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Good Health
Chisel your body and get those show
muscles with these workout and
nutrition tips Imran, normally very
lean, has had to bulk up to portray
different looks. Even more
challenging, he’s had to develop
muscle definition. With a regulated
diet and a planned workout, he
achieved both. Take his top tips for
instant results.
Set your target weight before you
start and monitor it constantly
throughout your workout programme.
This will tell you if you need any
modifications and you can make them
Shape your diet based not just on
your objective, but on your metabolic
rate. If you, like Imran, have a high
metabolic rate, opt for a high protein
and high carb diet.
Your metabolic rate will also help you
customise your workout. If you have a
high rate, focus on weights rather than
cardio (which will burn muscle mass
instead of fat).
Do what will keep your body’s
activity levels high, in addition to gym
work. Do martial arts, yoga or sports.
OR THE moment, Imran Khan
seems to be content with his decision to join Bollywood. He’s evaluated his options, considered the
risks and traced his next few steps.
“It’s very important to take your
own decisions, be it about work or your personal life. They may not always be right, but
the fact that you had full control ensures
that you have no regrets later,” he says.
His primary aim is — and has been for some time
— to take charge of life. He says it’s important
because it impacts every aspect of your life — work,
relationships, how you deal with failure and even
Fire up your
Honesty is a word that is often either overrated or
underrated. If it’s a work related issue,
we put up being honest on a very high ‘How can you make sure that you do
pedestal, but if it’s a personal situation your best and give it your all?’
being honest becomes subjective! In
actuality, there is no subjective way of
looking at being honest in your life, work
or personal. Aamir once said, “Suppose Though everyone wants success, havyou’re with someone and their fly is ing a preset measure only sets you up
open. You might decide to not say any- for disillusionment. We tend to have
thing because you don’t want to embar- preconceived notions of what’s right
rass him. But by not saying anything, or what’s wrong, what’s conventional
you’re actually doing him a major dis- and good, and what’s unconventional
service!” If you’re not being upfront, with and bad. But, at times it’s the uncona supervisor or, for that matter, with your ventional that works. I grew up with
girlfriend, you’re actually harming your- two fathers and one mother, and of
self. You are damaging an important course we were a different family, but
I don’t think it damaged me in any
Being honest always works, as long as way whatsoever. Rather, I grew up
we don’t put our own spin on it.
with three parents — that’s three
times the people to guide you! It is
very easy for you to use labels such as
right or wrong, but you also have to
I’ve seen success and failure very early on see what parameters you are using to
— from being praised by peers to people give out these labels.
calling me a talentless puppet. But irreAnd, more importantly, who decides
spective of what anyone says, I know them? The only person who knows
whatever I did — and will do — is my own what will and won’t work for you is
choice and whether I succeed or fail, I did you. It is very important to never
my best. It is very important to approach approach a job, a situation or a
any task without a preset notion. You relationship with fixed ideas and
have to approach it with only one idea: notions.
Why do some feel
more pain than others
CONTRARY to popular
belief, most people
have a similar pain
threshold, says Dr
Charles Pither, a
consultant in pain
medicine and
medical director of
the Real Health
Institute in London.
‘How we tolerate this
pain is where we all differ. Our
perception of pain is influenced by
fears, beliefs, expectations and mood.
Some people have a more anxious
nature, so worry more about the
pain’s cause. Depressed people tend to
feel pain more than those who are less
anxious. Patients who are anxious
about pain after surgery (often due a
bad experience) tend to need more
morphine. Expecting to feel pain again
raises how much pain they actually
My girlfriend and I have been together
for nearly six years. If you ask me how
we’re making it work, I’ll tell you that
when you meet someone who you want
to be with, you make it work at any
cost! Monogamy is a personal prerogative, and there are no secrets behind it.
But, yes, you need to talk, talk and talk
to make a relationship work. Attraction
can only be the reason for so long.
Before claims of vanity are bandied, no
one can deny that physical appearance is
very important in our lives. It also plays
a part in our career — if you are out of
shape, it does make an impact on how
you are evaluated. A fit body emphasises
that you respect yourself enough to put
in the effort, which also speaks volumes
of your dedication, your self confidence
and your trust in your own abilities.
My approach to fitness is more general.
When I’m not working on a movie, I hit
the gym three or at the most four times
a week, and do a full body training session. My aim is to keep my body fit and
agile, so I try and reach an optimum
balance in the gym. I’m also heavily
into adventure sports — in fact, I used
to skateboard a lot, but then I busted
one of my knees.
Yet, I still try and squeeze in time for
snowboarding, windsurfing, whenever
the opportunity presents itself!
Fitness needs to be approached with
not only shaping up or wanting to look
a certain way, but also with a focus on
having fun.
Because if you don’t enjoy it, you will
never stick to a fitness routine no matter how much you need it.
Words: Aaron Rohan George
Photo: Courtesy of Shree
Ashtavinayak Cine Vision