Monday 18th July 2011 - Vandyke Upper School



Monday 18th July 2011 - Vandyke Upper School
Monday 18th July 2011
Another memorable year at Vandyke
Vandyke Voice
This is the final Vandyke Voice of the school
year. It has been a memorable year. The atmosphere around school has been truly excellent and
students have worked very hard throughout the
year. Public examination results are published on
18th August (A Levels) and 25th August (GCSE)
and I look forward to sharing these results with you.
We hold important Information Evenings in September and individual invitations will be posted to
you as soon as the new term begins in September. We hold two sessions each evening beginning
at 6.00pm and 7.15pm. For your diary the dates
are as below:
Year 11 - 13th September
Year 10 - 14th September
Year 9 - 20th September
I hope that you enjoy a lovely
Summer break and that the
weather picks up for us all!
Mr Carroll
special as it is the last time that group of students
can celebrate together and, as we danced into the
night everyone appreciated what a special group it
A Record Number of Year 12 Students was and how strong the relationships were that had
built up over their years at Vandyke and in many
On June 28th - 29th we had our induction course cases, since middle and even lower school!
for the new Year 12 and we are delighted to have
had a record number enrolling. We have had
Head Boy and Head Girl
applications from over 200 students, including over
40 from other schools. Students were in for two Congratulations to our new Head Boy/Girl team,
days meeting their new tutor groups and having who took up their roles this week. The selection
taster lessons for each of their subjects. All process is quite rigorous and includes a ballot of all
students in AS courses are given a task to Sixth Form students and all staff. Following this,
complete over the Summer Holiday to start them the eight students with the most votes go on to
on the more independent way of working in the the interview stage, where they
Sixth Form.
are interviewed by a panel of
students from Years 10-12 led
Any students who were unable to attend need to by Rose Riley (Head Girl 2010make an appointment to collect the work from the 11) and a panel consisting of
Sixth Form office.
Mr Carroll, Ms Kohn and
John McGarvey (Head Boy
We hope everyone has done well in their GCSEs 2010-11).
and look forward to welcoming them into the Sixth
The standard of the applicants
was very high and we have an
Graduation and the Summer Ball
excellent senior student team
who will be led this year by
Last week saw both graduation and the Summer Lizzie Farren (Head Girl) and
Ball for Year 13 leavers. Graduation gave us the Harry Jell (Head Boy); with
opportunity to present students with certificates for deputies Tom Pearce and Nina
Effort and Community Involvement, many of whom Kicul.
received Gold awards for nominations from all of
their subjects. The presentation was followed by a Thanks and best wishes also go to our outgoing
light buffet for staff and students.
team, who did a brilliant job and broke fundraising
records for Both Smile and Music Week. We look
The ball was held at Mentmore Golf Club and was a forward to the new team building on this in 2011-12.
fantastic evening, enjoyed by students and staff
alike. The ball is organised by the students, who
Ms Kohn
fund raise and then plan the decoration of the
Head of Sixth Form
venue and the menu. The evening is particularly
Mr T Carroll
Tel: 01525 636700
Fax: 01525 636701
[email protected]
Vandyke Dance
Showcase 2011
The summer term at Vandyke is without doubt a busy time for both students
and staff alike and with so much going
and so many new things happening,
it is a very important and enjoyable
stage in the year. One of this term’s
highlights was Vandyke’s Dance Showcase held on Tuesday 5th July which
played to a packed theatre of students,
parents and staff.
Students from Years 9 to 13 performed
fourteen different dances which gave
them an ideal opportunity to show their
amazing talent to a captivated audience. All dances were choreographed
by Head of Dance, Miss O’Keefe, and
by GCSE and A Level students.
Dance themes included a powerful,
moving and sensitive interpretation of
the Holocaust, described by local MP
Andrew Selous as ‘one of the most
moving pieces of contemporary
dance I have seen’.
Other pieces included a wonderful
GCSE dance choreographed and performed by Catherine Jell in response
to music by Shostakovich. A level
exam solos were performed by Chloe
Turner, who chose to base her work
on African American History, and Holly
Kirkwood, who produced her dance
using the influences of music by the
Rolling Stones.
performed and choreographed
by our students was simply
outstanding. It was a tribute both to
the students themselves and their
inspirational teacher Miss O’Keefe.
