Commercial Shade Appeal Going Green



Commercial Shade Appeal Going Green
The full line of Aristocrat Products
is available for commercial
installation to bring flair, shade
and energy saving benefits to
your business location!
Window Awnings – provide an
eye-catching distinctive look while saving
on costly energy bills and reducing fading of
interior furnishings. Customize with colors
and your business logo.
Retractable Awnings and
Canopies – Create outdoor seating
for deck or patio areas that are protected
from the sun. Open when you need them,
close when you don’t.
retractable canopy expands warm weather dining at this seaside restaurant.
Call today for more information on our Commercial Shade products.
retractable awning for outdoor seating
Retractable canopy
on swim club pergola
Exterior solar shades – Large
windows are great for bringing light into
commercial spaces, but the light also brings
higher air conditioning costs and exposure
to ultraviolet rays that can fade your interior.
Solar shades can block the sun’s heat and
UV rays when needed, while maintaining
full visibility to the outdoors.
Solar shades on factory windows
To learn more about the Aristocrat Awning experience, call today!
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shade appeal going green
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[ window awnings
shade going green
A hundred years ago, awnings were common on hotels,
office buildings and the grandest of houses for a very
good reason—they shaded patios and terraces for outdoor
comfort, and kept the building interior cool.
Today, rising energy costs have brought back a new
generation of shade products that feature technological
advancements in fabrics, electronics and engineering.
Not only do these products save on energy consumption
and protect you from exposure to harmful ultraviolet
(UV) rays, they look great and add value to your home
or business.
In fact, did you know that awnings and other shade products:
• block harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer by 94%
• reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees
• cut utility bills by as much as 33%
• are the most efficient way to bring shaded comfort to decks and patios
Aristocrat® Awnings, Shades and Canopies combine American
and European fabrics and components to produce beautifully
crafted products truly worthy of their name – ARISTOCRAT.
going green
has never been more
beautiful, efficient or economical!
Aristocrat Awnings
open and close at the
touch of a button
manor awnings unique, fully enclosed retractable unit
Only our premier awning, the Manor, offers a true “full
cassette” system that completely encloses the fabric and
hardware in a handsome, permanently painted case.
• Extruded aluminum cassette completely encloses the awning when retracted
providing total protection
• Front profiles and end caps provide built-in gutter and drainage systems
• Mounts beautifully on house wall, roof or soffit
• Exclusive tray keeps fabric taut while extended and eliminates the need for roller
tube supports that can cause damage
Manual or motorized, with automatic sun and wind sensor options
• No seasonal replacement or removal costs
Security and protection of cassette is ideal for vacation homes
For southern facing windows, awnings
reduce heat gain
by 55-65%
going green
during direct sunlight.
For western exposures, the
reduction is 72-77%.*
*Center for Sustainable Research, University of Minnesota, 2006
Closed awning
estate awnings
Closed awning
Open awning
This popular retractable awning is
engineered and designed to give
you an attractive, durable awning
with features that stand above the rest.
• Front profiles and end caps provide built-in gutter
and drainage systems
On a hot day,
• Mounts beautifully on house wall, roof or soffit
more heat
• Exclusive tray keeps fabric taut while extended
and eliminates the need for roller tube supports,
which can cause damage
comes through
one square foot
of glass than
• Manual or motorized, with automatic sun
and wind sensor option
through an entire
• No seasonal replacement or removal costs
insulated wall.
For over 60 years, a tradition of quality
Retractable Awnings —
professionally installed by
trained technicians – built to
Retractable awnings by Aristocrat are precision made
by Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company. Recognized as
experts in the design, production and installation of
retractable awnings, and known for our dedication to
quality products and customer focus, we continue
to keep abreast of technological changes to give our
customers the most attractive, durable awnings with the
best protection available!
Our distinctive features include:
• All aluminum baked-on enamel and powder-coated finish for
• Stainless steel fasteners covered with plastic caps for durability
Exclusive sewing with translucent GORE™ TENARA® thread— made from 100% expanded PTFE, one of the most chemically resistant substances known, and is therefore backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee to produce seams that last the lifetime of the fabric
• Teflon®-coated bushings for smooth, quiet operation
• No need for painting or lubrication throughout the lifetime of the unit
• A variety of system controls: manual, motorized, wireless remote and
automatic sun and wind detection
• An exclusive fabric collection with hundreds of fabric patterns and colors solids, stripes or tweeds - to create a unique accent on your home
• Solution dyed acrylic fabrics guaranteed against rot and mildew
• Widths starting at 7’ and projection lengths available in six sizes, ranging from
4’11” to 13’ 1”
• Customized shade throughout the day by opening your awning to any desired point up to its full projection length
• Manufacturer’s Limited LIFETIME Transferable Warranty on framework
The BEST Fabric Warranty in the Industry!
