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retriever report - Cecil County Public Schools
4th Marking Period
The Importance of Critical Thinking Skills
Critical thinking enables kids to reason better. It helps them base conclusions on
facts rather than emotions. From puzzles to activities that require analytical reasoning,
there are a variety of ways to encourage kids to use and develop their problemsolving skills. There are many online resources available to support the development
of critical thinking skills. You can also come up with simple activities of your own that
can be used at home. Provoking kids to think out of the box and come up with solutions to challenging activities will always have long-term benefits. Here are a few
Spot Similarities: Choose two objects in the room that don’t appear to have anything
in common (a clock and a sneaker). Ask your child to find at least one thing that’s
similar about them. He/she could say that numbers are printed on both or that each
has “body parts” (the clock has a face and hands, the sneaker has a tongue and a heel).
Flip a Fairy Tale (or other kind of story): Critical thinkers can look at situations
through different lenses. Encourage your child to write a fairy tale from another
character’s point of view.
Be Strategic: Games like checkers, chess, or Connect Four build thinking skills. Play
some of these together, and share your thought process: “If I move here, you’ll probably move there, and then I could capture your piece.” Suggest that your child talk
him or herself through their moves, too. Solo games like Sudoku or Rubik’s Cube can
also make your child a better thinker.
No matter the activity that you choose, it should be fun!
George Whisner, Principal
Elk Neck Elementary School
Elk Neck Elementary
Mr. George Whisner
Mrs. Alison Benner
Assistant Principal
Please see page 2 for
important dates for
the 4th marking
Attention Fourth and Fifth Graders:
Thank you to
everyone who
supported Jump
Rope for Heart.
It was a great
We are pleased to announce that the Elk Neck
Elementary School Running Club for 4th and 5th
grade students is here! If you have submitted a permission
slip and been told by Mr. Gilbert that you are in the club, then
you will meet on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 4:40 pm
beginning on April 3rd and ending on June 5th. If it is raining
at 3:00 pm on a Thursday when Running Club is scheduled, it
will be cancelled. Parents/Guardians will be notified by e-mail
if running club is cancelled. If you do not have e-mail, you will
receive a phone call. Remember to wear comfortable clothes
and shoes for running and to bring a water bottle!
Page 2
April 3
Running club begins for those who
have registered 4:00-4:40 pm
April 4
May 1
June 5
Book Swap
Last day of running club
May 2
June 12
Pre-K to Kilby Cream
MP 4 Awards
May 6
Gr. K-2 9:30-10:00 am
PTA Mtg. 6:30 pm
Gr. 3-5 10:15-10:45 am
May 7
Marking period 4 interim period
June 13
5th Grade Completion
Ceremony 9:30 am
May 12
Read Across America
Laser Show for students
Gr. 1 to Cecil College 11:00 am
Gr. 2 to Hagley Museum all day
April 7
Kindergarten Registration begins
April 8
End of 3rd marking period
April 10
Integrated Arts Showcase
Elkton High School 7 pm
April 15
Marking period 4 interims issued
June 16
Marking Period 4 report cards
Last Day of School for
Spring Pictures
MP 3 report cards issued
April 17
May 16
With 2:00 pm dismissal
Band/Orchestra concert at EHS
Student make-up day
Elk Neck Volunteer Breakfast
Gr. 3 to Herrs
April 11
April 18-21
Spring Holiday -No School
May 13
May 20
May 21
Field Day
April 22
May 26
School Reopens
Pre-K Registration begins
April 23
Memorial Day Holiday
April 24
Gr. 5 trip to Mt. Harmon
April 28
MP 3 Awards
Gr. K-2 9:30-10:00 am
Gr. 3-5 2:45-3:15 pm
No School
May 28
Rain date for Field Day
May 29
Chorus Concert 7:00 pm at
ENES (participating students
should report at 6:30 pm)
Grade 1 to the Maryland Zoo
Have a Safe and
Page 3
Registration Information
Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration for the 2014-2015
School Year
April 7, 2014 has been designated as the beginning of Kindergarten
registration and April 22, 2014 as the beginning of Pre-K registration for
the 2014-2015 school year. Your child will need to be 5 years of age by
September 1, 2014 for Kindergarten and 4 years of age by the same date
for Pre-K. All Pre-K children must be toilet-trained. When you come to
register, please bring your child’s birth certificate, social security card,
immunization records, a bonafide proof of residency, and a parent/
guardian photo ID.
