From the Principal - East Narrogin Primary School



From the Principal - East Narrogin Primary School
Principal: Miss Kate Wilson
Email: [email protected] Phone: 9881 1581
Deputy Principal: Mrs Joanna Hayes
Fax: 9881 1707
Deputy Principal: Mr Johan Van Wyk
Off-Site Kindergarten: 9881 2015
From the Principal
Dear Parents and Members of the School Community,
It is with great pleasure that I provide you with our staffing
announcements for the 2015 school year. We are extremely
fortunate to have the calibre of staff we do at East Narrogin
Primary School and I look forward, with great excitement, to
the continued progression that will take place during the
2015 school year with this staffing TEAM.
Principal: TBC
Deputy Principals: Joanna Hayes and Johan van Wyk
Registrar: Fiona Kirby
School Officer: Katrina Kirby
Kindy: Dale Hohipuha, Off-site Kindy
Pre Primary: Nicole Fowler, Early Childhood Centre
Year 1/2: Coral Lund, Room 3
Year 1/2: Lisa Nelson, Room 4
Year 1/2: Rebecca Ford, Room 5
Year 3: Jenny Sterry, Room 6
Year 3: Tischa Forman and Lynda Herdman, Room 7
Year 4: Louise Hancock, Room 9
Year 5: Andrew Dehnel and Sarah Dyson, Room 10
Year 6: Jude Jones and Sarah Dyson, The Community
Newsletter No: 18
Date: 18 November 2014
Established 1963
Please remember that we have early
close at ENPS every Monday.
School closes at 2.30pm
Kindy closes at 2.30pm
Coming Events
Year 7 Half Day Transition at
Thursday 20 November
✩ Swimming Lessons Year P/1
Monday 24 November—Friday 5
✩ Year 6 Half Day Transition at
Tuesday 25 November
✩ Room 5 Assembly 8.45am
Friday 28 November
✩ P& C Meeting at 7.00pm
Monday 8 December
✩ Graduation Luncheon
Thursday 11 December
✩ Year 6 & 7 Transition (Groups
Friday 12 December
Kindy: Tracy Bolton and Sue Burbridge
Pre Primary: Jo Annear, Debbie Cutri, Julie McDougall and
Sue Burbridge
Year 1/2:Vicki Lange, Coral Parrett, Laycee Coles and
Carole Kickett (to work across all 3 classes)
Year 3: Simone Holt, Laycee Coles and Carole Kickett
Year 4: Laycee Coles and Carole Kickett
Year 5: Tracy Bolton, Laycee Coles and Carole Kickett
Year 6: Michele Corasaniti, Laycee Coles and Carole Kickett
Kindy: 30
Pre Primary: 30
Year 1: 30
Year 2: 34
Year 3: 40
Year 4: 27
Year 5: 28
Year 6: 32
TOTAL: 251
More details inside this newsletter...
East Narrogin Primary School ETF
Banking details for Voluntary
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 066040
Account No: 19901631
From the Principal (Cont)
From the Deputies
Information Communication Technology (ICT): Andrew
Technology and Enterprise:
Johan van Wyk
Kelly Kensett-Smith (Pre Primary – Year 2 Semester One)
Jane Dyke (Year 3 – Year 6 Semester One)
Physical Education:
Jeremy Darvall
English Specialist (Viewing):
Sarah Dyson (Year 3 – Year 6)
Chris Davis (Pre Primary – Year 2)
Year 1 students will again be delivering the Pixie Post to
students. The post box will in the front office every
morning from next Monday 24 November. Please
address all Christmas cards with the student’s full name
and class. For example:
Jo Hayes
Year 1
Room 3
Please be advised that we do not encourage candy
canes or lollies.
Students will engage in each specialist subject for one hour
per week.
I confidently make these staffing announcements and I am
pleased to be able to do so at this time of year. We have
four weeks of Term 4 remaining and all staff will remain
committed to their current role, as well as being able to
consider preparations for the 2015 school year.
You will notice we have three composite classes at Year
1/2 and two Year 3 classes, this is due to student numbers,
as have been provided, and the class size Agreement for
teachers that exists and is enforced. Letters have been
sent to parents of students entering these classes during
2015 outlining the teacher your student will have and the
classroom they will be in. These letters have accompanied
students home today so please be sure to check their
school bags for this information.
I am strongly in favour of straight classes when possible as
I believe it assists the classroom teacher as well as the
students. Facilitating learning in a composite classroom
can be very difficult with the vast array of abilities that can
exist within the room. All East Narrogin Primary School
teachers have the ability to competently differentiate within
classrooms however, I do not feel the need to increase the
complexity or workload of their role by running composite
classes when it is not necessary, as will be the case for
Also accompanying students home today are Voluntary
Contributions and Charges and Personal Use Items lists
(booklists). This will allow you to begin your own
preparations for students for 2015. We hope you
appreciate the timely manner in which you have received
all of this information. Should you have any questions
about all of the information that has been provided please
do not hesitate to make contact with us.
