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EDA Receives
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Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce
revised newsletter policy
New Mobile Phone Laws
Temecula Mall Update
Myrna Crowther
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Your Murrieta Branch
At the Sam’s Club Shopping Center
40484 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd., Murrieta, CA 92563
(951) 816-3600
In this
26790 Ynez Court, Temecula, CA 92591
Phone: 951.676.5090 Fax: 951.694.0201
Email : [email protected]
Mission Statement
The mission of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce is to promote the economic
environment of all member businesses and by so doing will support the programs
which preserve and improve the quality of life.
Chairman of the Board — Stan Harter, Reid & Hellyer, A Professional Corporation
First Vice Chairman — Kelly Daniels Neu, Premier Marketing/Valley Events
Second Vice Chairman —
­ Isaac Lizarraga, Rancho Ford Lincoln Mercury
Treasurer — Bette Endresen, Artist Touch Art & Frame Studio
Secretary ­— Janet Scott Beck, Countrywide Home Loans
Tomi Arbogast, Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association
Nancy Austin, Austin-Brockett, LLC
Tony Berardino, Cornerstone E & S Insurance Services
Dan Brunell, Dearborn West, LLC
Richard Ellis, Southwest Healthcare System
Art Fleming, Prestige Developers ,Inc.
Dennis Frank, D.R. Frank & Associates
Ron Guerriero, Edge Development, Inc.
Jeff Kurtz, The Promenade In Temecula
Rusty Manning, A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure
Amy Minniear, Pechanga Development Corporation
Tom Paradis, The Press-Enterprise
Karen Roberts, Kaiser Permanente
Bill Seltzer, Temecula Valley Golf School
Donna Wilder, Mt. San Jacinto Community College
Roger Ziemer, The Gas Company
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Join the TVCC on a trip to Washington D.C.
City News
Powering California’s Future
New &
Renewing Members
Ribbon Cuttings
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Management Team
Alice Sullivan, President CEO | Laura Turnbow, Chief Operations Officer
Kimberly Freize-Uhler, Membership Director | Katie Edmonds, Membership Coordinator
Melissa Holm, Special Events | Jennifer Cloud, Special Events
Yvonne Ruiz, Membership Assistant
Lynn Collett, Resource Coordinator | Michelle Barritt, Resource Coordinator
Emily Pulley, Communications Director | Karen Ratkowski, Operations Assistant
Justin Lawler, Creative Director | Jeremy Harris, Legislative Council
Partners in Education
Chair — Lynn Laing, California Coast Credit Union
Legislative Council
Chair — Greg Morrison, Lake Elsinore Municipal Water District
Membership Services
Chair — Jackie Steed, Promotional Experience
Co Chair — Julie Ngo, State Farm
Co Chair — David Paget, Broadview Mortgage.
Co Chair — Adam Ruiz, AR Home Loans Direct, Inc.
Business Development Resources
Chair — Ginny Mulhern, One of a Kind Jewelry
Co Chair — Barak Berlin, Keller Williams
Chair — Tiffany Carreon, The Event Theory
July Networking Events
Power Networking Workshop
5 Minute Networking
Chamber Mixer
Networking Breakfast
Networking Luncheon
Thank You to our Media Sponsors
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Publication Graphic Design
Justin Lawler,
Deadline for text is the 10th of the preceding month, and deadline for inserts is the 10th of the preceding month.
Members wishing to submit articles for upcoming issues of Temecula Today!, please submit to [email protected]
Flyer insert: To reserve space for an insert, please call Alice Sullivan at 951.676.5090
For advertising opportunities please call Emily Pulley 951.676.5090
The opinions and views expressed in Temecula Today! are those of the writer or person interviewed and are
not necessarily those of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerece, its Officers or Board of Directors, the
editor, or the advertisers in Temecula Today! The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerece endorses no
person, political candidate, or opinion unless specifically stated. The publisher accepts advertising on the
condition that at no time shall the publisher’s liability exceed the cost of space involved, and the publisher
is not liable for incidental or consequential damages.
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Temecula Valley Chamber at State Capitol Promoting Priorities
he Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce met in Sacramento at the State Capitol
with four area state legislators that represent the Southwest California region. The
Chamber, along with its regional business advocacy coalition, the Southwest California
Legislative Council, discussed legislative priorities such as workplace flexibility, lifting
regulations on businesses, and transportation infrastructure investments. The Chamber
urged legislators to continue supporting the business community throughout the region.
“We are very lucky to have business friendly legislators in Sacramento who take the time to
listen to our priorities and show great support for the wide range of business related issues
in our region,” stated Alice Sullivan, President and CEO of the Chamber. “They listened
to our concerns and ideas and we all discussed opportunities for possible partnerships
on legislation that will have a positive impact on our business community,” continued
The Chamber met with Assembly Members Kevin Jeffries and John J. Benoit along with
State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth and staff members from State Senator Jim Battin’s
office. The Chamber also discussed its positions on over 25 different pieces of legislation that it is tracking in 2008, including other transportation related issues and the
continuing need for further workers’ compensation reforms. The trip concluded with a
breakfast and speech by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The Chamber also values the role that
its business community plays in impacting change in Sacramento. Businesses
can participate in letter writing campaigns through the advocacy based Web
site, Businesses
can also sign up for a legislative eALERT
that the Chamber emails to its members
to take action on important issues. All
current positions are on the Chamber’s
advocacy website and are available for
reviewing and submitting letters.
Log on to for more information and how you can participate in the
advocacy efforts of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Temecula Valley Chamber Works to Decrease Truck Traffic on Our Freeways
he Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Growth Options for
the 21st Century (Go21), a non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to finding
solutions to our nation’s increasing freight transportation needs. One such solution is a
pair of federally proposed new laws called the Freight Rail Infrastructure Capacity Expansion Act (FRICEA).
