Discover that sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.



Discover that sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.
Moravian Book Shop
Ghost Tour
God’s Acre
Discover that sometimes
the truth is scarier than fiction.
Lehigh Valley has been around for centuries – it was a thriving community
long before America even became a nation. It should be no surprise that the
area is home to an exceptional number of “haunted” locations and more
than a few “true-life” horror stories.
Buckeye Tavern
Paranormal investigating has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity,
thanks in part to television shows like Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Hunters,
Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story and others. Many parts of the country are
being explored for signs of the paranormal. Lehigh Valley is no exception.
Discover Lehigh Valley has partnered with many local destinations to accommodate
paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics. Take care on your journey through the haunted corners of Lehigh Valley.
And remember, sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.
Discover more at if you dare.
Featured Lehigh Valley Haunts
Rumored Haunted Locations
Moravian Book Shop
1758 Moravian Sun Inn
428 Main St., Bethlehem, PA 18018
610-866-5481 •
The Original Ghost Tour of Downtown Bethlehem. Tours begin in October.
Take a candlelit journey into the past and the paranormal. An experienced costumed
tour guide will escort you through the darkened streets of Bethlehem’s Downtown
Historic District with stops and stories at locations reputedly haunted.
610-691-6055 •
Buckeye Tavern
Donegal Square
3741 Brookside Rd., Macungie, PA 18062
610-966-4411 •
Late in the evening, strange noises are often heard and the smell of frying bacon
comes from the basement, where food was prepared long ago. There are two
possibilities for these odd noises and smells – a little girl who died in the tavern,
or an older gentleman who can be sensed on the walkway.
Museum of Indian Culture
2825 Fish Hatchery Rd., Allentown, PA 18103
610-797-2121 •
The sound of loud footsteps and knocking in the library, and a young girl seen carrying
flowers and doors seen swinging back and forth.These are just a few of the unusual
experiences reported in the building. People have also said that they experienced the
feeling of being constantly watched.
Hotel of Horror - Lake House Hotel
Old Route 115 & Cherry Valley Rd., Saylorsburg, PA 18353
570-992-3278 •
Lights Out! You will feel your senses begin to sharpen with every turn as you journey
deeper into the ponderous abyss of the infamous Lake House Hotel. The shadows of
the past live rich inside this turn of the century hotel. Will time slow down around you
long enough so you may hear the breathing whispers of this house?
610-866-1758 •
Braveheart Highland Pub
610-838-6555 •
Colonial Industrial Quarter
610-866-3244 •
God’s Acre
Market St., Bethlehem •
Historic Hotel Bethlehem
610-625-5000 •
610-861-7631 •
Moravian Museum of Bethlehem
610-691-6055 •
No. 9 Mine & Museum
570-645-7074 •
Old Jail Museum
570-325-5259 •
The Sayre Mansion
610-882-2100 •
State Theatre Center for the Arts
610-258-7766 •
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