The evening was brought to a brilliant The Dance Showcase has become
finale with the entire dance company an event that everyone looks
performing a lively, retro version of forward to with eager anticipation”
‘Fame’ incorporating all aspects of
dance including tap, ballet, contempo- Clive Curruthers at DE Photo took
some great pictures which are
rary modern and even some disco.
available through their website:
Mr Downey, Assistant Headteacher [email protected]
said “The quality of the dance
Cafe Prices in September
We have just been informed that the company who run our
cafe have announced an increase in their prices for
September. A price increase is, of course, inevitable as
food prices are rising and they have worked hard to minimise the size of the increase. Indeed they have managed
to reduce the price of some items, especially on most sandwiches and hot drinks. We believe that the cafe will continue to provide high quality lunches and good value for
money so it will be the most popular source of lunches for
students. A selection of the new prices is shown below:
Baguettes £1.65 - £1.85
Sandwiches £1.10 - £1.70
Paninis £1.60 - £1.90
Breaktime Grill £0.80 - £1.95
Lunchtime Grill £1.20 - £2.00
Pasta King Products £1.00 - £1.90
Jacket Potatoes £1.00 - £2.00
Savoury Snacks £0.50 - £1.50
Wednesday 20th July
Olympic Sports Festival
Thursday 21st July
Olympic Sports Festival
Friday 22nd July
Last day of Term
School finishes at 12.40pm
Monday 5th September
Training day, no students in school
Tuesday 6th September
Year 9, 10 & 11 in school
Year 12 in school am
Wednesday 7th September
Year 13 in school am
Friday 8th September
Sixth Form lessons start
Fruit Options £0.35 - £0.90
Home Baked Cakes £0.60 - £0.90
Hot Drinks £0.55 - £1.00
We recommend parents to encourage their son or daughter
to eat in the cafe as it provides good value for money. Meal
deals are typically priced around the £2.00 - £2.50 mark and
so students can always pick up a wholesome meal at a fair
price. Parents can also sign up for extra vouchers and offers at the company’s website:
The cafe is rightly very popular with sales running at over
three times the
average. We hope that
students will continue to enjoy an
despite an inevitable price rise.
Last day of term
The final day of term before the Summer break is
Friday 22nd July when school will finish at
School transport will arrive at this
earlier time.
Celebration time at Vandyke
With the academic year coming to a close, students,
parents, staff and governors at Vandyke gathered together
last week to celebrate the outstanding efforts and achievements of Year 9 and 10 students.
the students. “It is an indication of just how many
students are working hard and achieving highly, that we
had to hold four separate ceremonies to accommodate
the huge numbers invited! Is it wonderful to see so
many parents, students, staff and governors sharing in
Over two evenings four separate Hall ceremonies took the real sense of collective pride that was so evident at
place, where well over 300 students received awards for each ceremony.”
outstanding effort and achievement as indicated by their
three termly reports. There were also special awards for Headteacher, Mr Carroll, said “The Awards evenings
sport, drama, dance, art, design technology, music, dance bring the academic year to a close on a
and service to the school and wider community.
real high. It has been another fantastic
year for Vandyke and the whole school
The audiences were entertained by some excellent drama community can leave for the summer
and dance performed by Year 10 GCSE students. Carla break feeling proud of everything that
Fasalo and Saskia McShane performed two superb solo has been achieved and optimistic
about the challenges that lie ahead.
Well done to all”.
Assistant Headteacher, Mr Downey, was full of praise for
Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson Hall Sportswoman of the Year
Sophie Page & Elena Tizzard
Awards for Outstanding Effort
Year 9
Joseph Davies, Daniela De Greco,
Josie Derland, Carly Elliott, Sarah
Goodrum, Georgina Hawkes, Stephanie Hull, Ashley Kaye, Sian Kennett,
Aimee Lack, Joseph Laskowski, Kiera
Lewis, Chloe McGuire, Louise Mizzen,
Sophie Page, Katy Pearce, Katie Saunders, Charlotte Timlick, Megan Tofte,
Kelly Wade, Louise Wilkin, Amber
Williams, Holly Younger.
Year 10
Charlotte Ashton, Lois Barton, Chloe
Boyce, Olivia Cherry, Hannah Cooper,
Sean Doyle, Holly Eggleton, Joseph
Elding, Lauren Elwood, Marcus
Feinhols, Rhiannon Guthrie-Smith,
Ryan Howling, John Keegan, Hayley
Lewis, Daniel Mason, Nicole Mattacks,
Robyn Mercer, Leonie Moore, Melissa
Odwell, Lauren Phillips, Hannah Potter,
Lana Saunders, Daniel Simpson,
Katherine Skinner, Luke Stanbridge,
Ryan Stiles, George Tartaglia, Elena
Tizzard, Samuel Tomkins, Amy Twist,
Angelique Walley, Amber Whales.