The following items will be accepted for Proof of Residency:
Current property tax bill
Current rental lease agreement
Current utility bill with applicant’s name and service address
(cable, telephone or cell phone bills are not accepted)
Settlement papers, deed or a documentation of residency form
(available from the main office)
If your child is already enrolled in our Pre-K program, then they will
automatically be enrolled into Kindergarten.
Page 4
Notes from the Nurse
Spring Health Tips
Spring time is FINALLY here! For most of us, this means more outdoor activities
(swimming, camping, bike riding, etc.). For parents, this means being extra vigilant to
keep your child safe and healthy.
Here are some tips to keep your child safe and healthy this spring:
 Reduce and treat seasonal allergies. Monitor the pollen count and treat with
 Avoid Lyme disease. Check family members and pets daily for ticks.
 Always supervise your children around the water, even experienced swimmers can
drown. This includes ponds and creeks as well as swimming pools and the ocean.
 Get some sun, but not too much! A few minutes in the sun can boost Vitamin D,
but be sure to apply sunscreen to lower the risk of skin cancer. Reapply often,
particularly after swimming.
 Use insect repellents to prevent bites from mosquitoes and other insects.
 Always wear a helmet when riding a bike or skating.
End of School Medication Pick Up
A parent or guardian must pick up any unused medication by 3:30pm on the last day
of school. No medication will be sent home with students. Additionally, new medication forms for the 2014-2015 school year will be sent home with students currently
taking medication during the day at school. Be sure to take these forms to your
doctor to complete over the summer if your child will require medication during the
school day next year.
Michelle M. Ness, MA, BSN, RN, NCSN
Page 5
It’s almost summer! This school year has zoomed by and the students have made so many
interesting and creative artworks. We still have the fourth marking period to go, and two grades
need your help gathering materials for their upcoming artworks.
First grade will be creating 2D robots using all recyclable materials. We are looking for small
recyclable items to add as details for our robots. Things such as: bottle caps, soda can tabs,
aluminum foil scraps, juice can toppers, plastic baskets, and anything else you can think of!
Two second grade classes will be creating an artwork based on the work of Louise Nevelson.
Those students will need recyclable objects as well, but also any small items you can donate.
Examples of items needed are: old puzzle or game board pieces, shells, letter/number magnets,
anything that is not heavy or large. (The more unique/interesting, the better!)
Lastly, Artsonia has been a great success here at Elk Neck! With your help, we have raised
over $100 to be used towards the art program.
Thank you for another wonderful year and have a fantastic summer!
Ms. Tippett
Six Elk Neck Elementary School fifth graders were selected to sing in the
2014 Cecil County Honors Elementary School Chorus. We extend our
congratulations to:
Angelina Battaglia
Lea Scholz
Kaylin Baumiller
Rachel Wylie
Rachel Katz
Brooke Ayers
Willy Wonka Kids—4th and 5th Grade Chorus
“Willy Wonka Kids” will be performed at Elk Neck Elementary on May 29th at 7pm
(with a 6:30pm report time for students). Three after school rehearsals are planned
for this performance: April 22nd for speaking and vocal soloists only, May 6th for all
students, and May 27th for a full dress rehearsal. After school rehearsals will end at
5:30pm, and all parents must arrange for transportation for their students. Students
must return permission forms to stay after school for rehearsals. Please look for the
permission form to come home soon. We hope to see you at the show!
Ms. Stabley and Mrs. Strange
Page 6
Spring 2014 School Counselor’s Newsletter
Welcome Spring to Elk Neck Elementary School.
