2015-2016 DLBA Award Screen Shots (Using BLS Software)



2015-2016 DLBA Award Screen Shots (Using BLS Software)
2015-2016 DLBA Award Screen Shots (Using BLS Software)
As you know, the DLBA is running a one year pilot award program to replace the award
program recently scrapped by the USBC. The following screen shots are the proper way
to setup DLBA specific awards for the 2015-2016 season using BLS software. I believe
even older versions of the software will work the same. Awards can be setup before you
open your league, if you manage multiple leagues OR in the league itself if you manage
only one league. Please feel free to enter these into your software and run the proper
award list with “eliminate duplicates” checked. A quick link to the award report is under
weekly -- awards earned this week --print list of awards. If you want to print all of
your awards year to date (after you set them all up), select tasks –all awards earned
week by week (or alphabetical). Remember, sizes are required for shirt and jacket
awards!! Send your awards to Michele Bouquin when done!! Email me (PJ) if you want
a copy of this article mailed to you for individual use. Current awards are as follows:

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