The Southwest California region is under the burden of increased freight truck traffic that
allows our highways to crumble and become overburdened. These trucks, as most states
and regions understand, lengthen commute times, frequently endangering other highway
passengers, and add unnecessary pollutants to the environment, as well as reducing the
air quality in the region. Railroads have proven to be safer and cleaner.
The FRICEA legislation (S. 1125 and H.R. 2116) would be a significant step in the right
direction to ensure railways achieve a more equal footing to our highways and waterborne
modes of transportation.
The Chamber believes it is important for elected officials to enact policies that will save
taxpayers’ money, increase opportunities for economic development within our communities, improve our air quality, build a more efficient transportation system, and reduce our
dependence on oil. No time will be better than the present to support the FRICEA. Goods
movement is expected to grow rapidly while the current transportation infrastructure is
deteriorating and insufficient to handle additional loads.
“The FRICEA places a spotlight on the need for expanding our current rail system and
allows for greater rail access in order to move goods more efficiently and help reduce
truck traffic on our Southwest California freeways,” stated Alice Sullivan, President/CEO
of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce. “These federal pieces of legislation will
also provide incentives to businesses to invest in new freight rail infrastructure which will
ultimately expand rail capacity and lead to more grade separations throughout our region,
Sullivan continued.
Log on to for more information and how you can participate in the
advocacy efforts of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Revised Newsletter Content Policy
To Better Serve Our Members the TVCC is Implementing a New Policy Effective August Edition 2008
he use of all submission is at the discretion of the TVCC staff. Submissions may be
edited for content and length. No releases promoting events will be run. To promote
an event, an ad must be purchased. Releases should be newsworthy and interesting to the
TVCC Membership as a whole.
Policy Guidelines for Editorial Content
The editorial content goal for the Temecula Today is to be succinct and business focused.
Articles are accepted from members and should not exceed 400 words. Any article that
exceeds 400 words is subject to editing by the editorial staff, or may be presented as a
two part series.
Articles and headlines may be edited for content, style and language. Sub headings may
be added for clarification.
While members are encouraged to write about their expertise, articles may not advertise,
promote or solicit for the submitting company. Specific company names are not to be used is
the content of the article unless it is deemed materials and necessary by the Editor.
We encourage the submission of pictures that enhance the article. Pictures will be printed
depending upon space or at the discretion of the Editor.
Sources cited within the article should be clearly noted when appropriate either via footnote or explanation within the article.
Acceptance of an article does not guarantee its printing.
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
All editorial content is printed at the discretion of the Editor. All decisions of the Editor are
considered final.
Articles from members or other outside sources will be labeled to indicate the source of the
information and the author’s credentials. An article printed from outside sources does not
constitute an endorsement of the product or information.
Due to space constraints, events listed in the calendar portion of the Temecula Today will
be restricted to Chamber events only.
Advertising Policy
Advertising is accepted from outside sources and will be billed at current advertising rates.
The printing of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement of a product or information.
The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse an advertisement
deemed unsuitable for the publication.
Corrections and Clarifications
We are committed to quickly correcting any factual errors or errors in interpretation. Editorial staff members will address any errors brought to their attention and make an appropriate correction as soon as possible. This includes misspellings as well as factual or
information errors identified in archival articles after they have been published. The goal
is to correct all content so no errors remain in our permanent archive. We also will provide
clarifications in cases where, in our judgment, the wording or the headline on an article
may lead to misinterpretation.
From left to right: Justin Medof, Olivia Biswas, Kyle Perugini, Ashton Savage, Cody Kosycarz, Carlie Baird, Ritesh Gupta, Hannah Boggeln, Jesse Gomez, Marissa Hastings,
Founder Sally Myers and Chair Roxanne Petteway.
Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Student of the Year
he 16th Annual Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Student of the Year
Luncheon was held on Monday, June 10, 2008 at Sizzler Restaurant. During the
luncheon, ten students and their families were honored for their hard work and perseverance. During the past school year the recognized students were chosen as student
of the month. 100 students were recognized throughout the school year. Each Student
of the month was asked to submit an application to the Temecula Valley Chamber of
Commerce showcasing their accomplishments for the past school year.
The Student of the Year award honors outstanding students who demonstrate leadership,
dedication and an admirable strength. Applications were scored by a task force. Scores were
based on the students’ academic honors and awards, community service, athletics and activities, and career and work experience. Each student received a $1,200 scholarship.
The 2008 Students of the Year are:
Jesse Gomez – Chaparral High School
Ritesh Gupta – Great Oak High School
Carlie Baird – Linfield Christian High School
Kyle Perugini –Rancho Vista High School
Justin Medof – Temecula Valley High School
Marissa Hastings – Chaparral High School
Hannah Boggeln – Great Oak High School
Cody Kosycarz – Linfield Christian High School
Ashton Savage – Rancho Vista High School
Olivia Biswas – Temecula Valley High School
The Student of the Year Luncheon would not be possible without the many sponsors that
contribute to the program. The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce would like to thank
the sponsors for seeing the importance of education and the community.
The 2008 Student of the Year Lunch Sponsors were:
Altura Credit Union
California State University San Marcos
CR & R Recycling & Refuse Service
PHS - Professional Hospital Supply
Student of the Year Gift Sponsors were:
M & M Tire Center
Nash Dental Care
Rosa’s Cantina
The Promenade In Temecula
The Student of the Year Scholarship Sponsors were:
1st Centennial Bank
BetterWorld Together Foundation
Grubb & Ellis/WestMar Commercial Brokerage, Inc.
