of the late Harold Beatty, as well as a dear uncle to
Jeff, Sandy, Matt and eight grandchildren.
Æret være deres minde !
Tina Broholm Andersen-Parkinson
Born July 21, 1971
Gunner Parkinson
Born May 12, 2009
Benjamin Parkinson
Born April 2, 2012
Passed away suddenly on Wednesday, June 24, 2015.
They will forever be loved and missed by husband and dad Christopher
Parkinson; parents and grandparents Jorn Andersen and Lis Broholm; brother
and uncle Tom (Karri-Anne Read); sister and aunt Gitte Fenger (Mark); nieces
and cousins Kayla and Alexandra; nephew and cousin Mattias; parents in-law
and grandparents Peter and Sandra Parkinson; and sister-in-law and aunt Lesley
Warren (Jon), nieces and cousins Sophie and Sarah.
Tina, Gunner and Benjamin will be greatly missed by other relatives, many
friends, and the community.
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