“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to
trends and fads and
popular opinion.”
~ Jack Kerouac ~
Kate Wilson
Principal, East Narrogin Primary School
Interm Swimming will begin Day 1 of the 2015 school
year for students.
The program will run for 10 days and span Week 1 and
Week 2 of Term 1, 2015.
Notes will be sent home this week and are to be
returned before the conclusion of the 2014 school year.
Joanna Hayes & Johan van Wyk
Deputy Principals
Graduation and Book Awards 2014
We are seeking donations for our
graduation and book awards. If
you would like to offer your
support, please leave your
donation at the front office.
That's Mine Label Fundraiser!!!!
Get Organised for the 2015 School Year and avoid your
children misplacing their belongings next year by ordering
from a range of labels available from 'That's Mine' at the
same time as raising money for your school P&C and Early
Childhood Centre.
What to do:
THE SCHOOL (25-40% commission)
-Check out the pamphlet that came home today with your
newsletter or see a wider range available online at
-Fill in the Order Form and SEND IT BACK TO MRS
payment. You will receive your package by the end of the
2014 School Year.
OPTION 2- If you miss the deadline of 9 December 2014,
don't worry, you can still order directly to 'that's mine' and
they will be mailed directly to your house. (This option
raises 20% commission)
Post the order form with your payment to:
PO BOX 266
Thank you for fundraising for East Narrogin Primary
School Parents and Citizens. The Association that does
great things to put back into OUR school!
Rebecca Ford, P & C.
YEARS 4 to 7
6.30PM TO 8.00PM
Procedures for drop off & pick up of students at discos.
These procedures are to ensure that the P & C provide appropriate duty of care to all students who attend.
 Tickets to be pre-purchased at school in the week prior
to the event ($7.00 for each child - this includes disco entry
and 1 sausage sizzle).
 Juice box’s, LOL’s, Lollies, Chips etc will be available to
purchase on the night so please send a few dollars with your
child if you are happy for them to buy a snack.
 Parent / Carer (or responsible adult) MUST drop off their
child at the undercover area and have them signed in as participating.
 Parent / Carer (or responsible adult) MUST collect their
child from the undercover area at the end of the disco.
Therefore children CAN NOT walk to or from the disco unaccompanied by a responsible adult. They also CAN NOT be
dropped off in the car park and left to walk into the undercover area on their own.
As previously mentioned, these changes are to make sure
duty of care is passed directly from the parent / carer to the
P & C. If students arrive unaccompanied by a responsible
adult they WILL NOT be able to participate in the disco. We
trust all families will support our efforts to ensure the safety
of all our students.
The ticket for the SENIOR disco is on this slip. If your
child is going to participate in the disco please complete the
details on the ticket and return to canteen (with payment) by
Wednesday 26 November 2014.
P & C SENIOR Disco Friday 28 November - Ticket
What’s in a treat?
What does a ‘treat’ mean to you?
We often give our children treats as a reward, to show them
that we love them, or manage their behavior in other ways.
You may find that these foods are becoming a daily snack – a
normal item in your child’s diet, not a treat food anymore.
Treats are often explained as ‘unhealthy foods that shouldn’t
be eaten all the time’. Treats are commonly high in salt, sugar
or fat. They are high in energy (kilojoules), but are not very
When treats replace nutritious foods, our kids miss out on
important nutrients to help them grow, develop and learn.
Children need nutritious snacks so food related treats should
not be offered more than once a month.
Can you treat your children in other ways? Treats that are nonfood related can reward children without impacting their health.
Some ideas to try with your family to replace unhealthy food
A balloon, sticker or small toy
A lunchbox note with a joke or a sweet message
A trip to the park, the town library, or other family outing
Some healthy snacks (frozen berries, grapes,
If you have examples of how your family uses non-food ‘treats’
please email them to [email protected] . It is
always great to have more ideas to share with families.
My child / ren ________________________________
Senior Disco: 6.30pm – 8.00pm (Yr 4 to Yr 7)
 School Undercover area
($7.00 for each child - this includes disco entry and 1 sausage sizzle).
Additional sausage sizzles $4 each: ______required
Name and mobile number of adult dropping child off:
Name and mobile number of adult picking child up:
Payment of $7.00 each child + additional sausage sizzle
money enclosed. TOTAL: $ ____________
Parent / Carer signature: ________________________
Parent help: I will be able to stay and help on the night
either in canteen or with supervision:
HELPERS NAME:________________________________
HELPERS Phone # :______________________________
From the Canteen
Year 7 Camp
We would like to say a big thank you to Dot Gresham,
Sara Ballard, Jo Corker, Louise Coppock and Teagan
Lawrence for your help with the catering day. The P & C
use the profits for the benefit of all your children. Thank
you to Ebony Rogers for your help in the canteen.
