St. Clare Pharmacy - St. Mary Medical Center



St. Clare Pharmacy - St. Mary Medical Center
One-Stop Shopping
In addition to prescription medicines, the 900-square-foot
St. Clare Pharmacy is stocked with a variety of specialized
healthcare products. The current inventory includes vitamins
and dietary supplements, smoking-cessation aids, wound
care bandages and supplies, diabetes-care and orthopedicsupport products, eye drops, and more. Over-the-counter
medicines for the treatment of allergies, indigestion, arthritis,
headaches, and other common health conditions also are
available for purchase at the St. Clare Pharmacy.
St. Clare Pharmacy
The St. Clare Pharmacy is a convenient place to quickly
fill prescriptions and buy over-the-counter medicines
and select healthcare products. You’ll find the St. Clare
Pharmacy in the concourse of the St. Clare Medical
Building on the campus of St. Mary Medical Center.
The pharmacy and retail store is open to the general
public, St. Mary Medical Center colleagues, patients
who need to fill a prescription upon discharge from the
hospital or following outpatient surgery, and people
under the care of physicians in the St. Clare and Medical
Office Buildings. Most major insurance plans, including
Medicare, will be accepted at the St. Clare Pharmacy.
Friendly, Expert Staff
The St. Clare Pharmacy is staffed by experienced
pharmacists and associates who take great pride in
providing the highest levels of professional, friendly, and
prompt service. A private consultation area is available
for pharmacists to meet individually with customers to
answer questions or concerns about medications.
The pharmacy can special order prescription medicines,
medical devices, and other healthcare aids that are not
routinely stocked.
Advanced Pharmacy Technologies
The St. Clare Pharmacy incorporates
state-of-the-art patient safety and
privacy systems to ensure the
highest standards of quality care.
Pharmacy records are able to be
integrated with St. Mary Medical
Center’s electronic medical records
system, providing a complete
medication record which is a critical
patient-safety standard. Advanced bar-code technology
ensures strict and accurate inventory control for increased
efficiency and safety.
In addition, the pharmacy accepts
electronic prescriptions from
physicians’ offices (e-prescribing),
and has a dedicated 24-hour
telephone line through which
patients and physician offices
can order prescription refills at
215.710.7427 (PHAR).
Free Disposal of Empty Vials,
Expired Medications
As a free service to the community,
the St. Clare Pharmacy offers
a state-of-the-art plastic
vial shredder to dispose of
used medication containers,
which protects confidential
patient information and the
environment by recycling the
shredded byproducts. In addition,
community members are strongly
encouraged to bring in unused
and outdated medications for
environmentally safe disposal by
the pharmacy.
St. Clare Pharmacy
Hours of Service
Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
Pharmacy customers can conveniently park in the
free parking garage adjacent to the St. Clare Medical
Building on the hospital’s Langhorne campus.
St. Clare Medical Building
1203 Langhorne–Newtown Road
Langhorne, PA 19047
215.710.7427 (PHAR)
215.710.7434 fax
St. Clare Pharmacy

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