Pacific Western Bank
The Promenade In Temecula
USA Federal Credit Union
Arrowhead Credit Union
Granite Construction
Mission Oaks National Bank
Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac
Toyota of Temecula Valley
The Chamber would also like to thank the sponsors that contribute to the monthly Student of
the Month luncheons. It is with your generous support that the program has continued for 16
The 2007/2008 Student of the Month Lunch Sponsors were:
Bank of America
California Coast Credit Union
EDGE Development
Granite Construction
Grubb & Ellis/WestMar Commercial Brokerage, Inc.
M & M Tire Center
North Island Credit Union
Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac
Rancho Ford Lincoln Mercury
Ryland Homes of California
Sizzler/BMW Management
Stadium Pizza
Southern California Edison
Temecula Noon Rotary
Temecula Valley Optometry
The Garrett Group, LLC
Toyota of Temecula Valley
Visterra Credit Union
USA Federal Credit Union
Wells Fargo Bank – Ynez
Wells Fargo Bank – Butterfield Station
2007/2008 Student of the Month Gift Sponsors were:
Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill
California Coast Credit Union
Castle Amusement Park
In-N-Out Burger
Lake Elsinore Baseball
Mt. San Jacinto College
Richie’s Real American Diner
Robinson Printing
Sizzler Restaurant
Temeku Cinemas
Trevi Entertainment Center
Brunswick Cal Oaks Bowl
Carls Jr.
La Masters of Fine Jewelry
Mulligans Family Fun Center
Rosa’s Cantina
Signature Farms
Stadium Pizza
Temecula Valley Optometry
The Promenade In Temecula
A special thank you to the media sponsors for assisting in promoting this event.
The 2007/2008 Media Sponsors were:
The Californian
City of Temecula
CR & R Recycling & Refuse Service
Group One Productions
Entertainment Roundup
The Press-Enterprise
Temecula Valley Unified School District
Time Warner Cable
Valley News
The Chamber would like to thank Sally Myers and Roxanne Petteway for their commitment and dedication to the Student of the Month program.
For more information about the Student of the Month Program, please contact Jennifer
Cloud at (951) 676-5090 or [email protected]
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
City News
California State University San Marcos Announces Temecula Off-Campus Center
uring the past year, the City of Temecula has been working with California State
University San Marcos (CSUSM) to establish a permanent presence in Temecula.
After researching the area, university officials saw the opportunity to open an off-campus
center based on several factors including the demographics of the region, existing biotech/
medical industry, expansions of several local hospitals and the planned Temecula Hospital
and Medical Center.
California State University San Marcos held a Press Conference on Tuesday, May 27th,
announcing their plans to open up a 15,000 square foot off-campus center located at
27455 Tierra Alta Way in Temecula. The facility will be named: Cal State San Marcos at
Temecula at the Paul Goldring Garrett Institute for Higher Learning.
The Accelerated BS in Nursing, which will begin in August, has a full cohort of 54
participants. CSUSM will offer other fall classes at the Temecula off-campus center which
will begin in October and will include:
Career Development
Pharmacy Technician Program
EKG Technician Certificate
Medical Billing & Coding Certificate
Professional Development
Registered Nurse Refresher
Supervisory Certificate
Employee Management Skills for Lead Workers
Accelerated BS in Nursing
Other Lifelong Learning Institute
Distinguished Lecture Series
Roots of Terrorism
French Impressionism
The Politics of Archaeology
Recent Discoveries in Astronomy
Textile Designs
Interior Design
For more information: or call 951.676.9254.
The Temecula City Council continues to be actively engaged in attracting higher education
institutions to the area. “We are excited to see CSUSM join our community. Providing
higher education opportunities for our residents is important to the Temecula City Council
and we recognize the many economic benefits it brings to our area,” said Mayor Naggar, a
member of the Council’s Higher Education Subcommittee.
Paul Goldring Garrett Institute For Higher Learning California State University San Marcos at Temecula
The City of Temecula is in the process of establishing a 501c(3) non-profit “Higher
Education Foundation.” The Foundation’s primary focus will be capital fund raising for
supporting higher education. Mr. Paul Goldring Garrett, Founder and Chairman of The
Garrett Group LLC and BetterWorld Together Foundation, will provide the first contribution
to the Foundation by donating a $250,000 grant in support of the immediate opportunity
to locate and commence operations in the city.
Universal Health Systems and Southwest Healthcare System Rancho Springs are looking
forward to building a strong long-term relationship with CSUSM and their nursing program.
Rancho Springs and Inland Valley medical centers will serve as clinical training centers for
the nursing students attending the Temecula off-campus center.
The City of Temecula welcomes California State University San Marcos and is pleased
to have them as a key higher education partner in our community. “Additional higher
education offerings will allow Temecula to maintain its quality of life and allow the city’s
neighborhoods and businesses to continue to draw high-paid, well-educated residents
and employees,” said Council Member Chuck Washington a member of the City’s Higher
Education Subcommittee.
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Mr. Paul Garrett providing a pledged grant to Mayor Mike Naggar for $250,000.
2008 Economic Forecast
Moving Forward
Local Firms Join Forces to Offer
Comprehensive Computer Solutions for
Southwest Riverside County
lite Systems Integrators, Inc., an Escondido-based computer network integrator,
announced a merger with Apples and Jack Rabbits, a Temecula-based computer
services company, offering complementary services.
ver 400 people attended the 2008 Economic Forecast, presented by John Husing,
Ph.D., at Pechanga Resort & Casino on June 26. For a copy of Dr. Husing presentation or the Temecula City Manager’s presentation, go to, “Events” then
Stay Cool this Summer at The
Yogurt Factory
he Yogurt Factory hosted their grand opening and is looking forward to serving the
many customers they have met. There are over 38 toppings and 10 flavors of yogurt
to choose from daily, with flavors changing frequently to give a varied selection.
Family owned and run, managers/owners Kimberly Calderon and Melanie Hood are
concentrating on excellent customer service and making Yogurt Factory a fun place to
enjoy healthy treats. The Calderon and Hood families are anxious to be of service in the
community too by holding fundraisers and helping out when they can.
