Lauren Abrahams - UW Study Abroad



Lauren Abrahams - UW Study Abroad
Townsville, AustraLia
Lauren Abrahams
Lauren’s Majors: Geological Engineering, Environmental
Program: James Cook University, Fall
Academic Life: The classroom experience was unlike any other.
Certain things were typical such as having a lecture hall with
an Australian professor and tutorials (discussions) every week.
Most of my classmates were Australian; however, there is a
large population of international students at JCU. I strongly
suggest you take an Australian biodiversity or ecology class
even if it is outside your major. In these courses your professor
will bring in live animals and these courses also include field
trips into the Australian rainforest.
Advice for Someone Considering James Cook Univ: When
you wake up in the morning you will see the rainbow lorikeets
singing and wallaby jumping around outside your bedroom
window. The average day will consist of 77 degree weather
and at least 10 things you would never have been exposed to
in your life in the U.S. JCU offered so many opportunities for
students to experience what it means to be an Australian. It’s an
opportunity of a lifetime and you will not regret it.
What Lauren Learned About Herself: Never before in my
life would I have imagined catching geckos or holding a snake.
Never before did I think it would be possible to leave behind
all the comforts of home and travel abroad without my family.
But as a result, I have gained so much independence, courage,
self-confidence, all while having the most fun I have ever
experienced. Once I stepped out of my comfort zone and let
go of my fears of the unknown, I was rewarded with memories
and experiences that changed the way I view the world. I
wish I could have stayed longer and I am eager to find a new
country to explore.
106 Red Gym / p. (608) 265-6329 /
e. [email protected] / skype: peeradvisor.studyabroad
Lauren petting a koala in Queensland,
the only territory where you can still hold
“It’s not every day that
you get the opportunity
to travel and experience
a whole new world.”

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