We are all looking forward to a relaxing and
refreshing time for you and your family.
As we enter the final season of the school year,
we will focus on personal safety for our students here
at Elk Neck Elementary School. This is a vital unit for our students and an
important aspect of the School Guidance curriculum that is supported by the
Cecil County Public Schools. Safety and survival skills are an important
standard for the American School Counselors Association. Setting boundaries,
personal privacy, and appropriate and inappropriate physical contact will be
the areas covered during this unit.
Your child’s safety is a major focal point for all of us here. If you have any
questions or concerns about the Personal Safety Unit, please feel free to
contact me at school. I will be more than happy to address any issues you
have about these personal safety lessons. If you would like to review the
materials or preview the videos, please contact me.
The end of the school year is an exciting time for all of us here at school,
staff and students alike. It is important that we all remain focused on our
duties and responsibilities to help the school year end on a positive note. If I
can be of any assistance as you plan and prepare your students for an active
summer, please just let me know. Thank you for all you will do to keep your
child learning this summer.
Carlton H. Parker, School Counselor
[email protected]
Page 7
From the Elk Neck PBIS Committee:
Positive Behavior Intervention Support
Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment for all Elk Neck students and staff, where Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness to Learn are a major priority. Positive interventions and supports will be readily available
as we create an excellent learning environment for all.
What is PBIS?
A process used to create an effective learning environment in which students achieve both academic and social
How are we at Elk Neck working to achieve our PBIS goals?
We use both academic and social skill student data, to evaluate areas in which positive behavior and academic
supports are needed. The data is then used to implement programs to help our students achieve their academic and
social skill goals.
Some PBIS programs currently being used at Elk Neck include….
Golden Tickets – Students may receive Golden Tickets for showing Respectful, Responsible and Ready to
Learn Behavior. Golden Tickets are given to students by all Elk Neck staff members, as well as bus drivers,
for doing an extra special job of exhibiting any of our three positive learning behaviors. On Friday morning,
the names of students who have received Golden Tickets are drawn for each grade level. Winning students
are given a choice of many prizes. (Maybe your child has been one of our recent winners.)
Green Zone Celebrations – At the end of each marking period students are able to participate in various
celebrations for attaining their positive behavior goals. In addition to our end of making period celebrations,
spontaneous celebrations occur at least once a month. (Ask your student about our school wide hallway
Going Green in the Cafeteria – During lunch, classrooms receive points for showing appropriate behavior in
the cafeteria. Points are recorded on our football/track field located in the cafeteria. Winning classes are
then rewarded with the opportunity to have lunch as our Finer Diner. (A wonderful dining experience.)
So the next time you have an opportunity to visit Elk Neck, please check out some of the marvelous PBIS programs
we are using to help our WONDERFUL STUDENTS attain their academic and social goals.
Thank You,
The Elk Neck PBIS Committee
Remind Your Student to…
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready to Learn!
Page 8
Dear Families,
This trimester in Pre-K we will be exploring two new themes. The first
theme is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Most of us don’t spend much time
thinking about trash and garbage. We might give the problem some
thought when our community needs a new landfill, a crisis about dangerous
waste arises, or litter gets out of control; but then we often forget about the
ever-present challenge of dealing with garbage. We think studying how to
reduce, reuse, and recycle trash will engage children because they are familiar with and curious about the topic, especially since we are a “green
school!” Our second theme we will be studying is “Balls.” Children are always very interested in balls! They’re curious about different kinds of balls,
how people use balls, what they are made of, what is inside them, and how
high they can bounce. We think balls will make an interesting area of study.
Please keep an eye out for a letter to go home asking for donations for this
As we study both topics, we will learn new concepts and skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, art, and technology. We’ll also be using
thinking skills to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, make predictions,
and test our ideas. We will finish introducing our remaining few letters and
sounds… Ll, Rr, Cc, Qq, Xx, and Yy. Please remember to continue to review
your child’s letter, sight word, and/or number rings in order to help your child
retain the information they are learning at school!
