Every Child, Inc. Implements Staunton Farm



Every Child, Inc. Implements Staunton Farm
Dear Friends and Supporters of Every Child, Inc.,
Jesse McLean, Jr.
Executive Director
Every Child, Inc.
While our primary agency focus will always be serving families, like many human services
agencies around the country, this past year has challenged us to further question the security of
public funding. Over the past 12 months, we have seen a dramatic shift in how our state funds
are allocated to the human service sector. We were recently notified that our Pregnancy Support
with Trained Doula program will be eliminated from the Department of Human Services budget
as a result of funding cuts from the State. We are currently working diligently on restoration of
some of that funding, through private funding opportunities, in order to continue our
phenomenal work to this vulnerable population. In providing this service, we have been able to
intervene and provide supports for teen mothers who would otherwise struggle desperately for
parenting education, support, case management and access to critical resources. This is an
example of the need for nonprofits to not only advocate for public funding, but to also to take a
close look at program sustainability plans.
While we must be poised—at all times—to adapt to the ever-changing funding environment,
Every Child is thriving. Since last year we have made a smooth transition in leadership from our
founder and past Executive Director, Susan Davis. We thank her for her “visionary leadership.”
She saw the need for an agency like Every Child, Inc. to serve our community. The seeds that she
planted in 1997 continue to flourish.
As of July 1, 2010, Every Child, Inc. assumed control of another agency’s foster care program. This
resulted in a 143% increase our foster care numbers, from twelve placements to forty! We are
excited about this opportunity and look forward to enhancing our relationship with Allegheny
County Department of Human Services.
While our program offerings grow, we are also solidifying our foundation in good management
and governance. We are currently in the process of implementing our strategic plan, which was
developed by our Board of Directors in October 2010. This plan will guide the organization over
the next 4 years. If you have been a longtime friend of Every Child, we hope that you will
continue to follow our evolution as a high quality organization. Next fiscal year we will be in full
pursuit of agency accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA).
Finally, it’s been a pleasure to lead this dynamic organization! We have dedicated and passionate
staff who always keep the children and families as their number one priority! As friends and
supporters of ECI, you share in the creation of life impacting moments for the children and
families to whom we provide services. We have a great opportunity to showcase our work at our
annual Challenge the Champion Gala. This year the event was held on September 17, 2010 at
Heinz Field. Coach Tomlin was a fantastic event chair and a great time was had by all! I look to
see you there next year!
I want to take this opportunity to again thank you for all of your support and your willingness to
be a part of the Every Child, Inc. family!
Every Child provides the opportunity for families to become self-sufficient, to build effective and lasting relationships and to
contribute to safe and stable communities. We are committed to providing services that meet the holistic needs of children
and families—including family support and wellness services, education services and clinical and nonclinical interventions.
Removing Barriers to Service: Pregnancy Support with Trained
Doula for Spanish-speaking Immigrants
Every Child, Inc. (ECI) is putting
a $150,000 grant awarded by The
Heinz Endowments in November
2009 to good use. The grant
allows ECI to enhance services for pregnant women in need. The
purpose of this funding is to provide pregnancy and parenting
support to immigrant, Spanish speaking families. Through this
financial support, pregnant women and teenagers are receiving the
full complement of prenatal and postpartum care for a period of
six months. Each woman receives a bilingual doula for support
and translation needs before, during and after birth. Following the
child’s birth, the doula assists families with getting settled into life
with a baby – they link the woman and her family with physicians,
and help them through the process of completing the necessary
paperwork, in addition to providing resources to meet concrete
needs, such as food and baby equipment. With this program, ECI
is able to ensure that children born of immigrant parents have the
necessary documentation and identification (such as a social
security number).
ECI’s pregnancy support with trained doula service covers every
aspect of need a family might have and helps empower them to
become self sufficient. For this program, any literature the family
needs is translated, and all prenatal appointments are
interpreted by the bilingual doula. Other goals of the project
include: Each infant receives all required immunizations and other
necessary medical services, teenage mothers will return to school,
and families will demonstrate increased knowledge of parenting
skills and community resources.
Not even a year in, the program has been an overwhelming success.
The program was originally designed to serve 20 women, but ECI
has been able to surpass this goal, with 24 currently enrolled
participants. We have also received a very positive response to this
service, as referral sources feel at ease knowing that there is
someone to provide translation services to Spanish-speaking
families, and that they are being supported in their own language at
the time of their child’s birth. This program has seen an increased
participation in services by fathers, compared to previous programs
at ECI. Of the success and overwhelming response to this program,
Teresa Pizzella, Child and Family Services Supervisor, said, “The
funding from this grant enabled Every Child to provide support to
families who previously would not have had access to pregnancy
and parenting services at all, let alone in their own language.