12 years on all 685 series fabrics.
a new generation of custom awnings
awning options
window awnings
Choose the model and options that
best suit your needs. Custom
COMFORT with Window Awnings –
manufactured to your specifications.
the Beautiful Energy Savers!
EKO® Awnings
Add a finishing touch to your home or office with Retractable
Window Awnings and Door Canopies from Aristocrat.
Awnings provide cool shade, substantially lowering air
conditioning bills, and protect valuable furnishings and
carpets from fading. They also call attention to your store
or business while sheltering your entrance. All awnings
are backed by a manufacturer’s LIFETIME limited frame
warranty and professionally installed by trained technicians.
Aristocrat quality at an economical price
Manual or motorized operation
Available in widths from 7’9” to 23’ and projections
of 6’11”, 8’6” and 10’2”
SlimFit Awnings
EKO® Awning
Retractable awning engineered with cross-over arms
designed to fit into narrow spaces - and still provide
full coverage
Window / Porch Awnings 4 styles, manual or motorized operation
• Widths as narrow as 4’ 11” up to 14’ 7”
• Retractable Cottage® cassette awnings
• Projections up to 13’ 1”
• Retractable Cottage® drop shades
• Manual or motorized operation
• Traditional fixed frame or fold-up style awnings
• Basket style awnings
Vario Valance
• Gives you extra protection from LOW sun or more privacy
Door Canopies - 2 styles
• Designed to be lowered from the awning’s front bar to the
desired level of comfort
Slim-Fit Awning
• Fabric available with see-through PVC polyester mesh or
solid acrylic
• Traditional style door canopies
• Basket style rounded awnings
cottage® window awnings
Basket Style Door Canopies
Cottage® Window Awnings
Drop Shade for porches
• Manual or motorized operation
Maximum projection of 11’6”
Available for SlimFit and Estate awnings up to 18’ wide
Light Bar Kit
Mood lighting turns your awning
into a nighttime retreat. The light
is built into the front bar and
provides romantic lighting for
elegant outdoor occasions.
• Uses standard T5 fluorescent lights
Vario Valance
• Commercial use—illuminate your entryway and your
company logo
Traditional Window & Door Awnings
retractable canopies
Optional side curtains
Truly unique! These versatile canopies give you
shade when and where you want it.
Aristocrat Retractable Canopies provide a
shady outdoor retreat whenever you
need it. Install anywhere – freestanding,
mounted to a wall or beneath your pergola.
• Available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes to custom fit your space. Join units together to cover large spaces.
• Hundreds of fabric choices for a fabulous look
• Perfect for poolside, hot tubs, patio or balcony
• Outdoor cafés, sidewalk seating
• Ideal under existing pergolas to add shade
Opens effortlessly
• Manual or motorized operation
• Professionally installed by trained technicians
canopy shade Under an existing pergola
Freestanding retractable canopy
exterior solar shades
The MOST EFFICIENT way to block the heat of the
sun is from the outside — BEFORE it has a chance
to heat the window glass!
Solar shades can add privacy and block the sun’s
heat while still providing visibility to the outside.
They pay for themselves year after year in comfort and
reduced air conditioning costs while protecting your
furnishings from harmful UV rays that may cause fading.
Save Energy!
These efficient, motorized exterior shades
truly protect your home from the sun.
• Exterior shades glide along stainless steel rods, cables or heavy duty
aluminum extruded tracks
• Control how much light enters your home by selecting from one of three fabric
types: acrylic exterior awning fabric, PVC-coated polyester or fiberglass screen in hundreds of colors and patterns
• Motorized options for joined units include shared operators which control
all joined shades with one push of a button, or separate operators to give
you flexibility to adjust each shade independently
• White, desert sand or bronze frames
going green
50% of the solar heat
entering a room comes through
the glass…accounting for
approximately 20% of the load
on an air conditioner.*
*American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers.
Great for sunroom windows
Block the sun that
enters your home
Reduce indoor temperatures
Perfect to cover
unusually shaped windows
Add privacy and sun protection

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