As always, thank you for all you do at home. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us.
Mrs. Handy
Mrs. Young
Page 9
Spring is here and our Kindergarten children are excited about the animals “Down on the Farm.” This
is the title of our new language arts theme. We are comparing city life and country life. We are identifying
animals and their babies. We are also learning how all people’s basic needs are truly met “Down on the
We are so proud of the progress that the children are making with their reading! We are excited to
see the children bringing their Little Reader Books in to share with us! We are happy to see the children
doing so well with their sight words. Please continue to work on these skills at home!
In math, we are beginning to study 3-D shapes. Soon, we will be starting subtraction. Please continue
to review teen numbers at home!
We will be having our annual Egg Hunt in April! Information will be coming soon! As we end the year,
we will be studying “Big Animals.” (ocean and zoo animals) We are planning a field trip to Longwood Gardens in May! Please watch your child’s folder for upcoming details about the trip!
This year has been a wonderful one and we look forward to many great days ahead as we draw closer
to the end of the school year.
As we begin our final marking period, we will be exploring the macro concept “Environment” and will be learning
new and exciting things in all subject areas.
During this marking period, we will be reading stories
about the earth and the importance of our responsibility in
protecting the earth. As we read, we will focus on finding
the main topic and details in the stories. We will continue to
write to share our opinions and to inform people about a
topic, using lots of good details. We will use the five parts
of a good sentence. We ask ourselves these questions:
Does our sentence make sense? Does our sentence have
a subject and a verb? Does it begin with a capital letter and
end with correct punctuation?
In math, we will review 2D and 3D shapes. We will also
explore fractions, dividing shapes into two and four equal
parts. We will solve story problems and find strategies to
solve equations.
Organisms will be our next science inquiry during which
we will investigate different plants and animals and their
needs. Our focus in social studies will be on maps and
Upcoming events for the last months of school include
Fun and Fitness Day and our final field trip for the year.
The trip will be to the Maryland Zoo on May 29th. Please
look for more information to come home as the day gets
closer. Please remind your child that even though warmer
weather has come, there is still learning going on in all of
our classrooms. We will have a fantastic rest of the school
year. We hope that you enjoy your time with families and
friends this summer.
Second Graders are beginning our last concept of “Change.” Your student will be discovering how and why things change across all subject
areas. We would like to encourage your child to
read as much as possible to develop vocabulary,
comprehension, and fluency.
In math, we have been learning many different
strategies for problem solving and discovering
there is more than one way to find a solution.
Encourage your student to share with you their
methods of solving problems. Ask why they
chose that method and how they know it works
to solve the equation. Please continue to practice
math facts with your child.
We are still working on correctly writing cursive letters. Be sure to ask your student to show
you what letters they have been practicing.
In social studies, we are beginning our unit on
“Our Changing World.” Students will be looking
at how transportation, technology, and people
have changed over time.
We are starting our life cycle unit in science.
We will be learning about the parts of various
animals and their life cycles.
This month we will be taking our second field
trip to Hagley Museum. In June, we will be going
to the Fair Hill Nature Center to study insects in
Page 10
It is hard to believe that the school year will be coming to an
end very soon. As we enter our fourth and final marking period,
third graders will be very busy learning many new skills, exploring
new field trip experiences, and participating in projects.
In language arts and social studies, students will be gaining a
better understanding of economics through many fiction and nonfiction texts. These texts will center upon problem solving strategies, scarcity, opportunity costs, and making smart decisions.
Students will even have the opportunity to create a business plan
for their own business that will be shared with the whole third
grade. This will allow students to be producers and consumers.
Third graders will also be examining the production process of a
product. They will see this in action with our upcoming field trip to
Herr’s Chip Factory. Look for more information to come home
regarding this trip in April.