Open Monday through Saturday 10:30a.m. – 10p.m., Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Yogurt
Factory is located in the Rancho Temecula Town Center, 39694 Winchester Rd., Suite A,
Corner of Winchester Rd and Nicolas, Temecula, CA 92591 next to LA Fitness. They can be
reached at 951-506-4242 or [email protected]
Vitalgift Tissue Service
n March 2006, VitalGift Tissue Services, a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization, accredited
by the America Association of tissue Banks (AATB) and licensed by the FDA, opened its
doors to meet an ever increasing critical demand. W. Denis Nurmela, CEO of VitalGift made the
decision to start the company after its predecessor Southeast Tissue Alliance, SETA, decided to
close its West Coast Operations and concentrate on the core business in Florida. SETA honored
the wishes of over 800 families in its six year run in California; and once they left the area,
options for donation were drastically limited and for some families the options were removed.
With 20 years of background in surgery services, Denis has witnessed for himself the miracle
of donation and transplantation and hoped that he could be part of offering this gift to more
patients in need.
Tissue donation gives hope to thousands of people with cancer, severe burns, trauma and
other life threatening and life altering diseases and illness. Imagine what this gift can do for a
child in need of a heart valve; for the blind or for patients suffering from trauma or injury. This
selfless and generous donation can help between fifty and one hundred patients in need.
VitalGift Tissue Services has now taken on the mission to provide and expand the options
available to families in Southern California. Without VitalGift, many thousands of tissue
recipients would not receive this vital gift… and hundreds of donor families would not be
afforded the option to exercise their right to donate the gift of life.
If you would like more information about this valuable service, you can visit their offices at
2091 W. Florida Ave., Suite 205 in Hemet. Check out their website at to
learn more. The phone number is (888) 601-GIFT.
Elite Systems Integrators, Inc. (ESI) is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Microsoft
Small Business Specialist, specializing in network infrastructure and business intelligence solutions; and Apples and Jack Rabbits, Inc. is Apple Certified, focusing on Macintosh systems and data recovery. This alliance will provide Southwest Riverside County
with a one-stop shop for computer networking solutions. “We have worked closely over
the last year, making cross-referrals to ensure our respective clients received the best
service possible and this is a natural step to continue giving the first-class service our
clients have come to enjoy” stated Rick Risner, President of ESI.
Michelle Deskin, co-owner of Apples and Jack Rabbits, is pleased to join the ESI team,
proclaiming “My real passion is connecting people. This will allow me to get out of the
office and do what I enjoy most, which is helping people!” Mrs. Deskin will assume the
position of Marketing Coordinator for Riverside County.
“Michelle is a natural born networker and she genuinely wants to help people,” added Mr.
Risner. “She did a marvelous job building up Apples and Jack Rabbits. We couldn’t be
happier to have her on our team.” The transition began June 1st and be completed over
the summer months; and will continue doing business under the ESI brand.
Elite Systems Integrators, Inc. is a leading network integrator to organizations across the
U.S., the United Kingdom, Australia, and Mexico. ESI specializes in offering advanced
networking infrastructure and business intelligence. For more information, visit us at or call 866.461.1789.
Meritage at Callaway Now Open
restaurant rich in tradition and excellence,
Meritage at Callaway perfectly describes
the legacy of Callaway Vineyard & Winery. Since
1969, Callaway has been recognized as a leader
in producing quality wines in the Temecula Valley.
The word “Meritage” is a combination of the words
“merit” meaning “superior quality” and “heritage”
meaning “tradition” and was created as a recognizable name associated with high
quality blended wines. Meritage at Callaway applies this high quality concept of pairing
food and wine to create the perfect dining experience.
Boasting spectacular panoramic vineyard and hillside views, the multi-tiered arbor
terrace offers an outdoor dining experience unparalleled in Temecula wine country.
Executive Chef, Michael Henry, has designed an exciting Tapas menu with a Mediterranean
flare. The cuisine will be based on the “small plate” concept of big flavor and variety,
with menu selections being paired with the best of what Callaway Winery offers. Order
one or several, then enjoy them like the Spanish do – with a glass of wine and a relaxed
Meritage at Callaway offers a selection of daily specials, as well as on-site catering for
private events and weddings.
Hailing from coastal New Jersey, Meritage at Callaway’s Executive Chef, Michael Henry,
was lured into the culinary world at age 13, cooking at restaurants along the Jersey Shore.
Michael realized his passion and enthusiasm for food, leading him to Johnson and Wales
University and eventually an apprenticeship in an upscale local Italian restaurant.
At Meritage at Callaway, Michael’s goal is to create diverse, seasonal menus that
accentuate Callaway’s long history of fine Temecula wine. Michael hopes to meld all he
has seen, tasted and experienced into soulful memories for all who dine here.
Join us every Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings from 5 - 8pm for our Chef’s Wine
& Food Tasting menu or a la carte tapas menu . Reservations suggested for the Chef’s
Tasting Menu. For reservations or more information, please call 951-587-8889 or
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Take a closer look
 College prep K-12
 Commitment to
Christ in all we do
 Safe and secure
 Attention &
nurturing your child
 Expert, personalized college
 Generous Tuition Assistance
at Linfield
3 1 9 5 0 Pa u b a Ro a d
Chamber Spotlight Sponsored by:
Te m e c u l a , C A
w w w. l i n f i e l d . c o m
Volunteer Businesses of the Month
Chamber Spotlight
Mystery Shopper
Tom Paradis
The Press-Enterprise
Boojum Institute for Experiential
Murrieta Day Spa
LouEllen Ficke
Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley
Thank you for your continued support
(Silver Level: Rancho Ford Lincoln Mercury)
Founding Benefactors
Platinum Level
Abbott Vascular, Pechanga Resort & Casino
Gold Level
Community Little Book, Southwest Healthcare System
Silver Level
Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac, Rancho Ford Lincoln Mercury
Silver Members
The Law Offices of Rosenstein & Hitzeman, AAPLC
North Island Credit Union
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Interested in becoming a member
of the Chairman’s Elite Circle?
