heroes of the end times - Warhammer World



heroes of the end times - Warhammer World
13TH – 14TH JUNE 2015
Date: 13th - 14th June
Army Size: 2500 points
Number of games: 5
Army Selection: We will be using the army selection
rules presented in the Warhammer rulebook including
all additional End Times content, with an extra 25%
available for Scrolls of Binding. For full details see
Muster your Forces below.
Scenarios in use: Pitched Battle Scenarios
Publications in use: All Warhammer publications
from Games Workshop, including Black Library,
White Dwarf and Warhammer Forge.
Additional: All miniatures in your collection
must be produced by Games Workshop and be
fully assembled, painted and based. Each model
must fully represent what you have presented
on your army lists.
• The Undead Legions - these lords of undeath wish
to see the whole world become an mausoleum as
still as the grave.
• The Last of the Ancients - as they watch the world
that they crafted burn, these warriors must strike
their final blow before it’s too late.
You are fighting for the glory of your faction as
well as personal fortune. At the end of the event, one
faction will be declared victorious and the Old World
declared theirs!
The End Times are coming. The hordes of Chaos
have fallen upon the entire world threatening to
plunge it into madness. The unending legion of the
undead have risen from their eternal slumber.
The world is afire and brother fights against brother.
The Skaven have risen from the underworld and
are spreading disease and death. Nowhere is safe,
no one is safe, the defenders of the innocent have
either left or been killed. Prepare to fight the
forces of the Ruinous Powers. The End Times
are coming.
Since the advent of Archeon armies no longer have
their usual composition - therefore you may choose
any unit from any current Warhammer publication.
The only rule is the combined total cannot exceed 2500
points per army.
When you arrive at Throne of Skulls,we will ask you
to sign up to one of the factions fighting in the End
Times. Any army can sign up for any of the factions;
pick which one below sounds most like your army!
• The Dark Gods - these warriors want nothing more than to bring ruination and Daemonic rule to the world.
• Defenders of the Old World - these stalwart fighters defend hearth and home using faith,
courage and steel as they try to push back the
nightmares from the north.
• The Ravening Hordes - as brutal as they are
heedless, the ravening hordes are taking full
advantage of the End Times to loot, pillage and burn everything they see.
If you want to know more about
Throne of Skulls events CLICK HERE

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