Students will be reviewing multiplication strategies in math
throughout the rest of the school year. Thank you for encouraging
your child to practice these facts at home to prepare for fourth
grade. Students will explore fractions at a deeper level and also
investigate capacity and mass measurements. In addition, we
will be introducing geometry along with area and perimeter.
Spring will bring along with it a great opportunity for our students to investigate structures of life with our science kit. Students will be taking a field trip to Fair Hill Nature Center during
the month of May. The purpose of this field trip will be to explore
living structures including plants and animals. Look for more information to come home about this field trip in May. Third graders will also touch base again with our engineering unit on light.
Now that they have learned more about sound waves from our
last unit, we will be able to make more connections to light and its
Thank you again for all your support at home this school year.
Please encourage your child to practice their math facts over the
summer and visit the local library for many reading resources.
As warm weather approaches, so does
our last marking period. In the fourth
marking period, our macro concept will be
"Perspectives." We will be reading "Tuck
Everlasting" by Natalie Babbitt and finding
different ways to look at situations presented to the characters and the decisions they
make. We will also be discussing the differences between the first and second hand
account of the same event. This will carry
into social studies while discussing Maryland
economics. Students will be introduced to
physics during our “Mechanics of Motion”
unit in science. Students will be working
with measurement and decimals in the upcoming math unit.
With the warm weather comes
increased participation in outdoor activities.
Please make sure students are getting
exercise while balancing their school work.
Spring is finally here! Our last quarter brings lots of activity and learning. We will be taking a couple of field
trips, so be on the lookout for permission slips and additional information to come home. Our fifth graders have
been working hard in our PBIS program, earning rewards, and getting along with each other as well. The next
macro-concept for the fourth marking period is “Perspectives/ethics.” We will focus on the perception and outlook from many different points of view through our reading and writing assignments. During our Revolutionary
War unit, we will explore the many different perspectives developed during this time of change in America.
The fourth unit of study in math for our fifth graders is Measurement and Data. During this unit, students
will be learning about three-dimensional figures (attributes of length, width, and height and this is why they
are referred to as “3-D”), volume (the amount of space a 3-D shape occupies measured in length units, such as
cubic inches), the associative property as it applies to grouping numbers when multiplying, the attributes of a 3D figure used to determine its volume (V=l x w x h), the area of a base can be used to determine the volume of a
figure, how to use place value to make conversions within the metric system, and how to use equivalent measurements to convert within the US customary system.
Page 11
Elk Neck Students in grades 3-5 will participate in fitness testing next month. Here are some questions parents ask about
FITNESSGRAM fitness testing:
Why is fitness testing important?
The FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment is not based on athletic ability but on good health. No matter what your career
path, you will live a happier, more productive life if you are healthy--and physical fitness is vital to overall health. FITNESSGRAM provides accurate and reliable information about your physical condition and how it can be improved.
What can I do to prepare for the fitness test?
 Actively play or move at least five days during the week for at least 60 minutes. Walk, jog, play tennis, play racquetball or
participate in any activity you enjoy.
 Do strength-training activities such as sit-ups, push-ups, modified push-ups or climbing activities 2-3 days each
week. Begin doing as many repetitions as possible and try to increase repetitions gradually.
 Eat a healthy diet by including more fruits and vegetables and reducing fats and sugars.
How will I know if my child is fit?
Each student will receive a computerized printout of his or her test results. These results will be used as a learning tool for
physical fitness.
What fitness areas do the activities test?
Cardio respiratory (Cardiovascular) Endurance: PACER Test: The Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run
Muscular Strength and Endurance: Sit-ups and Push-ups
Flexibility: Sit and reach test
BMI - Body Mass Index: Height & Weight to determine body fat ratio (privately done)
How often is the test administered?
This test will be administered twice a year: spring & fall
Is your child missing a coat, mittens, or sweatshirt? We may have it in our
lost and found! Our box is overflowing and we need your help to match up
these forgotten items with their owners! If you think something may have been
left at school, please have your child check the lost and found shelf in the hall
way next to the office.
