our Manifesto



our Manifesto
The Case for
Revolution in
Business Travel.
Business travel is broken.
For too long big organisations have used their
muscle to monopolise the technology, the rates
and the deals, and have held an unfair advantage
over their smaller competitors.
serko.travel is about to
change all that.
Like any revolution, timing is everything. serko.travel
has arrived at the right time with the potential to
make profound change for the people that need it
If your people travel for business, then you need
to read this. Access to the best tech and the best
deals shouldn’t be a privilege only enjoyed by big
corporates. It should be a right enjoyed by any
business of any size, anywhere. And now, thanks
to serko.travel, it is. Read this manifesto and make
up your own mind.
If you like what you see, then there’sonly one thing
to do: Join us.
Business is always
better done face
to face.
Successful businesses understand that there
is nothing more important than simply being
there. Being there demonstrates loyalty to
clients, that you think they’re important.
It shows that you’re committed, that you
value them and their business enough to
show up. For new business, there is no other
way than to be there. Decision makers are
unlikely to find in your favour when you can’t
be bothered gracing the room. Whether it’s
clients or suppliers, opening or closing, at
conferences or trade shows, in boardrooms
or in bars, your chances of success are
exponentially improved by the simple act of
being there. Our sole purpose is to get you
and your business where you need to be.
Because if you’re the little guy, or even just
littler than Big? Then you need to be there.
It’s a simple truth, but hey, that’s how
revolutions start.
The Case for Revolution in Business Travel.
There is
advantage in
being small.
Do you remember that ad
campaign for Avis? “We’re
number two, so we try harder.”
That’s what Little is, and does.
It’s called desire. Little works
harder, because it has something
to prove. There is power in that.
Big has entitlement: it expects
better rates, better access, better
tech. Little has work ethic: better
insight, better service, better
attitude. And now, Little has
access to the same tech that
Big has, too. Big says, “Let
them eat cake.” Little says,
“Pass the cream.”
The Case for Revolution in Business Travel.
not pay-as-you-don’t.
Travel agents are pretty good at what they do. That’s
why they charge you for their services, and up until
now, you’ve been willing to pay. Everyone needs a bit
of help from time to time. But here’s the thing: the
world has changed. Now You, Us, and the Internet
can do pretty much all of the job on our own. There’s
a technical term for this phenomenon: it’s called
“disintermediation.” What it really means is, not paying
the people in the middle who you don’t use, or don’t
use very often. Inside serko.travel, you still have access
to expert advice, but you only pay for it when you need
it. And if you don’t need it, you don’t pay. We think
booking and managing travel should, in essence, be
free. We made up another technical term for this way
of doing business: “Awesome.”
The Case for Revolution in Business Travel.
An end to
bad surprises.
Some surprises are welcome. Others aren’t.
A complementary upgrade from economy
to business is welcome. A business class
fare that should have been economy, or
a trip that should never have been, isn’t.
We believe that the person who holds the
wallet should have the chance to say when
it opens, before the money is spent. That’s
only fair. Here’s that old cake thing again:
they cut, but you choose. For the first time
ever, littler businesses have the visibility
and the flexibility to manage cost surprises
before they happen. The only surprise you’re
going to get from now on is, “I can’t believe
how easy this thing is to use.”
The Case for Revolution in Business Travel.
Stay safe out there.
Your staff are your number one asset. You buy them
expensive office furniture, conduct fire drills, and
do everything else you can to take care of them
at home. So doesn’t it make sense that you’d do
everything you can to take care of them when
they’re on the road, too? With serko.travel, you
can see where everyone is, at any time, so you
can help keep them safe. Things like booking them
into secure hotels, getting airport transfers with
reputable partners, and so on. Imagine how you’d
feel if something happened to one of your staff.
Keeping them safe is a matter of New Zealand and
Australian law, but more importantly, it’s also good
business. And ultimately, good business is what
serko.travel is all about.
The Case for Revolution in Business Travel.
There’s nothing
more personal
than business.
Is letting people book their own business
travel such a revolutionary thing to do?
Maybe not, but it can revolutionise your
business. Giving your staff the freedom
to book or change their itinerary with
a click of their mobile improves their
business travel experience. It also
saves the poor unfortunate back at the
office, who’d done it up until now, huge
amounts of time and effort. In plain talk,
that’s called money. “With great power,
comes great responsibility,” Uncle Ben
tells Peter Parker. We’re not giving your
staff mutant spider powers, but they’ll
appreciate the extra autonomy, and your
business will be better for it.
The Case for Revolution in Business Travel.
Now, join us.
Revolutions happen because people demand
them. We made serko.travel to give your
business the same breaks in business travel
that the big guys get today. You thought you
were already getting the best deal? No. Volume
is power. The more businesses that join, the
more powerful we are. Cheaper flights, better
hotels, more deals, everywhere. If you think
that sounds good, then 1: join us, and 2:
tell everyone else to join us, too. Share this
manifesto: email the link, put it on your coffee
table, put it in your bathroom. Spread the word.
Travel can open up extraordinary opportunities
for businesses to grow and to succeed. Use
this revolution. Be the person that gets offthe
plane, and says, “Veni, vidi, vici.”
The Case for Revolution in Business Travel.

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