Our bilingual doulas have been able to reach a small portion of
families and there are many others who could benefit from these
Every Child, Inc. Implements Staunton Farm-funded LGBT Youth in Families Initiative
As a result of funds awarded by the Staunton Farm Foundation in
October 2009, Every Child, Inc. (ECI) engaged in a partnership
with Persad Center aimed at improving outcomes for lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and families receiving
services at ECI. The project, called the “LGBT Youth in Families
Initiative,” is a proactive approach to enhancing Every Child’s
capacity to better understand and address the needs to LGBT
youth in the child welfare system.
Persad Center is the nation’s second oldest licensed mental health
center specifically created to serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (LGBT) community.
Evidence shows that LGBT youth are disproportionately prone to
certain risk behaviors, health disparities, anxiety, depression and
suicide attempts, emotional and physical abuse, eating disorders,
homelessness, alcohol and substance abuse, and bullying and hate
crimes. Persad Center provides a variety of programs to support,
encourage, and empower LGBT youth and give them
opportunities to develop their gifts and talents.
At the onset of the two-year project, ECI conducted an Agencywide cultural assessment, which included surveying staff and
reviewing Agency policies and procedures to ensure that they
included LGBT equal rights for employees as well as consumers.
Next, staff participated in LGBT 101 training, with an advanced
curriculum for Clinical Staff. As a result of the training, which
was developed and facilitated by Persad staff, ECI staff
demonstrated increased knowledge of core issues in the LGBT
community as a whole, those relating specifically to children and
families, and ways to enhance the effectiveness of their work
with LGBT youth and families. Denny Falo, Director of Clinical
Services, says that receiving this grant has been invaluable
because “it enhanced our clinical skills to work with a
population that is overlooked and misunderstood.”
ECI expects to sustain a focus on LGBT youth in the child
welfare system beyond the grant-funded period.
Every Child provides the opportunity for families to become self-sufficient, to build effective and lasting relationships and to
contribute to safe and stable communities. We are committed to providing services that meet the holistic needs of children
and families—including family support and wellness services, education services and clinical and nonclinical interventions.
FFYY 22001100 –– 22001111 ((JJU
ULLYY 11,, 22001122 –– JJU
NEE 3300,, 22001111))
Revenues and Other Support
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Total Revenues
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The Alliance for Children and
The Heinz Endowments
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The Pittsburgh Foundation
Community Education on Child Development
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Improve Quality Of Services to Aging Foster
Doula Pregnancy Support for Spanish-Speaking
Immigrant Families
Strategic Planning
Day of Giving Match & Wish Tree
Every Child provides the opportunity for families to become self-sufficient, to build effective and lasting relationships and to
contribute to safe and stable communities. We are committed to providing services that meet the holistic needs of children
Every Child, Inc.’s financial statements were audited by the independent accounting firm of Alpern Rosenthal. A complete set of Every Child’s 2011
families—including family support and wellness services, education services and clinical and nonclinical interventions.
financial statement can be made available upon request.
Every Child, Inc. Seeks
COA Accreditation
Starting in July 2011, Every Child will begin the Council on
Accreditation (COA) process to become a nationally
accredited organization. The mission of the Council on
Accreditation is to partner with human service agencies to
improve service delivery and management outcomes by
developing and applying national best practice standards.
Every Child is working with Rochelle Haimes, an
experienced accreditation consultant who has worked with
agencies all over the country. Every Child leadership staff is
acting as COA committee members to ensure that the
accreditation process progresses successfully and on
schedule. The process will begin with a preliminary work
stage, which entails reading the standards established by
COA for all administration, management and program areas.
This helps us to identify our agency practices that result in
high performance, as well as areas for improvement to meet
COA’s national standards. The committee will develop
extensive materials for Every Child’s self study (an
intensive process of internal audit), due in September 2012,
and prepare for a Site Review in November 2012. Effective
completion of this process will improve Every Child’s
infrastructure and ability to provide more consistent and
outcome-driven services.
Every Child hopes to be
accredited by the end of December 2012.
We are committed to reporting on the effectiveness of our
programs and services. Your support counts!
293 families were served with Prevention, Preservation and Reunification services
219 families were served with Clinical services
98% of youth discharged from our Foster Care program went to equally- or morepermanent placements
82% of families served met clinical goal plans
79% of pregnant and parenting women attended required prenatal appointments
Every Child, Inc.
The Village of Eastside
6401 Penn Avenue, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
P: (412) 665-0600 F: (412) 665-0755
[email protected]
FFYY 22001100 –– 22001111 ((JJU
ULLYY 11,, 22001100 –– JJU
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Every Child, Inc. has made every attempt to accurately list all donors’ names. If yours has been omitted or requires correction, we apologize.
Please contact Jada Shirriel at [email protected]

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