Contact the Chamber at
951.676.5090 or
[email protected]
Computerman Tips on Defensive Computing
efensive Computing is the art of defending your computer from the bad guys. Bad
guys in computer terms are spyware, viruses, and cookies. Each of these bad guys
influences your computer in different ways. Having teenagers in my home, I have to be very
diligent about my computer’s defenses. For instance, my teenagers like to surf the web,
download programs, games, videos, pictures, and music. Much to my distress, many of the
bad guys live here in this “free” internet world.
Spyware is computer software that is installed unwittingly on any type of computer
through installation of these different programs. Spyware can slow your computer
down, redirect your computer to websites the creators of the spyware want you to visit,
divert your viewing to advertising revenue for them, change your computer home page,
share sensitive and personal information over the web, and inspire lots of pop-up
Spyware first meant hardware used for espionage and began gaining popularity around
the year 2000. According to various surveys by different internet service providers,
most computers are infected with some type of spyware. Computers that routinely use
Internet Explorer are particularly vulnerable to attacks. Another term that has recently
come into its own is Adware. Adware is Spyware that displays advertisements to you
after it spies on what you are looking at on the internet.
As Spyware threats have become increasingly more common, there has been an influx
of “Spyware Removal” programs over the internet. Many of these sites can actually add
more spyware to your computer and ultimately hurt you rather than help. Remedies to
spyware include legitimate programs to block spyware such as Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware.
For severely infected machines, the only remedy may involve backing up the user’s data
and fully reinstall the operating system.
Other choices include using a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Though
no browser is completely guaranteed, it appears that Internet Explorer poses a much
greater risk because of having so many users and having programs that are vulnerable
to attack. Organizations that have a larger network may build firewalls and web proxies
to block access to websites that install spyware. Firewalls can be software or hardware
that can be added to your computer network by a certified network technician.
As the world is changing and technology becomes more and more a necessary part
of our lives, it is important to keep up on all the changing ways it can affect us. If in
doubt, do not download the program. Read licensing agreements carefully and decide
if there are programs that you do not want installed on your computer before you check
the “yes” or “accept” box. In all cases, routinely run your legitimate Spyware removal
program and Virus Scan your computer on a regular basis. If you want more protection,
secure your network by contacting a reputable professional. Although these tricks of the
trade will never completely protect us, it will sure slow them down.
That’s all for now! Up, Up and Away……..
EDA Receives Construction Grant
he Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA) has been selected by the
State of California’s Labor and Workforce Development Agency to receive a competitive
grant allocation in the amount of $466,806.
The Construction Talent Transfer Grant, as proposed by the Economic Development Agency,
is collaborative with the County of San Bernardino. Other partners include both Riverside
& San Bernardino County Work Force Development Boards, The University of California at
Riverside, Riverside and San Bernardino Community Colleges, International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers, Riverside-San Bernardino Building and Construction Trades Council,
AFL-CIO. These organizations have partnered to form the “Inland Counties Construction
Consortium or “ICCC.”
“Unemployed construction workers will be given a skills assessment, literacy training as
needed, pre-apprentice program, and job apprenticeships. It is our plan to give these
workers the bridge training needed for a successful transition from residential construction
into public works projects and/or commercial employment. We will make every effort
possible to get these men and women trained, educated, and returned to our workforce,”
said Robin Zimpfer, Assistant County Executive Officer/ EDA.
For more information on this press release the media is encouraged to call Tom Freeman
at 951-210-7312 or contact via email at [email protected]
New Mobile Phone Law Creates Additional Liabilities for Businesses
eginning July 1, tens of thousands of drivers in California may be surprised by a $20
ticket for talking on their mobile phone. That’s when the state’s new law goes into
effect. For subsequent offenses, it’s $50.
Separate legislation that becomes law the same day prohibits all drivers under 18 from
using any mobile device at all while driving – emergency calls exempted.
But that’s not the real issue for businesses.
No, the bigger problem is liability. And it could cost businesses much more than $50.
Question: What happens when your employee who is talking on a company issued cell
phone plows into another vehicle, or worse, even causes a fatality?
Answer: Fortunately, this law only applies to the driver of the vehicle. Employers will not
be ticketed or otherwise fined, but if they require employees to use their mobile phones while
driving, or employers are not clear enough in their prohibition of the use of phones, they can
be held liable for costs associated with car accidents while the employee is working.
Question: What happens if your company needs employees to be available in their cars via mobile
phone, such as with salespeople? Should employees be supplied with a hands-free device?
Answer: The law does not provide an answer to this question, but it strongly recommends
against requiring employees to be available by mobile phone while driving, as it exposes
businesses to significant liability. An argument can be made that if hands-free devices
are provided to employees in response to this law, businesses are endorsing the use of
phones while driving and could be held liable.
Question: What if an employee uses a cell phone for personal use while driving to work and
gets injured? Is the employer liable for workers’ compensation benefits?
Answer: This would depend on numerous factors that should be discussed with legal
counsel and insurance carriers. Employers may try to defend against an employee
receiving workers’ comp benefits by claiming the employee engaged in willful misconduct,
but this is a high burden and only is successful in limited circumstances.
Question: And what about the popular push-to-talk phones, are they ok?
Answer: No. The law does, however, provide an exception for those operating a commercial
motor truck or truck tractor (excluding pickups) to use a two-way radio operated by a
“push-to-talk” feature. And a push-to-talk feature attached to a hands-free ear piece or
other hands-free device is acceptable.
