By Pebbles Westmaas During the trip there were many



By Pebbles Westmaas During the trip there were many
Back on the ferry we had a delicious dinner.
The evening and the trip back went the
same as the trip to England. I leard a lot
and i had a lot of fun.
H3P Trip to York
After the assignments whe had time for
ourselves to shop or visit the chocolate
factory. We visited book stores, game
stores, souvenir shops and some other
shops. Inlos baught a box with fudge, my
parents and I loved it, it was delicious.
By Pebbles Westmaas
During the trip there were many things to
do. Me and my friends went to a band,
visited a shop, hung out at the arcade and
played a cardgame in a cabbin. I shared my
cabbin with Shirley since there were only 6
girls who went on this trip so we had the
whole cabbin for ourself. The cabbins of the
Ferry were really cute, but the beds were
really hard. Luckily i braught my own pillow
because the pillows on the Ferry were really
The first thing we did in york was a tour
through the centre. On our way we passed
by little bettys, a restaurant from a famous
cook, old English book stores, fudge stores
and mutch multinationals like the Disney
store, Lush, Mcdonalts and Some clothing
stores. Our Tour ended at the choclate
On 11/4 we went to york with our class on a
Ferry named "Pride of Hull". The Ferry
braught is to Hull. We left around 9 o'clock
in the afternoon.
After we had Some time for ourselves we
got a ghost-tour. A man showed some
places and told us ghost storyies. It was
really interesting.
The next day, Shirley and I woke up an hour
to earth because our phones stil had the
dutch timezone. The breakfast was
delicious. There were things like toast,
scones, bacon, crumbled egg and more.
After the Tour we had to make some
assignments about york. Almost everyone
went to the mcdonalts for internet haha. We
also did. We had a big group and our group
After we arrived in Hull,
we took a bus to York.
I really enjoyed the view during the bus
trip, though the weather was really bad.

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