Drama Awards
For Acting
Hayley Lewis
Robinson, Oliver Rouch, Emma Selfe,
Daisey Serevena, Thomas Smith, Ryan
Spicer, Paul Stacey, Aria Tabatabai,
Annabella Tartaglia, Bethany Taylor,
Kerry Turney, Emma Tydings, Thomas
Wyatt, Tyler Youlden.
Community Awards
For Student Leadership
For Progress in Stagecraft
Hannah Cooper, Robyn Mercer, Han- Katie Burt, Karl Goodwin, Chloe
nah Potter, Lana Saunders, Katherine Mcguire, Thomas Wyatt
Skinner, Amber Whales,
Sports Awards
Most Improved
Sir Chris Hoy Hall
Molly Calvert, Tilly Lowen, Callum
Read, Harrison Walsh
Awards for Outstanding Effort
Year 9
Sofia Avola, Hannah Becks, Sammy Sporting Excellence
Beharry, Georgia Blease, Elizabeth Tsui-Yee Lau & Oliver Maxwell
Blundell, Joe Boniface, Fintan Bracken,
Kayley Buxton, Iona Channer, Rosie Sportsman of the Year
Crabbe, Chanell Degutis, Hollie Joe Boniface & Paul Stacey
Downes, Joe Ewington, Charlie Gilbert,
Karl Goodwin, Sarah Green, Toby Sportswoman of the Year
Hinds, Joanne Howes, Eleanor Iona Channer & Emma Selfe
Jefferys, Emily Keegan, Tilley Lowen,
Design & Technology Awards
Oliver Maxwell, Jason Norman, Shannon Odwell, Carley Plater, Nicole Charles Rennie Mackintosh Award
Porter, Hannah Roberts, Georgina Callum Read
Roberts, Elizabeth Robinson, Joanna
Sadler, Eva Summerfield, Katharina Harry Beck Award
Community Awards
Aaron Kennedy
Wallace, Harrison Walsh.
For Student Leadership
Year 10
Charlotte Ashton, Elena Tizzard,
Joanna Aquilina, Sophie Bartoszek, Leonardo Da Vinci Award
Amber Williiams
Kye Beaney, Natasha Birnie, Katie Ryan Howling
Burt, Molly Calvert, Stuart Christopher,
Sports Awards
Drama Awards
Andre Clarke, Marcella Clarke, Emma
Most Improved
Olivia Cherry, Marcus Feinhols, Joe Cook, Francesca Dabinett, Kathleen For Acting
Dimmock, Alex Eaton, Shanice Field, Thomas Wyatt
Laskowski, Katy Pearce
Kelly Haddock, Shannon Hartley, Oliver
Hewitt, Melissa Holder, Robert Hooley, For Progress in Stagecraft
Sporting Excellence
Lara James, Sarah Johnson, Aaron Katie Burt, Francesca Dabinett,
Charlotte Ashton & Megan Tofte
Kennedy, Tsui-Yee Lau, Daisy Lond, Shanice Field, Oliver Hewitt, Melissa
Beth Nicholson, Tallulah Nunn, Holder, Rachael Parrott, Natalie
Sportsman of the Year
Rachael Parrott, Ryan Pniewski, Roberts, Daisey Serevena, Kerry
John Keegan
Callum Read, Natalie Roberts, Olivia Turney, Tyler Youlden.
Dame Kelly Holmes Hall
Awards for Outstanding Effort
Year 9
Glen Adams, Vikki Amphlett, Shai
Bannister, Alexander Beilby, Derren
Bellas, Caitlin Blair, Hayley Cosby,
Adam Dell, Harry Digby, Chanice Ellis,
Daniel Fuller, Steven Hardy, Jack
Harriman, Myles Heather, Héloïse Lee,
Jadene Lee, Ellena Lirmanis, Angus
Marshall, Jasmin May, Matthew Nash,
Hannah Pilgrim, Isabella Provenzano,
Jamie Quick, Chloe Reid, Jamie Rose,
Darren Sanderson, Anna Scott, Paige
Sellars, Brigita Seveliovaite, Chloe
Shadbolt, Jessica Thompson, Alice
Till, Joseph Turner, Oliver Vine, Niall
W agner, Natasha W hite, Isobel
Winward, James W orlock, Laura
Wright, Bethany Wright.