Question: Can drivers dial, text or read email while driving?
Answer: The law is unclear on this issue, but if there is an accident when this happens,
your company could be vulnerable to liability.
Question: So what should employers do to prepare for these new laws?
· Consult with legal counsel, particularly if you hire minors and/or have employees who
regularly use their cell phones or are on the road a lot.
· Adopt a clear policy that prohibits the use of any mobile phones while driving.
· Train supervisors and managers to communicate to their staff about the company’s
policy prohibiting the use of mobile phones while driving.
· Discipline employees who violate the policy.
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Promenade Construction update
he Promenade in Temecula, a one-million square-foot regional shopping center, has broken ground on
a new open-air expansion, which will be built between Macy’s and Edwards Cinemas. The expansion
will feature 126,000 square feet of upscale retailers and restaurants in a main street setting featuring
fountains an outside fireplace and shade trees. Other pleasing amenities include a remodeled Plaza that
will feature a children’s interactive fountain, a built in stage for entertainment, as well as a lawn area!
The expansion will also include the construction of two new multi-level parking structures which will serve
customers visiting both the existing mall and the new lifestyle center. The first of the two parking structures
opened in May 2008. The parking structure is a five level structure that features over 900 parking spaces
as well as elegant lobbies adorned with chandleries. As a courtesy to Macy’s guest, free valet parking is
available at Macy’s with proof of purchase from Macy’s.
The first retailers committed to the new open-air component at The Promenade in Temecula include PF
Changs China Bistro, Coldwater Creek, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma
“Fantastic retailers and restaurants are coming to our open-air expansion at The Promenade in Temecula
because they know that the community is more than ready for their offerings,” according to Kenneth Lee,
Vice President of Development, West Coast Commercial for Forest City Enterprises. “It will provide our growing community, their friends and families, and Temecula’s large visitor population, with a compelling place
to spend time together, enjoying Temecula’s excellent weather and quality of life.”
Five level parking garage located next to
Edwards Cinema know open for the public.
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Expansion project is under way at The Promenade. Between these two
building will be a additional entrance connecting the new project to
the existing shopping center. The entrance will lead shoppers to the
center court and JCPenney entrance.
Second parking garage under construction scheduled to open March 2009
Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Website
By Mike Caudill, DRIVEN Media Communications and VYP Media Chair
anna know how to get more traffic to your company web site? Well, without
getting too technical, there are a host of things you can do to make your web site
more efficient. Today’s tip is pretty simple. Each page of your web site is being reviewed
by the search engines out there on the internet. Examples of such search engines would
of course be Google, Yahoo and The search engines deploy something called
web crawlers that continually screen your company web site for updates and changes.
When a change occurs, it’s noted with the search engine and increases your ranking,
thus moving your web site up on the search lists. This is important because you want
your customers or potential customers to see you before the competition! When the site loads, right click on the screen, view page source
and voila…it tells you the meta information.
If you are the one making changes to your web site through a Content Management
System or CMS, it will take you literally five minutes to add information to your meta tabs.
If you don’t use a CMS, then forward this to your Web master and ask them to do this for
you. It might cost, but it’s worth it.
So, that’s today’s tech tip brought to you by the Young Valley Professionals. Next newsletter,
tune in and we’ll give you five tips to keeping your car running smoothly!
How do you do this? Just add more content to your web site on a routine basis. However,
there is another small trick that will really maximize your exposure. Each page you create
for your web site has a series of words that help the web crawler identify your site. These
key words are what truly help elevate your exposure and ranking. The technical term is
meta tabs, but for the purposes of this exercise…just call them key words.
Each month the Chamber will be including
an article from the Valley Young Professionals
(VYP) committee. These tips and articles will
be written by the VYPs from their business perspective and are meant to be useful and interesting to the entire TVCC membership. To learn
more about VYP visit,
If you use your cursor (do this now) and right click on a web site, click the properties
button. When the properties come up, click on view page source. Under page source you
will see the word meta on the left side. Next to it are the key words that describe each and
every page on your web site. Use our web site as an example, type in your web browser
Rising Gas Prices Spark New Demand for 4-Day Workweeks
By Marti Fisher, CalChamber
asoline in California cost $4.63 per gallon this week, more than double
the price of a year ago, according to the Energy Information Administration. In addition, traffic congestion is getting worse and Californians are
increasingly looking for ways to clean up the environment.
More information about establishing an alternative workweek schedule is available in the
CalChamber’s California Labor Law Digest and in Chapter 56, “Alternative Workweek Arrangements,” of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement field enforcement manual
One strategy that would have a positive impact on household gas budgets, commuter
congestion and the environment would be permitting employees to work alternative work
schedules such as four 10-hour days rather than five eight-hour days in a week.
Although the multi-step process can be challenging and cumbersome, it does present an
opportunity for employers to implement 4/10 schedules to benefit their employees and
their business.
Alternative Workweek
Flexible Workweek Legislation
California law allows an employer to implement alternative schedules for all employees
in a specified work unit by following a series of steps, including holding a secret ballot
This year, many local chambers of commerce sponsored AB 2127 (Benoit; R-Bermuda
Dunes), which would have permitted an individual employee in a non-union workplace
to request, and the employer to grant, an alternative workweek schedule without going
through the election process.
Under current Labor Code 511 and following Industrial Welfare Commission wage orders,
employers may institute alternative work schedules if two-thirds of affected employees
agree to the arrangement by secret ballot.
In moving to an alternative work schedule, however, an employer must carefully follow the
rules so as to avoid being subjected to potential lawsuits.
More Information
Information on how to implement an alternative work schedule in accordance with the
current requirements is available on the CalChamber’s HR California website.
Water, Water, Water...