Field Day is May 21, 2014
Rain Date is May 28, 2014
If you would like to volunteer, please contact
Mrs. Johnson at [email protected]
Page 12
Second Marking Period Awards
Personal Success Award
Jay McMillan
Keira Morton
Alexandra Ribbentrop
Gabriel Stollings
Ashley Ungarten
Andrew Young
First Grade
Outstanding Academic Achievement
Straight A’s
Garrett Arrowood
Madelyn Foley
Ashleigh Peace
James Ayers
Tyson Gibson
Caleb Pettitt
James Ayers
Landon Knaub
Melody Bandy
Alanna Gregson
Hunter Pettorossi
Melody Bandy
Abigail Langshaw
Faith Blomquist
Corinns Hilmas
Jadon Powell
Nelson Booher
Sarah Long
Maria Blomquist
Kylie Hirneisen
John Reed
Avery Browne
Ayden Morgan
Nelson Booher
Reeve Khanjar
Hayden Ribbentrop
Levi Clark
Haylie Mullins
Ashlyn Boyd
Alena Kirsh
Jordan Roe
Gavin Evans
Ashleigh Peace
Mason Boyd
Landon Knaub
Jada Scholz
Amelia Faragher
Jada Scholz
Avery Browne
Abigail Langshaw
Kirra Scholz
Tyson Gibson
Natalie Smith
Clarissa Casini
Maddison Lawhorn
Natalie Smith
Alanna Gregson
Kendyl Troy
Levin Clark
Sarah Long
Kody Sottnick
Corinna Hilmas
Molly Wilson
Jaycei Clarke
Jacob Longinotti
Elisabeth Talbott
Kylie Hirneisen
Abigayle Wyman
Bronson Cooper
Henry Madrigal
Kelsey Thompson
Reeve Khanjar
Aubrey Zdziech
Tyler Crockett
Madeline McMullen
Kendyl Troy
Alena Kirsh
Sean Escoto
Carli Minear
Owen Ulmer
Sheadon Evans
Ayden Morgan
Molly Wilson
Jake Lacey
Gavin Evans
Haylie Mullins
Abigayle Wyman
Henry Madrigal
Amelia Faragher
Alicia Murray
Aubrey Zdziech
Lillian Pack
Elijah Farr
Personal Success Award
Cameron Pedrick
Elisabeth Talbott
Kelsey Thompson
Page 13
Second Marking Period Awards (continued)
Second Grade
Outstanding Academic Achievement
Straight A’s
Bhini Arora
Madison Haase
Grant Morris
Chloe Benjamin
Katen Hammer
Nathan Patterson
Jacob Blankenship
Alyssa Lively
Jacob Blankenship
Norah Hannum
Madalyn Pelletier
John Cox
Spencer Liverman
William Breitigan
Lauren Higgins
LeeAnn Pugh
Evan England
Ava McMillan
Thomas Button
Emma Hoffman
Sophia Scheffler
Ethan Flaugher
Grant Morris
Sean Conway
Brandon Hokuf
Shane Scholz
Lana Granger
Nathan Patterson
John Cox
Brooks Jacobsen
Alec Smigel
Katen Hammer
LeeAnn Pugh
Darius Cummings
Emmalee Jess-White
Patrick Smith
Lauren Higgins
Patrick Smith
Madelyne Denney
Daniel Katz
Samuel Sullivan
Brooks Jacobsen
Kloey Ternoski
Evan England
Gregory Kosinski
Kloey Ternoski
Daniel Katz
Joseph Wagman
Carmela Ferretti
Rian Krasman
Baylie Thomas
Gregory Kosinski
Maya Wells
Ethan Flaugher
Kaitlyn Lagano
Allyson Van Meter
Rian Krasman
Arielle Wilson
Nicolas Fraikin
Raleigh Leith
Joseph Wagman
Lana Granger
Alyssa Lively
Maya Wells
Jake Lacey
Cameron Pedrick
Aidan Groce
Spencer Liverman
Arielle Wilson
Henry Madrigal
Elisabeth Talbott
