Paradores de Turismo - Parador de El Hierro



Paradores de Turismo - Parador de El Hierro
Parador de El Hierro Surroundings
El Hierro Island is bathed by transparent waters, making it ideal
for diving lovers, who each year come from around the world to
discover one of the best seabeds on the planet. It has been
declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and of all the
islands in the Canary Islands archipelago, it is among the most
exotic and virgin. Spring seems never to end here and the green
subtropical vegetation in the fertile areas contrasts with the
fascinating volcanic features on other parts of the island,
including the Parador’s location.
As you travel along a relaxing road bordering the ocean, you will
enjoy unique landscapes. And at the end of your journey, you
will come to the Parador de El Hierro, an invitation to relax that
you will find hard to resist.
Hotels to enjoy the coast or nature
Parador de El Hierro Rooms
How to arrive
The island can be reached by plane from Tenerife and Gran
Canaria, and by boat from Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma.
Las Playas, 15
38910 VALVERDE El Hierro
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
+34 922558036
+34 922558086
[email protected]
27.717.336, -17.958.602
Inés Rodríguez González
Parador de El Hierro Surroundings
The Parador Kitchen
The menu features tapas, larger portions and à la carte dishes,
including the best Canary Islands cheeses and homemade
almogrote (cheese spread). At our restaurant, the ingredients are
the stars. Why not come explore El Hierro through its cuisine?
We look forward to welcoming you.
Opening Hours
Julio Fumero
11:00 - 23:30
29 €
Menú para grupos
07:30 - 10:30
Desde 25 €
13:30 - 15:30
19:30 - 22:00
We recommend that you book by calling +34 922558036 or through the website
10 must-visit sites
• Orchilla Lighthouse: historic location of the zero meridian.
• El Roque de la Bonanza: rock formation.
• La Peña Viewpoint: traditional El Hierro architecture.
• La Casa de Las Quinteras Ethnographic Museum: handicrafts collection.
• El Árbol Garoé: the holy tree of the Bimbaches.
• Lagartario (El Hierro lizard rescue center) and Guinea Ecomuseum.
• Biosphere Reserve: interpretive center and former social club.
Discover the local area
El Hierro is the island with the highest volcano density in the
Canary Islands. It has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere
What to do in the area
• La Restinga hiking route (55 km)
• Bascos Viewpoint (52 km)
• El Golfo Valley (37 km)
• Isora Viewpoints (32 km)
We present our new gastronomic spaces
Pampered Senses
Especia restaurants are Paradores' classic restaurants where we
offer a traditional menu made up of starters, meat courses, fish
courses and desserts.
The perfect homage
Gastronomic mouthfuls
Tamizia restaurants are multifunctional spaces that follow current
The Marmitia restaurants offer an innovative menu with a wide
trends in gastronomy.
variety of dishes so that diners can choose their own
combination of starter, main and dessert.
Monumental and historic hotels
There are places that become travel destinations through which their
history can be discovered: castles, palaces, and old monasteries that
receive you today with all the comforts that only Paradores know how
to offer, but without losing the essence that made them part of our
Hotels to enjoy the coast or nature
Close your eyes and imagine a place far away from the hustle and
bustle of daily life. In a landscape surrounded by evergreen
mountains, a terrace with sea views, a viewing point from which to
observe the flight of the birds over a lake. It is something you have
within reach but still haven't discovered, because this trip is closer
than you think. That getaway to nature is at Paradores.
Urban hotels at the heart of the city
The luxury and the service of Paradores in an urban setting is what
you're looking for. Civia arose to offer a hotel where you don't feel like
you're just passing through. The Civia collection is made up of
Paradores located in the city or nearby where you'll find everything
you need, whatever the reason for your visit.
Find us on
Info and booking
+34 902 54 79 79

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