Action Needs to be Taken Now – Both Governor and Local Assemblyman Agree
alifornia is facing a serious water crisis. After two years of below-average rainfall, snowmelt runoff and court-ordered water transfer restrictions, Governor
Schwarzenegger has proclaimed a drought in California and is encouraging all of us to
conserve water through the remainder of this year and into 2009.
This crisis highlights the state’s need for a long-term solution to our water supply needs.
It is more important that ever that the Legislature work with Governor Schwarzenegger to
pass a comprehensive plan for the state’s water infrastructure that supplies the water we
drink and fuels our farmers.
That is why Governor Schwarzenegger is leading the effort in our Capitol to pass a water infrastructure plan. As part of his budget, he has proposed $11.8 billion to invest in water storage,
Delta sustainability, water stewardship, conservation, and water quality improvement.
Help Governor Schwarzenegger put into place a water plan for California that will keep our
faucets flowing and our farmers growing food for generations to come.
Take Action NOW – visit to email your legislators today and ask them to
work with the Governor to solve California’s water challenges!
California’s farmers and families cannot afford to wait any longer for a real solution!
Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries (R-Lake Elsinore) applauds Governor Schwarzenegger for signing an executive order declaring a drought and calling for concerted state action to conserve
water and better coordinate efforts by local water districts and agencies to deal with water
shortages. “I would like to thank the Governor for his continued focus on the current and
long-term shortages of water in California. Two of the areas hit hardest by this drought
are the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego County, both within my district. I welcome
these efforts by the Governor to expedite the release of previously approved bond funds to
local districts to aid in conservation, recycling, and groundwater storage efforts,” said Assemblyman Jeffries.
San Diego County’s critical agriculture industry has also already been hard hit with increased water rates and a mandatory 30% cut in agricultural water usage. Jeffries commented, “as avocado, citrus, and grape growers are forced to stop farming by these drought
restrictions, we will see these orchards and vineyards replaced by homes and other developments that will only use more water. We need to recognize that we are all in this water
shortage together, and must work cooperatively to increase the supply of water in California
so that we can preserve our economy and our way of life.”
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Renewing Members
Thank you to our renewing members.
We encourage doing business with
Chamber members… They care!
A very special welcome to our
New Members
Computer - Training
LTS Computer Training
Michael Bostock
27715 Jefferson Avenue Ste.
Temecula, CA 92590
(951)276-1414 (951)276-1440
Health & Fitness
Recruiting - Military
Palomar Stoneworks
Zumba Freedom
Ed Vasko
Dionne Shigg
US Army
26540 Adams Avenue
Temecula, CA 92591
Capt. Ronald Kitchens
Murrieta, CA 92562
(951)894-7135 (951)894-4261 39628 Winchester Road Ste. J
Temecula, CA 92591
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(760)471-6802 (760)471-7002
Party Equipment Universities
Mt. San Jacinto College
Non Profit
Party Pros Inc.
Temecula Education Complex
California Manufacturing
Tammy Foster
Laurie McLaughlin
Technology Consulting
Temecula, CA 92592
27447 Enterprise Circle West
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690 Knox St. #200
(951)639-5410 8
Torrance, CA 90502
Office Equipment
Priority Mailing Systems, Inc.
Temecula Valley Tansportation Susan Alger
3130-D Inland Empire Blvd.
Emily Falaptino
ING Financial Partners - IndeOntario, CA 91764
27464 Commerce Center Dr.,
(909)466-1655 (909)466-1656 pendent Financial Planner
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(760)522-1240 (760)888-0439
Jeff Baumgarten
Cellular Phones
32605 Temecula Parkway
AT&T Mobility
Medical - Pain ManSte. 314
Melissa Hebron
Temecula, CA 92592
26580 Ynez Road, Ste. A
(951)303-1031 (951)303-1281 Innovative Pain TreatmentTemecula, CA 92591
Richard A. Weiner, M.D.
(951)850-2465 (951)296-9162
Fire & Water Damage Lilly Weidhaas
27412 Enterprise Circle W.
Ste. 101
Swanson Riley CommunicaTemecula, CA 92590
Jim Hoffmans
(951)694-6367 (951)694-1428
PO Box 892336
Tamara Swanson
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33354 Morning View Drive
(951)699-7876 (951)699-7877 Restaurant
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Meritage at Callaway
Michael Henry
Non Profit
Boojum Institute for Experien- 32720 Rancho California Rd.
Temecula, CA 92589
tial Education
(951)587-8889 (951)676-5209
Kurt Merrill
57705 Ramsey Road
Anza, CA 92539
Cougar Vineyard and Winery
Rick Buffington
39870 De Portola Road
Temecula, CA 92592
(951)491-0825 (951)491-0826
Melting Pot Restaurant
Velma Moreno-Bandy
39738 Winchester Road
Temecula, CA 92591
(951)693-2222 (714)288-1091
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
My Community Rewards
Cachi Trejo
PO Box 890357
Temecula, CA 92589
(951)302-1480 (951)302-1241
PayChex Inc.
Gail Cummings
625 E. Carnegie Dr. #150
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Human Resource
Poindexter Consulting Group
Vikita Poindexter
PO Box 890371
Temecula, CA 92589
(951)926-9069 (951)346-3581
Steve Romero Wedding Hair
Steve Romero
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Ana Stratton
40820 Winchester Rd. Ste.
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(951)296-0621 (951)296-0618
Pala Casino Spa and Resort
Alonzo DiCarlo
11154 Highway 76
Pala, CA 92059
(877)946-7252 (760)510-2197
A Balloon Adventure & Wine Tour-Magical Adventures
ABC Child Care Center
Advanced Institute for Plastic Surgery
Advantage Vending Services
Alhambra Group
American Battery Corporation
American Cancer Society
Anderson Association Counseling Services, Inc.