Year 10
Paige Archer, Mitchell Bannister,
Jordan Battams, Charlotte Bennett,
Jasmin Devshi, Louise Docherty,
Megan Fryer, Melissa Gomez, Charlotte
Grao, Amy Hake, Ryan Howling, Jamie
Johnson, Alexander Lang, Jordan Lang,
Jake Massingham, Ben Mayles, Saskia
McShane, Minnie Moffat, Charlie
Orlando, Andrew Parker, Devon
Phillips, Jordan Read, Ben Roff, Nicole
Sellars, Sharon Shumbambiri, Joseph
Skingsley, Millie Stevinson, Roksana
Szymanska, Danielle Turney, David
Van Zyl.
Sports Awards
Most Improved
Mitchell Bannister, Chloe Reid, Millie
Stevinson, Joseph Turner.
Sporting Excellence
Jamie Johnson & Darren Sanderson.
Sportsman of the Year
Ben Roff & Niall Wagner.
Sportswoman of the Year
Jasmin May & Minnie Moffat.
Drama Awards
For Acting
Louise Eddy, Carla Fasolo, Jack
Dance Awards
Amy Hake, Saskia McShane, Devon
For Progress in Stagecraft
Connor Lambert
Community Awards
For Student Leadership
Design & Technology Awards
Alexander Lang, Jordan Lang, Héloïse William Morris Award
Lee, Minnie Moffat, Isabella Proven- Connie Onions
zano, Chloe Reid, Joseph Turner.
Clarice Cliff Award
Emma Marks
For Technical Support
Myles Heather
Sports Awards
Most Improved
Brett Freeman, Dana Hoxey, Cathy
Lawless, Daniel Wright.
Sir Stephen Redgrave Hall
Awards for Outstanding Effort
Year 9
Hannah Bartlett, Dominic Bartram,
Shannon Batchelor, Aimie Beaney,
Jack Burgess, Rosie Butcher, Joshua
Causton, Rachel Chambers, Tom
Church, Rosemary Cooley, Billy Flynn,
Brett Freeman, Lewis Gardner, Mitchell
Drama Awards
Greany, Stephanie Grosse, Rhianna
For Acting
Charlotte Bennett, Alexander Lang, Gurney, Sarah Harrington, Mollie
Jordan Lang, Saskia McShane, Ha wk es , D a na H ox e y, T am s in
Minn ie Mof f at, Devo n Ph ill ips , Jay,Jamaul Kassam, Joshua MassJoseph Skingsley.
ingham, Lucy McHugh, Bethany Mills,
Steven Norfolk, Kate Oldham, Georgia
Pengelley, Devon Pollard, Sophie Rae,
For Progress in Stagecraft
Melissa Gomez & Jake Massingham
Mathilda Riley, Jacob Shooter, Sam
Stacey,Ashleigh Taylor, Anthony
Design & Technology Awards
Thomas Telford Award
Jordan Lang
Year 10
Leah Andrew, Ami Barbour, Danielle
Boyle, Keri-Anne Bradley, Elise Burnage, Daniel Callow, Libby Chandler,
Sophie Chapm an- Page, Connor
Davies, Louise Eddy, Carla Fasolo,
Jedd Harding, Bethany Harper, Corrin
Jackson, Victoria Krzywopulski, Connor
Lambert, Jade Lathwell, Cathy Lawless,
Emma Marks, Shelbie Mapeley, Beth
Melvin, Shanice Morgan, Poppy Morris,
Nathaniel Nelson, Connie Onions, Mark
Quick, Niall Rathbone, Enzo Russo,
Nicholas Ryan, Jack
Stacey, Stuart
Till, Amy Wells, Holly Woodman, Daniel
Sporting Excellence
Mitchell Greany & Stuart Till.
Sportsman of the Year
Tom Church & Enzo Russo.
Sportswoman of the Year
Louise Eddy & Sarah Harrington.
Dance Awards
Bethany Harper, Corrin Jackson, Cathy
Lawless, Beth Melvin, Amy Wells, Holly
Community Awards
For Student Leadership
Tom Church, Rosemary Cooley, Louise
Ed d y, Br et t F r eem a n, M itc he ll
Greany, Sarah Harrington, Kate Oldham
For Technical Support
Nicholas Ryan & Jacob Shooter.