Ros, Jo & Lorraine Canteen Managers
Free Dress Day
Friday 5 December
A week ago the Year 7’s went to camp at Woodman
Point. We went to several different places such as
Fremantle Prison, Perth Zoo, Fremantle Roundhouse,
HMAS Oven’s, King’s Park, Scitech, Maritime
Museum, Shipwreck Galleries and on-site activities at
Woodman Point. The reason why I am writing this
speech is because the Year 7’s are organising a dress
up day to fundraise money for the Perth Zoo animals
that are endangered. On Friday 5 December please
come dressed up as a animal and please bring a
gold coin donation or more to fundraise. You may
wear any type of animal. There will be a prize for the
best dressed. We would like to fundraise over 300
dollars. A letter is going to go out to all students during
the week so please make sure you show your parents
and I am looking forward to seeing all of your efforts of
dressing up. There was also a letter in the news letter
to. If you have any questions please ask myself or the
Year 7 leaders. Thank you.
Kayla Jones, Year 7 Leader.
ECC/2 Assembly and Award Winners
Community Notices
This section is provided for general information only, and
on the understanding that the Department of Education
is not providing advice or a recommendation about any
of the services referred to in this newsletter.
Narrogin Tennis Club
Junior Tennis Tournament
Saturday 6 December
8.30am Registrations with tournament commencing at
Novice Event 10 years and under
Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles Round Robin Events
10 years and under
12 years and under
15 years and under mixed
Narrogin Social Tennis
HELD: Wednesday nights 6pm start and Sunday 2:30pm start
COST: $5 ball fee, plus $5 visitor fee for 2 weeks, visitor fee
then $10 or pay membership of $40.
The Town of Narrogin invites nominations for the
Nominate an inspiring local community member or group
today. Forms are available from The Town of Narrogin
Council Offices, The Narrogin Regional Library or
Nominations close 4.30pm 28 November 2014
Please direct all enquiries to Loriann Bell
Administrative Support Officer
Corporate & Community Services
9890 0923
[email protected]
*If insufficient numbers, an event may not proceed or ages
may be combined and/or become a mixed event.
Sunsmart Narrogin Triathlon
Age group as at 31/12/2014
Sunday 30 November, 9am start, 12.30pm presentations
Organised by the Narrogin Primary School P & C
Categories for juniors, open and vets as individuals and
teams. Swim/bike/run over a choice of 4 distances;
Mini 50m/0.8km/0.4km, Intro 100m/2.4km/0.8km, Short
200m/8km/2.4km, Long 400m/16km/4.8km
Entry forms available from Narrogin Primary School office
and website
For more information contact Sarah Wiese ph 9885 9050,
mobile 0407 474 587, email [email protected]
$8.00 per player per event or $12.00 for more than one
Assistance by adults will be required for umpiring
Nominations must be received prior to Wednesday 3
Enquires and Nominations to
Jane Dyke
Tel: 98 812277
Email [email protected]
Upper Great Southern Hockey Association
Smarter Than Smoking Skills Clinic
Are you a goalkeeper
Do you want to learn from the best
Rachel lynch from the Hockeyroos will be in
Town on 4 December
She will be teaching goalkeeping skills to any junior
goalkeeper (limited spots)
Cost $40
Time 4:00pm-5:30pm
Junior field players don’t feel left out.
Georgie Parker of the Hockeyroos will also be here.
Skills clinic from 4:00pm-4:45pm
Then another from 4:50pm-5:35pm (limited spots)
Cost $20 per player per session
VacSwim December/January Swimming Programs
December/January school holiday swimming and water
safety lessons. VacSwim is available to all children over
five years old and under 18 years old on the final day of
each lesson. All details including dates, swimming centre
locations, cost and how to enrol are online. For information
and to enrol, please visit
For further information, telephone VacSwim on 9345 4007
or email [email protected]
Vac Swim is also looking for swimming instructors to run its
programs and provides part-time employment opportunities
for school staff during the holidays. For further information
telephone 9344 0999.
Camp Kulin—Summer 2015
Ages 12-17
Mondays &Thursdays
$75 for 13 sessions
Registrations now open! Experience 4 nights and 5 days of
all the activities our internationally recognised Camp Kulin
has to offer!
At the Kulin Retreat, January 2015 School Holidays.
Cost: $350 (Perth Metro Campers), $295 (Regional
Campers). Includes accommodation, meals, all activities,
facilitation from the Camp Kulin team, camper t-shirt.
Transport provided fro Perth metro campers.
For Camper information pack/booking form, please email
[email protected] or download from our website,
Please email Brendan at [email protected]
for more details or bookings
6x White queen size sheets
Donations are needed for our end of year production.
More details contact Rocket 0409 625 428 or
[email protected]
RAMS Fitness