Addison Groce
Ava McMillan
Gavin Zhou
Lillian Pack
Kelsey Thompson
Personal Success
Third Grade
Outstanding Academic Achievement
Holly Adams
Caroline Grablis
Alexis Pettorossi
Straight A’s
Cameron Barton
Rayna Guthrie
Madison Roe
Holly Adams
Amber Baumiller
Brin Khanjar
Ashley Roney
Abigail Edwards
Mackenzie Clark
Gavin Kirsh
Alexandra Schaible
Gavin Kirsh
Abigail Cocco
Amber Laird
Richard Snyder
Jayden Martin
Alexander Crowl
Connor Lawton
Alyssa Snyder
Kayla Morton
Abigail Edwards
Jayden Martin
Delaney Stanley
Richard Snyder
Logan Fitzsimmons
Mya McElyea
Avery Webster
Personal Success
Tristan Fleischhacker
Kayla Morton
Celia Wood
Mackenzie Clark
Jeffrey Poore
Jordan Forester
Corey O’Connell
Parker Zhou
William Haase
Kameron Schank
Gabrielle Foster
Elizabeth Pack
Elizabeth Pack
Celia Wood
Page 14
Second Marking Period Awards (continued)
Fourth Grade
Outstanding Academic Achievement
Daivik Arora
Dresden Knaub
David Pugh
Straight A’s
Brynn Barton
Andrew Kosinski
Catherine Roberts
Greyson Carew
Ashley Baumann
Jane Krukosky
Abigail Scheffler
Nathan England
Kaylee Bowman
Elijah Leffew
Jocelyn Scholz
Joseph Funk
Samuel Button
Kaylee Manzella
Corinne Scholz
Megan Harris
Greyson Carew
Allyson McGowan
Noah Slayman
Sarah Jones
Luke Conway
Savannah McMullen
Abrey Sottnick
Andrew Kosinski
Nathan England
Jonathan Meisner
Scarlett VanKirk
David Pugh
Joseph Funk
Brooke Milnor
Carlie Walker
Catherine Roberts
Lauren Haggerty
Breanna Nicodemus
Sydney Webster
Personal Success
Megan Harris
Jenna Peace
Tess Williams
Cole Granger
Jeremiah Leffew
Adam Irwin
Frankie Porter
Jared Williams
Kathy Hoopes
Breanna Nicodemus
Carliegh Johnson
James Prematta
Kayla Zdziech
Elijah Leffew
Abigail Van Meter
Sarah Jones
Fifth Grade
Outstanding Academic Achievement
Straight A’s
Isabella Anderson
Jessa Granger
Donovan Moore
Mia Ayers
Brooke Ayers
Ellia Barrett
Angelina Battaglia
Luke Hammer
Jillian Hoffman
Joshua Intano
Theodore Johnson
Cate Ness
Brooke Pettitt
Sophia Porter
Benjamin Prest
Kaylin Baumiller
Lyrek Cain-Dennis
Aidan Fleischhacker
Jacob Graham
Trent Khanjar
Andrew Krasman
Logan Martin
Lea Scholz
Kaylin Baumiller
Rachel Katz
Isabella Reyes
Luke Hammer
Kyle Slayman
Heidi Blomquist
Trent Khanjar
Aubrey Runyons
Rachel Katz
Keri Stout
Lee Bowman
Lauren Kirsh
Lea Scholz
Jackson Butenewicz
Andrew Krasman
Savannah Sheldon
Lyrek Cain-Dennis
Robert Ladd
Kyle Slayman
Personal Success
Jessica Cox
Octavia Laney
Luke Slayman
Brooke Ayers
Mia Cudmore
Landon Liverman
Keri Stout
Landon Liverman
Aidan Fleischhacker
Logan Martin
Brandon Tolbert
Kale McCoy
Marcus French
Robert McCarnan
Isabel Wells
Saige Thompson
Caitlyn Garvey
Jerry McMillan
Emily Wilson
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