Assistance League of Temecula Valley
Bear Creek Golf Club
Black Angus Steak House
CSC Golf Management - Redhawk Golf
Certified Farmers Markets
Comfort Inn La Estancia
Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley
Commercial Property Brokerage
Concord Communication Group Inc.
Crescent Heights Apartments
D & D Ballooning
DS Waters
Dan Pettus Photography
Eagle Glen Golf Club
Elite Community Management
Empire Pageants
Employer Services
Exit Realty Select
Falkner Winery
Financial Accounting Services, Inc.
Gentry Studio
HD Vest Investment Services
Harry’s Pacific Grill
Hearts Home Farm
Hendricks & Partners
Hydro-Scape Products, Inc.
J.G. Stouse Constructors,Inc.
Joseph Carroll Photography
Keller Williams Realty - Barak Berlin
LPL Financial La Pointe Private Client Group
Lake Elsinore Outlets
Lincoln Financial Securities
Linfield Christian School
Magic Hand Dental
McCabe’s Nursery & Landscape Construction
Merit Property Management, Inc.
Money Matters
Mountain View Community Church
Nelson Development Murrieta Executive Suites
New Life Ultrasound, Inc. - 3D/4D Imaging Studio
Nigro Nigro & White, PC
Outback Steakhouse
Premier Marketing
Primo Stones Marble & Granite
Quality Nissan Of Temecula
Rancho Army-Navy Store
Rancho Self Storage
Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.
SCEGA Gymnastics
San Diego County Credit Union
Schafer Group, Inc.
Select Personnel Services
Shred and Go
Southern Calif. Hydroseed Inc
State Farm Insurance Agent Julie Ngo
Temecula Flower Corral
Temecula Valley Custom Pools, Inc.
Temecula Valley News
Temecula Valley Pipe & Supply
Temecula Winnelson Co.
The Press-Enterprise
The Trick Shop
Town and Country Towing
Trinity Worldwide Reprographics ( Rosenow Copies)
Vail Lake Resort
Valley Blood Services
Volt Services Group
Vanik, Marlene
Wachovia Securities
West Coast Chauffeur & Transportation
Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)
YMCA Southwest Family
Yankee Caulfield Photography
Temecula Valley
Ribbon Cuttings
Temecula Recycling
Elven Moshi
27635 Diaz Road
Temecula, CA 92590
White Lime Frozen Yogurt
Hannah Hong
41493 Margarita Road, #106-B
Temecula, CA 92591
Law Offices of Dennis F.
Fabozzi, APC
Dennis Fabozzi
41955 Fourth Street, Ste. 300
Temecula, CA 92590
Prestige Developers, Inc. (PDI)
Art Fleming
43471 Ridge Park Drive,
Suite A
Temecula, CA 92590
Vital Gift Tissue Service
W. Denis Nurmela
2091 W. Florida Ave. #205
Hemet, CA 92545
Mt. San Jacinto CollegeTemecula Education Complex
Laurie McLaughlin
27447 Enterprise Circle West
Temecula, CA 92591
Allie’s Tapas au Vin
Allie Hamlin
41653 Margarita Road
Temecula, CA 92591
Video Adventures
Ken Bennett
22827 Navut Avenue
Wildomar, CA 92595
Kris & Shannon Gaines
Murrieta, CA 92562
Yogurt Factory
Melanie Hood
39694 Winchester Road Ste. A
Temecula, CA 92591
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
The TVCC would again like to
congratulate those recognized at
this year’s Award’s Gala
Sterling Business of the Year - Sterling Rose Limousines
Bronze Business of the Year - Community Little Book
Gold Business of the Year - Wilson Creek Winery
Platinum Business of the Year - Abbott Vascular
Service/Charitable Organization of the Year - Blood Bank of San Bernardino
& Riverside Counties
Citizen of the Year - Terry Gilmore, Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac
Ambassadors of the Year - Jackie Steed, Promotional Experience & David Paget,
Broadview Mortgage
Life Time Achievement Award - Ron Parks
Chairman’s Choice Award - Issac Lizarraga, Rancho Ford Lincoln Mercury
Old Town Temecula!
Old Town Center
Completion expected by the end of 2008
Not just an office……..a way of life!
Approximately 30,000 square foot mixed use, restaurant, retail and office. All steel
construction that emulates four separate zero clearance buildings. Two brick, one
Queen Ann and one Victorian. All of which could have been built between 1850 and
1920. Located in the heart of Old Town Temecula at Front and Fifth St, the design is
painstakingly detailed to capture the ambiance of such unique walking areas as the
San Diego Gas Lamp. The building has been flood proofed to allow the elevation to
be virtually level with the City sidewalk and includes outside seating at the public
walkway only separated with public benches at the same level. Generous balconies
are tastefully sprinkled though out the upper floors overlooking Front and Fifth streets
to cause occupancy to be more of a way of life than just another office.
Already 40% leased, the competitive rates allow tenants to lease or own a piece of
Old Town.
Temecula Today ­| July 2008
Escape for a Day of Pampering
emecula has a new full service day spa
that opened March 8, 2008. Spa Escape
is located at 41653 Margarita Rd. Suite 105,
on the corner of Margarita Road and Overland
Drive in Temecula, CA.
Take a deep breath...walk through their door
and enjoy calming colors, warm wood, and
natural scents. Once checked in, Spa Escape’s
highly trained staff will lead you through an
amazing experience that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Spa Escape
is passionate about their spa and services and believes that once you’ve tried them for
yourself, you’ll feel the same way. Spa Escape is a full service day spa, trained for all your
skincare needs. Pampering services include Aesthetics, Massage, Body Treatments in a
Vichy Shower, Nail care, Waxing, Medical Spa services offering Laser Hair Removal, Laser
Skin Tightening, Acne Therapy, and injectables such as Botox and Restylane.
If you would like more information regarding Spa Escape, please call 951-695-8947, visit our
website at, or e-mail the spa at [email protected]
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